4 – April 2010


Ahhh…the month of April.  Spring, flowers, baseball, warmer weather, soft rains…and Mark Haburn, bitching about Wal Mart.

Well, guess ya can’t win em all.  Lets see how he starts off this month…shall we?

April 1st, 2010: One of the trash bloggers runs a story saying that we sold our home and are moving. Trouble is, the story is a not-funny April Fool’s prank. We would love to move and I challenge the trash blogger to buy us out. Instead of a stupid prank, vut a real check. Put your money where your mouth is!”

My Response: I love a good April Fools Joke. That letter was one of the best of the day as far as the jokes went. I think the best was the University of Texas supposedly dumping the entire sports program. The Longhorns! One of my friends fell for it hook, line and sinker, even posting about it on Facebook, all excited. I hated to burst her bubble (she’s not a huge sports fan) when I pointed out the date and the small print at the bottom of the article.

Oh yeah. Mark didn’t talk about Wal Mart to start off the new month so I didn’t talk about him in my response. Well, until just then.

April 2nd, 2010: Still more excessive Walmart traffic noise. I punish the rude neighbor and purchase some over-the-counter pharmaceutical items at Fruth, which is West Virginia owned and treats neighbors with respect! “

My Response:

“You want answers?”

“I think I am entitled”

“You want answers?!”

“I want the Fruth!”

“You can’t handle the Fruth!”

Mark? Does it fuckin matter where you buy your stuff? No one really gives a shit. You just needed something to put in for April 2nd, 2010 in the Bitch Fest ya got going here. By the way…rumor has it that “pharmaceutical items” is code for tranquilizers for his neurotic wife.

April 3rd, 2010: Another holiday weekend ruined by excessive Walmart traffic noise! Walmart continues to disrespect our neighborhood! While watching the WVU-Duke game we are bombarded with noise from cars charging up Walmart hill.”

My Response: Hey Mark? Did you happen to call David Challingsworth again today? I figured you would be all over him considering it’s the one year anniversary of you doing so. How’d that work out for ya last year?


Side note: I know I am going to take a little heat from my West Virginia brother and sisters but as much as I was rooting for the Mountaineers to win, Duke manhandled them like Mark handles a KFC bucket of extra crispy. Imagine the noise from that debacle?

Easter Sunday, 2010: Excessive Walmart traffic noise ruins our Easter Sunday family gathering. The children’s Easter egg hunt is disrupted by loud traffic, and one of our nephews comments about the stupidity of calling the road leading into Walmart “Progress Way.” His comment, “It’s only a Walmart, that isn’t really progress.” He is right. Progress would have been the Marshall University satellite campus that the PCDA lied about when it bought the property. Hey Gary Walton! Put down your bottle and tell us when Marshall is coming!”

My Response: You are such a fucking liar! None of your kin or relatives kin are even fucking remotely smart enough to tie shoes, much less point out the fact that I like rubbing in your face…the name of the street in front of you… Progress Way. Face it, fat boy, that DID NOT happen!

Oh and I can answer for Gary Walton. Marshall is never coming. Plans were scraped when they found it that that area is such a horrible place. Something about some guy complaining about that area’s noise which would disrupt the students study habits…so they scraped the entire idea.

By the way, Easter Sunday is also an anniversary of sorts. Wasn’t it Easter of last year when you became a racist?

“April 12th, 2009: Happy Easter. While many wake up early to attend a Sunrise Service, I am awakened by a white Mazda MR2, with loud mufflers, roaring up Walmart hill at 12:13 a.m. This guy is worth talking to. So when I drive over there, I meet a man from Texas who can BARELY speak English. (And, no, he is NOT Mexican). He says, “I’m from Texas, I didn’t know there is another way in.” HE DROVE RIGHT PAST IT! And, whether or not you are from TEXAS, you can SEE a row of houses, and KNOW you are driving a LOUD CAR! “I just bought the car,” he whines. As if THAT and the FACT you are from Texas gives you ANY excuse to wake up a neighborhood at 12:13 a.m.! When I am visiting other states, I don’t wake people up at 12:13 a.m. with my LOUD MUFFLER!!! He needs to GO BACK TO TEXAS AND STAY THERE! For a moment I think about calling out an ICE officer, but I will be happy enough if this guy goes back to Texas, or even Asia, which is apparently where he is originally from. Just as long as he NEVER wakes me up at 12:13 a.m.-AGAIN! Later in the morning as I was returning home from church, minding my own business, a car DROVE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD, (in front of Taco Bell) CUT ME OFF, AND ROARED UP THE HILL TO WALMART. After I complained to Assistant Manager Scott Mullins (and called police) HPD HARASSED ME, and REFUSED to look at the photographs of the customer coming after me and trying to grab me! The refusal of HPD to protect us and our neighborhood against Walmart’s out-of-control customers is APPALLING! Later in the morning, on EASTER SUNDAY, another car alarm goes off in Walmart’s parking lot. Remember, this happened LAST CHRISTMAS!!!!! Why won’t Walmart properly manage their property on HOLY HOLIDAYS?!?!?!? I send an email to HPD Chief W. “Mike” Mullins, but he does not respond..”

Wow, hell of a bitch fest last year. You are losing your edge, Mark.

What’s that? We are wearing ya down?


Yes. Yes we are.

Side note: I have a white MR2 I am selling real cheap. It’s a southern car. Texas I think. Needs a little muffler work. Selling cheap! Que pasa?

Update: April 5th, 2010…as luck would have it, I was sent the original copy of Mark’s Easter 2009 post!  That has replaced what was in this blog post.

April 5th, 2010: Another “Manic Monday” of excessive traffic noise from Walmart customers. We are bombarded with noise from cars speeding up the hill while the Hurricane Police Department ignores the problem. Then a storm rolls in and the traffic noise goes away as drivers stay home and the noise is drowned out by rainfall. It’s too bad it doesn’t rain more often.”

My Response: It’s too bad you don’t shut your hole more often. Seriously? Traffic noise and rainfall? You are off your rocker, dude. And there is no reason the Hurricane Police Department needs to be up there enforcing anything, unless it’s the muzzle law on a certain blue hovel dweller. Normal, everday traffic is the bane of your existence yet it’s just…normal, everyday traffic. By the way, if drivers stayed away because it rained, then you have the same problem we have here. Retards that can’t drive in the fucking rain! God I hate those people.

April 6th, 2010: No post!  No post!?  Slacker!  Isn’t their noise every frickin day!?  I’m disappointed in you, mark.  Disappointed!

April 7th, 2010: A Coinstar truck speeds up the hill in front of our home at 6:00 a.m. Trouble is, that road is a “no truck” road and the noise from the engine disrupts our home despite the fact that all of our windows are closed. The driver claims that he didn’t see BOTH signs. I am tired of the “I just didn’t know” lame excuse.”

My Response: That reminds me. I still have to post pictures you and Mike sent. I have a huge feeling (in my pants…no, wait!) that the no truck sign doesn’t mean no trucks at all, just no Wal Mart trucks. How else are the other businesses going to get thier product? You really expect them to go around, through the Wal Mart parking lot and then to the shopping center? That’s fucking crazy talk….ohhhhh wait. I almost forgot again. You ARE crazy.

By the way…the “I just didn’t know…” line wasn’t fully revealed by Mark here. It’s usually followed up with a “…how fucking batshit nuts you are, fatboy! Now move away from the truck.”

Did you really confront this guy at 6AM? Why didn’t you just go back to bed, you idgit. One of these days, you are going to have more to complain about than the noise from a truck. It’ll be the hospital bill for the pole the removed from your ass.

April 8th, 2010: At 4:50 a.m. a trash truck bounces up the no-truck road in front of our home and wakes me up. It was too dark to see the truck but whoever owns it should fire the driver. Not only is driving a truck up a no-truck road illegal, but waking someone up at 4:50 a.m. is extremely rude.”

My Response: Again. The “no truck road” is for only Wal Mart big rigs. And the only reason (as I have recently found out) is because the big rigs can’t make the left hand turn at the top into Wal Mart, safetly. That’s it. It has nothing to do with the “crazy guy across the street” or any of his hillbilly nieghbors. Jesus God, someone stop the noise!

Also, Mark, dude, where have you been the last 20 years? Garbage trucks make their runs in the wee hours in the morning to avoid snals in traffic during the day. Sadly, these garbage workers don’t get much respect at all yet they make concessions out of respect for people like you, dickweed. Knowing you, if they picked up at 2 in the afternoon, you’d be all pissy because they are doing a disgusting job that “NO ONE WANTS TO SEE” at 2 in the afternoon!

Screw you.

And yes, damnit, I’m still pissed there was nothing for April 6th.

“April 10th, 2010: Walmart traffic noise wakes me up at about 3:00 a.m. I take a drive to my office to update PutnamLIVE.com. The Internet trash whiners have a fit. Screw them! They are jealous of the success of PutnamLIVE.com where readership and revenue keeps increasing in spite of their endless childish antics!”

My Response: I call bullshit here. This post is a total fabrication. There was no traffic noise at 3AM. You were just up, sitting there with nothing to do because you either had too much to eat and were crampy or you woke up a sweaty mess from some nightmare about your account getting hacked.

This bothered you so much you got up, started surfing the Trash Blogger Alliance web sites and found a post at PutnamLIES that you didn’t have on your site. So you updated at 3:31AM with a link on this Criago suing the town of Winfield. Early this morning Mike Balburn calls you on the late night update. How do you respond? By trying to cover your tracks by posting the fact that you could not sleep so you traveled down to your “office” (which by the way, we have all know does not exist) to update your site.

Bullshit. Mike clued us in at 8AM this morning, you found out he did at 10AM this morning and only then did you update your Wal Mart Rant Blog sometime this afternoon to cover your fat ass. Mark, face it, you do not have an office a 1/4 mile away. Even your “business license” you showed us about a year ago has Grace Drive on it. So don’t even try and convince us that you have an office elsewhere.

I don’t even want to mention how unethical and unprofessional you are for posting the political cartoon of the bleeding coal miners helmet over the Massey logo. One that you conveniently removed the credit from…again. Why would you even want to post something so volatile at a time like this.

Mark? I truly do not believe a word you say. The sad part is, you believe everything you say. you have yourself so convinced that you are right and the rest of the word is wrong. You know what kind of conclusion I come to knowing what I l know and seeing what Flipper (the Editing Bottlenose) and I see?

You are just like the bastards from the Westboro Baptist Church. Clueless, incite-ful and never willing to face the truth. Don’t believe me? Task me. I’ll prove it.

April 10th, 2010 addendum: I order 10 Norway Spruce trees to line the front edge of our yard. Since the liberal pinhead politicians, including Silly Scotty Edwards, Steve and Troy Andes, “Joe” Haynes, Patti-Ann Eagloski, Mike Hall and Karen two-Facemyer won’t make Walmart take responsibility for the problems that it causes, we will have to do it ourselves! All of these pinhead politicians should be tossed out of office for dereliction of their constituents!”

My Response: Nice one, Mark.  Nearly slipped that one past me.  Adding in another sentence without telling me you updated. Shame on you.  I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for the fact this was just a blatant cheap shot at those that you mentioned.  Again…and this is the main reason we are here…you expect someone else to do things for you.  I’m surprised you ordered tress at all!

Now, mind you, I don’t believe for one moment that you are going to pay for said trees.  This is just a tactic to make it look like you are going to do something on your own.  I call bullshit yet again.  You are going to stiff whomever you ordered these trees from and stick them with the bill,all the while claiming you were screwed in someway or things were misrepresented to you.

I say, give it up.  You will never be looked upon as a decent guy in Putnam County.  To them, you are some snotty Californian with an attitude and they can’t wait until the paddy wagon shows up with the special white coat to take you away.

April 11th, 2010: The trash bloggers are whining about the PutnamLIVE.com editorial suggesting that the PCDA donate its fill land above Dollar Tree to the city or county to create a park. Obviously these out-of-state trash bloggers don’t care about what is right for Putnam County. They just have an agenda to trash me. Because they don’t have a life, they sit around in their caves and post baloney on their blogs. Maybe I should rename them the baloney bloggers! Meanwhile, I have fixed their trash blogger logo. If you want to see it, just email me at News@PutnamCRAP.com and I will be happy to send it to you!”

My Response: Dude. That editorial over on the REAL Putnam News site is like, old news. You are just complaining about it now? Good lord. Why don’t you go plant some trees or something.

Now, let me make a very important point here. You keep saying “out of state Trash Bloggers” not caring? Look, man, I am about the only real out of stater that’s on your case. Everyone else that’s commented on you and your situation is from West Virginia or still lives there. So that’s not a valid complaint. And while you let that one soak in, look in the God damn mirror. You are from California, dickweed. You are just like all the pretencious douchebags from Boston and New york that move up north to “get away from it all” and then complain because it’s just not the same.

Hold on a second. Sonmeone is knocking on my cave door.










Ok, back. I just got word that since some douche, that couldn’t stand the fact that we used his own taunt of calling us “Trash Bloggers”, had created his own logo for us, now that he wants to calls us Baloney Bloggers of some shit. Well, skippy, you didn’t come up with any Trash Bloggers idea. Mike did. You just called us trash bloggers because you think we spill trash here on the net. In actuality we are revealing the trash that you like to sink into the net time. So you have fun with your, no doubt, stolen graphic.   By the way, it’s Bologna.  Oscar Mayer is ashamed of you, fat boy.

April 12th, 2010: Pre-sunrise Walmart traffic disrupts our home. Walmart should be forced to put in a soundwall and trees. But the pinhead politicians have their heads up their backsides and can’t understand ethics!”

My Response (From the Tyler Cave): Hey! Hello!? Can someone turn off that broken record?! It’s too God Damn noisy for this pre-sunrise time of day. And when the hell is that Halburn guy going to plant those fuckin trees! The sound coming from that blue shit box is unrelenting! Where are his EHTICS!?

“April 12th, 2010 Addendum: Meanwhile the Trash Bloggers are whining about our Massey Energy cartoon. The out-of-state idiots obviously support Don Blankenship and his mine that killed 29 West Virginians. No one in their right mond cares about what the guy from Vermont and his minions think about West Virginia. PutnamLIVE.com supports the coal miners and their families. In fact, I receive several phone calls from peoplethanking me for running the cartoons and not one criticizing the cartoons.”

My Response (From the Tyler cave): God damnit, Mark. Stop adding shit to your day, weasel. You’re messin with my flow, dawg. And get a frickin clue. I can’t speak for all the superstars at Trash Bloggers Alliance but I am pretty sure none of them support a killer in disguise such as Blankenship. That guy should be lined up right next to this guy we know, Mark Halburn, in front of a firing squad and shot at dawn. Don Blankenship is, hard to say here, worse than you, Mark. Seriously. This guy went into his mines and threatened each miner by saying he would “shut down the mine if you vote to unionize.” What a fuck. He blatantly caused these deaths with his money grubbing tactics. He made 30 Million back in 2005 alone and not once respected any of his workers. So don’t you fucking dare tell me I support that bastard. That, my dear sir, is true libel. None of the bullshit you toss our way as your example of it.

As far as people calling you to thank you for the cartoon? Bullshit. That never happened. Just like Jerry, the retired miner, calling you about the flags not being lowered to half staff. That story alone is bull Mark Halburn bullshit. You got wind that Obama passed the law on the 12th. You went out immediately and took pictures of flags that were not lowered yet, just to create a story. They call that yellow journalism, Mark. It’s a shitbag move. These people hadn’t the time yet to lower the flags. Hell, half these people wouldn’t even know until an official could get in touch with them. But no, you go out minutes after hearing Obama signed a proclamation and then bull in a china shop your way into these business that have no clue.

Then you top it off with some poor sap named Jerry, saying he called you about this story. Bull, fucking and shit. Jerry does not exists. This is why you came up with a (and I will use “Jerry’s” term here) “lame” reason why he didn’t want to give his last name. Anyone that is a mine inspector (Jerry supposedly does safety checks) is federally mandated and trained. There is NO RISK of getting blackballed. Besides…if Jerry were real, how come this Massey mine wasn’t up to snuff? What about that “Jerry”? This is why “Jerry” doesn’t exist. Again, it was Mark Halburn creating a mountain out of a molehill.

“April 13th, 2010: Just another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise! We can’t enjoy our front yard with all of the cars going up and down the hill, hitting those grates at 30-40 MPH.”

My Response (from the Tyler cave): Hahahahahahahaa! You are such a retard. I alsready pointed out those “grates” are the recessed kind that make very little nose (recessed grates subdue reverb so there is less sound carry) in that picture you sent me. Besides that, these grates are 8″ wide! They don’t make THAT much noise. You opening up your maw about said grates makes more noise that any Hakkaepelitta’s hitting them at 20 MPH. And yes, I said 20. That’s the speed limit. West Virginians don’t break the traffic laws, you douchebag.

“April 14th, 2010: The trash bloggers are continuing their lying rant about me failing to pay B & O taxes and not having a City of Hurricane business license. The liars have made two mistakes: 1) I have a city business license. 2) Media companies are not subject to B & O taxes. These trash bloggers are MORONS!”

My Response: This one is pretty easy.  Come on Mark, you are losing your edge here…

….wait.  What the hell am I saying!?  You never had an edge!  Jesus.  I must still be sleepy.

That being said lets answer his first point of contention.  He has a business licence.  No he doesn’t.  It’s one of two things at this point.  One?  A fake one he’s created so he can “send his proof” to you whenever called out.  Two…and the most likely scenario, it is an actual business licence that’s not been renewed but he keeps it around to “send his proof”.  I say it’s the latter because he probably did try and start this as a business but realized he’d have to pay B&O taxes because he WASN’T media.

Second point of contention.  That media doesn’t have to pay B&O taxes.  We’ve already answered that.  He’s NOT media.  Never has been, never will be.  He doesn’t have a journalistic bone in his body.  Hell, the only newspaper business experience I have is working for myhigh school paper and I could take each one of these stories he has written and do a much better job with the site.

I pose a question.  Should I buy this site from Mark?  I’m willing to pay for the domain name and take over.  I think I can scrounge up $9.95, at least.

“April 15th, 2010: Still no apologies from the trash bloggers for their their lying rant about me failing to pay B & O taxes and not having a City of Hurricane business license. They also fail to remove their libelous post. These idiots have no ethics! Meanwhile the excessive Walmart traffic noise continues.”

My Response: And none will be coming, dickweed. Why should we apologize for the truth? There is no need. But again you fail to see the actual truth through all the delusional lies you have built up to be your life. Here, lets see if I can help your readers.

Mark doesn’t have to pay B&O taxes! He doesn’t run any business in Putnam County, no matter how blue in the face he gets telling you that he does. Therefore, no taxes are due.

Feel better? Hence, there is nothing libelous to remove.

Now. Since we have clued you in Mister High & Mighty, I’ll state here and now that nothing will be removed. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. Zero. None. Boo. Snot. Grit. Get it? Got it? Good.

Moving on.

You should talk about ethics, pally. You have none. How can you even mention the word when you have no concept of ethics. Get a clue, my rotund friend.

In closing (to April 15th), all you had to complain about today is just “more traffic noise”? That’s it? Come on, Mark. You spend more time spittin venom at the Trash Bloggers Alliance than you do hatin on Walmart. Even your Walmart fail blog is a fail.

“April 16th, 2010: In addition to dealing with the excessive Walmart traffic noise, now I have to deal with ignorant people defending the PCDA on Facebook. Where do these idiots come from? News bulletin: Don’t like my legitimate complaints? Then buy us out and we will move!”

My Response: “Excessive Walmart traffic noise.” “Excessive Walmart traffic noise.” “Excessive Walmart traffic noise.” “Excessive Walmart traffic noise.” “Excessive Walmart traffic noise.”

Hey Mark? When are you going to wake up and realize it’s you, not everyone else. Have you not seen this pattern in the last few years? The only reason you think this is something other than normal, everyday traffic noise, is because you are highly delusional and paranoid. By the way, that’s not me spouting off. That’s proven fact.

Oh yeah, point of contention here. The only ignorant person “dealing” with the PCDA issue over there is you. See? You don’t like when someone has an opposite view of you. So they are “ignorant”, “stupid” and “don’t understand the situation.” Here is the situation with this little rant for the 16th of yours about Facebook? Is you complaining about Kanawha Valley Lives’ articles (that they link to on Facebook) and trying to make this about you. You are not “dealing” with anything. You just don’t like what someone else has to say.

No, we don’t like your complaints. Granted, you have the right to complain. Just like the Westboro Bastards have the right to voice their opinion. But to hear one whine, bitch, hate and moan over and over doesn’t make things valid or “legitimate”.  Yes, I just compared you to heathens.  Check your shoes.  They still fit?  Get it?  Got it?  Good.

Moving on.

Finally, as far as buying you out? Why should we? It’s not worth what you are asking. Never was, never will be. Honestly, I don’t know why you are working so hard on cleaning that place up, cleaning carpets or what have you. All so your wife can be more comfortable? Dude, I’d rather keep the dog.

Oh wait…you said that already. My bad.

April 17th, 2010: Dolores attends an informal high school reunion, in Charleston. Several people tell her that they feel sorry about how the PCDA and City of Hurricane has screwed us over by putting a Walmart in our front yard. When is Silly Scotty going to realize how his stupidity is damaging Hurricane’s reputation in the eyes of reasonable people? Resign, incompetent mayor, RESIGN!”

My Response: Hahahahahahahahaha!

I just spit rice from my nose, damnit.

Wow. Can we say it here, people? Mark is totally losing it here. First it was some relations saying something about the name of Progress Way. Now it’s Doeds getting sympathy from her classmates. The only sympathy she is getting from them is the fact she married a gaseous anomaly. Here is how I pictured the conversation this morning;

Mark: So, did anyone talk to you about the PCDA last night at your reunion?

Dolores: No Mark. We didn’t talk about stuff like that. It was a reunion.

Mark: Oh come on. SOMEONE had to talk to you about it.

Dolores: No Mark. No one mentioned it.

Mark: They HAD to have said SOMETHING!

::Dolores winces and covers her ears when he speaks in all CAPS, then she sighs::

Dolores: Well, maybe someone was talking about it. I don’t really kn…

Mark: YUS! Someone is on our side! They see how BAD Walmart and the PCDA really are! I am posting this now.

::Dolores is left in a cloud of cheese doodle dust::

How close do you think I was in my little one act play there?

Yeah? I thought so too.

