5 – May 2010

April showers (and a few of Mark Halburn’s crocodile tears) usually bring May flowers.  Well, this year it also brings Mark’s hearing on his appeal for his conviction on trespassing charges.  That all takes place on May 5th!  This should be in interesting first week!

Also, since it’s been several days since a walbog update, I figured I’d reach into the Tylerbag (you sick monkey’s!) and pull up last years Mark Masterpiece from May 1st….just to get us in the mood.


May 1st, 2009: Another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise and another day of the idiots ripping me on a Maryland woman’s forum. They would be funny if they weren’t so sadly off-base. NONE of them has ANY IDEA of what we deal with every day here! Living next to a Walmart is a NIGHTMARE! When a woman posts a comment supporting me, they falsely accuse ME of making the comment because the IP address matches the one at my night job. However, I was off work today and, at the time, was teaching a high school class across town! Later in the night, at 10:39 p.m. sirens wake my wife as an EMS vehicle is charging up Walmart hill. At 11:06 p.m., they choose to exit the parking lot using the road in front of our homes, siren blaring, despite the fact that the patient was closer to the OTHER access road! I certainly hope the medical patient is OK. However, this is YET ANOTHER siren that disrupts our home, highlighting why a Walmart SHOULD NOT have been built in our neighborhood! Then, a few minutes later, someone drives by with their bass unit pounding. It’s just one disruption after another!”

My Response: Ok, one year later and the saga really hasn’t changed as far as what is on paper.  Mark will be claiming all the same stuff this year.  Here’s one important difference though.  Now he is on the defensive 90% of the time.  We have swung this so far in our favor he is getting desperate.

Lets look at this post.  He says we have no idea what it is like there, yet we have 4 videos posted over at PutnumLIES that prove otherwise.  He says we accused him of posting under a womans name and that was a lie.  What he fails to mention is the fact we proved it…several times over.  He says he was teaching at the time but we all know he is a lowly substitute babysitter for the worst scoring kids in the United States.  Then he caps it off with a story about an EMS squad breaking up the quiet by going by his house.  His first reaction is to complain about the noise instead of wonder what may have happened to a fellow human being.  Real nice, dick bag.  Anyone want to take bets on when the first posts start arriving?

Come on Mark, my little marionette.  Dance!

Ok…officially off to the races…annnnd here we go…

May 1st, 2010: Another Saturday ruined by excessive Walmart traffic noise! We enter another month of abuse by the retail giant. Silly Scotty continues to be derelict in his duties by letting his pet project get away with it!”

My Response: Another Saturday ruined by the thought of having to listen to Mark Halburn rant and rave about the retail giant, Walmart. I’m also tickled pink that we have effected this guy so much he is really lacking in what he delivers. Of course, I’d expect when he loses his appeal on Wednesday (if I have my dates right) he’ll be a raving lunatic and then…good times. Good times. Oh yeah. I’d tell Mark; “You can derelict my balls!” but quite frankly, “I can derelick my own balls, thank you very much.”  (You are welcome, Lenny.  Like how I got both in there?)

May 2nd, 2010: Walmart ruins another weekend. But I meet with another P.C.D.A. board member and discuss the donation of the fill land above Dollar Tree to become a soccer and baseball field complex. If this happens, it will stimulate the rental of the five remaining Hurricane Marketplace storefronts. It will also lead to the development of the rest of our hill, creating jobs and revenue!”

My Response: Bullshit. You did not “meet” with another PCDA board member. You saw him in Walmart and then stalked him until you cornered him in the linens department before yammering on about what they could do with the land. The only reason he was nodding was so that you would think he agreed with you so he could escape faster, but the only thing running through his mind was “My God, someone get this crazy, raving lunatic away from me! And why does he have spittle on his lips?! Does he have rabies?!”

Seriously, how else would someone react when they are cornered by a 300 plus pound man, ranting and raving, with spit flying off his lips and breath that smells of a combination of KFC and the dump my cat just took 10 minutes ago!? All this while poking at a package of Spongebob sheets to make his point clear.

::pauses to let the vision sink in::

I know, right?

I’ll tell you what will stimulate the rental of the five remaining Hurricane Marketplace storefronts. A moving van in front of 194 Grace Drive.


Covering for a very busy Tyler Hollywood, guest counter blogger Lenny, steps up to the plate to take on May 3rd and May 4th!

“May 3rd, 2010: A beautiful West Virginia afternoon is destroyed by excessive Walmart traffic noise. I speak with another P.C.D.A. Board of Directors member who promises to bring up my suggestion of donating the fill land above Dollar Tree to one of the park systems. She says she will suggest it at the next board meeting. Last week I asked Mayor Scott Edwards to put the sound wall and trees on tonight’s voting agenda. Of course, this was done well in advance of the 72 hour requirement. If Edwards is ethical, he will do this and pass the measure. Time will tell. And time tells that Edwards fails to do the right thing, unethically keeping the issues off the agenda. If you are an unemployed brick layer or landscaper, look no farther than anti-jobs Silly Scotty! He is costing Putnam County jobs and revenue! Meanwhile the Putnam County unemployment rate remains high!”

