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Stage Name: Tyler Hollywood

Show Name: The Tyler Hollywood Show

Station: TalkRadioX (Global)


You know how something might piss you off during the day? A comment. A discussion. An ignorant customer or client? Car troubles, the Green Line, rainy Mondays. You name it. There is always something that either torques you to no end or just adds to a bunch of smaller things that really get you tweaked by days end.

How do you deal with that? How do you shed that when you get home?

My way is quite unique. I go live on air, with my own talk radio show and vent! It all started back in 2002 when I wanted to do something “I had always dreamed of doing.” A sports radio show. But I needed a niche. I chose the hobby I was in at the time. Now, I don’t want to get into too much detail because quite frankly, it would take the laymen forever to figure this out and it would bore you to death, but I chose E-Wrestling. In a nutshell, it’s a writing genre where we create our own characters, promos, interviews and everything of that nature.

Using a simple peer to peer system I broadcast my voice to 100 of fans to start. My show grew quickly in popularity on Fancast and eventually, I gained the #1 spot over all on the Fancast listings. That was good and bad. Good because I was a success, bad because the number of listeners I was getting exceeded, weekly, my bandwidth allowed. What was once free, I would have to buy. I did, got two weeks into huge numbers and bam. Fancast closed up shop.

From 2003 to 2005 I bounced around trying to find a good platform. Yahoo chat, Live365, you name it. In 2006 my buddy Jon sent me information on Skype. Another peer to peer, computer to computer calling system. Skype originally had Skypecasts where I could broadcast to as many people as I wanted. It was perfect. I fired up the old radio show again and all was cool once more.

About a month in to doing my show, I was discovered by a legitimate radio station on the Internet. That, my friends, was TalkRadioX. I’d say the rest is history but you’d only understand if you were or are a long time listener. I brought my wrestling show (Ground Zero Radio) to TRX and was doing well. I had a live feed to connect to and listeners from both TRX regulars and my fellow fans tuning in. Then one night I asked the station owner (Antubert) if I could do a talk show on Saturday night. He said go for it. It was to be just one night but it was a huge hit. Thus…The Hollywood hour was born.

Eventually, the Hollywood Hour (with the help of fan voting) became The Bad Side. It’s seen it’s fair share of changes in format, starting with an open call in format and just running with whatever topic came up (this was in the simulcast days with Skypecasting) and over the course of time I found myself and the direction of the show. I can now rant and rave on the things that really bother me and lets face it, people love the drama radio brings. I bring the drama.

I’ve interviewed internet models, Maxim models, recording artists, porn stars (yes, it’s true!) unknown bands and quirky guests. There are trivia contests, call ins, comedy sketches and even music played by unsigned, up and coming bands. Hell, I have even been able to rant on West Virginian crack pots like The King Of Putnam County!

If you like fun, talk radio, mixed in with some really good music and late nights, then go ahead and check it out. If you like it or think it’s not your cup of diet mountain dew at least suggest it to a friend that might. Not interested? Hey, no worries. It’s not for everyone.

So give it a listen and hell, call into the show some night of the topic is one you want to talk about!

Former Shows: Bad Side…LIVE!, Ground Zero Radio (Sports), Steppin’ To The Bad Side (Late Night Weekend Talk), Club Hollywood (Music & Chat Stew), TRX Weekly Report (With Radio Dan & Antubert)

Former Stations: Detour Talk (Kingsport, TN, Johnson City, TN & Bristol, VA) XRQK (Bullhead City, Laughlin, Needles, Kingman & Phoenix, AZ),  All Digital Radio Network (Global), Fancast (Global-2002), KJAG Radio (Kansas) & KTRX 1650AM (North Dallas, TX)

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