By the way. Mark. You speak of resigning in your last line. Ya know, I gotta tell ya, you have to get more in line with my schedule when you post. I have some late nights and I really need you to fall in line and post at a more reasonable hour. Like noon. It’s either that or I am going to have to fire you…


April 18th, 2010: Walmart’s street sweeper wakes us up on a SUNDAY morning! Why does Walmart insist on being such a BAD neighbor? It doesn’t have to be rude, but chooses to be rude!”

My Response: Yes! The street sweepers are back. I’d like to thank Hank and Charlie for starting early this morning too. Thanks fella’s! Good work. Send pictures of the crazy, rude neighbor yelling and screaming at you in his lime colored Crocks and one of Dolores’ flowered robes.

No really readers…lime colored Crocks. you can’t see that? You totally can!

April 19th, 2010: Another day of rude Walmart excessive traffic noise. We can’t enjoy our home or yard as long as Silly Scotty allows the retailer to act and operate irresponsibly. Of course that’s how Edwards operates the City of Hurricane-irresponsibly.”

My Response: Jesus.  It’s about frickin time, pudgy fingers.  I got fans I gotta keep happy.  You want to be a little snappier on your blogging?  Thank you.

Hey fans! Big news! Scott Edwards has added me to his friends list over at Facebook! That guy is frickin cool! Oh yeah…Mark bitched about Walmart traffic noise and Mr. Edwards as well. His usual tirades of course. By the way, I think it should be noted that West Virginia has got to have the worst background checkers in their school system. Mark does have a teaching certificate and quite possibly makes $125 to $150 bucks a day.

I gotta tell ya though, he is a glorified babysitter. Mark’s school history doesn’t have any teaching degrees in them, as far as I have found. My questions, which are honest questions that I’d like to know the answers to, are the following;

Does Mark have a teaching degree?

Has he taken a Praxis test in West Virginia?

If not, what was your ACT score (it’s the only time a Praxis test can be waived in WV)

If so, what your qualifying scores?

Now those questions Mark can certainly answer. There is nothing malicious in me asking those questions either. However, I still have one more nagging question. Again, how does a man like this, a man that is certifiable, a man obviously out of touch with reality (i.e.; 10 Million dollar lawsuits with remedies of free this and free that) slip by the background checks at these schools he worked(s) for?

Answer? West Virginia indeed has the worst background checkers in their school system. Sorry Mr. Edwards, but this is something that should be looked into. I know you can’t control everything but really, is having Mark as a substitute teacher (anywhere) a good idea?


Didn’t think so.

April 21st, 2010: A delivery truck wakes me up at 5:03 a.m. When does Walmart expect us to sleep? Only inconsiderate morons would have a delivery truck run up the road next to homes at 5:03 a.m.!”

My Response: Hey Mark? Aren’t you getting a little sick of hearing yourself? I mean, lets take a look back at April 21st, 2009:

“The constant invasive noise of excessive traffic is the soundtrack t our Tuesday. Day and night, we are inundated with the roar of cars and trucks. Walmart continues to disrespect our neighborhood!”

Here, let me help you quell your incessant babbling. You don’t live in a neighborhood. The city doesn’t care about you, nor should it. They are just waiting, hoping (I’d say praying, but Lee would get all pissy) for you to stroke out so they can go to Doeds and say “Here is $100 grand. Sorry he lived so long. Have a nice life.”

Oh yeah. I wanted to mention something else to you. April 21st? I awoke at 4:35. Drove 3 hours to Greenwich, NY Worked for 4 hours at a tissue manufacturer. Drive 3 hours back. Worked at the store for the closing shift. I made $1000 bucks. What did you do?

Oh yeah. The Walmart bitching. Heh.

April 22nd, 2010

Hey gang! Added note here. April 22nd is an anniversary day! It was the first day that Mark mentioned the lovely blogger from Malaysia! That’s right! I’ll be curious what Mark will have to say on this one year anniversary! Here is last years post;

April 22nd, 2009: It has been brought to my attention that a woman from Malaysia, “Jacque Jo,” is trashing this blog on her blog. It’s easy to see why. She can’t hear the excessive noise in Malaysia. As bad as it is here, it admittedly isn’t loud enough to reach half-way around the world! She criticizes my comments about a guy that disrupted our neighborhood having trouble speaking English, but in her “Twitters” comments about a Maryland DMV employee having problems with English. Why does it seem that most of my critics are raging hypocrites?

My Response: Complaining about someone in a position such as a DMV employee being able to speak English…IN AMERICA and telling a Texas Asian to go back to where he came from (because he has a muffler problem), is no comparison. You sir, were (and still are) the clueless hypocrite. Happy Anniversary, dickhole.

April 22nd, 2010: Just another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise. Cars and trucks 24/7. Silly Scotty’s stupid way of mis-managing a city!”

My Response: Cars and trucks. Just another fact of every day life. They are called automobile’s, Mark. Transportation. They carry us and our little selves back and forth to places like, well, work, school, vacatins and Walmart. So, if this is an everyday fact we have to deal with (that being people use their automobiles to get around) how is all this Scott Edwards fault. By the way, did you know Scott Edwards added me out of the blue to his friends list on Facebook? I think that is totally cool!

::chuckles as he just loves to poke fun at Mark about that::

Yeah Mark, he reads my stuff. He knows what the real story is concerning all your Walmart blogs. Hell, if I were from Hurricane, I’d vote for the guy.

April 23rd, 2010: I give the trash-bloggers the chance to come clean to prove who they really are, to show they are legitimate. I offer proof thaty PutnamLIVE.com is a legitimate business. Naturally the chicken-crap trash-bloggers decline, They would rather post lies behind their bogus names! They have no credibility! Never did, never will!”

My Response: First off, your “chance” to reveal who Aaron really was, was nothing more than phishing for personal information. Tell the whole truth, Mark. Your “readers” deserve that much. Here’s what really happened. Posted at 10:39EST by Mark.

“IJ: I am calling you out. You like to point out that I am nor a native West Virfinian. ThaT IS one of the few things you got correct. BUT EVEN YOU MUST ADMIT THAT NO ONE GAS CONTROL OVER WHERE THEY ARE BORN AND RAISED! So, you have until 11:00 p.m. EDT to email me the following: Your birth certificate. All addresses where you have lived. A scan of your driver’s license, check stubs where you worked the last 10 years. And a list of positive accomplishments in West Virginia that you can LEGITIMATELY take credit for. Failure to do ALL OF THE ABOVE means you publicly apologize, pay me $10 BILLION IN PUNITIVE DAMAGES, burn your computer-AFTER you delete ALL posts about me EVERYWHEEW… Then you bow down and worship me before you move to Siberia…. The clock is ticking… use your time wisely!”

Really? Birth certificate? All addresses he has lived at? Drivers licence? Check stubs?! Mark? That is blatant phishing for personal information. No one sane enough would remotely come close to giving ANYONE that sort of information. You are a total retard if you think you were going to get that. Aaron is from West Virginia and I know him through work from Infrared.

By the way, PutnamBLOB readers. I PDF’d the entire comments section of April 2010’s page and have sent it along to some legal advisors to get some feedback on. Like I commented last night, they are most likely going to tell me to just block him and the problem will resolve itself (no it won’t, he’ll still be breathing) but they fail to understand my devotion to the Constitution and the first admendment. He will be allowed to post until he strokes out.

Now, on to his “proof” of his business. He sends me a mail. It’s supposedly a copy of his bank statement for Putnam(CRAP).com. He asks me not to send it along because “Obviously, passing this document on would be criminal on your part.” I deleted it without looking at it. I did not ask for that sort of private information. I did not want that sort of private information. I don’t care what he creates, makes up, copy and pastes to try and prove his “web site” is a business. That bank statement could have been for just about anything. He redactd all the proof anyways (which, again, was a wise move on his part) so even had I read it, there would have been no solid proof. The only reason he sent that? He was feeling the heat of my threat to take some legal action for his blatant phishing excerise and wanted to deflect by creating what could be seen as an impropriety.

A quick comment about us, the commenter’s and “Trash Bogger Alliance.”   We are real Mark.  Unlike the long list of fake names you have posted under on a various amount of sites, we are all real.  The reason some of the users use just the user names?  They are in their right minds.  No one would give you any piece of information because you have no grasp of reality.  Who knows whom you’d end up stalking next.  Ya dig?

Mark? You have a serious problem. Your insane demands, your constant attepmts to try and delude yourself (and what readers you do actually have) into thinking we do not exist, your own lies. They are all causing you to melt down. It’s left you with zero credibility, which you like to throw in our faces, and no friends.  Get up, step away, take a walk. Get real help. Get your head on straight or you will kill yourself. That’s not a threat, Mark, that’s simple…fact.

April 24th, 2010: I spend much of my Saturday afternoon planting 10 Nordic Spruce seedlings on our property. I do this as cars are “serenading me” with their excessive noise as they speed up and down the hill without being stopped by the Hurricane Police Department. This tree-planting project is clearly a job for Silly Scotty and the rest of his RINO Pinhead Politicians. But they refuse to take responsibility for their epic screwup! These closet liberals claim to be in favor of personal responsibility and property rights, but show their true colors by allowing Walmart to disrupt our neighborhood by refusing to force it to curtail its noise. I fight back with my wallet. First I take delivery on my wife’s new freezer-which I ordered from Best Buy-costing Walmart a sale. Then we start stocking it with steaks, ribs, and other meat from A-to-Z Supermarket. Then I make an appointment to get my car’s oil changed at Midway Ford. YOU LOSE, Walmart! We support RESPONSIBLE businesses! At about 10:40 p.m., while I am working in my home office, some idiot with a loud muffler roars across Walmart’s parking lot. While my office window was partially open, but I should not have to be a prisoner in my home behind closed doors and windows just to have peace and quiet! I will bet that the Pinhead Politicians who screwed up and put a Wally World in our neighborhood don’t have to stay inside with closed windows to get peace and quiet.

My Response: First off? I thank you to Mark for becoming more timely on his trial and tribulation posts about Walmart. Good job my fat little marionette. It’s much better to take these a day at a timer and answer with true reaction. I mean, think about it…when one has to wait for 4-5 days and then 4-5 days of Mark Bitching read and responded to, it makes it kind of lopsided. I mean, you have one reaction for all the posts because of the mood you are in. Ya know what I mean?

Ok. First thing is first. These tree’s he planted. Much like Lenny mentioned to me (when I rolled over this morning and kissed her on the neck…I’M KIDDING!), I’m torn because Mark finally listened to some of us and went and did something for himself. Then we find out something very interesting. Mark said he ordered 10 Norway Spruce Trees from the Arbor Day Foundation back on the 10th of April. Later on (in one of the many comments in the comments section of this page) he says he paid $4.00 each for them. I call bullshit.

The Arbor Day Foundation GIVES you 10 trees when you become a member. Granted, you pay 10 bucks for the membership but that falls far short of the supposed 40 bucks he supposedly paid for these trees. Now, through a process of deduction, which I am quite good at (among other things…”That’s what she said!”), I have found what I believe is proof. Or as some fans here like to call it lately, truthiness!

Click for Larger Image

The truthiness is that he paid the $10 for the six months membership, just so he could get his hands on free trees! The cheap bastard paid $10 bucks! That’s it. Not that we believed much out of his mouth anyway, but this just goes to show that he never will tell the whole truth, even though he very rarely tells it.

By the way, one of the regular posters informed me today that he saw Mark and Doeds out planting trees Saturday. He watched from the top of the hill, after his Walmart run, for awhile (with no doubt a morbid fascination…you freaky deaky you) and said all Mark pretty much did was “just dig the holes” and maybe planted one of the trees…in the middle of the yeard?! Did we mention what type of trees? Yes, yes we did. Norway Spruce. These grow fairly quickly, 2-3 feet a year, filling out in about 7-8. Yeah, Mark will stroke out before they actually block any noise. Now, had he bought the trees when he started ranting about Walmart (December of 2006) and planted them in the spring of 07′, then he would have a better head start. But my guess is the Arbor Day Foundation wasn’t giving away free trees back in. That or he had his head so far up his own ass in a kissing effort, he failed to notice.

By the way, Mark. Real nice how you let your wife do all the nasty work of mulching while you sucked on either ice water or lemonade after digging them 12″ deep holes.  Yer a trooper!

“April 25th, 2010: I run into Putnam County Commissioner Raymond “Joe” Haynes. I tell him he needs to make the P.C.D.A. buy us out and create jobs in Hurricane. Jobs that will be good for Putnam County. But Pinhead Politician Joe goes into denial mode and claims the county commission doesn’t have jurisdiction in Hurricane. The TRUTH is the PCDA, which Haynes appoints, DID THE WALMART PROJECT! And the PCDA STILL OWNS PROPERTY ABOVE DOLLAR TREE! Why can’t Caveman Joe tell the whole truth? And another thing: Just a few minutes later, “Caveman Joe” stood at the check stand trying to “look important” while his wife loaded the grocery cart! A message to “Caveman Joe”: REAL men don’t let their wives do the work. But then you let Karen beg for money for a new animal shelter because you’re arrogant and backwards to properly fund the project!”

My Response: What!?

“A message to “Caveman Joe”: REAL men don’t let their wives do the work.”


Just yesterday you let your wife do most of the work planting trees and now you drop this bomb on poor Joe? Dude, you are seriously messed up. I’m so flabbergasted at some of the things you say, and then some of the things you go and do. They never add up! Much like you little bank statement you sent me. It’s not adding up Mark.

What’s that? Oh no, I’m sorry Mark. I DO still have the bank statement. What’s that? Of course I LIED you idiot. Fuck me on a horse (“That’s what she said!”) No wait…bad vision. Not an actual request.

::ba dum doom:

Thank you, I’m here all week.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Your wife did most of the planting, mulching and decision making (other than that one tree you planted way out in the middle of the yard) and no doubt, she’ll have to water them. All you did was dig a few holes and sat on your ass. The sweat stains in your “home office” chair, prove it.

You are a real piece of work, Mark.

::shakes his head::

By the way, fans? Mark sent me his “bank statement” the other day. I know it was an attempt to make me do something stupid. I’m not. Unlike Mark, I am taking my time, researching this “statement” which I am finding to be….



I know, right!? How can it be?!

Well, it’s Mark.

Stand alone post coming on that soon.

Oh yeah. Funny note. Remember when he said he only supports responsible businesses?  On his “statement”? He’s got two checks he has written in March…to Walmart.

I kid you not.

April 26th, 2010: I have a long conversation with Mr. Runyan in the regional office for Speedway. He says they looked at our neighborhood several years ago but their wasn’t enough traffic. I suggest that they look again and work with the PCDA to get it to donate the fill land above Dollar Tree to Putnam County Parks and Recreation. That should generate enough traffic to help a Speedway and fill up the Hurricane Marketplace. Everybody wins!

My Response: Except you. More traffic will just mean more for you to bitch about, you big doofus. And if you are thinking that this will only help you sell your shithole, think again! NO ONE will ever buy you out. Not even at rock bottom prices anymore. It’s been proved time and again that the hill behind you doesn’t support a busiess (without major work done first) and quite frankly, no one is ever going to just move in to live there.

Wait, what? You don’t believe me about the increased traffic that you already bitch about? Lest we remond you of this post over at PutnamLIES? Jesus, you are stupid. You contridict yourself at every turn which, in turn, frustrates the hell out of you.

Oh yeah. Mr. Runyun no doubt rolled his eyes after he finally got you and your stink away from him. Poor fella. Mark? Face the facts. You lost in 2006. No one cares about you. Nor should they. Admit defeat and go back to California.

April 28th, 2010: One of the trash bloggers falsely claims that no one cares about the Walmart noise in Hurricane. Yet he writes his comment on a blog that is created to comment about this blog. I don’t need to call him a liar, he makes it obvious on his own. It turns out Carson City, Nevada also doesn’t care about its citizens. But at least they don’t have to deal with overnight deliveries! And they are getting 15-25 foot trees! Every time I research another Walmart, Hurricane’s situation stinks by comparison!”

My Response: Adriane and John Whaley are a couple of crack pots themselves.  That building is up to code and it’s just too fuckin bad they have to overlook and listen to the refrigeration units.  Ya know what?  I nice, steady hum is a huge help in getting to sleep at night.  It’s too bad John Whaley is a fat fuck with sleep apnea.


Oh, sorry.  I got them confused.

I gotta tell ya, some American’s have got to start growing some hair back on their sacks and just dealing with stuff.

We buy our babies fuckin “My First Helmut”  and knee pads to help protect them when they learn how to walk.  We don’t keep score in T-ball games or kids soccer matches.  What ever happened to leaning by experience?  Touch a god damn hot stove, feel the pain.  Never do that again, will ya?

Decline a fair price market value for your house, betting on the chance it will be worth more later and lose?  Learn from it.  Suck it up.  You’ll never do that again, right?


Not Mark “I’m Fucking Mark Halburn” Halburn.  He continues to deny everything.  Offers for his house, the truth to the lies he tells.  His kids future.

By the way, none of us here at the TBA give a shit about you and your Walmart trials and tribulations, Mark.  What we do care about is a greedy, fat bastard, Westboro Baptist Church comparable, fucktard that has a super sense of entitlement and a penchant to lie to make any situation favorable to only one person.  Mark Halburn.  We care about making sure your hate, vitriol and insane view of the world, doesn’t rub off on other human beings.  We are here to make sure that the truth that you hide or blatantly lie about…

…is told.

“April 29th, 2010: Another day of excessive traffic noise from Wally World customers! We don’t get any relief or respect. “

My Response: Niether does the City of Hurricane from one Mark Halburn and his incessant ranting about you, the Walmart shoppers.

“April 30th, 2010: As I am driving down our hill, at the intersection, some bozo drivinjg a minivan cuts me off instead of properly yielding the right-of-way. So many Walmart customers are clueless!”

My Response: This is how we end the best month for ranting and counter blogging ever? Two piddly little posts that have been repeated a hundred different times? I’m really disappointed in Mark. At least I made him dance. Oh…I wonder if the guy that tried to run him off the road was the same guy that almost t-boned him back a while ago? Ya know, back when this happened.

454 thoughts on “4 – April 2010

  1. I wish you had the original that included — (and no he isn’t Mexican). But somehow that disappeared.

  2. I’m sure that Walmart is real broken up about you not buying your “pharmaceutical items” from them.
    They’d just as soon have you go somewhere else to buy the giant kotex you need for you mangina.

    And let’s not forget the smutty keywords you used in your article announcing Marshall was coming to the valley.
    Maybe THAT’S why they didn’t locate here.

  3. Interpret THIS: I think he changed that before any one of us could PDF that sucker. If anyone has the original, feel free to drop me a mail at Tyler@talkradiox.com. I’ll edit the post with the original content.

    Mike: The word Mangina still makes me chuckle.

  4. Oh yeah, like some kid really gave a damn enough to care what the name of the road was called and make a comment. Sure. Right. Whatever.

    Mark, we all know that no one was anywhere near your house on Easter (not like you even know what the meaning of Easter is) cause you were too busy stuffing your gut with turkey, ham and whatever else you can find. Probably bought that at Walmart.

    Ya know Mark, in West Virginia, like Virginia, there are things called Temporary Detention Orders (or TDOs), where a person can say that you are a harm to yourself and others and be held for 72 hours. Now, one could call the Hurricane Police Department and tell them that someone on Grace Drive is making threats to the community (I bet they would know who it was in an instant) and needed to be held. You could be held on a TDO for 72 and people would get peace and quiet for 72 whole hours. Think about it :)

    Anyone want to make a couple calls? I bet with this nutjobs rantin’ and ravin’ we could get him sent away to Moundsville for years! :D

  5. I have it on good authority that Mark Halburn’s retarded offspring, as well as fatty himself were not at their home, rather they were at an Easter celebration. What happened at that celebration? After waiting in a short line, the retarded offspring screamed bloody murder at the pony, and then continued his tirade on the billy goats.

    Like father like son?

  6. Careful there, girlofwords. You’re a entertainment writer for a bird-shit soaked ragged who has no business commenting on what real journalists, like Mark Halburn, writes or does with his life. Cut him a check for $350,000 or put up or shut up or somethingsomethingsomething.

  7. If Halburn wanted his hispano-oriental friend to go back to wherever he came from, maybe he should have cut the guy a check.

  8. “over-the-counter pharmaceutical items” = K-Y Jelly for his whacking habit.

    Why didn’t you go to Walgreens, Crisco? You’ve been jizzing all over the place since they opened.

  9. Ohhhh….good point! On opening day (when they have free drinks and giveaways) he bought “a sack of goods” and has not been back since.

    Good catch.

  10. My knowledge of Walgreens isn’t that great, but I believe Wal-Mart “goods” would be cheaper. But, since Halburn mooches of his second wife and spends her money I guess saving a few dollars here and there doesn’t matter to him.

    He could have used those extra savings to buy more red thread and socks for his third wife, SockOfWords.

  11. Funny how you guys can’t read a simople calendar. The church Easter event was Saturday. NEWS BULLETIN: Easter always falls on a Sunday. And I shop at Walgreens for sale items. Smart consumers don’t pay retail.

  12. I’ll write for tonight:

    “April 5- its storming in Hurricane, and the thunder charges across Walmart hill, keeping me awake again. I call Silly Scotty Edwards, Gary Walton, Troy Andes, Patti Shoen, Gov. Manchin, Rev. Billy Graham and God Himself DEMANDING a sound wall be built IMMEDIATELY! We DESERVE PEACE and QUIET in our home!! THIS IS AN EPIC FAIL ON GOD’S PART!!”

  13. Is it wrong to wish that Hallburn be picked up by a tornado and floated off into the atmosphere, never to be heard from again? Is that wrong? :)

  14. just noticed…

    “Smart consumers don’t pay retail”

    Blue House retail= $149,000 (self-proclaimed assessed value)
    Blue House wholesale = $89,000 (Putnam Co. Assessor’s office value)
    Blue House asking price= $350,000 (non-owner assumed value)

    waitin on a “dumb” consumer, Mark?

    just sayin…

  15. So, Mark … just an easy question. If my throwaway rag that resides in bird crap covered boxes sucks so much, why do you use every cartoon my cartoonist puts out on the syndicator?

    You’d think, since the throwaway rag is such a disgrace, you’d really want no part of that. It just seems curious you’d use those cartoons all the time with such disdain toward the publication from where they came.

  16. A very valid question, Jacque. I was wondering about that myself earlier this week. I’m also curious as to why Mark has taken down his wed site tracker links? Seems to me that is an unspoken answer to my By The Numbers post.

    Anyone else feel the same way?