Lenny’s Response: Mark, do you honestly think that anyone wants to hear your bitching about the sound wall and landscaping you wrongfully imagine you are entitled to? I’m sure that got old after the first time you asked for it and were shot down with a resounding “No.” For the purposes of debate (which you proved in court that you are no good at) I will quote a wise philosopher.

“Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” – Spock, Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan

You’ve tried to bully your way into what you want so many times that people just don’t care any more. If you were a tax paying citizen, maybe, but you’re a sponge on society, Mark. You take and take and take and take and go back for fifth and sixth helpings of everything. You, Mark, are what is wrong with society. For all the whining about the government not doing their jobs, when the government does it’s job, and does so with fairness, honesty and ethics, you complain because it does not benefit you.

– You, Mark Halburn, wouldn’t know fairness because you have proven that you are a greedy pig – taking what is meant for many, and using to only benefit you.

– You, Mark Halburn, wouldn’t know honesty if it bit you on the arm because you have proven that you are a liar, purjuring yourself in court by claiming that you are only 300 pounds, you lied about what the officer said, and you lied about not knowing that the SWAT officer was indeed, an officer. You admitted this at the end of your hearing yesterday. An honest person doesn’t need to have a good memory, because they only have to remember the truth.

– And YOU, Mark Halburn, wouldn’t know ethics. Your theft, lying, strong arm robberies, trespassing, avoidance of tax, and being a burden on the citizens of Putnam County have proven this time and time again.

My mother once told me “Integrity is telling yourself the truth. Honesty is telling it to others.” More brilliant words were never spoken.

That’s the difference between us here at the TBA, and you, Mark Halburn. We have integrity. You never have, and with your track record, you likely never will. With integrity comes respect, another thing you will never have.

You call into play the ethics of Scott Edwards, again, and c’est toujours la même histoire. These issues are only issues to YOU. They only affect YOU. YOU want free landscaping, that’s what it comes down to. And the city, county, state are not required to give that to you. The nice things that I have, the big house, the landscaped yard, the sports car, these are things that I have worked for and have provided for myself. I did not ask anyone to require someone else to give them to me. Go fuck yourself. Get a job, save some money, be self sufficient. That’s what it takes in life, Mark. If you are so concerned with the plight of the unemployed brick layer, why don’t you shell out your part time substitute babysitter money and employ one or two of them to build you a privacy wall. (Which is what you are asking for, essentially, we all see right through you.) Or the unemployed landscaper… maybe you can get yourself another $10 membership to the Arbor Day foundation and get more trees for one of them to plant?

Until then, shut the fuck up.  Love & Rockets to my TBA allies! – Lenny –

“May 4th, 2010: A reader tells me that Walmart’s web site says the Hurricane store is 1.9 miles away from our home. That distance would put it someplace between Silly Scotty’s home and Don Chaney’s home. I wish!

Lenny’s Response: Oh shut the fuck up with the “Silly Scotty” crap. Are you FIVE? You sure act like it with your whining about it being unfair and your pathetic name calling. Seriously. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. No one wants to hear it. Perhaps when they plugged 194 Grace Drive into Google Maps it came up with Culloden’s Grace St. Which is 2.9 miles away from the WalMart. Regardless, shut your chicken stuffer.

Big ups to Lenny for stepping in for a couple of days!  Thank you, Lenny!

May 5th, 2010: It’s Cinco de Mayo, but we can’t enjoy a siesta in our hammock because of the excessive Walmart traffic noise! Of course, it’s because of the noise that we took the hammock down a long time ago. Just another of the many sacrifices that we were forced to make for Silly Scotty’s Great Adventure!”

My Response: Jesus Mark, you can’t even tell when you’re lying in the same frickin paragraph! You gave the impression that you were trying to enjoy a nice hammock siesta but could not because of the noise. Then something ion your brain clicked and said “Hey, didn’t I already lie about this and say I had to take the hammock down? I better cover my ass.”

One? You can never cover your ass. It’s too big.

Two? You don’t even know what you have lied about. Well, let me make it easy for you. Everything. Everything to put in your Walblog is a lie. Yeah, we know, it’s your version of what happens. That’s a lie. Your entire life is. That’s really sad.

To be frank, many of us have agreed that the real reason you didn’t enjoy your Cinco de Mayo was because of your crushing defeat on Wednesday at the hands of Judge Tod Kaufman. He was on to you and your dirty tactics before you could even open your fat jowls. I would have said before you could start sweating bullits but from the news I got, you were already pacing and sweating in the hallways before the apperence. All 41 minutes he just hammered your defense into the ground. Wait…your lack of a defense. That sign was your only defense? Sweet Jesus, you are a stupid, trailer trash, scumbag.