  17. There’s a simple answer for that, Jacque.

    Mark wants to be you. Instead of wearing out yet another pillow named Jacque, Mark has decided to buy a red wig, some mean-spirited toast, a plastic pig, and wears some of his second wife’s dresses and make up, and will rename his site markofwords.com.

    Rumor has it he has been heard saying, “I’m Jacque, I’m successful, and most importantly, I’m a girl!”

    I also hear he’s sculpting a man-gina out of Spam.

  18. Also, I’ve noticed Mark hasn’t been looking or posting from Riverside.

    I know spring break is over. I guess he must’ve gotten fired again or the people with real jobs who work there has come back from vacation.

    When you have a real job, you earn vacation, unlike Mark, who doesn’t have a real job, and can take a vacation everyday!

  19. There are some things you can’t unsee, Jew. That’s one of them.

    My poor neglected blog. :( I apologize to the reading populace that they’ve been staring at a Filet-O-Fish for more than a week. I just have no friggin’ time lately. The cliche of life getting in the way rings very true for me these days, as my friends know. :)

  20. We understand, Jacque.

    We understand that you have a real job with real responsibilities, coupled with being a real journalist with a real press-pass who doesn’t have to huff, puff, and blow your way into events while gobbling up all the free food and drinks, all the while having a salary that doesn’t equal 3 figures like Mark’s.

    With that being said, Mark needs to put up or shut up. Mark needs to prove to us that he’s a real journalist with a real press pass, or cut Jacque a check for $350,000, and not some fat little girl with a self-esteem problem who goes out and pretends to be a journalist parading around some fake news site.

    What’s it going to be Mark? Prove to us that you’re a real news man, or cut Jacque a check for $350,000.

  21. Nah, man. I don’t need money. (Well, I mean, everybody needs money, but you know what I mean.) I’m not a greedy sort. Nobody has to prove anything to me. I know what’s up. :)

  22. I know, it’s just the logistics of it all.

    We know your credentials, we want to see Mark’s.

    If Mark doesn’t comply, he has to cut Jacque a check for $350,000 and he’ll be in violation of the FOIA.

  23. I could use a few Mcnuggets.

    The clock is ticking, Mark. Prove to us that you’re a real journalist, or cut Jacque a check for $350,000 and you’ll be in violation of the FOIA.

  24. Unrelated, but awesome: I just got invited to an event honoring the first lady of Malaysia. If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’. I confirmed, just because I want to show her who the real first lady of Malaysia is, bitches. :)

  25. Tyler:

    Am trying to figure out why the hit links isn’t working. As for the cartoons, They aren’t picked for the newspaper that provides them, just the content.

  26. Don’t fucking lie to me! You use Washington Examiner pictures all the time because you are obsessed and in your twisted little mind you think it’s a poke at Jacque Jo. You sit there and giggle, letting your belly jiggle whenever you use one of that cartoonists pictures.

    For content my ass!

    And as for your tracker links? They don’t work because you removed them! They are not even in your HTML source list anymore! not that it matters. 78% of your hits are from the same IP…yours.

  27. I’ll tell you why nonuts doesn’t have a tracker anymore.
    RealTracker is charging for it now.
    THERE”S your answer.

  28. So then Real Tracker removed them, then? They were able to remove the code from your web site without permission?

    I think it’s more of the fact that they charge and you don’t want to pay, which I do not blame you for that. I’m not going to pay for a site that can’t verify the site visits I get. That should be free.

  29. Real tracker removed them because he wouldn’t pay for it is what putnamBlob is trying to say. I guess putnamBlob saying he never removed would be correct.

  30. Marky, who is “Ttyler”? Too much chicken grease on your fingers and you can’t type properly, is that the problem? I do believe his name is Tyler…no extra “t”. They didn’t teach ya much in them California schools, did they? While you are using the schools computers next time you are “filling in”, try using one of them neat keyboard training programs….when you aren’t having a small meltdown. :)

  31. ah, make that “school’s computers”. See, that is called correcting yourself. Can’t do that, can ya Marky?

  32. The “Editorial Board” does not have spell check… last blog he wrote is full of typos, but its not his fault, its the computer not having “blob to English” translation…

  33. The Winfield bridge work is littered with spelling mistakes, typos, poor grammar and syntax. Flipper does not approve. Editorial Board needs remedial classes.

  34. Mark still hasn’t complied with my request to see his credentials, he’s in violation of the FOIA and must cut Jacque Jo Bland a check for $350,000.

  35. It just occurred to me, IF lard ass does sell his shack for $350,000…just think of all the people he could sue!

  36. Mike owes me one pair of pants. Don’t make me get all FOIA on you for pants-compensation!

  37. I’m laughing at you all from my diamond encrusted throne, you dorky twoofs.

    9/11 was an inside job, I’m rich, you’re not, and stuff.

  38. Troy…

    …why don’t you go tip one of your kids upside down again so we can put you away. I don;t care what kind of mental defect you have, elimination of you and your types would suit me just fine.

    Oh, and stop with the 911 horseshit. We all know you do it to get someones goat and you yourself don’t even believe it. 911 was an inside job is so 2001.

    Get lost.

  39. Hey Troy-

    South Charleston Rec Center has basketball on weekends… you should go and express your opinions about African Americans there like you did at Winfield. They need enlightened by your intelligence…

  40. The P.C.D.A. land editorial is proof that PutnamLIVE.com is looking for the best for Putnam County. As long as speed limits are enforced on that road and sound wall and trees are installed (like at Walmarts across America) the noise will be under control. But Silly Scotty Edwards continues to make an @$$ out of himself by refusing to protect his constituents while mayors across the country take care of their citizens.

  41. Bullshit.
    All you want is what’s best for Mark Halburn.

    YOU continue to make an ass of yourself by your continued whining. Edwards is protecting his constituents by supporting a business that employs hundreds of Putnam residents and brings in tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.
    His job is not to take care of you and your petty wants.

  42. <img src="Photobucket” alt=”Truck Entrance Signs” />

    #1: This is the sign for Wal Mart big rigs. They need to go left here to avoid the narrow road that is #2. By the way, 20 MPH?! Holy fuck. My car, in idle, does faster than that! Good Christ, grow some hair people!

    #2: This is the road that leads up to the Hurricane Marketplace. There is a little sign there that has a truck with a circle and red line through it. It’s in the shape of a UPS truck. That means no UPS trucks, damnit! Listen to the sign. I kid. I called Wal Mart. The sign is for Wal Mart big rigs not to go up the hill and try and make the left.

    #3: Look! It’s a sound wall! Wal Mart built a sound wall. Problem for Mark? It was built to keep the noise from his blue hovel out! Hahahahaha! I kill myself, I really do.

    #4: The guardrail in front of Mark’s house and dirt road. There is your sound barrier right there!

    #5: These are the offending grates that “make so much noise”. These are the grates that “make so much noise!?” Are you serious? Those are the new drainage grates that are recessed…to make less noise! Oh my God, this guy is too much.

  43. Ok, seriously.

    The most atrocious thing that happened to your fat fucking ass on Monday was that there was normal traffic, driving normally, on a road.

    You know what else was going on? A fucking mine collapse. An hour and a half away. Where two dozen plus people lost their lives.

    But you don’t care about them. You don’t care about the people whose pictures you are putting up on your shitbag of a site (which we all know were taken from the AP wire, quite likely stolen content). You only care about yourself. You greedy, selfish fuck.

    You know what? I hope great harm befalls you, your wife and your child. I really do hope that.

  44. I’m sure Crisco considers that a “terrorist threat.”

    My hope is that on one of these vigilante justice trips, an armed truck driver responds with a 12-gauge to the face.

  45. It’s ok for that fat fucking pedophile wanna-be to dish it out, bully, and harass others, but when the tables are turned on him, he cries like a little fat 13 year old bitch.

    Mark has terrorized Putnam County for years with his antics, so that makes fatty a terrorist. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to suicide bomb KFC.

  46. Oh, and Mark?

    You’re still in violation of the FOIA, you never presented the credentials I asked for.

    Cut Jacque Bland a check for $350,000.

  47. He updated his site, from home, this morning at 3:31 AM after visiting PutnamLIES.com at 3:17 and seeing the Craigo story.

    So much for his lie that his editorial office is 1/4 mile down the road and he doesn’t work at home.
    You’re a fucking tax cheat Halburn.

  48. That scum-sucking lowlife fuck.

    Trying to capitalize on the mine disaster, he isn’t qualified to “write” about something like that, or anything else.

    Below that, another story about a sex-offender.

    His site needs taken down, period. He slanders and libels local politicians and businesses in one paragraph, then acts compassionate about tragedies in another.

    I hope the fat fucker burns in hell along with that stillborn freak of his.

  49. Mark Halburn needs severely beaten.

    The coal miners who lost their lives, along with the other hard working coal miners out there who bust their rump everyday in dangerous conditions to provide for their families, are being mocked by a man who is the direct opposite of these hard working men.

    Mark Halburn does nothing, he’s just a mooch who needs his teeth kicked in.

    I might just have to go up to Grace Drive, knock on his door, and just beat the ever-living fuck out of him for mocking hard working people.

    Call it a terrorist threat or whatever you want, fat boy. You better start looking over your shoulder from now on.

    The only terrorist around here is you, and I’ll bunker bust your fat ass all over the Wal-Mart parking lot.

  50. Listen up, you selfish, lying, cock sucking son of a cunt.

    You have no fucking class at all. You think it’s ok to post a “editorial” cartoon, making light of the situation that happened at the Upper Big Branch Mine? Posting a “cartoon” of a miner’s helmet dripping BLOOD, perched upon the Massey logo? I don’t fucking care who you are, that shows just how little of a man you are.

    I will fucking CRUSH you like the cocksucking piss ant you are. Just you fucking watch.

    I’ve got screen shots and PDF’s, and if you do not discontinue your site IMMEDIATELY, they will be sent to every last person on the school board. Each of the miner’s families, and believe me, that will be even worse than me ruining your miserable excuse for a life.

    Take it down immediately and delete your pathetic excuse for a site as well as everything on it. Or start watching your back, fucker. Actually, you had better be looking behind you pretty frequently already, peeking around corners, because I believe you have it coming to you. And no jury would ever convict based on how pathetic of a fucking person you are.

  51. Wow. You know, that’s classless. Even for you, which is saying something. You offend me not only as someone who pretends to be a journalist, but as a human being. The Standard was right. You really do give the entire industry a black eye.

  52. That is about the most disgusting thing I’ve seen. You disgust me to no end you piece of shit. I will keep my views on Massey Energy to myself but I wonder what they would think if they saw that. I think that emailing them a screen shot isn’t a half bad idea. Especially if there is any chance it might shut down that shithole of a blog. Did you create that yourself or did you steal that too?

  53. Let’s see how funny he thinks it is when we put up a picture of a worm eaten fetus with Sarah Nicole’s name on it.
    Cause it’s coming.

  54. Read Halburn’s latest entry?
    He claims to have driven to “his office” at 3 AM to write a story.
    I guess the guy whose house his office is in doesn’t mind some lumbering oaf coming into his house in the middle of the night.
    You’re a liar as well as a tax cheat, fatburn.

  55. Wow. Nothing yet, fatsack? I think Doedy Halbs said it best that this just shows how little of a man you are.

    Seriously? EAT SHIT AND DIE IN A FIRE.

  56. PutnamBlob always has something on his blog regarding car accidents and not providing pictures and “out of respect for the families, blah,blah,blah,…” This is in very poor taste. He’s a piece of work is what he is.

  57. Hey Mike, you’re a get up and go journalist, why not shoot some video or take some pictures at what is 1/4 mile down the road from this vile human being? I’m sure alot of us would like to see his “office.”

    It’s time for this scum sucking waste of skin to face the music. By the way, cock gobbler, your tasteless, thoughtless picture is already making the rounds on social networking sites, as well as your retarded site. Have fun answering for your crime against those who actually work and lost their lives providing for their families.

  58. Mark should have the pants that barely fit him because he’s too fucking fat sued off over that photo. The families of those miners should be notified of this atrocity.

  59. Here are some keywords from shitbag’s site:

    Putnam County News, women, eleanor, buffalo, scott depot, culloden, midway, bancroft, poca, winfield, ofwords, amish, silly scotty, disputed, cryptic, hurricane, santa claus, girls, Putnam, news, of words, County, West Virginia, sports, information, children, animals, Freedom, America, Liberty, sun, travel, magic mart, pepsi, coke, masters, uno, teays valley, hurricane, nitro, applebees, dodge, dakota, layoff, workers, mary kay, nascar, SPORTS, CLOTHES, verizon, AT&T, Joy FM, KROGER, Cars, sheriff, crime, seniors, flu, shots, pneumonia, hospital, ford, ginos, tudors, chevy, food, pizza, rain, dog, cat, weather, snow, hot, cold, sheetz, walmart, walgreens, dollar tree, stampers, camc, game stop, rent a center, radio shack, putnam lies, lee, mark, mays, blogspot, leonard Bernstein, Walmart

  60. Oh, really nice, Jew. Good job.

    ::heavy sigh::

    Man, I got up in a great mood today and then had to be reminded that I am still NOT a keyword on Blobs site. Just cut me open and rub in the Epsom salt, why don’t ya.


    I’m all mad now. I want to go tip a cow. I’m still suin’

  61. I’m sitting here sipping lemonade, getting fanned by my hot wife, and counting all my money, and laughing at you internet dorks. If you twoofs knew the real story, you wouldn’t be wasting your time. You think you know, but you have no idea!

    Damn, it feels good to be a comptroller.

  62. You dorks have no life. Shame on you for making fun of such an outstanding citizen like Mark Hallburn. I’ve hard Mark over for dinner countless times and he’s been nothing but gracious to me, my husband, and my children.

    If you knew anything about Mark, you would know he has Superlative Ballooning Disorder. I feel sorry for a man trying to fight the good fight!

    You people need a life and some money!

  63. April 22, 2010- Finally got my nephew, niece, uncle, his wife, brother-in-law, two cousins and their “significant others” out of bed and off the couch to plant the trees. I figured between rounds of canasta they’d have the time to do this. Of course, if the city of Hurricane had done this, they’d all still be able to sleep at night. Silly Scotty Edwards is an EPIC FAIL as a mayor. Later, the trees haven’t grown fast enough, and I am awakened by a Lays truck charging up Walmart hill. Peachy said they’s grow fast and block the noise. THE TREES ARE AN EPIC FAIL! I sue the tree farm for selling me a defective product, and add Peachy to the lawsuit for lying to me. Later, I am nearly t-boned by the Lays truck after pulling out in front of it at the bottom of the hill. I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY, BECAUSE I AM MARK HALBURN!! I call HPD and file a complaint, but they arrogantly ignore me. HPD IS AN EPIC FAIL!!

  64. Pork brisket needs a refresher in politics.

    He calls them liberal pinhead politicians. If they were liberal, they would have bought him the trees. They also would have enacted lots of rules and regulations against both Walmart and the free market economy to ensure that whiny bastards like him get everything they demand. Basically, protection from everything and responsibility for nothing.

    They aren’t liberal. They’re pro-business conservatives. Read, pork brisket. Read and learn. You only use “liberal” as your adjective because in West Virginia, “liberal” is a bad word. Which makes you dishonest. Or ignorant to political doctrine. Possibly both.

  65. Mark likes to ignore, among other things, that he is a native Californian who married some inbred, white trash fuck from West Virginia.

    I guess he couldn’t get lucky with California women, so he turned to the state with the most toothless, fat, desperate women in the world! I bet he met that hick through match.com! LOL!

  66. Too bad we have broadened the topic now to WV women. My grandmothers and mother didn’t fit that description but then again that’s just my opinion….

  67. No, Mike, I divorced her. That’s public record, you lying scumbag! But that’s why you call your piece of trash web site PutnamLIES because that’s all you are capable of!

  68. And I have tips from readers that Internet Jew (we know who you really are) and “Mike Ballburn” (who is also the same person as Internet Jew) were seen in line ordering 12 packs of the new KFC Double-Down. Because of them, I have reports that KFC ran out of Double-Downs but issued rain checks to “Mike’s” readers-all five of his Internet trolls. As for me, I enjoyed my salad for lunch, including Light Ranch dressing.

  69. Mark, you are an ignorant bastard. Internet Jew is a friend of mine from West Virgina. I have personally talked to Mike and Lee on air. I know Lenny and Jacque very well. Then you have the West Virginians that all have been in communication with me one way or another and they all are different people. I vouch for all of them. So fuck off. You are the one that has multiple personalities…and you have given them all screen names and emails.

    And as far as this Double Down deal? You are way behind. This came out in August of 2009 and is the one thing that might actually take you down like a tranq dart does a humming bird.

  70. If you eat so healthy then why do you weigh 500lbs? Let me guess, bad thyroid? Glands? I love it how you brag about eating so healthy, how you have millions of readers, how you make so much money yet work little minimum-wage making jobs. You’re more full of garbage than the garbage cans you root in to dig for “news” and red hair.

    And who’s “we?” You have no readers, other than us.

    I’m sure we can find the truth behind your first divorce, it seems like it’s another touchy subject for you. Did you abuse her, too? Couldn’t hack it in California, eh? I bet she got sick and tired of you being fired from every job and couldn’t afford to keep your fat fucking ass and your $10,000.00 a month grocery bill. I bet she stood up for herself and ran your fat ass out. So you fatted you way onto desperatefatwestvirginianwoman.com and found yourself a lumpy loser of a woman who was so desperate to have a child she would take anyTHING! You jerked off into a turkey baster (because let’s face it, you on top of a woman would crush her) and just sloshed your retard seed into her ovaries and out popped that little waterhead.

    That didn’t work the first time, did it?

  71. Tyler, you lying scumbag. I have NEVER, EVER posted under different names! You are part of the liberal agenda to discredit me! TAKE DOWN YOUR SITE IMMEDIATELY OR I’LL BRING A LIBEL LAWSUIT ON YOU!!

    You are an out-of-state trash blogger that doesn’t know what it’s like to live next to a big, noisy corporation like Wal-Mart. I have to endure this for years. YOU ARE A NO-TALENT RADIO WANNA-BE!!!

    Cut me a check for $350,000.00, or put up or shut up. Buy me out like Silly Scotty is afraid to do!

  72. “Internet Jew” I make more than $150 a day at my day job and $3,000 a month off PutnamLIVE.com. Do the math, bird brain, that’s more than $5,000 a month. Minimum wage? That’s what YOU make!

  73. Then why does your second wife own the house you live in?

    Dolores is like Tom Cruise’s character in Rain Man, so Mark, that makes you the retard.

    Definitely gonna be a reporter, gonna be a reporter!

  74. Bullshit. You don’t make even half of that off that crappy site. I make nothing off mine and it’s 10 times better than yours. Stop your lying and answer my fuckin mail.

  75. Wow, Mark.

    Is that why you have worked as a telemarketer, a bell hop, a security guard, a radio board operator, at Best Buy, and Lord knows what else you have worked?

    If you make so much money, they why work all those loser jobs? For the benefits? Or is it because you and Dolores have trouble making ends meet and you’re ashamed that you’re not much of a man?

    I think it’s the latter.

  76. “I have NEVER, EVER posted under different names!”

    Wow, does somebody REALLY need some quality time with a shrink.

  77. Ohhhh wait a second. You added a little addendum again, you little dickweed. Trash Bloggers need not apply? Why not? I politely asked to see the logo. But no. You are too much of a pussy to send it. You can’t stand up to us. At all. You got no balls.

    Or is it…you have no logo? That’s it isn’t it. You like to say these things but you can never back them up.

    By the way, that wasn’t light ranch dressing on your salad. You should literally watch…what you eat.

  78. He doesn’t have any talent or creativity to do something like that, unless it was stolen.

    It might have been Homemade Halburn Dressing, freshly squeezed from the Halburn Retard Spitter itself!

  79. So, that’s why you were online at 1:30(ish) this afternoon, from home, checking this website amongst others?

    Also, I have it on good authority that you took your little retard to the doctor today, looking like he’d been abused. Is that how you treat your little bastard child? Smack him around a bit like you smack around your tubby wife?

    Also, 60k a year? Maybe combined with tubbywife’s 40k salary from the community college. Regardless, I make TWICE what you make, and I don’t have to compromise my integrity… or slander… or libel others.

    Also, ignorant fuck, YOU continue to just dodge the fact that you still have that overtly offensive, ignorant, insensitive TRASH on your (95% stolen) “letters” page. Right above how benevolent you want people to think you are being.

    And, as a last thing, I hope the bikers all “charged” and “roared” up “walmart hill” just to piss you the fuck off.

    You suck little worthless cunt of a man.

  80. Halburn, the money you get from cheating your 2 year old tard baby at Monopoly doesn’t count as actual legal tender.

  81. Ms. Rigby, we all know he doesn’t work. That’s why his first wife divorced him. He was a fat, lazy, worthless idiot who couldn’t hold a job. He found some lumpy, desperate, inbred, redneck, trailer trash of a whore to keep him. That’s all it boils down to. He wants someone to take care of him like his mommy never could.

  82. Still dodging the fact that you’re a tactless son-of-a-bitch, aren’t you, Crisco?

    Why aren’t you manning up to your piss-poor judgment on that tasteless cartoon?

  83. It’s simple.

    Good or bad, tasteless or not, he’s a fat attention whore.

    I hear someone has the number of his first wife’s son. I can’t wait to hear the transcript of that conversation!

  84. I see Mark the Molester is spying on us from Riverside again.

    You being a substitute teacher must be like Supermarket Sweep to people like who who love the little children.

    How can you contain yourself from all those fresh, nubile, young bodies. Do you have to take a restroom break every 15 minutes to rub one out, you sick fuck?

  85. Hi Mark!

    Get back to work being a fill-in “teacher” for the real teachers who have actual jobs and quit looking at this site from work.

    I think someone needs to send Riverside that information and tell them what Mr. Halburn does instead of doing his “job.”

  86. Mark:

    If you make so much money, why do you sit online and beg for handouts in the form of electronics?

    You said earlier smart shoppers don’t pay retail, they also PAY for the items they own, not beg for a handout from strangers like some homeless man.

    Did your first wife buy you things, but got sick and tired of it once she found out what a worthless pile of shit you are? I bet she got tired of footing the bill for your fat ass.

    Face it, the only reason you married your fugly second wife is because she was desperate enough to keep your lard ass. I bet Dolores mothers you, doesn’t she? “Oh, that’s OK you got fired from another job, Mark. I work so I’ll pay all the bills while you go out and pretend to be a big, famous journalist!! That’s my Markie-poo, so imaginative!”

    You didn’t have much of a family life growing up, did you, fat boy? Your dad was a slobbering, worthless drunk, and your mother was a psychotic freak of a cunt, so you need someone to keep you and mother you, because you’re just as worthless as your parents were.

    The apple truly doesn’t fall too far, does it, fats?

  87. Gee, Mark. Harsh words here, not gonna man up and defend yourself? Not gonna tell us all what you been doing today? Not gonna tell us what a wonderful person you are? Not gonna tell us what you had for lunch? Not gonna tell us about the thousands of dollars you make? Not gonna mention Jacque, Mike, or Lee?

    I feel kinda robbed.

  88. My dad never drank. My mother was a respected teacher, and the fact that you have to attact my retired parents and my wife and family proves that you have nothing to say but trash talk.

    As for my seeking a computer, that’s my business. I was planning on a redesign of the site and didn’t want to spend money on a computer. You guys criticize the look, well you’re stuck with the look.

    As for B & O taxes,you aren’t paying attention. One more time: I’m not required. DEAL WITH THAT REALITY! And considering all the crap the city has put my family through, they should pay us!!!

    And, I am not the only Putnam County news outlet to be located just outside the city limits. Could that be a coincidence? I think not! Surprisewd you missed that!!! (Hint, subtle hint…) Happy hunting!

  89. I think he’s claiming he has an office at the old newspaper place down on Hurricane Creek Road. His geographic description fits; but I have a real hard time believing his story that he was in there that late at night.

    I’m still waiting to see the trees planted – I’ll check in the morning.

  90. The trees have been ordered. They have not yet arrived. They won’t be planted in the morning. I’ll save you the trouble. Glad that someone finally noticed that a certain “Hurricane” newspaper publishes outside the city limits, about a 1/4 of a mile. Can’t wait for you to turn on him. Except that he’s been doing that for DECADES!

  91. “Mr. Blackwell” I make more money than Dolores. Two different ways. Teaching AND my business. EACH make more money. Probably more than you make as well. I know CNA’s don’t make as much as I make, so Internet Jew is simply jealous. If he still has a job!

  92. Marky Puddles, you don’t “order trees”, you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and you “buy trees”. Let me tell you, they ain’t gonna grow the rate you want them to. I have an Apple Tree I planted in the back yard in 2007. It is still a stick 3 years later and that is with MiracleGrow, mulch, some healthy horse shit (it was free), water and TLC.

    My neighbor planted a tree outfront in 2006 and it is about 3 feet high and still a stick. So, unless you plan on being around for about 50 years, they aren’t going to get to the height you want them in a couple months.

    Take the word of a grandson of a farmer, who knows what he is talking about.

  93. Oh and if you are thinking about any kind of pine tree. HA! Think again. They are VERY SLOW growers. We have one out front and the dog is taller than this tree…and it is 3 years old.

  94. Jesus H Christ Mark. You stated in your request for free electronics that you were wanting it for a college age student living in your home. NOT to redesign your website. You need to unfuck your shit and get it straight. I could do a better design for your website with my 5+ year old computer. And let me reassure you that no one is jealous of you. Fuck, if I were jealous of you, I would have to sit back and re-evaluate my life. And once again, since you didn’t respond to my post last month, would you care to defend yourself about your view of the police? Cause I’m really interested in that.

  95. Sorry for the double post but instead of “your home” that should read your mother in law and wife’s home.

  96. Why do you constantly have to (lie) remind everyone how much money you make? You think anyone really cares? I have more respect for someone working MCD’s because they have a REAL job, being a substitute teacher and a fake journalist doesn’t constitute in having a career, or anything.

    Kudos goes out to Screw You Mark for catching you in YET ANOTHER lie! You want those handouts for yourself because in reality you can’t afford shit, your second wife is the money-maker. If you make so much money you could have moved somewhere far away a long time ago so the people of Putnam County wouldn’t have to endure your stupidity.

    As usual, you’re full of shit. And no, I’m not cutting you a check, either.

  97. I’d be more than happy to cut Mark a check for $350,000.00.

    If he takes down his site, AND gets down his knees at a town hall meeting and begs the people of Putnam County forgiveness for his years of terrorism.

    Just think, fat boy. You do those two things, the cash is yours. Just think of all the people you could sue with that chunk of change!

  98. Yeah, I’ll bet fatsack ordered his trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. They send you an 8 inch tree. Good luck with those.
    Now we’ll have to hear about how they duped you into buying tiny little trees.

    Nobody gives a shit that some other newspaper isn’t in the city.
    The point is YOU live in the city and try and palm off that your
    “office” is elsewhere.

    And explain the barter situation. Is that declared as income? The IRS would be interested.

    If you’re making so goddamn much money, then why haven’t you moved? Surely a bank would be willing to loan money to someone as prosperous as you and having such a FINE home as collateral.
    Of course maybe it’s the multiple mortgages on your second wife’s house or maybe it’s your bankruptcy.
    Either way, the fact is, you’re in way over your head and the hole you’re digging keeps getting deeper.

  99. Halburn’s mother may have been a “respected teacher” but she, like her son, is a nut.
    So, obviously the whole family is a bunch of drunks and mental defectives.

    From his psych report:
    FAMILY HISTORY: Mr. Halburn’s mother, by his report, was “suicidal for years.”
    She, reportedly, was hospitalized a number of times for psychiatric symptomatology. Mr. Halburn believes that she may have suffered from bipolar illness but does not know her specific diagnosis. He reports that his maternal great grandfather had alcohol problems.
    He also reported a paternal grandfather with alcohol problems and a paternal grandmother who was “in and out of mental hospitals and abused by my grandfather.” Mr.Halburn also later stated that his sister had psychiatric problems reporting “she’s nuts.”
    He reports he is not aware of any diagnosis or treatment but describes her as having had multiple abortions, having abused methamphetamine, and having had multiple legal problems.

  100. Ohhhhhh, feelin’ like a tough guy, Mark?

    I’ve told you my real name, who do you think I am? If memory serves, that person said the next time you mention his name, the HPD will be called on your fat ass. So go ahead, Mr. Badass, who do you think I am?

  101. None of Halburn’s family is respected. In fact, they are all laughing stocks, just like Mark himself. I have it on good authority that Dolores’ co-workers always ask her when she’s leaving him or how does she put up with his nonsense. She always smiles and just shakes her head. I’ve seen her many times and she does indeed have sad eyes.

    Psycho bitches like Nancy Halburn are always an easy fuck. If I was even alive back then I would have fucked the psychosis out of the silly hag. I wasn’t too far “off the mark” when I suggested Jerk-Off James Halburn was a slobbering drunk, grand-fathers, fathers, it’s all the same disease when we talk about the Halburn idiots.

    Speaking of idiots, looks like little Matthew is stepping in nicely into his daddy’s crocs by throwing little temper tantrums. Isn’t that precious? Just like his crazy daddy, his insane bitch grandmother, and his drunken, abusive grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

    Oh, what’s this about Mental Case Mark filing for bankruptcy? People who make as much money as Mental Case Mark does shouldn’t have to file for bankruptcy. That’s for people who have a hard time paying bills and want to get the bill collectors off their ass. Wait, this is Mental Case Mark and Dipshit Dolores we’re talking about, they can barely make ends meet! Is that why you all were forced to take all those multiple mortgages out on that shanty of Dipshit Delores’ and her old witch of a mother?

    You’re not fooling anyone, Mental Case Mark. You need to check yourself in to CAMC where Kristie Sexton works and see if you can’t get a referral to a mental ward, where you belong.

    Being in and out of mental hospitals runs in the family. Eh, Mental Case Mark? Follow in those footsteps of Nutty Nancy Halburn!

  102. Mental Case Mark, I can’t wait for you to keel over and rot in Hell:


    This “article” asks, “Where Is The Respect for the Miners” and this fat low-life mooch still has the bloody Massey logo in his “letters” section.

    I hope someone slits your throat, rapes your second wife, and sells your idiot kid into child slavery.

    Cry terrorist threat all you want, you no-class, no-talent having low life. YOU’RE the terrorist!

  103. Respect my ass, food giant.

    Jerry = Mark.

    Halburn appointed himself half staff flag enforcer, drove around town, and then went and asked businesses why their flags were up.
    And then invented a phantom phone call to wrap it all up in.

    The only thing he left out was not pointing out that Netranom is owned by “Silly Scotty”

  104. Of course, his article was fake.

    As far as libeling those who are against him (who isn’t against him), I have not seen one “trash blogger” say anything in support of Don Blankenship. Again, caught in another lie.

    What they, and myself are aghast of, is your tasteless cartoon of a bloody coal miner’s helmet on a Massey logo. Not only do you show disrespect to the coal miners who lost their lives in that tragedy, but you disrespect ALL coal miners and their families, past and present. Hell, you disrespect any person who works hard and supports their family by any means possible by passing yourself off as a (substitute) teacher and a fake journalist.

    You have never worked for anything in your life, have you Mental Case Mark? You’ve just eased your way through life, mooching off others. You’re a welfare case without being on welfare. If Dipshit Dolores left your fat ass right now you’d immediately apply for SSI. Let’s face it, your crazy enough to qualify for it.

  105. I find it funny that Mental Case Mark (lol…funny nickname!) is sitting there with his 20 KFC Double Douche sammiches and acts like he “cares” so much about West Virginia. We all know Mental Case Mark only cares about himself. How can someone who’s from California know anything about West Virginia?

    So, I guess Mark went around town today (he said he had a job that pays $150 dollars a day, caught in another lie), played big newspaper reporter man, and terrorized his way around Hurricane running out Dipshit Dolores’ gas money. He’s the equivalent of a suicide bomber going into different places and blowing up. Unfortunately, he doesn’t die.

  106. Mark and the Halburn clan (all 17 of them that live in the MIL’s house) will not be available to post this evening. IHOP in Charleston is offering a free stack of pancakes in return for a “donation” at the door. All proceeds will go to the families of the coal miners killed last week. I am sure on the way out Mark’s donation will be a homemade business card with “advertise with Put. Co’s 2nd News Leader” written on it…

  107. Actually, Clyde, Mark ran around all day on the 12th, 10 minutes after Obama signed and announced the proclamation for the flags at half staff, snapping pictures of business’ flags that were not lowered, so he could create a story.

    It’s called yellow journalism…and it’s not because Halburn is a coward. It’s because he is a failure.

  108. It’s pretty sad when we all can predict what Mental Case Mark will say before he says it:

    I ate salad all day today, even for breakfast! I had egg salad for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and salad salad for dinner! Not to mention heaping glasses of ice water!

    I own and run a business and make thousands of dollars a month, you all are jealous of me. I also work a day job where I make $150 a day

    I am not fat, I just have high helium levels.

    Excessive Wal-Mart traffic wakes me up. It’s all Putnam County’s fault, not to mention Silly Scotty’s.

    The trash bloggers continue to whine, they are out of state, they don’t care about Putnam County or West Virginia.

  109. Hey Tyler:

    For the umpteenth time, I dont owe B & O taxes. And if you do your homework, you will learn that I have a city business license. This allows me to update from home or my office just outside of the city. When you interviewed me and I told you that a city official has been to my office and home, you missed THE KEY QUESTION: Are you ready? Get out your crayon and write this down: “Mark, does the City of Hurricane charge B & O taxes on media companies?” Maybe I will call your show and answer the question. OR you can just gave your D.C. rag editor do your research for you-AGAIN!

  110. Clyde:

    You bring a VERIFIABLE CERTIFIED BANK CHECK for $350,000 (Monopoly money doesn’t count) to Hurricane City Hall tonight at 6:00 and I will ask for forgiveness. You can even publish a photo… Just also publish the photo of me leaving town!

  111. MARK! You sick psychotic fuck!! WHY DO YOU KEEP BRINGING HER UP?!! You’re a psychotic, obsessed, sick, stalking fuck who probably can’t fuck his own wife without her pretending to be someone else, and EVERYBODY HERE knows who else.

    You’re a disgusting fucking pig. It’s about time you did some afternoon masturbation with your red-headed pillow and vacuum cleaner, isn’t it?!

    Die. Die. Die.

  112. Mark, it’s not me asking about B&O. I don’t believe for a second that your site is a business, period. So? you shoot some faked up business licence to make us believe as such. I ask for others. Not for myself.

    To me, you are not capable to run a business. You luck out with this substitute teaching job because of someone else’s complacency and their failure to check backgrounds. Your concentration level is near nil which means you can’t hold a regular job. People around you enable you or ignore you just to not have to deal with you.

    I have not found any proof that you have a business on file anywhere and no, I am not going to believe anything you send as far as “proof”. However, if you’d like to still “sell” your “business” let me know.

    I gotta little change in my pocket goin jingle jangle lang…

  113. Wow… monopoly money… that sounds familiar… oh… because I had posted the exact same thing… ON THIS THREAD.

    You’re so pathetic that you can’t even come up with your own insults?

    You, fatsacks, are an EPIC FAIL!

  114. First it was, “I don’t post from home.” Now it’s “My business license allows me to update from home.”
    Why wasn’t that the explanation from the get-go?
    Which one was the lie?
    When did you stop beating your wife?

    And about the city official that visited, here’s what you said on Tyler’s show:
    “I’ve actually had somebody from the city tax department about 4 years ago went to the office because they like you thought that I was doing everything from home. Stood in the office a quarter mile outside the city and said yeah you’re outside the city.”

    You’re outside the city. It didn’t take an inspector to see that.
    That’s considerably different than how you’re portraying it now.

    Plus you say you’ve been there for 5 or 6 years, when in 2008 you said your office was in Fraziers Bottom.

    Pick your lie and stick with it.

  115. “Mike” the only lie is your crappy, libelous blog. YOU say I owe B & O taxes. Unless you can prove it, AND YOU CAN’T BECAUSE I DON’T, take down your blog, pay me damages, reveal your name, shut up, and LEAVE WEST VIRGINIA because you and your blog have been outed as a LIE!!!!!

  116. Crisco doesn’t like it when his own words are used against him. It turns him into a stalker. Right, fatsack?

  117. Ol’ Markie wanting to sue someone again.

    “Gimme money for doing nuffing”

    Just like a welfare case.

  118. “Mike” why won’t you post my comments on your blog? Obviously afraid to post the truth!

    Here’s an email from Fredda Ray, Hurricane’s financial director:

    From: “Fredda Ray” Sent: Thu 15/04/10 9:02 AM

    To: Priority: Normal

    Subject: RE: B & O taxes

    Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook

    I had checked previously with the Municipal League and found that media does not pay B&O taxes to municipalities. Any other questions feel free to call. Thanks

  119. Mental Case Mark:

    You accuse Mr. Ballburn of libel, but you’ve been doing the same thing for years, haven’t you? You just can’t stand people giving you a taste of your own Crisco, right? It will continue until you learn your lesson, take down that piece of trash website of yours, or die. We’re all hoping for the latter.

    As for the taxes? A fat psychotic little boy running a blog full of libel, lies, and stolen material out of his second wife’s home isn’t a business. As Tyler said, that’s why you don’t pay taxes. Besides, with your financial situation you can’t even afford a Happy Meal for that retarded kid of yours. Dipshit Dolores can, though. SHE has a real job.

    You gave it your best shot, champ. However, you keep getting caught in lie after lie after lie. Your little fat face turns red and you throw a temper tantrum when we call you out on it.

    You cry lawsuit. The people of Putnam County need to sue YOU for your years of terrorism, or banish you from their fair county, just like the old days when townsfolk banished undesirables from their towns.

  120. Why won’t I post your comments?
    Have you left any?

    If you have, then you know why, shithead.
    I don’t see them.
    If they’re left by you they go straight to spam and I never see them.
    But keep on leaving them anyway. I want to see just how much it will hold.

    What did we tell you in January?
    “Mark Halburn will no longer be allowed to comment here.”
    What part of that don’t you understand, mongoloid?

  121. Noise levels must be deafening around the hovel. Crisco hasn’t had a post up since his sentence or two bitching about cars hitting grates.

    Fuck you. You can’t even blog right.

  122. ::enter Tyler Hollywood music here::

    Hollywood. Tyler Hollywood. Counter Blogger. When Mark fails, you win.

  123. Have you guys checked out fatty’s newest headline?

    It’s about Wal-Mart!

    Mark, you know how your site is NOT news (among other things) but a site full of libelous garbage?

    This little nugget you put in your poorly written article:

    “Here in Putnam County, Walmart is a nuisance to its neighbors. But it has been doing some good things for its workers and its image.”

    That’s a biased opinion, which makes your site a….

    Wait for it…


    Which in turn, makes it NOT a business.

    Which is why you don’t pay taxes, like you could afford to anyway, loser.

    It’s not a very good blog, either. In fact, it’s the digital equivalent to Matthew’s shit stained panties.

  124. I thought businesses made more than $5.00 a month.

    I also thought people who ran businesses, weren’t mentally unstable freaks who libeled and terrorized local people and other businesses on their business site.

    Come to think of it, I thought people who ran businesses had actual businesses degrees, and a staff to handle their own books.

    Another thing, don’t businesses actually advertise with local media and not spam message boards with links to poorly written stories?

    After some serious thought, don’t businesses offer goods and services to people? “Services” being defined as something people actually NEED, as opposed to someone saying they need it?

    I thought business owners selflessly served their community, and worked with local leaders to make it a better place? Not harass and libel local leaders when they don’t get their way.

    Finally, don’t business owners abide by the law? I thought they complied with local, state, and federal laws as to not make it look like they are above said law? I was thinking that business owners don’t have records of harassment and trespassing. Also, business owners don’t do these types of things.

  125. So… KVL has a successful Facebook page, with people interacting, and posting useful information about the Kanawha Valley, and running a USEFUL, NEWS/INFORMATION oriented website that is rapidly gaining traction around here, so Mark throws a fit… no surprise here. I am sure a lawsuit against KVL is coming, as they use the word “Live” in their name, and in Mark’s world, HE invented the word “Live” in url names… KVL is an EPIC FAIL!!!

  126. That is the only conclusion I can draw. Otherwise, Mark has said nothing on his Facebook, nor have I seen anything other than a recent post from KVL about the PCDA that would warrant such a comment about “dealing” with the PCDA issue on Facebook. It’s either that or he is making it all up. Which…

    ::hikes up his pants on the left and spits, putting on a thick drawal::

    …around these here parts, we’d apt to be believin.

  127. I just checked out both the KVL Facebook AND website and found it very easy to read with useful information about my beloved area.

    The actual KVL website is not cluttered with stolen content and it’s very up-to-date and looks like a modern website, and not something that looks like it was made back in 1995.

    Their stories read like they are written by people with actual journalism degrees and use proper grammar and punctuation.

    In other words, Mark has another site in which to steal content.

  128. PutnamBlob spotted mowing his wife’s grass this morning at 10:45 just lumbering along pushing the mower… what a sight! Put a hat on your head next time or will have to find me an attorney for retina damage caused by the glare.

  129. You should have took a picture, Peachy.

    It would have been a great addition to “Hot Shits” on PutnamLIES, Putnam County’s REAL News Leader!

  130. Why didn’t Mark tag along with Dolores? Most married couples attend things like that together. There had to be free food there, surely Mark would have made a bee-line to get some free eats!

    Is Mark banned from the site of the reunion, or is Dolores ashamed of her worthless, unemployed, psychotic husband? It’s probably the latter, or both!

  131. Mowing grass while church services are going on…tsk, tsk, tsk. All this from a guy who constantly complains about noise.

  132. I had a day and evening of fun with my son, and Dolores went to the informal reunion with her girlfriends. It’s that simple.

  133. dang Peachy… I must’ve just missed you. I went by at noonish and he was still mowing. I will get a pic next time as well…

  134. Your losing your 13-year-old-girl-on-her-first-period-rage there, Markie! No defending yourself? No screaming about the PDCA or your “business?”

    I must say I’m disappointed. Bad form!

  135. Actually Jew, he is onto stage six of the How To Make Yourself Miserable program. Beat yourself up. He’s now going to pity party mode by playing Mr. Nice Guy in the face of the evidence that has been mounting.

    Which, by the way, is step 4. He had step 5 (blame other people) as soon as he married wife #2.

  136. Mark should have stewie behind him playing the trombone while his fatass waddles like in that one episode of family guy when chris goes to that boarding school

  137. Dear PutnamBlog,

    Please quit moonlighting as a substitute teacher and report news that is occurring in Putnam County, with original content and stories that report facts and unbiased information. No more linking to legitimate news sites and editorial cartoons. Right now, there is a search occurring for someone who fell into the Kanawha River overnight, Sheetz is planning a new store in Teays Valley, Winfield HS Show Choir got 2nd Runner-Up at a festival in Branson, MO, The SCCA held a rally to benefit the new Animal Shelter at Hurricane Park… all of these events occurred while you were mowing your grass and b!tching about Walmart’s street sweeper.

    If you’re not going to report on these with original content, I am DEMANDING you remove your “news site” IMMEDIATELY!

    Many Thanks!


  138. That’s exactly why his site isn’t a business OR a news site, as the Putnam Standard said, he gives the whole industry a black eye.

    His purpose is not to report news, but to libel, harass, and terrorize local businesses, people, and politicians. He’s only in it for personal gain and to scream, “LOOK AT ME!!! I MATTER!!”

    There’s other, better legitimate news sites like kvlive.net, wsaz.com, wvrecord.com, and of course, putnamlies.com.

    The jig is up, Halburn.

  139. Hey Mike! We LOVE your Head and Shoulders commercial. I hope your mom is doing well. Thanks for confirming what we suspected all along: 1) That you live at mom’s. 2) That you only get four hits a day. And turn that music down!

  140. Hey putnamBlob, who is the “we”? Your minions that read your blog? Or are you looking forward to some tricks a recent south central enrolee learned and wanting to show you?

  141. On second thought, Fat Boy, it’s hilarious that you rip someone for living at mom’s when you basically live at mom-in-law’s. Dickface.

  142. Really?

    Mental Case Mark is making light of someone supposedly living with a parent when his best “friend” Troy Sexton does the same thing?

    Also, Mental Case Mark’s dipshit second wife supports him while he goes out and pretends to be a journalist and moonlights as a substitute babysitter.

    Hell, I wish I lived with my parents, it’d be a helluva lot cheaper.

    Another thing, Mental Case Mark, quit acting like you’re better than everyone else. You’re just like Jack Whittaker, another low-class douchebag who thought he was better than everyone else, turns out he had skeletons in his closet just like you.