Now you want to take this to a higher court? Dude…get real. You wore a sweat pasted golf shirt to court and represented yourself. That’s disrespectful, man. Clean yourself up, drop this supreme court idea and stop stalking lawyers, mayors and PCDA board members.

Oh….one more thing.  That little whine fest about the amount for a trespassing conviction?  It was a two year olds tactic for getting something he wanted.  Kaufman’s only mistake was falling for that shit.  You owe so much more to that city than a hundred bucks and court costs.  I hope the court costs end up being for every hour, every piece of paper, every judges robe used, every briefcase bought and every suit cleaned and pressed and wasted on this ridiculous and frivolous appeal.

May 6th, 2010: I meet with an attorney about suing the City of Hurricane over the sound wall and trees and zoning issue. He hates the city and I can’t wait to get started on getting some peace and quiet as well as some justice!”

My Response: Hahahahahaha! Do you ever hear yourself when you type these out? “He hates the city and I can’t wait to get started on getting some peace and quiet as well as some justice!”? You fuckin retard. If he hates the city then having him as a lawyer while suing the city is a conflict of interest. Gods you are stupid. And desperate. Oh, hate to point this out but you have planted trees on your own, like you should have. So there is no need for the city to pay for a sound barrier. That doesn’t matter though. Your situation has never changed and it never will.  There will never be any justice for you.  No one cares, Mark. Nor should they. You are just like all those other dirty immigrants that sneak into the United States…a burden on America.

May 7th, 2010: Dolores buys Matthew a bouncing ball toy. The kind with a handle on it that a child sits on and bounces around. He has a good time bouncing around our yard, but is constantly distracted by the excessive Walmart traffic noise. It is too bad that he can’t enjoy the beautiful neighborhood that we moved into. Wally World and Silly Scotty ruined it all! A big rig truck from Buccaneer transport rolls down the hill in front of our home. Why don’t truck drivers honor the no truck signs? And Walmart’s street sweeper shos up before 10:00 p.m. What happened to Walmarts “morning only” promise? Why won’t Walmart treat us properly?”

My Response: Dolores didn’t buy that toy. It was one of those freebies you picked up on the RBP. That’s Recycle Begging Program. A bouncy ball with a handle? They call those The Hoppity Hippity Hop Ball and those pretty much went out of favor with kids when bell bottom jeans went out of style teens in the late 70’s. Jesus Christ, can you live in the now? That being said, lets say little Matt was bouncing up and down on an HHHB in your front yard. He doesn’t give two shits about the noise of a fucking car or two driving by. He’s probably intrigued by trucks and big rigs because that’s what NORMAL kids dig, dude. Fuck you and your pretentiousness. Putting words in your kids mouth just so you can have someone “on your side”. You are nothing but a giant puke bucket. And yes, I to have those pictures sent by an alert reader and avid supporter of the TBA.

As far as the trucks are concerned, I have your answer. They don’t care. Most of these truck drivers that show up (whether it’s Buccaneer or G.O.D) are one timers. Only the Walmart drivers have the possibility to be regulars in that delivery area. So they really don’t give a shit. Personally, I don’t blame them. It doesn’t look like they are driving through any sort of neighborhood, that’s for sure. They just look at it as a few white trash stragglers and really, “what are they gonna do?” The police don’t enforce it because, quite frankly, they have better things to do and you have already burned any bridge with them for them to take any action, you nutball. As for the street sweepers? You can blame all that… on me. No…really.

Finally, do I need to answer that last question?  Nahhhhhh…didn’t think so.

May 8th, 2010: Another Saturday spoiled by excessive Walmart traffic noise. We can’t enjoy our yard anymore. Walmart should put up a sound wall and trees. “

My Response: They don’t have to. You put up your own trees and according to photographic evidence, you pretty much are your own wall over there, Taco Belly.

May 9th, 2010: It’s Mother’s Day, but we are forced to move our celebration to a family member’s home in a quiet neighborhood. Our neighborhood has been destroyed by Silly Scotty’s pet project! “

My Response: Why didn’t you go out to eat at the Golden Corral or something like that? You did last year. Oh wait. You spent so much money on those trees you planted a couple of weeks ago you couldn’t afford it? Ahh….gotcha. Question though, “another family members home”? I thought MIL was “camping out” at your place full time? I mean, considering she owns the place and all. By the way, your neighborhood wasn’t destroyed. It’s not a neighborhood! Never was. I mean, just look at the dump. Who would want to live there…and across from a Walmart?! Yer crazy.

Oh….wait. I’m sorry.

May 10th, 2010: I spot one of Walmart’s customer Service Supervisor’s Heather, shopping at Kroger. Pretty sad when Walmart can’t keep its own employees from shopping elsewhere.”