    You’re just like him when he got caught at the Pink Pony. Are you going to turn your worthless rag into a religious website?

  143. Your schizophrenia acting up again, Mark?

    There is no “we”, that’s been proven. There’s only YOU!

  144. Wait a minute. Mark, are you trying to make fun of someone living with their mother? As I recall, it was stated by you that you’re MIL lives in another house in Charleston and that wifey #2 lived there with her because they couldn’t deal with the noise at WalMart. And, previous to them moving there, that means you were living with your MIL and you wife was living in her mom’s house….. Hhhmmmmm…… And that post didn’t even make sense you fuckstick.

  145. Screw You Mark again PWNS Mark with his own fat words.

    Also, it was stated by MARK that others live in the house as well. I gotta say, that’s some cramped quarters. Mark must be half-Mexican because Mexicans stuff alot of people in small places.

    He is from California, after all.

  146. No, Dandruff boy, I heard you doing the Head and Shoulders commercial, bragging about your 3-4 hits a day, and some of those are coming from your mommy telling you to turn the music down! I guess she doesn’t like your “Sing along with Mitch!”

  147. …this coming from a guy bragging about hitting the refresh button every 2 seconds to get his “hits.”

  148. What in the FUCK are you talking about, lardass? NOBODY mentioned Head and Shoulders. Why do you have to fail at everything, including insulting people?

  149. I think I understand.

    PutnamLIES.com, Putnam County’s REAL News leader, is Head and Shoulders about Mark’s Crisco soaked rag.

  150. What. The. Fuck. Mark, seriously, you fuckstick. You don’t even make sense anymore. Not that you did before. That latest post is so effing ridiculous. Again, Mark, unfuck your shit and get it together. Although at this point I think it’s hard for you to get your shit together without meds. I can make some recommendations if you need them. Email me at fuckyou.com.

  151. Forget it. He’s trying to distract us and he’s failing, just like he does at everything else.

    His little brain came up with…something…and he thinks he has “inside” info about someone.

    Why have you failed at life, Mark? Did your second wife make you go fill out job applications today? Will I be seeing you working at Mcdonald’s on my next trip to Hurricane?

    Why yes, Mark, I would like fries with that!

  152. This is the root of the whole problem.

    Mark Vance Halburn is not a native West Virginian.

    Mark Vance Halburn was born and raised in California.

    Mark Vance Halburn does not own a car.

    Mark Vance Halburn does not own a home.

    Mark Vance Halburn does not have a decent job.

    Mark Vance Halburn does not own a business.

    Therefore, Mark Vance Halburn is not qualified, nor does he have a right to complain about anything pertaining to West Virginia. He is not a productive member of the state of West Virginia.

    Mark Vance Halburn is a cancer to the state of West Virginia.

    Mark, you and your rag-tag family needs to get your fat asses out of our fine state and back to California where you belong. I remember you telling us you were “filling-in” for the #2 radio station in the market out there when you worked as a bell-hop. Which turned out to be a lie, of course. If it’s so great out there, then pack your fridge and get your fat ass out of my state and county.

    If you make so much money libeling us, you can afford to move your family of trash out of our state.

    No one is cutting you a check for $350,000, but what we can do is make your life as miserable as you make ours. We can harass you just like you harass our leaders, businesses, and people. We can stick a camera in your face and plaster your fat ass over the internet.

    Since you’re broke, you all can move back in with James and Nancy. I’m sure there’s plenty of room in that nut-hut for you bunch of whack jobs. I’m sure there’s plenty of walls where Nancy hasn’t painted with her own shit, I’m sure you can find a spot to start your own “Real Life Commentary” about all the noise coming out of your crazy mother’s mouth.

    After that deed is done, you all can gather around the table where James and Nancy’s caregivers help feed them and talk about how dear old granddad use to chug some Mad Dog 20/20 before he kicked the shit out of grandma like he did every Christmas…and everyday.

    After dinner you and the caregivers will help change James and Nancy’s diapers, and give them their nightly pudding. Matthew will ask you, “Why do grandma and grandpa wear diapers like a baby?”

    You’ll ignore the question, as usual, but you’ll be back in California, home of another nut-case, Charles Manson. Who, ironically, lived in West Virginia.

  153. Are James and Nancy back at the nuthut? Because at the beginning of March, the cunt we can all blame for not aborting Mark Vance Halburn, Nancy – was transported to a hospital in California. Probably tried to kill herself because she realized how selfish it was to not have an abortion. I sent her a card and told her that it wasn’t too late. It’s just a very late term abortion. Hospital said it was heart problems. But we all know the truth – she no longer wanted to live because of how much of an asshole her son is.

    Oh, what else do I know? Well, JAMES, the ignorant moron who just couldn’t figure out how to pull out in time, was in the hospital too. Bedsores! Is this from the diabetes that is going to claim his legs because just like his pathetic excuse for a son, he’s a giant fucking fatass? I think so.

    So, anyone want to take bets on what happens first? His retarded cumstain of a child goes back to the doctor, Dolores tries to kill herself and gets a three day state mandated vacation, or Mark drives his Blue Hyundai Elantra in a raging fit to take photos of children that he is dreaming about molesting?

    It’s probably the latter.

  154. What’s a matter, Mark? Not gonna scream and pitch a little bitch fit? Not gonna poorly defend yourself by lying?

    Christ, you can’t even insult people. Helen Keller could pull off a better one-liner than you.

  155. Hey Mark why did I see you at Walmart on Sunday? You were wearing a blue Dodgers T-shirt and talking to a Wal-Mart Employee…

  156. Mark can’t come out and play right now. He’s busy filling out job applications to places like…um…well, to be honest, there’s not too many places where Mark HASN’T worked and gotten fired from.

    Dolores is tired of supporting Mark. His part-time babysitter job isn’t helping to pay the bills. It’s not like he’s actually making money waddling around playing big journalist man, either.

    Since Mark is on the brink of being on the poverty level, perhaps he should have a yard sale and compete with Wal-Mart for customers.

    While we’re at it, we got two weeks to go before Mark’s little appeal gets thrown out and everyone laughs at him…again.

  157. I just read his recent complaints about the cable and power companies…this goon will do just about anything for attention.

  158. On the scribd site….http://www.scribd.com/PutnamLIES

    I’m not sure who’s posting them but it is great (and informative) reading. When my power was blinking during the same time frame it never occurred to me to complain and ask for free electricity for life. But then again, I’m not a “News Leader”.

  159. So, let’s see. The day after 29 coal miners die — you know, coal, that provides energy for electric plants to operate — Crisco waddles down to the PSC to complain about power flashes and wanting free electricity for life.

    Why don’t you just try to sue the families of the dead miners, Hallburn? After all, if they’d been working harder making electricity, maybe they could have prevented you from not having electricity down the road.

    Fuck you. You deserve to die. You truly deserve to die.

  160. If I worked for the West Virginia Public Service Commission, I so would be compiling all of these (along with complaints from other crazy people) for a coffee table book. Even if I didn’t write a book about it, I’d have these hanging in my cube, so if I was having a bad day, I could look at these and giggle.

  161. Sorry, Tyler, for the back-to-back posting, but I just thought of this — my train was about four minutes late today, per Metro’s posted schedule. I’m convinced this four-minute delay caused me to miss my connection at Gallery Place, which made me about seven minutes late for work. When I got out of the train at McPherson Square, it was raining. I truly believe had Metro kept to their promised schedule time in the first place, it wouldn’t have set off the chain reaction of events that caused me to get rained on as I walked to my office.

    I think the solution, here, clearly, is for the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority to fire every driver along the Green, Red, Blue and Orange Lines, the chairman of the board, the president of the transit authority and the janitor at the Greenbelt station. The federal government then needs to immediately create an entirely new transportation system citywide, and have it ready to be implemented by the time I leave work tonight, or the entire United States Department of Transportation must resign.

    Also, I think I’m entitled to free Metro rides for life.

    That seems reasonable, right?

  162. Bad, bad, Jacque. I was so concerned with making my case to get free Metro rides for life I screwed up the proper name.

    Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

    See what I did there? I self-edited, and admitted it was a mistake. It’s a pretty awesome way to live.

  163. Jacque, need I remind you you work for a bird shit-soaked rag and you fail at everything?

    When will you learn?

  164. Wow.


    I read his little bitch fest about the electricity and not being able to watch his little baseball game.

    He’s a fucking child. A CHILD!

    Baseball is long, boring, stupid, and it sucks. Especially those fagola LA Dodgers.

    Mark, since you make millions of dollars off your Crisco soaked rag, why not get satellite service and you can watch your stupid little baseball games wearing your Dodgers underroos, you half-wit.

    Get out and get a fucking job, you loser. Quit being a trailer-park welfare case and expect people to hand you shit. Work for it like the rest of us have to do, quit sucking on your second wife’s tit, be a man and start helping to support that inbred family of yours.

    Take down your rag, grow up, grow a set, and start being a mature adult. You’re a 50 year old baby who cries too much. You’re not a native West Virginian, you weren’t raised here, you’re just renting space here, and you don’t even pay rent, or anything else, so it’s none of your business what goes on in our state. You’re just a bitchy outsider who thinks the whole fucking world should revolve around them. Like someone else said, don’t like it? Go back to your big California and move back in with your crazy mom and dad where you can watch your little baseball games.

  165. No, the problem is that the MLB Network is a premium sports service. What’s that mean?
    It means he’d have to PAY FOR IT!
    Maybe he should ask Dolores to increase his allowance.

  166. Holy Christ! So much to catch up with.

    First off, Mark: Dude. You are really standing at the edge of the pier here, aren’t ya. Nothing but gibberish from you lately. Nonsensical stuff. I mean “Lead & Shoulders”, “Living at moms.” What the fuck, dude? Now I hear you tried to sue AEP again, two days after the miners were killed? Are you on fucking crack? Seriously, man. I know a simple cure for all this.

    Email me for the cure.

    Jew!? You sir, are fired from commenting here. The only way you will be allowed back is to print a retraction on what you said about baseball! You may not be a fan, but I am. And around these parts? I’m Overlord.

    Jacque? No worries on the double (triple) post! I have never worried about that. Is this some kind of unwritten blogger etiquette? If so, I hereby remove that rule from this blog.

    Mike Balburn. Nice work on the AEP find. I also agree that just by reading these filings you can see the decent of this mad man. It’s nearly scribbling in many of his filings against AEP (go back and look at the older stuff too). He’s seriously losing it and ya know what? I’m liking the idea we are pushing him there. Mark in a round room full of rubber sided walls is certainly to benefit human kind.

    And again, Mark. Loved your little story about Sheetz. How it’s all “breaking news” sounding. Dance you little puppet, dance!

  167. Tyler?

    I WILL NOT COMPLY WITH SUCH A REQUEST! In fact, if you bar me from exercising my 1st Amendment right I will seek damages from you in the form of free lap dances from one of the finer gentlemen’s clubs in your area!

  168. Oh Jacque?

    I know someone who might benefit from such a book. Perhaps you could send a copy to Hurricane, WV to Grace Drive.

  169. Mark Vance Halburn was born and raised in California, and is not a native West Virginian.

    With that being said, According to WSAZ, a reality show is going to film in Putnam County.

    Once again, Mark fails to “break” the news, but will no doubt either steal the story or link to it.

  170. We ran the reality show story days ago.

    And Suddenlink ran promos for the game-then failed to run the game. Even DURING the time that the game was SUPPOSED to be on, when you turned to channel 29, the digital channel guide (Which Fox Sports says Suddenlink FAILED to update) said the game was on.

    As for AEP, the many power outages happened. Whether an hour or a few seconds, they interrupt my readers’ ability to read PutnamLIVE.com and they cause surges on our home electrical system-the one that we’ve had to repair already, and then replace the surge protector that died on the first one so could not protect during the subsequent surges. Then we have to reset our clocks-about 5 each time the power goes out. Here’s the reality: AEP has ONE job: Keep the power on. It has failed to do so time and time again.

    As for my California birth, that is true. As for being raised in California, that’s PARTLY true. Part of my family is from Wheeling and I spent sections of my childhood in Wheeling, Cleveland, and, yes, California. Since Internet Jew lives in Ohio and not West Virginia, he has no room to take shots at where I live. He’s just jealous that I make more than he does with EACH of my jobs. Combined, I make twice as much!

  171. they interrupt my readers’ ability to read PutnamXXXX.com

    Not true, unless Hostway lives at your house. You live under the delusion that you’re really important, but you don’t have the on-off switch for the fucking internet, you dick.

  172. Markie….you had to reset clocks? Oh boo-fuckin-hoo. Power goes out for a split second here, you man up, reset the clock and carry on. Hell, the cable box resets for you (one less…yay) and the others are easy…just a couple buttons. Don’t like it, get a clock with a battery backup. Walmart sells ’em, I think. :)

    As for AEP, dude, we lost power for a full hour and a half a couple weeks ago. Why? Squirrel meets Transformer. Did I sue Alleghany Power? Did I sue the sliced in half, still smoking dead squirrel? Fuck no! Went to church, came back to the power on and reset the clocks. Took me 2 minutes to do. No skin off my back. Power sticks short out? Buy a new one. Walmart sells thouse for about $5.

    Oh and PutnamBLOB.com won’t be “offline”, just unable to edit. Unless you have a server farm in your living room, the server is located in Chicago…and probably has some nice backups.

    So your excuses add up to…nothing. Nada, nothing. They can be shot down in seconds.

    Also, this “I make more money than you” bullshit. You have yet to prove that you actually make any form of money off PutnamWHOGIVESAFUCK.com and your babysitting job. You just say you do. Hell, I can say I have been knighted by the Queen of England, don’t make it true unless I can prove it……so prove it fatass!

    Seriously, you really need to die in a fire somewhere.

  173. On behalf of every electrical lineman that I have ever worked with, Mark, I say a big Fuck you, dickbag.

    These guys risk their lives working with an invisible killer. Daily they are out tweaking line work, adjusting cut outs, making sure switch yards are clear of debris and even doing community work. When there is a problem, such as reveled in the most recent AEP complaint you had (do you even know why they had these issues Mark?) they rectified the situation as soon as they found out what it is. Do you know how many miles of high line, 3-phase and single-phase lines there are? Do you know hoe many transformer pulls are covered up with vine because some pansy ass do gooder doesn’t want the rare vine to be cut back? Did you know that being a lineman is one of the top 10 deadliest jobs? Think about this, Mark, the next time you want FREE electricity. 35 in every 100,000 die a year, Mark. Doing their jobs.

    Ya know what…I mean really, you just piss me off.

    ::middle finger firmly in the air::

    I work with these guys, Mark. I put myself out there too. To the extent they do? No. But I am in harms way as a skilled, thermal imaging technician when I do utility work. So Fuck and you.

    You have no F’n clue what it takes to keep a city the size of Hurricane running smoothly. Be it power, sewer, road work or what have you. Speaking from experience, linemen of any power company will tell you what you experienced was nothing other than normal, every day business for power companies.

    You can’t move ANYWHERE where this doesn’t happen. You hear me? Listen to me, you God damn no brained idiot fucker. There is nothing in life that is perfect. Why? Because as soon as we reach such an astonishing goal, we stop trying to achieve. We become slack jawed, we become dependent, we become apathetic, we become helpless. In a work, Halburn, we become….YOU.

    I will never, ever never ever never ever let myself become as complacent, whiney, bitchy, entitled, apathetic, stupid or as crazy as a loon as you are Mark.

    Mark? You have no integrity, you have no honor, you have no respect, you have no clue and you have no right to do what you do, no matter what our laws say. You are a boorish Nihilarian that needs to be quelled.

  174. Yawn! Coming from all of you, these are COMPLIMENTS! There is a reason why AEP is being dragged into state hearings. And it isn’t for keeping the power on.

  175. If you know who I am, dickface. Grow some balls and say who I am, tough guy. We all know you’re not man enough to say who I am, and who you THINK I am, really isn’t who I am.

    As Mr. Blackwell said, you are not a native West Virginian, period. You DON’T own anything, you don’t pay taxes, and you’re name isn’t on any of the bills. Like he said, you are not qualified to write about squat, nor is anything that goes on in West Virginia or the county you SQUAT in any of your business.

    As previously asked, which you dodged, if you make so much money, then why the fuck don’t you get satellite service? They have all the sports packages you need, you welfare case.

    No one here is jealous of you, because we all work for what we have. You just mooch off your second wife, like you did your first wife before she kicked your fat ass out.

  176. Marks next move? To sue god for there “not being enough air for me to breathe when I walk to my imaginary office a quarter mile away”

  177. We’re just jealous, Tyler. Mark makes billions of dollars off his rag and substitute babysitting job. Problem is, awhile back, he was begging for donations for his rag. He begs for stuff online, yet he makes all this money. Astonishing! Someone who makes as much money as Mark claims, yet has worked at all these places, like:

    Best Buy
    Direct TV
    Comfort Inn

    Amazing, for someone with as much wealth as Mark claims to have, he has worked all these bottom feeding jobs, and has gotten fired from every one of them.

    Why can’t you keep a job, Mark?

    Why did you constantly spam internet message boards with links to your rag if it makes so much money?

    Questions you will no doubt dodge, just like you do with the truth.

    Mark, no matter how much you scream about how much money you make, we all know your wife is the breadwinner. You can’t keep a job to save your life. The only reason you’re a substitute babysitter is because the work is already done for you, you sit on your fat ass and eat from the trough that your second wife made for you.

    Being a substitute babysitter is NOT a full time job, or is it even a real job. As for your rag, we all know what that is. Nothing.

  178. Yawn!
    Internet Jew spews more lies! Because he can’t handle the truth!
    I never worked for DirecTV or Comfort Inn. I was never fired from Wackenhut.

    And LONG TERM subs do ALL of the work of a regular teacher INCLUDING grades, lesson plans, meetings with parents, etc. And long term sub positions are only offered to subs with a proven track record of good work in the classroom. Speaking of grades, you would think that after I’d filed complaints with the PSC that AEP would MAKE SURE that we didn’t have outages. But the MULTIPLE outages happened again. AEP has earned an “F” for reliability. Deal with that, Tyler!

  179. Oh, it’s the truth you want, is it?

    So, you never worked for the Comfort Inn? I recall around this time last year you were fired from that little bellhop gig for excessive internet use.

    You may have never worked for Direct TV, but you worked for them when they were called PRC, and outsourcing company for Direct TV. You would take calls from customers and bitch and gripe how West Virginia sucks.

    As far as Wackenhut goes, you say you resigned, I say you got fired.

    What’s funny, is that YOU, Mark Vance Halburn, who is not a native West Virginian, can’t handle the truth. You think we’re stupid and forget such things. Nope, the only idiot around here is you.

  180. You never worked for Comfort Inns and Suites?
    You’re splitting hairs again. Semantics won’t get you out of this, fatsack.
    That’s a blatant lie and you know it.

    Maybe you just don’t remember. Let us refresh your memory.
    It was the place from where you posted close to 200 comments to Girl of Words in a in a couple month period.

    It was the place from where you called Tyler Hollywood’s show and talked for a half hour while you were supposed to be working.

    It was the place where you were working when you claimed to find a razor blade in a salad from a nearby restaurant so you could sue them.
    Which, by the way, you dropped like a hot potato after their lawyer hipped you to the criminal fraud statutes.

    It was the place where the management warned you a number of times to stay off the internet and you ignored them until they fired you.
    Of course, it took us contacting them and supplying the logs to let them know what was going on.

    And you may not have worked directly for DirecTv, but you worked as a telemarketer for a company on behalf of DirecTV. Again, semantics.

    Being a substitute babysitter at one of the worst performing schools in the state is nothing to brag about. The standards are obviously very, very low there.
    They hired you. They had to be desperate.
    They just fired the principal. You’re next, shithead.

    We won’t even mention that you were fired from the Lincoln Journal because a state trooper gave you a ticket and you threatened to write a negative story about him for the front page.

    Oh wait, we just did.

  181. Mark Vance Halburn, who is not a native West Virginian, just got PWNED!!!!

    If you all had worked and have gotten fired from as many jobs as Halburn has, you may have forgotten, too.

    Mike, that company was called PRC, Direct TV bought them out a couple years ago, but I’m sure you already knew that! ;)

    As far as AEP goes, outages happen all the time, you retarded lamebrain inbred white-trash fuckstain. AEP cannot control the weather or if something flies into the transformers. You’re an idiot and you’re gonna find out what happens to those who file too many idiotic complaints.

    Or maybe Dolores can’t afford to pay the electric bill…

  182. Mark Vance Halburn is a native Californian, not a native West Virginian.

    Mark? Do we forget that you was fired from Sitel because you let your family and yourself have free service on XM radios? Do we forget some of your little outbursts there that made everyone look at you? I bet you thought, “Oh goodie! I throw a little bitch fit and everyone’s looking at me! I’m getting attention! I’m the pretty little princess at the ball!”

    How about obsessively calling a religious radio station in Huntington, WV and telling the program director how to do their job? How about the day after he passed away you slid your 500 page resume’ under the station door? I know people who work there who saw your book of a resume’.

    How about obsessively calling other radio stations and personalities and trying to get them fired? Same goes with television stations.

    How about spamming message boards like Medialine with links to your garbage bag of a website?

    Keep up the lying and denying, we have backlogs of your stupidity. Everything you do, people make records of it. We’re never going to stop the attack on you, fatass. This is for your years of terrorism not only to the good people of Putnam County, but for West Virginia and every other state you have soiled yourself in.

    I’m sure we can find some records of your stupidity in your beloved state of California. I bet your first wife’s son could tell us stories.

  183. Thanks Mike for pointing that out! When he said he didn’t work for Comfort Inn I totally snarfed my breakfast orange juice.

    He admitted several times he was working the desk at Comfort Inn. he called my show from work that one night night and admitted he had an hour to go before quitting time (when he had the 3-11 shift there) and of course, we have all the proof of him posting from there and eventually getting him canned.

    But the most damning evidence is himself, saying he worked there so he could get the benefits of stay free or at a reduced rate when he “traveled” to do his “features.”

    Mark? Yer totally losin it. The brain is connected to the stem with just a few strands of matter.

    Now you…deal with that.

  184. Again, Mark, who is NOT a native West Virginian, thinks everyone is stupid.

    According to Wikipedia, a substitute teacher is a person who teaches a school class when the regular teacher is unavailable; e.g., because of illness, personal leave, or other reason.

    In other words, Mark Halburn does not go to “work” everyday.

    Also, it says some authorities will allow a substitute teacher without any training in the subject to be taught and who may simply be present so that students can maintain the routine of going to their regularly scheduled class, even if no new material is covered. In other words, Mark is a babysitter.

    It also states that in the United States the position’s national average is about $80 per day, with rural districts paying as low as $40 per day and larger. Mark, your claims of getting $150 a day is an outright lie, as we suspected. If you made that much, that averages out to around $18.00 an hour, we KNOW given your current financial situation you don’t make nearly that much.

    We know you don’t babysit everyday, and we know you make jack shit from your rag. Hence, your second wife supports you and your retard kid.

    When you say we’re jealous of you, what you’re really saying is, “You’re right, I’m a big fat 50 year old loser who doesn’t have a real job and whose wife brings home the bacon while I sit and watch my stories like a good househusband.”

  185. Well I am glad to know that my rate of $159,50 a day is bringing up that national average! Eat your heart out!

    And I never worked for Comfort Inn. I worked for a franchisee that owned a hotel where I worked-that wasn’t called Comfort Inn. You should know this as the franchisee info was posted on multiple blogs and readers harassed them. I quit to go back to teaching at TWICE the money! It was a great spring/summer job which I used for health care and travel benefits. My FREE hotels on Myrtle Beach and elsewhere in Jacksonville, Savannah, Washington, D.C. and Hilton Head were enjoyable! Beats living and working in Lawrence County, Ohio, doesn’t it? Put down the bedpan, CNA!

    As for PRC, I quit there because they were a lousy company to work for. I got out before they went bankrupt-a great move on my part!

    • Mark, who is not a native West Virginian, said:

      “As for PRC, I quit there because they were a lousy company to work for. I got out before they went bankrupt-a great move on my part!”

      Again, you flat out lie.

      PRC was an outsourcing company for Direct TV, they did go out of business. However, DIRECT TV BOUGHT THEM, making all PRC employees Direct TV employees. I know several people who work there and they say nothing but good things about both the former PRC — now Direct TV.

      You got the axe for bad-mouthing West Virginia to customers who called in. Do you think people actually want to hear you slobbering over the phone about your stupid opinions about my state? Again, you don’t pay nothing in my state, nor are you a productive member of my state, so it’s none of your business what goes on in my state.

      You mentioned your little bellhop job as a “summer job.” You know who has summer jobs? Teenagers and college kids, not 50 year old men, you pathetic loser!

      You saying WE got you fired? You got yourself fired because you couldn’t stay off the internet on company time. It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it, loser?

      By the way, whose this person from Lawrence County, OH you keep speaking of? Too chicken to say his name? At least he has a real job and can support himself and his family. What kills me the most about you is that you think your babysitting job is better than what everyone else has. Keep thinking what while those of us with real jobs can afford to buy their children what they need as opposed to asking for handouts online, you deadbeat loser of a father.

  186. You worked for Choice Hotels, Mark. They are the parent company of Comfort Inn. They used to be called Comfort Inn before they bought out several chains and decided upon Choice Hotels.


    And yes, you are a stalker.

  187. Hey Tyler, just read them and they were spot on. April 22nd, a couple days later, I picked up on the whole thing from WVBroadcasting.net and seen the world of the later to be announced Trash Bloggers Alliance (or as I like to call you all, the TBA)….and ya know what, they are good people in the TBA. Good smart people who love trashing on ol’ MarkiePuddles. Ya know what, it makes my day when you, Lee, Lenny (where is she lately?), Mike or Jacque slam ol’ Blob. :)

  188. What shitsack is trying to say is that he worked for the Summit Group. They’re the franchisee for that particular Comfort Inn.
    That’s who we contacted to get him fired.
    He’s splitting hairs.

  189. Aww, thanks Tyler!! :)

    You know what I’ve learned in my two years in Malaysia? It snows. A hell of a lot. A hell of a hell of a lot. And while I can get good chicken wings around the village, the sushi leaves much to be desired. You’d think an island paradise would have better fresh fish.

    For those new to the show, what tripped up the world’s greatest journalist was this post:


    I like to post captures of Google searches. You’ll notice, though, that the post is the day after I allegedly started harassing him from Malaysia. I guess he’s got ESP or something. Another thing I wish I had, but I don’t.

    But, all the same, thank you for the anniversary wishes. Been a crazy year, printouts of mugshots to security and all! Much love to all!

  190. Oh man, I remember that post! That led to him putting up a post about Scott Edwards in drag and all that hoola. Matter of fact, it is one year ago today he posted that!

    Here is part of that post;

    When I get home, I learn that one of my critics who demanded that I move but refuses to meet with me or buy us out sends me an email with a link to the lady’s blog from Malaysia. Amazing that he would know about a foreign blog in Hurricane. Maybe the “Lady from Malaysia” is really a Putnam County politician in “Internet Drag!” This is getting good! On the other hand, picturing a certain mayor in a dress is pretty scary, though not much scarier than encountering him any other time! The woman from Malaysia later rips me on her blog saying she is from Maryland. However, her ISP on her blog clearly says Malaysia.”

    Clearly, he had no clue what the hell he was looking at when he went to her site to check things out. He saw the Fun With Google post and instantly put all the wrong clues together and rips Scott Edwards. What a fuckin retard. Man this has been a fun f’n year! He wasn’t even close!

  191. Speaking of close, I wonder if the person he rear-ended could be located and their comments and evaluations posted on here. Most likely, it would be both informative and entertaining.

  192. Hey everyone. I’ve been around. Doing some legwork on projects here and there. Also, got an invite to do wedding cupcakes. And I’ve got a birthday coming up that I have some cupcakes to make for that, too.

    I’ve been reading, snarking to Tyler on skype and Jacque on IM. But haven’t really had the desire to just keep repeating myself here. He won’t answer questions because he’s a giant pussy. He is a content thief. And his kid is hideous.

  193. Mark, who is not a native West Virginian, was going to post an online journal about his son in place of his Wal-Mart Whine Blog. That never happens, as Mark is too selfish to talk about anyone else but himself.

    Of course, he could have written it like this:

    “The constant invasive noise of excessive traffic is the soundtrack to Matthew’s Tuesday. Day and night, Matthew is inundated with the roar of cars and trucks. Walmart continues to disrespect my son”

    See? You could’ve combined the two.

    Despite all of Mark’s rage, he’s still just a rat in a cage.

  194. IJ…. I never promised to publish Matthew’s Journal… Why would I subject him to more of your perverted, obnoxious, immature harassment?

  195. I call bullshit again, Mark.

    January 17th, 2010. Part of a long winded swan song.

    “The time I used for this blog will be redirected to a daily journal about my son’s childhood. Each day is a new event, it seems, and I want to chronicle these events for us, including him, and perhaps, his wife and family some day, to enjoy.”

    All you did was sit back for a half a month, squirming around wondering why no one was talking about you any more, never once giving thought to starting some journal for the kid. You used NO TIME for that, that you had saved by not posting the Walmart blog.

    I’ll give you this though, your little Facebook postings are starting to sound like a published journal for the kid. That’s only been recently, however. So excuse me while I burp in your face with a look of disgust upon mine.


    By the way, have you invited Gus over for a night of Karaoke and Slap the Fat Bottom yet?

  196. Re: substitute teaching

    Here (WV), as most places in the country, are experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers. As more regular teachers retire, the “cupboard” is getting bare for quality subs. Kanawha Co. (which is next to Putnam, and has separate requirements for subs) is a little more lenient in who they allow. Basically, all you have to have is a 4 yr. degree and be a certified teacher. He may have taken the Praxis, to be honest, its not really a hard test (though I am sure he tried to figure a way to use his “Press Pass” to take it for free). Notice, though… he’s not on the Putnam Co. sub list…

    Way cool on Mayor Edwards being a friend now :) He’s one of mine also and is a class guy…

  197. Halburn has a 99-2 Short Term Substitute permit with a 4800 general substitute endorsement. Pre-k -Adult.
    There is no test score data or highly qualified data.
    The only things he’s highly quailfied to do are eat and bitch.

  198. Tyler:

    If you give me your word not to publish it, I will send you an email with the link to the journal. It’s a private thing.

    “Hugo” I don’t sub in Putnam County because it would be a conflict of interest. I don’t want my students to think that if something happens to them at school that it would appear on PutnamLIVE.com. My students in Kanawha County realize that since I don’t cover Kanawha County News (unless someone from Putnam is involved) they won’t see their names on PutnamLIVE.

    BTW, I have subbed for YEARS. When I worked for CBS News, in Los Angeles, I subbed in numerous school districts in the morning while working in Hollywood at night. Go ahead, look it up. I know you will. I subbed in California from 1989 to 1997 when I worked as a sub-owner of an insurance agency. I moved (back) to West Virginia in 2000 and started subbing her in 2005.

    Frankly, I would rather sub 3-4 days a week to cover my health care benefits cost, but a need came up for a long-term sub and I am working fulltime as a favor to one of the Assistant Principals.

    For those of you that doubt the pay rate that I posted, look it up. Teacher pay is public record. But that takes work and you would rather bash me…. That’s pretty obvious!

  199. IJ, subs in West Virginia must go through state training. I also passed the CBEST exam in California and transferred the test results here.

    What qualifications do you have?

  200. Mark? No need to send the private journal link. Surprisingly, I take your word at that. Those things should be private anyway. It’s just that with your incessant and frankly, crazy ranting, we figured it wasn’t getting done. So be it.

    We like to bash you? Yes. But we do it by looking shit up you lie about. That….is pretty obvious.

  201. IJ: I am calling you out. You like to point out that I am nor a native West Virfinian. ThaT IS one of the few things you got correct. BUT EVEN YOU MUST ADMIT THAT NO ONE GAS CONTROL OVER WHERE THEY ARE BORN AND RAISED! So, you have until 11:00 p.m. EDT to email me the following: Your birth certificate. All addresses where you have lived. A scan of your driver’s license, check stubs where you worked the last 10 years. And a list of positive accomplishments in West Virginia that you can LEGITIMATELY take credit for. Failure to do ALL OF THE ABOVE means you publicly apologize, pay me $10 BILLION IN PUNITIVE DAMAGES, burn your computer-AFTER you delete ALL posts about me EVERYWHEEW… Then you bow down and worship me before you move to Siberia…. The clock is ticking… use your time wisely!

  202. By the way, you are not a native West Virginian, you don’t own anything in my state, nor do you pay anything in my state. You are a cancer and don’t contribute jack shit to anything but yourself.

    You are both not qualified to talk about my state and its people and leaders the way you do, and it’s none of your business.


  203. ::chuckles:: Mark? Do you ever stop to read out loud what you write in these filings for lawsuits, or what you post in these comments? You really think you have any creditability when you blurt out shit like this?

    By the way;

    native West Virfinian
    elete ALL posts about me EVERYWHEEW

    You been drinkin, fat boy?

  204. Yep, drinking his own Kool-Aid.

    He’s so in love with himself I bet he jacks off in front of a mirror.

    “Work it you sexy journalist, work it big reporter man, oh yeah…do me right in the press pass!”

  205. Mark Vance Halburn is not a native West Virginian. His constant acts of terrorism to the people of Putnam County should be looked into by Homeland Security.

    With that being said, there he goes again asking for a handout in the form form of a lawsuit.

    You said you made billions of dollars from your Crisco-soaked rag and your substitute babysitting job, so why are you asking for a loan (lawsuit) from someone again?

    How did those other lawsuits work for you, fat ass?

  206. Internet Jew: it appears that Halburn thinks you have posted elsewhere about him.

    Why, then, does he insist on calling you IJ, if he knows you who “really” are, then he should use your “real” name.

  207. Ok. Enough is enough. Mark? I went back and read your post after Aaron (Internet Jew) dropped me a message.

    What you just did is illegal here on the net. Asking for that kind of information is called Phishing and it is highly illegal.

    Birth certificate? Drivers licence? Check stubs!? Jesus Christ. That’s identity theft asking for shit like that. Of course Aaron (and sorry buddy, but I am sick of this scumbag thinking you are someone else here) isn’t going to send you that. Hell, I was going to mention where he was from but fuck that. He lives to close to you. And that is giving away a bit too much. I have PDF’d the entire comments section of this page and have passed it along to WordPress for them to look over and give me my next plan of action.

    They will probably just tell me to block you from posting but God damn my dedication to the 1st amendment, I won’t. If this persists, Mark, you will face your own legal action…and remember…I already had your copy and paste page taken down. Think I’ll stop there? Think again.

  208. Of COURSE he wants IJ’s information. He wants someone else’s resume, so he can try to get a job using someone else’s name. Because he’s a thief and a liar and an all around cocksucking sack-of-shit crisco.

  209. It’s cool, Tyler.

    Indeed, what that is, is phishing. He wants to steal my identity.

    I’m thinking about calling his police department.

  210. Dear god, Mark. I’ve been drinking a shitlload tonight while celebrating a new job (full time). Do you know what that’s like? Just curious. Cause with all of the shit jobs you’ve worked, I can’t imagine you celebrating any of them. Here’s to you, Here’s to me, Should we ever disagree, FUCK YOU! Here’s to ME!!

  211. Tyler:

    I wasn’t phishing. I was calling him out. And he FAILED to prove who he is! Because IJ is a FRAUD! Meanwhile, I have sent you a copy of my PutnamLIVE.com bank statement to PROVE to YOU that it IS A BUSINESS WITH REAL INCOME! Don’t post it here, just VERIFY that I have proved it to you! As for IJ, I challenge you to ban him and his shadow puppets. (including Lenny and Mr. Blackwell.) He has failed to prove he is legitimate and doesn’t deserve time and space on your blog! And he owes me punitive damages!

  212. Mark,

    I did get your mail. I deleted it right away and sent you this in a separate mail. I am making what I sent you public to show no impropriety.

    “I read your mail. Saw the attachment and immediately deleted said mail. Do not send me stuff I do not ask for. I don’t care what kind of proof you have. I don’t want this stuff.

    And stop playing tit for tat. You send my that stuff to create an impropriety. You are in deep shit this time and you know it. So you try and create some sort of diversion. I’m not mentally unstable like you, sir. What you did was wrong, but you figured you could push back because you feel you are being harassed. I’ve had several legal advisors (one of which is paid) tell me you have never had any worthwhile legal claim to anything. My business lawyer has never laughed so hard in her life as she has when she has seen your “lawsuits” filed against AEP. Hell, she said she would gladly make a case against you for AEP if she were of legal council in your state.

    I told her to give some legal advise, pro bono, just to stick a needle in your ass.

    So….just stop. Alright? Walk away from this whole thing. Shut down your Walmart blog, redo your site as just links to news stories, stating as such, take out all the blatant opinion pieces and I will shut down my counter blog.

    Deal? You do that and I’ll drop any legal action I may take against your phishing tactics.”

    I do not like how you tried to pull something on me because you now find yourself in some hot water. You do not want to escalate this.

  213. Oh, I guaran-fucking-tee you that I am a real person, separate from Internet Jew, separate from Mr. Blackwell, and separate from Tyler. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. Tyler knows (damn well) that I am a legitimate person.

    My goal? To make you cry. And frankly, I’m pretty sure that I have.

    Go fuck yourself, Crisco.

  214. Mark, after reading what I have read here, I have worry for you dude….but more so, I have to worry for your wife and your child. You have obviously left the sane world and gone over into insanity. Asking for birth certificates, $10 Billion in damages, people to be blocked on someone else’s blog and actually expecting it. Dude, that isn’t the thinking of a sane individual. I am highly considering, even at this late hour, making a call to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and making them aware of your quickly deteriorating mental state and my honest concern for your wife and son. I honestly believe at this moment you are likely to do something and need to be evaluated by a licensed psychological professional. You need to quickly state that you retract your comments and prove you are of sound mind…and fast. I ain’t joking around Mark.

  215. Mark Vance Halburn, who doesn’t own a real business and who is not a native West Virginian and is not qualified to either report news on anything, is accusing ME of “sock puppets”

    Is that right, Mark Hallburn
    TV Dude
    Mark in OC
    It’s Mark
    Carolina Mark
    Earl MacArthur
    John T. Reed
    Randall Scott
    Tom Potter
    Jacque Jo
    Rich Chrampanis
    Sal Marino
    Mark H
    Blair McGinnis

    Thanks for the advice Tyler, I may just do that Monday. ;)

  216. Crisco — didn’t you get schooled on punitive damages before? That’s what I thought. But for the benefit of the others, your fat, lazy, welfare seeking ass can’t just ask for punitive damages. A judge has to prove actual damages first. Good luck. You’ve got a better chance of obtaining a healthy BMI.

  217. Mark Vance Halburn, who is not a native West Virginian (he admitted that himself), and who does not own a legitimate business, and who has a history of posting under fake names, has new crazy entries on his Wal-Mart rag.

    He says we post under bogus names, again.

    Of course, he thinks we forget things like:

    Mark Hallburn
    TV Dude
    Mark in OC
    It’s Mark
    Carolina Mark
    Earl MacArthur
    John T. Reed
    Randall Scott
    Tom Potter
    Jacque Jo
    Rich Chrampanis
    Sal Marino
    Mark H
    Blair McGinnis

    I can’t wait til Monday. Last night, Tyler gave me some great advice that I plan taking action on.

  218. I won’t give you any pleasures, “Mike.” But there are plenty on these blogs that would gladly give it to you.

  219. Had our chances? Mark? Brush the sleepy seeds from your eyes. How many times have we proven things here? I’ve lost count. We have nothing left to prove.

  220. Remember these, Mark?




    I love this quote:

    “It needs to be stated the Mark the News Guy was fired from WPDE within months of his hiring because of his inability to do his job. 20 people in the newsroom and 20 would agree (including Heath)…he was the dead weight. It’s why he has been fired from other TV jobs and why he is not at a TV station now.


    That’s Mark, spamming just a few web message boards to get some hits on his rag.

  221. And when you apologize to the people of Putnam County for your years of terrorism.

    Remember these, Mark?




    I love this quote:

    “It needs to be stated the Mark the News Guy was fired from WPDE within months of his hiring because of his inability to do his job. 20 people in the newsroom and 20 would agree (including Heath)…he was the dead weight. It’s why he has been fired from other TV jobs and why he is not at a TV station now.


    That’s Mark, spamming just a few web message boards to get some hits on his rag.

  222. Sorry, “Peachy,” but I looked up “apoligize” and it isn’t a word. You have defamed me repeatedly saying I owed B & O taxes. I DO NOT! Apologize here and everywhere else that you falsely attacked me. Then surrender your computer. As for Mr. Wright, why do you stand behind a Circuit Clerk that treated someone unfairly?

  223. Luke 6:31.

    We’re just living the Biblical life, Mark. Doing unto you what you have done to others.

    Turnabout’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  224. Virfinian.



    Kitty Fairplay says: someone got a little self righteous after their myriad of grammatical errors. Go fuck yourself, Halburn. Mrrrrow!

  225. I think putnamBlob forgets that I’m just a minion here and minions are allowed typos and bad spelling. Someone with his educational background and currently substitute teaching in Kanawha County should not have to “look up” the spelling of word should they? I do not know what happened with putnamBlob and Mr. Wright due to not being there and am not defending Mr. Wright. I felt it was very poor taste and not the appropriate place to leave personal negative comments about a situation putnamBlob had with him on what was in effect another obituary for Mr. Wright. Please explain what the process is or if anyone else has had to surrender their computer, I’m at a loss for what that is, but then again, I’m a minion…

  226. Mark, again with the thoughts that people are actually going to do what you say. “Then surrender your computer” is not the thinking of a sane individual. I have serious concerns about the welfare of your wife and child. Your thinking is not that of a person in the sane world. Retract your comments, prove you are of sane mind or find the Putnam County Sheriff’s Officer on your doorstep ready to haul you off. Ain’t fuckin’ around dude.

  227. Peachy:

    It wasn’t an obit. Wright was an elected official. His family has NEVER complained about the comment. Neither has anyone else other than some bloggers. Get on with your life.

  228. I have come to the conclusion Mark doesn’t even read what I post as far as responses to his blog posts. He never answers my questions.

    And what a fucking scumbag Mark is. That article was pretty much a eulogy and Mark has to comment because he was worried about his leash law conviction?!

    Fuck you, Mark. Just screw you. You are the most selfish, inconsiderate, ill minded, waste of human flesh I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

    I’m about ready to just stop this counter blog and give up on the waste you are.

  229. I stand corrected, it was not an obituary but more or less a nice tribute article to him. Just because you say his family has not complained to you doesn’t mean it wasn’t noticed or commented on in the community by other readers of the article. Please explain how to surrender a computer while you’re so full of yourself. Many thanks, asshole!

  230. Good work always Tyler, putnamBlob is backpeddling and spinning in circles so fast he’s going to screw himself into the ground.

  231. I second what Lenny said. This blog is the truthiness and lulz that Markles hates. He literally can’t answer any questions and is backpeddling so fast, I think my clock when back a minute. That is the goal of this blog, I think. Make Markles accountable for all he does. You, Mike, and others are. Now we just gotta get little Markles committed somewhere where he will never see the light of day again and then your work will be complete….and we can have a party.

  232. Please don’t give up on this counter blog, because he posted some more moronic filth today!

    It is difficult, but we have not yet begun to fight!

    Remember, his little appeal hearing is only days away!

  233. I just nearly pissed my pants for this sentence in the April 25 entry:

    A message to “Caveman Joe”: REAL men don’t let their wives do the work.

  234. I grew up near Don, he dang near raised me at times when he was sheriff, and was there when I needed some assistance. He was from the last generation that didn’t take crap off of anyone, and wasn’t afraid to lay someone out if they acted the way Mark does in public. My guess is Mark went in and tried to intimidate one of his workers (most all are female…figures eh?) and Don set him straight. So now Mark gets his “last word” in, like he tries to do…

    About time the pussification of America stops, and a few men step up and set Mark straight (though I am sure most women, and a few pre-teens, could as well :) )

  235. I’m curious where putnamBlob ran into Couty Commissioner Haynes? I see him often at Walmart. PutnamBlob works hard on weekends doesn’t he? Last Sunday was mowing grass for about 4 hours and this weekend digging holes. Speaking of which… nevermind.

  236. Tybois:

    The mentally ill are those that obsess over me, and those that put a Walmart in a 40-year-old neighborhood and refuse to take care of the neighbors. THOSE are the ones that need to be committed!

  237. Halburn:

    The truthiness of the matter is – you made your wife do the work of planting the trees because you’re a lazy fuck. Free trees are fine, and we’re all for supporting the Arbor Day foundation, but you know you didn’t buy those trees. Just another lie in the tangle for you, eh?

    Good luck digging out of this, assbag.

  238. Mark, GODDAMMIT and Christ on a cracker … Your ignorance at political ideology is staggering.

    YOU are a liberal. You expect everybody to hand things out to you. You don’t believe in property rights, or personal responsibility. You believe the government is obligated to do these things for you, including giving you a reacharound while they lick your crusted taint and tell you how smart you are.

    The politicians you rail against aren’t closet liberals or RINOs. They’re actual 100 percent normal, run of the mill, conservatives. Businesses, property rights, free market economy, letting businesses operate without a government putting down a lot of regulations that harm normal operations.

    You already look like a first rate jerkoff for whining. At least get that part right, Fats.

  239. When you buy a new car they recommend one oil change at 1,500 miles, another at 3,000 then every 3,000. I now have 3,200 miles on the car and hoped to change the oil Saturday but they were booked. Not that this is any of youyr business!

    Conservatives that REALLY believe in property rights believe that businesses and government agencies that negatively affect the property of others must fix the problem. The Hurricane Walmart was NOT a free-enterprise sale. The land was sold by a government agency at a BELOW-MARKET price! Commissioner Joe Haynes is a closet liberal RINO whose PCDA did the Walmart deal. Otherwise it would have been built next to Home Depot on Al Summers’ land.

  240. Where did you see Commissioner Haynes in the checkout line putnamBlob? Also, what is the word “youyr”? What’s done is done putnamBlob. Move on with your life and do something positive.

  241. Plus most people UNLOAD their cart at the check out.
    Except probably for you, lard lad.
    That’s where all the candy is after all.

    You are a political cretin, Halberg.
    Legal Beagle is absolutely right.
    You are the very embodiment of the liberal, government must do all, anti business, soak the rich, entitlement mentality that has America in the situation it is in today.

    The Walmart would have never been built on Al Summers’ land. Never.

  242. There are Walmarts across America that have soundwalls and trees AND VERY LIMITED HOURS next to homes. Some are even in “Conservative” cities. (For example, Huntington Beach, California.) We are ONLY asking for a soundwall and trees, and strict enforcement of the speed limits and stop signs (with WARNING tickets) on the road in front of our home. NOT REAL TICKETS! And, we are asking that the access road in front of our home be shut down at night. Again, we are NOT asking for a cutback in STORE HOURS! We don’t want to cost ANYONE a job! Adding a sound wall and trees is PRO-Business! The people that put those in own businesses and employ people! Our situation is unique. I know of NO OTHER WALMART that has a MAIN entrance in front of existing homes. Most conservatives are fair people. The ones in Putnam County, West Virginia, are UNREASONABLE people in that they are so “pro business” that they are willing to sacrifice property rights (Not in THEIR neighborhoods, mind you!) of constituents to get some LOW-PAYING jobs!

    Below are documents from Huntington Beach, California, in CONSERVATIVE Orange County. Their Walmart closes at 10:00 p.m., DOES NOT have a Tire Lube Express, OR a grocery section. And it is about HALF the size of the Hurricane Walmart. When you read what HB made Walmart do, our request for trees and a soundwall (Which HB has) is MILD by comparison. Happy reading!

    RECOMMEM.DOC 32.6 kb 98SR51A.DOC 131 kb 98SR51B.DOC 244 kb 98SR51E.DOC 41 kb 98SR51F.DOC 43.5 kb 98SR51G.DOC 50 kb 98SR51H.DOC 132 kb 98SR51I.DOC 140 kb Wal-Mart CC Notice of Action 040599.pdf

  243. Mike: First you unload the cart, putting the groceries on the belt. Then Joe Haynes has his wifey load the bags into the cart while he stands there trying to look important.

  244. Kinda like you, non-native West Virginian?

    By the way, you can’t attach documents on a blog, fucktard.

  245. *yawn*

    So, you’re saying you’ve been to EVERY WalMart in America? Canada? North America? The World?

    I can tell you with certainty there is a WalMart near my home that does NOT have a sound wall (which yours DOES – there’s a photo of it) or trees. And guess what else they don’t have? A cry-ass neighbor bitching because he didn’t take the buy out when it was offered because he was holding out for no other reason than greed!

    You’re comparing apples to grapes here, assbag. Huntington Beach has a population of about 192,620. Hurricane has a population of about 6,071. The reason they do not have a TLE or a grocery is because they do not need it there. There are other grocery and tire options, established ones. There aren’t nearly that many grocery stores or tire and lube stores in Hurricane or the near vicinity. So bringing it in makes sense, you idiot. It provides jobs that weren’t there, and more options for services that weren’t there before.

    I’m looking at the Google Street View of the WalMart in Huntington Beach, CA. And those trees were not recent growth. Those trees were left standing because they were not in the footprint of the WalMart. The neighbors of the WalMart, obviously established homes prior to the WalMart going in, have no trees, no soundwall, and guess what, no bitching from assbag neighbors. And they are CLOSER to the main road, CLOSER to the parking lot, and CLOSER to any noise than you are.

    Admit it, Mark, you are bitching out of GREED. Pure and simple. You thought by holding out for the WalMart to be completed, that you would make more money on the sale of your shithole hovel. Why do we keep talking about it? Because it’s fucking hysterical to see you sidestep and deny your own words.

    So, you have until 11pm EDT to respond to this with an admission that everything you have said on your WalMart blog is an effort to milk money out of a corporation, pay me 10 TRILLION dollars for punitive damages of having to listen to your bullshit, which will be immediately donated, by me, to the citizens of Putnam County to throw a fucking party, set yourself on fire, and eject yourself from the planet. Preferably to Pluto (which was a planet back in my day).

    Ticky-tocky, fatbags.

  246. Oh, yeah, failure to comply with the deadline of 11pm EDT on 4/25/2010 will result in interest in the amount of $27,000 per second in which you do not pay me the 10 TRILLION dollars.

  247. Kinda like you dig the hole and wifey plants the trees and mulches while you stand around looking like a douchebag?

  248. I just love how Mark Vance Halburn, the non-native West Virginian (by his own admission) bags on other people for the same shit he does.

    I know people who say Mark waddles around with his little Fisher-Price camera and tries to act all important waving around the press-pass he got out of a box of Cracker Jacks.

    Pot, meet kettle.

    By the way, the day Markie’s appeal gets shoved down his fat gullet is only days away!

  249. I know a few people who have dug holes in Dolores while Mark waddles around pretending to be a newsman.

    By the way, Mark? You driving Dolores’ car since you rear-ended that other driver or did she buy you another one?

  250. Mark….Martin’s (the sister market to DC’s Giant) built a store in a 20 year old townhouse neighborhood and in 60 year old house neighborhood, not one person complained. When their trucks back up at about 2 or 3am, with the warning beeps, no one cares. There is no trees or soundwalls. We heard the construction and we hear the trucks, no one cares. There are over 300+ people that live in this neighborhood, none of them expected a buyout and none was offered. Why? None needed.

    Asking for birth certificates, bank records, $10 Billion, that is the ramblings of a madman.

    Now, you like to give out deadlines, I got one of my own. Retract you birth certificates and bank records comment and the comment about $10 Billion by 12Noon on April 26th, 2010 and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office won’t show up at your door. Fail to and I will tell them all, request them come to your home (your address is easy to find) and make sure you are hauled away on a 72 hour psychiatric hold. Think I am fuckin’ around pal-o, don’t retract and see what happens!

  251. Daddy says that I am not allowed to play outside. Something about noise. I don’t know, I am just really tired of him taking my socks and giving them back all full of wet sticky pudding.
    Daddy, please don’t lie to the people any more. And please don’t hit me or mommy again.

  252. A full TWO hours since you were supposed to issue a full apology for your existence and a retraction of your comments. I hereby order you to pay up, Mark. Ten Trillion Dollars.

    That’s a lot of zeros. Hope it’s a new pen.

  253. Tybois and “friends”

    1) There are THREE auto dealerships with service departments that sell oil and tires within WALKING distance of Walmart.

    2) A to Z Supermarket is less than a mile away.

    3) There was ALREADY a Subway less than a 1/2 mile away of the new Walmart.

    4) Dollar Tree and Stamper’s Jewelry (at the Hurricane Marketplace) were already in Putnam County and moved near Walmart.

    5) Elder Beerman, Cato, K-Mart, and others sell clothes.

    6) The City of Huntington Beach FORCED Walmart to put in those trees and sound walls.

    7) Sent the Sheriff to do a mental eval on the local politicians.

  254. So, about your number 7 … I’d say anybody with a computer and an internet connection in Putnam County’s seen your fucking mental evaluation, haven’t they fat boy?

  255. Hey Mark? About the Speedway post. Why would they even build where you suggest. they like to put these things right off the Interstate in most cases.

  256. So, Mark Vance Halburn, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, shops at the one place that has been the bane of his existence these past few years?

    That, my friends, is called being a hypocrite.

    Also, Mark likes to dodge the fact that there is already a precious soundwall built right next to the very Wal-Mart Mark frequents, and bitches about, there’s photographic evidence of that, but being the lying, liberal hypocrite Mark is, Mark continually dodges that in place of his own moronic slobbering of Wal-Mart, the PCDA, AEP, and the rest of those evil corporations that are out to get him.

    Mark Vance Halburn is greedy. He’s also really stupid, and insane. However, in 9 days, he’ll stand before a judge who’ll throw his little appeal out the window. Hilarity will ensue as we can expect more of his whining about how things didn’t go his way and how evil the people of Putnam County are.

    Mark doesn’t care about no one but himself and that amateur hour blog of his.

  257. It costs $115 to get my car serviced at the service department of the dealership.

    It costs about $30 to get a car serviced at the WalMart.

    You live in a town where the median income is $39,591. The median income of Huntington Beach is $81,112.

    In plain English, you insolent fuck: You’re poor. You need services that are cheap.

    I have a picture of the “sound wall” which includes a chain link fence and a fucking palm tree.

  258. For reference, I pay the $115. I don’t go to the WalMart, ever, because I don’t agree with their policies. And I’m not a hypocrite.

  259. ***peeks out from his little hole in the ground***

    You know what rules? Free speech!

    ***goes back into his little hole in the ground***

  260. ***Ministry’s “Psalm 69” starts playing out of nowhere. A crack of thunder and lighting jolts the very foundation of the Earth, and in this mortal coil rises again that which HE most fears***

    I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!


    Now the real fun begins…

  261. Don’t you remember, silly billy gumdrop, that you added me as a contributor to your site, that gets more hits in an hour than Halburn’s, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, does in a month?

  262. OH yeah! Now I remember.

    Things have been kinda fuzzy lately.

    See, Halburn, who like you said, isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, tried to say I was harassing him. BUT!!! I am protected by something that Halburn, who isn’t a native West Virginian, like to throw up like Batman does to deflect a laser beam like he did in Super Powers, called the First Amenmennemdmednementmendedent.

    Damn, Mark, you non-native West Virginian, you! You tried to *cough* sue me, get me arrested by writing up something totally false about me that I never said by editing certain parts of emails. Now…you ain’t got nothin’ left, pally!

    But see…I’ve been here all the time…in spirit, course! Internet Jew carried the torch for me. His work is done now, I am back. He goes back to Jewliard to finish up his work studying films by Woody Allen.

    Oh, Aaron is still going to contribute to my site that gets more hits than yours, and is highly regarded by certain people in your area as the best thing ever.

    I have beaten you, once again, Burger Blob.

  263. Tyler:

    EVERY Speedway in Putnam County is farther from the interstate than our property. Ditto for Cabell County. To my knowledge, only the South Cgarleston Speedway in Kanawha County is closer to the interstate.

  264. Fare thee well, Aaron…fare thee well!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Markieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo issssssssssssssn’t aaaaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaative Weeeeeeeeeeessssstttt Virrrrrrrginiannnnnnnnnnnn cooooooome oooooooooooooout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand plaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  265. Hey Mark, you non-native West Virginian, this isn’t about Speedway. Who gives a fuck about Speedway?? There’s one a few gblocks gfrom gmy ghouse, gfat-gass

    He must be scared slim that I’m back.

    Anything to take away attention from the real problem here, YOU!

    Now, it’s 8 days away from where your appeal gets shoved that gigantic crater you call an asshole. We need to discuss that!

  266. Sorry for all the posts, Tyler.

    Mark the Non-Native West Virginian’s hands must be shaking from either fear or anger, or the fact that he hasn’t had anything to eat in 3 minutes. Blood sugar is a bitch, ain’t it?

    Ohhhhh, Markie, the non-native West Virginian, what about that appeal hearing in 8 days?

  267. Does anyone else hear that?

    That sounds distinctly of Mark Halburn ignoring the truth.

    -The population of Hurricane is 3.2% of the size of the population of Huntington Beach, CA.
    -There are plenty of other options for services in the Huntington Beach Area, negating the need for a lube center or a grocery store.
    -Getting your car serviced at the dealership is generally more expensive than taking it to the WalMart, and you don’t need to make an appointment.
    -A low paying job is better than no job at all. Mark Halburn wants jobs, but bitches about the amount of money that people who work at the WalMart get paid.
    -Mark Halburn is a liar and a content thief.
    -Mark Halburn does not run a legitimate business.

  268. What’s done is done putnamBlob. Who cares now about Speedway? Move on with your life and do something positive. Don’t forget to keep your canine from urinating on the trees and also watch the deer from eating them. Next thing you know we will read a lawsuit against DNR for not controlling the deer population. Many thanks asshole!

  269. Hey, Putnam Pederast … why did you attend the little Princess party? It’s sponsored by a county commissioner you hate and AEP. Something doesn’t add up.

  270. No Interpret THIS, it’s part of his stalking behavior.
    He shows up in places where he knows his “enemies” are. It’s an intimidation tactic.

    This one’s a twofer. He hates Haynes & AEP, and Haynes works FOR AEP.
    Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

    Like using cartoons from Jacque’s paper or knowing that the ONLY birdshit covered paperbox is around the corner from her paper’s offices. Or conveniently taking a “vacation” in Vienna VA last September.
    He’s a stalker. He invites confrontation.

  271. “Mike” there were a number of birdcrap covered newsracks for The Examiner. I had my choice of which ones to photograph for an avatar. Maybe I should use one here?

    I covered the tea party because it is a community event. The fact that it is sponsored by Joe, Karen, and AEP has nothing to do with it. I gave them proper credit for sponsoring it. The families love the event so I cover it. And it’s only street justice that Joe, Karen, and AEP contribute to my business with an event to cover. I am sure that makes them angry and that’s cool.

    The soundwall near the Hurricane Walmart does not protect our property. Take a closer look at the photo!

    Tybois: If your neighbors don’t care, then I don’t care about them. We aren’t talking about your neighborhood. It’s an irrelevant argument made to distract people from the point that says businesses that disrupt neighborhoods should be held responsible for their actions.

  272. Yeah? Prove it, “Halburn”.
    Show the picture. Send it to me or Tyler.
    Put your money where your mouth is, fatboy.

    The soundwall is to protect Walmart from YOUR excessive noise.
    Karen and Joe are not angry about it ,because they just laugh at you showing up. They know you’re a joke.

  273. Hold the fuck on.

    You freely ADMIT to taking numerous pictures of Jacque’s newspaper boxes?

    No. Not psychotic at all. Nope.

    You just admitted to being a psychotic stalker. You fuck. You psycho fuck.

  274. Mark, you know why me and my neighbors don’t care? There isn’t that much noise, you dumbfuck! No noise = no complaints. We actually like the Martin’s and shop there often, kinda like you do at Walmart (remember, Tyler has proof that you provided…ooops!). No one expected a buyout here, no one expected the company to come in and give people a wad of cash. We accepted the noise of the construction for a year, moved on. We accepted the noise of the truck deliveries, moved on. We accepted that the business does more for the community than bitching about it, moved on. PLUS, Martin’s wasn’t required (by the county or some dumbfuck in a hovel) to build a soundwall or put up trees. Hell, they tore down trees. Still no noise. So your arguement is flawed and false, as you have provided no video proof of this noise you claim and Mike, Jacque and others have provided video proof for the LACK OF NOISE. Your arguement is flawed and false.

    Now, didn’t you retract the statements you made? It is after 3pm EST fatass.

  275. I’ll tell you what, “Halburn”.
    Send me the videos you’ve taken of all this so called excessive noise and I’ll put them up.
    Plus I want the pictures you say you have of the paper boxes.
    Put up or shut up.

  276. Tybois:

    Our Walmart tore out thousands of trees. Didn’t even replace any to landscape their property. And there IS room to do that. Now they are preaching about how “Green” they are. FRAUDS!

    “Mike” I will sell you a photo. $100 each. Send me the check, I will send you the photo. That’s called capitalism.

  277. Bullshit.
    You don’t have any photos.
    You’re a fucking liar and a pussy.

    I repeat my offer. Send the pictures and videos if they prove your point and I’ll publish them.

    Your lack of a response just proves my point that they don’t exist.

  278. Mark, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, ignores the fact that I’m here, once again.

    He also ignores Lenny’s facts. Tyler said it best when he said Halburn’s type of journalism is yellow journalism, yellow is so fitting because yellow is the color of cowards.

    Ohhhh, Markie is acting so badass by taking his little toy camera around and saying, “I wish these frauds would say something to ME!! I’ll call the police on them and sue them and write about them and obsess about them and stalk them and take photos of them…”

    He invites confrontation because he WANTS someone to assault him, he’s so starved for cash like he is food. He wants to sue people, he’s like that little kid who got picked on by the bullies in grade school who still holds a grudge. One of these days, he’s gonna cross the wrong person, and we’ll all celebrate.

    Concerning your “fee” for Mike’s photos. Yet again, you’re welfare-ing it up around here. What that means he has nothing, as usual. Just the little pops and whistles on his hamster-on-a-wheel brain of his.

    Hey Mark, only 8 more days till your little appeal is thrown out! Remember?

  279. Jesus Christ! That whole “Princess” article is so poorly written, the words bleed on the pictures. It’s definitely amateur night on Grace Drive!

    All those pictures of pre-teens. No one reads your stupid site except us, and everyone in your area knows you’re coo-coo for ca-ca puffs insane, so why would sane families want to see some “To Catch A Predator” reject take pictures of their daughters?

  280. My daddy made me wear a dress tonight and watch him while he touched his pee-pee. After he was done touching his pee-pee, he wiped his hands off on my shirt and made me kiss his pee-pee because it was hurt. I don’t like when daddy does these things.

  281. His poorly written article about the Princess Tea Party reads like a Hustler letter-to-the-editor.

    princesses enjoyed
    tea, posing for photos,
    face-painting, and
    keeping a watchful eye
    for Prince Charming.”

    He might as well drive around in an old, beat up van with the words “Free Candy” on it.

  282. Are you still ignoring facts, fatsacks? You don’t want me to get mean, do you? Because I can. Oh, I can.

  283. Of course, he’s ignoring facts. He wouldn’t be Mark Vance Halburn, who isn’t a native West Virginian, if he wasn’t!

    I’m calling into Tyler’s radio show…

  284. Mark, you think they are going to build a giant Walmart around the trees? Of course they have to tear them down. No law says they have to plant more in their place….only the bitching and whining of Mark Vance Halburn. Martin’s didn’t landscape the place when they moved in. They are there to sell food, not landscape. It isn’t a law that says places have to landscape to make people happy. Walmart in Winchester, VA (both of them) didn’t landscape when they moved in. Neither did Target, PetSmart or any other business. They just laid down a parking lot, built a building and opened for business. Hell, not even Lowes did and they sell fuckin’ trees, man. They aren’t required. Get that through your thick fuckin’ skull.

  285. Tyler:

    EVERY Speedway in Putnam County is farther from the interstate than our property. Ditto for Cabell County. To my knowledge, only the South Cgarleston Speedway in Kanawha County is closer to the interstate.

    So, what you’re sayin is there is no need for a Speedway since you have so many. Got ya. Glad to see you are paying attention to the actual needs out there. The mayor should be paying YOU!

  286. Tybois:

    Irresponsible businneses that rip out thousands of trees and fail to replant some to make up for the loss should be fined heavily and forced to comply with an environmental plan to strike a balance between business and the needs of the planet. Here in Putnam County, our air quality is worse than the air quality of Downtown Los Angeles. One of the reasons is that Putnam County cares little about the environment.

  287. Forcing businesses to comply with any sort of plan is a classic play of a liberal. But you’re not the liberal. They are. Right, Baconator?

  288. Why does a non-native West Virginian like the “Looney Liberal” Mark Vance Halburn care about what goes on in Putnam County? The air quality is so bad in your county because you’re in it! The people of Putnam County has had to put up with your bullshit for years! The day you either leave or drop dead will be the day Putnam County-ians can breathe a sigh of relief with clean air!

    I believe that a man such as yourself who has years of documented harassment, bullying, and all ’round terrorism should be made to pay punitive damages to the people of Putnam County.

    As been said before, if you don’t like Putnam County, which has been said by your fat, blubbering mouth that you don’t, then fucking leave! No, no one’s cutting you a check, you liberal welfare case. Just…leave. Go back to California where your Manson-esque family lives!

  289. By the way, Mark “Looney Liberal” Vance Halburn, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, has an appeal hearing coming up in 7 days!!

  290. Hey Looney Non-Native West Virginian Liberal, it’s now been proven that you shop at Wal-Mart while at the same time blogging about how miserable you are living beside it. Why are you such an insane hypocritical liar?

  291. Mark, you are a fuckin’ moron. There is nowhere (except that town in China with the computer parts) that has worse air quality than LA. It has been proven. Today’s air quality from wunderground.com in Hurricane, Code Green. Today’s air quality from wunderground.com, Code Yellow. So, you are full of shit.

    Also, what land do you come from that thinks that businesses HAVE to plant trees? They don’t in California, they don’t in Virginia, fuck, they don’t in West Virginia. Why? No fuckin’ law that says they have to. Why? Government doesn’t see a need for it. Why? No big fuckin’ deal. It is ONLY a big deal to YOU…and NO ONE ELSE. No one has said word one about this Walmart. No one.

    You have been heard bitching and whining and crying all over the internet from your hovel to WVBroadcasting.net to TheStateJournal to Encyclopedia Dramatica about how you hate Walmart. Anyone else say “boo” about this Walmart? Nope. No one. Why? They don’t care. They don’t care about the Walmart and what they do, cause they get in, get out, move on with life. You are the only one who gives half a fuck about it cause you missed out on getting a big payday you will never ever get and no I ain’t buying you out, don’t bother…my money goes to better causes like the Red Cross and Autism Services.

    No one cares about Walmarts in Hurricane or Pittsburgh, they just don’t care. Why? They shop there and they leave. The people that live next to them don’t make a fuss, they deal and pretty well since you don’t hear anything from them. You are the only one who makes a fuss. Shut up and fuck off.

  292. Wow. Tybois bringing the heat! From what I have seen of this guy, that is a feat.

    ::rhyme was unintentional!::

  293. “Halburn” was too much of a pussy to take me up on my offer.
    Guess he doesn’t want the truth to come out.

  294. Oh, but Mike…the truth has and will come out!

    By the by, our favorite non-native West Virginian looney liberal has an appeal hearing coming up, which he continues to dodge, among other things, because he knows it’ll get thrown out like the walking piece of trash he is should be!

  295. Thank you Sirs. Just having a bad day and Hallburn seemed like the best person to take it out on :) I actually felt better after typing that :)

  296. Well, well, well… it appears that Halburn’s little “cartoons” with the bloody mining gear HAVE offended people. Check out the latest letter to the douchenozzle.

    You owe every single person an apology, fucksacks.

  297. Ehhh….

    Could be a fake, let’s not forget he’s famous for writing letters to himself under fake names.

    He could have done it to draw attention away from himself by “publishing” that “letter.”

    I’m sure that information could be verified by a few people…

  298. Tyler says: So, what you’re sayin is there is no need for a Speedway sin”ce you have so many. Got ya. Glad to see you are paying attention to the actual needs out there. The mayor should be paying YOU!”

    Fact: It was the Speedway regional office that told me that they were looking at the area where we live but were concerned about the Hurricane Marketplace’s failure to sell out. (they are about half-empty and TWO of the businesses that ARE there moved from elsewhere. The PCDA owns PAID FOR fill land above the Dollar Tree that if turned into a park, would bring enough traffic into Hurricane Marketplace to sell it out in months and our neighborhood quickly after. Tonight I had meetings with TWO PCDA Board of Directors members, and Senator Mike Hall (who once represented us). All agree that the idea is at least worth looking in to as the PCDA has failed to sell the fill land over the last four years and that Hurricane Marketplace is struggling. Does my family have a financial interest in making this happen? Obviously, yes. But to get us and our neighbors out AND create jobs and revenue is a win-win!

    Tybois: I don’t give a flying —- about your apathetic neighbors.

    Lee: No one but you cares that I was born elsewhere. Since no one can control where they are born, your moronic “non-native” rant is a joke!

  299. So were these meetings before or after your flag holding duties at Coach’s homecoming tonight? Nice t-shirt by the way. Didn’t know they made logo t shirts in “extra giant.” And WTF is up with that microphone?

  300. Um, Mark, Lee isn’t the first one to say that you are a “non-native.” I believe that came beforehand. If you are going to talk shit to Lee, I would suggest doing it with something relevant. Not that you have anything in this world to go on.

  301. Mark, first off, grow some fuckin’ balls and actually say “FUCK”. I say it, Lee says it, Tyler says it, Lenny says it, we all cuss, no rule against that, no censorship, so grow a set and say the word.

    Now…we are “apathetic”, we just have better things to do with our time then complain about something that doesn’t bother us and doesn’t have any effect on our lives. You don’t hear about people in your lovely neck of California bitching about Walmart, do you? Why? They accepted the fact it is there, have learned to adjust and moved on with life. You have been bitching about this for years and no one is listening to you. No one cares what you have to say. No one cares about your hovel and your non-exsistant noise. They don’t care. Why? Doesn’t bother them.

    People will continue to shop at Hurricane Walmart and Walmarts across the country and around the world. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. will continue to be a Fortune 500 company if you don’t shop there. The Walton family will continue to be the richest people in the world. Your bitching, whining, complaining, and crying won’t change any of that. Why? NO ONE IS LISTENING TO YOU AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!

    No one cares about you, your hovel, your 2nd wife, your fetus in a jar, your brain dead son, your non-exsistant noise, your piece-of-shit penny-a-year-making website, your fake press pass, and your ever-widening ass. No one cares. It means nothing to no one because people, round the world, have more important things to think about.

    They have to worry about where their next paycheck is coming from, where their healthcare is coming from, their children off fighting in a war, their jobs in some horrible coal mine (which in your area is the best paying job for some), how they are going to clothe and feed their families….and I could go on all night.

    In the big scheme of things, you and all your whinings, problems and concerns mean nothing to everyone. No one shares your views, no one cares about your concerns, they are more focused on themselves, their families and their friends (and friends are sometimes a second thought to family to some).

    Walmart means NOTHING, the non-exsistant noise means NOTHING, your website means NOTHING and you, you fat waste of space and flesh, mean NOTHING to me, to the people on this site, to everyone in Putnam County, to everyone in West Virginia, to everyone in the Country and around the World. You mean nothing.

  302. Tybois:

    I just read an article about the City of Inglewood, California, turning down a Walmart. And I remember a city in the San Francisco area turning down a Walmart. I’ve already told you about how Huntington Beach made Walmart reduce its size, hours of operation, etc. And we know that the Williston, Vermont, Walmart is half the size of the Hurricane Walmart and is not 24 hours. So is one of the Atlanta, Georgia Walmarts. I point this out so that you know that it isn’t just California that holds Walmart to responsible operations. I’ll do some more research and get back to you.

  303. I don’t think there’s any resistance to the hours Wal-Mart in Hurricane is open other than “the publisher”…for the rest of us who live here it’s a great convenience.

  304. You do some more research, shitsack. Nobody cares.
    Nobody cares how many cities you can find where a bunch of elitists didn’t want a Walmart. Nobody cares how many Walmarts don’t stay open 24 hours. Nobody. Cares.
    The people around here are glad to have the Walmart.

    No one cares that you were born elsewhere?
    YOU’RE the one that brought up the out of state thing with your constant references to Steve Andes, the Eagloskis, etc,etc, you fat, Californian, KFC eating, retard teaching, xenophobia stirring, shamu looking motherfucker.

  305. Yes. Cities can turn down a WalMart. They don’t HAVE to let them build. Some of the time it’s because of city ordinances that have existed long before, usually dealing with size, but most of the time it’s because there is already a WalMart nearby.

    You keep talking of Atlanta WalMarts, but the fact of the matter is, the WalMart you claim is in ATLANTA is not in ATLANTA at all. It’s in Union City. A far cry from the city of Atlanta. Stop lying.

    You ignore the fact that the WalMart is there for a reason. You don’t have to shop there. So shut the fuck up.

  306. Buzz:

    I don’t care if Walmart is open 24 hours. It simply needs to keep its noise to itself.

    Whether it’s in Atlanta or Union City with an Atlanta address, the point is, the neighbors aren’t unundated with 24 hours of noise.

    Tybois: I will leave the vulgarities to you and your “buddies.”

  307. Jim? May I answer that question? Yes, yes he does.

    March 26th, 2010. He wrote a check for 10.47

    March 29th, 2010. He wrote another check for 10.47.

    What could possibly be on sale for $9.88 plus tax in the Hurricane Walmart that he needed to double up on in one week?

    Wrangler Originals “Manties”


  308. Mark, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, and who’s the definition of the looney liberal, ignores Jim’s question about shopping at Wal-Mart, because he does, and yet…bitches and gripes about the imaginary noise.

    By the way Mark, I bet you scared those little girls that you fantasize about to death at that Princes Tea Party in your shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops as usual. Jesus, can you even pretend and dress professional why you pretend to be a journalist?

    You said you don’t care if Wal-Mart is open 24 hours? Past posts indicate you do. You holler about California and Atlanta Wal-Marts, however, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT CALIFORNIA AND ATLANTA AROUND HERE!!

    The Hurricane Wal-Mart is not going away, so quit your bitching about it. No one is going to buy your little shanty, the Mark Vance Halburn, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission’s dream of getting something for nothing isn’t going to come true. You’re stuck because your second wife can’t afford to move and you’re just looking for the welfare way out, you hypocritical liberal.

    Another thing, need I remind you everytime you address us in parentheses, I’ll remind you of your little fake names you have used, like:

    Mark Hallburn
    TV Dude
    Mark in OC
    It’s Mark
    Carolina Mark
    Earl MacArthur
    John T. Reed
    Randall Scott
    Tom Potter
    Jacque Jo
    Rich Chrampanis
    Sal Marino
    Mark H
    Blair McGinnis

    By the way, your appeal hearing is next Wednesday. I can’t wait to hear you cry too much when it gets thrown out, no-nuts!

  309. Mark:

    I’d have invested in better windows, shrubs and soundproofing a long time ago rather than wait for someone to do it for me.

    But then again, I’m just a redneck from Raleigh County who does my best to live in reality.


  310. unundated =/= a legitimate word.

    Big Bad Journalist Wannabe Man can’t spell for shit. Then again, he can’t do anything for shit.

    You also lie like a fucking rug.

    Here’s the address for the WalMart you claim uses an Atlanta address… the same one you posted a photo of on your blog.

    4735 Jonesboro Road, Union City, GA‎


    Oh… I get it… unundated must be the word for “I am a fat fucking liar.:

  311. Here’s an idea Mark: Set a new standard, and put $175k on the MIL’s humble abode. Take $150k, load up the Ryder and GTFO of Dodge. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!! Anyone else in their RIGHT MIND would have taken the Edwards pre-Walmart offer, but you gambled AND LOST! So… like in Vegas, you gotta know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em… this is fold’em and run time. Simple.

    We’ll now await your diatribe as to why you can’t/won’t do this. Please be more creative this time. New material would be nice. TIA!

  312. *SQUAWK* Silly Scotty sucks!!! *SQUAWK* *SQUAWK* Excessive Wal-Mart noise wakes me up at 4am!! *SQUAWK* Cut me a check for $350,000!! *SQUAWK* Out-of-state trash bloggers know nothing about Putnam County *SQUAWK* *SQUAWK* I run a business *SQUAWK*

    Markie want a chicken leg?

  313. Buzz:

    We did remodel years ago and improved the insulation and the windows. In fact, one remodel project was done a week or two AFTER the PCDA lied to us and told us that the Walmart rumor was false. It turned out the Option to Buy was signed a week before that LIE!

    Lee/Tybois: Obviously you DO care about what I think because you read my blog on a daily basis. Then you talk about it here.

    As for Edwards’ $90,000 offer, no one sells for half what a home is worth. Or maybe Tybois and his neighbors do. Maybe they sell for LESS!

  314. Wow. You felt really clever for that last line didn’t you pederast?

    You never did answer my question about why you showed up at a nice event looking like a fat homeless person in your brand t shirt. Our table got a kick out of that.

  315. Ok, here is the deal. Everyone stop going to Putnam(SHITHEAD)dot com. Mike will take care of the article side of things, I’ll take care of the WalBlog. There really is no need to look at his shitty, trashy web site ever again. He wants to say we care about the noise coming from the Hurricane Walmart and that’s not the case. The truth is posted under my response for April 28th.

    What we do care about right now Mark is this.

    1) Why did you show up at Coaches Homecoming, wearing a shitty t-shirt that said Putnam(BLOB).com all the while flying a little Putnam(Blob).com flag on a microphone (or whatever it was you were holding)? And was this before or after you had this “meeting” with the PCDA?

    2) Where are the pictures you took of the bird shit covered Washington Examiner paper racks? You easily sent pictures of Progress Way and signs that I asked for at no charge. Yet, now that you have been called out on having these other pictures (which we know you don’t) you say you want a 100 bucks each? Fuck you, you rotten to the core liar.

    3) What did you buy at Walmart on 3/26/10 with your check card for $10.47? That would be $9.88 before tax if that helps you. Oh, and again on March 29th, 2010, a mere 3 days later? You don’t shop at Walmart is a fuckin sham. And don’t tell us it’s to keep them in business or some shit, so it can help sell your house. That’s fucking non sense!

    Lets start with those three first, eh? Come on shit bag, answers or I ban your ass from here so you can’t even respond to the truth.

  316. Quoting from Mark himself…”One of the trash bloggers falsely claims that no one cares about the Walmart noise in Hurricane. Yet he writes his comment on a blog that is created to comment about this blog.”

    YES! I am finally a trash blogger…..only problem I don’t have a blog dumbfuck! You and your (ass)crack research staff should have figured that out before you said something. Oh well.

    Also, don’t group Lee and I together. He is in Ohio, I am in Virginia. He’s a nurse, I work with Autistic kids. He has a kid, I don’t. BIG FUCKIN’ DIFFERENCE! We ain’t the same person. Another failure for the (ass)crack research staff. Going to address us, address us seperately.

  317. So, Nevada put up trees. That makes sense. Considering the location of the home was DIRECTLY behind the refrigeration units. The Whaley man wasn’t complaining about (non-existent) traffic. He was talking about noise that was actually controllable by WALMART. Not noise that comes from people accessing their business. The sound of someone’s car going to the WalMart is not the responsibility of the WalMart. Period. I could go outside, be a total douche with the sound of my car, loudly idle the engine, drive down into the city, have a krispy kreme, drive back to the WalMart north of the city, squealing my tires the whole way. Is that WalMart’s fault because I am a WalMart shopper at that point? No. That’s ridiculous.

    Also, as stated, the barrier won’t block noise for those living on a hill above the wall. Which is what they have already built for you.

    Face it, fatsack, you want WalMart to pay to improve your home.

    You know what else? Whaley put on noise canceling headphones to block out the noise. We call that adaptation. He approached the city council, with his neighbors that agreed with the noise being a little annoying, and they calmly requested that someone look into it. Not a one of them marched in and DEMANDED a buyout, DEMANDED a soundwall, DEMANDED landscaping. None of them. They simply requested that it be looked into. And look what happened? WalMart, being a good neighbor, took their request seriously. You’ve shown your ass so often that no one respects you. You file frivilous lawsuits demanding free services for life. You pretend to be a newsman and try to intimidate people by saying you’ll post about them. You pretend to be a lawyer, a judge, a police officer and try to strong arm your way into what you want. No one is buying your bullshit.

    Whaley went to a city council meeting in 2007 to discuss the negative repercussions of signage for a Lowe’s Home Improvement store. And guess what, no one laughed him out of the building as they would to you.

    The police laugh at you, man. You’re a joke.

    Here’s the heart of it: You have to give respect to get respect. I learned that when I was four. You’ve burned so many bridges that you will never be a respected member of society. That’s sad. But what is sadder is that your child will never have an ounce of respect for others, and therefore, no one is going to respect him. He will reap what you have sown for years.

  318. Oh, I’d also like to point out… the article in question? From 2005. So… irrelevant!

  319. He can’t produce the pictures Tyler because if they do exist, Pederast finds himself with a little legal predicament on his hands because those would make stalking pretty easy to prove. And since he hides his obsession with a certain fair red-haired (real) journalist from his pig wife, he’d have some problems at home explaining to her the real reason for the trip. And why she’s not woman enough to sexually satisfy him because the only way he can actually get the job done anymore is with his wig covered pillow pal.

  320. Mark Vance Halburn, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, is originally from California, and is not qualified to write or complain what goes on in West Virginia. He does not pay taxes, he doesn’t have a real job, he doesn’t own a home or a car, and his second wife supports him.

    Why would anyone care what a man like this thinks? The answer is, they don’t!

    The only one who ever did care about this whole Wal-Mart thing, is you, no-nuts. No one else gives a shit. You and DOH’lores were the only ones who went to court (and got laughed at) over shit that people endure everyday, and yet you continue to whine about it. You’re never, EVER, gonna sell. You’re stuck, just like Pooh got stuck in the three trying to get the honey pot. If that’s not a metaphor for your little crybaby situation, I don’t know what it is.

    Oh? The fact that I read your amateur hour blog is because I love a good trainwreck. The grammatical errors, the fact that it looks like it was made in 1995, the fact that the words bleed onto the pictures, is priceless! It’s adorable that you’re so proud of that abomination of “news” and HTML. Do you actually think that looks good? Look at REAL news sites like the wvrecod or kvlive? Do you see grammatical errors and words that bleed onto the pictures? Does their site look like it was made by your retarded kid with a broken crayon? Nope! They are what we call “professional!” Yours is what we call amateur. Face it, fats, you could never hang with the big boys when it came to TV or radio, and you can’t hang with the big boys when it comes to news. You’re just a wanna-be who never was and will never be.

  321. Mark, I agree with you on so many things. The way that you treat people and show your ass is what hurts you. You many complaints and unreasonable demands to utility companies just to name a few. You shock and awe isnt so shocking after a while. I was at the Doc Holiday thing and I noticed a few people shake your hand and you were actually soft spoken. I get your complaints, but you contradict yourself so often. You speak of punishin Wal-Mart by not purchasing from them yet I saw you in WalMart a week ago wearing a blue Dodgers shirt. I would not have taken the $90,000 either, but I wouldn’t have went about things that you do. I have an idea for you…Why don’t you just rent the place you live in and move? Your payment can’t be that much if you even have one… My small house that I used to live in before I remarried rents for $1,100 a month and it probably smaller than yours. Just an idea…

  322. Jesus. That article was from 2005?! God damnit Mark. Now I have to retract my statement about Mr. Whaley. I thought this was an ongoing thing. Bu the looks, this died in 2007. You little fuck you.

    Ya know what? Just go away. Shut down your site and just shut the hell up.

  323. Jim:

    That was a logical entry. However, with reason and logic comes great responsibility, and that’s something that Mark Vance Halburn, who isn’t a native West Virginian by his own admission, simply does not have.

    Many have suggested just take a fair amount, many have suggested if it’s so bad, take the loss and just move somewhere else. You would think the simplest solution would be the best one, however, when it comes to Mark, that’s not the case.

    He wants that inflated amount because he wants the money to sue people. If he sold for what he was first offered, no doubt that money would have to go to a new place, moving expenses, food, etc. However, it’s been documented that even before his second wife agreed to support him and he moved to West Virginia, he was like what he is now in California. A sociopath who feels entitled to things that he did not earn.

    Mark, I’ve said this before, if you REALLY wanted to go after Wal-Mart, you’d hit them where it hurts: UNIONS!! In your psychotic manifesto, you never mention Wal-Mart’s blatant disregard for their employees, their sexism, their racism…all of these things about Wal-Mart have made the news. Yet, you never use what’s GIVEN to you on the internet about Wally World. Hell, there was even a documentary made a few years back dealing with what I just told you. They hire people and encourage them to get on GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE!! You have a goldmine of information out there yet you refuse to use it because you are just a greedy, selfish, attention whore that just wants hits for his rag and to have everyone look at you when you make an ass out of yourself. It’s not about noise, never was…it’s about YOU wanting attention like some 14 year old girl sprouting her raisins and more money to file retarded lawsuits over people hurting your feewings.

    If you have USED what’s out there, and not make a complete ass out of yourself, you would have rallied people on your side. Instead, like so many times before, you chose to be a complete and utter nutcase, which you can’t help because that’s what you are.

  324. Now even Halburn admits that his second wife’s house is not worth what they’re asking for it. .

    “As for Edwards’ $90,000 offer, no one sells for half what a home is worth”

    well it ain’t worth $180k either, cretin.
    The Putnam County assessor thinks otherwise. 89.9 is what they say the full, not the assessed, not the homestead exemption, but the FULL value is.

  325. Not only was his linked article from 2005 (seriously outdated and very old news) but a link he has posted on the WalBlog (Hel-Mart) was last updated in….2007.

    Can you live in the now, Mark? Ever?

    By the way, big ups to Flipper for catching that one!

  326. Mark’s hearing is phenomenal as it gets better with age…I’m 50 and I don’t hear nearly as much as I used to!!

  327. Mark says: Lee/Tybois: Obviously you DO care about what I think because you read my blog on a daily basis. Then you talk about it here. And mark always says “who cares what out of state of state bloggers think” well apparently he does he checks this site religiously and even comments NEWSFLASH mark not all of us are out of state some of us are from right here in good ole putnam county and I know some cops in the pcsd that whole dept laughs at you everytime your name is brought up so by the words of Kid Rock…here’s a big FUCK YOU

  328. Mark won’t address the facts:

    a) His MIL’s house is valued by the county assessor’s office at $90k.

    b) He was offered $100k (pre-Walmart + 10%) by Councilman Edwards prior to Walmart construction

    c) Mark wouldn’t allow the owners of the house to accept that offer, knowing the ensuing construction noise that would occur over the next 18 months, gambling that another developer would buy out the hillside at an outrageous asking price

    d) Mark claims that his neighbors are asking several hundred thousand more dollars than his asking price, yet they (all) go unadvertised as such

    e) Mark has had several offers from here and other sites for a buyout, that he claims are not legitimate since they do not satisfy the laundry list of conditions required by him

    f) The bullying of Putnam County politicians and residents is ending, thanks to sites like these, and Mark is sweating even more profusely than he does walking to the office outside city limits (which has no signage or advertising, btw… just another house)

    Mark= neanderthal, epically failing, pinhead fraud. We demand you remove your website, take down all posts by 4pm today (April 30, 2010) or you will be held in contempt and owe us $10Billion a minute for every minute past 4pm your site stays up. A class action suit will be filed on Monday, May 3, 2010, in Putnam County Circuit Court for all the libel, lies, and illegal linking to other websites you have published. You have been served notice.

  329. Plus, we’re all going to be there this coming Wednesday at 8:30 AM when your appeal is denied.
    See you then, fatass.

  330. We will also be here same time same channel next year and the MIL’s house will still be same situation, not sold and the greenthumb putnamparrot still squaking away. Any wagers?

  331. It’s going to be pretty much the definition of an open and shut case but hopefully the cameras will be rolling in case Mark tries to create an episode of “Disorder in the Court.”

  332. Mark. You outdated old fool. That’s from August of 2007. Are you really being serious? Good grief.

    Speaking of which, this thread is now outdated. Move along…

    May 2010

  333. He updated today with some more bullshit. Go Get ’em, Tyler.

    Of course he posted this shit in May, so we can only assume (rightly) that he is full of shit.

  334. Yeah, I have had them since last night, right after they were posted. I am just debating if they are even worth putting up. I mean, clearly there was no effort put into these two posts. Obviously there was no hurry to get them up. It’s already May 2nd and clearly there was no respect on timeliness.

    I guess, so as to keep this thread relevant for a few more days, I’ll see what I can work up and I might get some sort of half assed response up, just to fill out the month. Sound good?

    (The preceding message was filled with dripping sarcasm, and should be read once more by the reader, this time with feeling.)

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