My Response: Why is that sad? Really? Why does it matter that she chose to shop at Krogers? It’s a fucking grocery store, Mark. More choices, better meat department, maybe she has a Kroger’s card. Who are you to be a pretentious dickbag and wonder why she doesn’t JUST shop at Walmart. You know, people like to have variety in life. It’s not all KFC buckets and Taco Bell deals. Fuck off. By the way, readers, I’d like to point out that as soon as I asked the marionette to dance, he did.

May 11th, 2010: I meet with one of the 14th District House of Delegates candidates at my home. She is sympathetic to our issue and promises to help-if elected.”

My Response: Bullshit. Mark, we all know you don’t meet with a single, living soul. You stalk these people, trap them into corners and then proceed to bombard them with your crazy rhetoric. Meetings. ::snorts:: My ass.

Who was this person?

Why was she there?

Did you ask for this meeting or did she come to you?

What did you talk about?

Why was she sympathetic?

What color of panties did she have one?

Does she like KFC chicken?

Does she fart after eating Taco Bell?

Do you still rim Troy late at night?

Do you think you are important?

Does any one care about your plight?

Should I stop asking questions?

Oh…did you help her get re-elected.


Ohhhh….9% say no.

Should I end this post here? Or with something witty? Nah, lets just end it here and see if he answers any of these questions.

May 13th, 2010: Some moron sets off his car alarm at 10:24 p.m., waking our toddler. He’s probably one of the idiotic fans of the trash bloggers. “

My Response: Yeah, he probably is. Thanks for keeping us in your heart, Mark, even when you had your blog hidden. By the way, I’d just like to say I have been sitting on this for a few days (since the 16th) and I have to say what follows from Mark…are all lies. Oh yeah, Mark? I know what woke your toddler. You waddling down the overstressed floorboards to fire up your computer to complain about a car alarm going off.

May 14th, 2010: Another moron with a car alarm pierces the night. This one lasts about 5 minutes. When I call the storte to complain, Assistant Manager Mary rudely hangs up on me. As we are sitting in our living room trying to watch television on a peaceful Friday night, rude Wally World customers speed up the hill in front of our home, accelerating, their engines to make it to the top, hitting the drainage grates at about 30 miles per hour, making excessive noise. Rude customers, rude managers, the Walmart way of doing business in a neighborhood! “

My Response: Ya know, I wanted to go through and look at last years ranting because I could swear he ranted about a car alarm around this time last year. But looking at his blog history, he stopped posting for a month and a half starting May 13th. He was all frustrated by the “attacks” last year. I can only imagine what he is going to do when he finds out we found his “hidden blog”. “What a maroon. What an ignoanimous. What a nincowpoop.”

Will you leave Mary alone?! She has better things to do than to be bothered with a phone call from the “raving idiot in the blue house” about something she has NO CONTROL OVER! Jesus H.

Question. Why are you still complaining about those grates? I have proven that they do not make that much noise. We even have video where you can hear a car drive across them and it’s not that loud. Wanna know why YOU, Mark, didn’t hear that in the video? Because it wasn’t that loud!

By the way. Here is how Walmart does business. It opens it’s doors, it allows people to drive to and from the store so they can shop at said store. Basic, cut and dry. What’s your problem with the way they do business? I think I may have stumbled upon the true reason you bitch, whine and moan about Walmart. YOU…didn’t think of the idea.

May 15th, 2010: I am awakened at 5:32 by a car roaring up Walmart’s hill. A rude awakening on a Saturday morning! Thank you Wally World and Silly Scotty! Later in the day, we try to enjoy our front yard, pulling the swing and patio chairs under the trees. But every few seconds, a car slams onto those stupid grates, not to mention the car alarm that some idiot sets off! My neighbors have guns. I am surprised they haven’t used them. “

My Response: I am a little surprised they have not used them either…on you! I hit the nail on the head with this one when I predicted what you would be ranting about. Mayor Edwards, car alarms, those silly grates. You are a walking Cathy Chatty doll, Mark. Pull the string and eventually it repeats everything in the same annoying way.

I’d also like to point out one thing that makes Mark look like an obvious liar and crazy person (other than paper work that actually says he is) and that’s the fact that “every few seconds” a car drives by to go to Walmart?

Fuck me that’s a hell of a business they got goin there! I want some of that action!

Alas, I hardly think it’s “every few seconds” that a car drives in or out. We’ve seen the video.

May 16th, 2010: The trash bloggers are having a hissy fit because I have moved this page to where they cannot find it. Meanwhile Facebook has pulled their trash parody page and two other trash pages have been yanked. One more to go and I will have pretty much disabled these idiots!”

My Response: LIE! See, this is why he hides his blog. NO ONE had any sort of fit that he had pulled his blog. Hell, that’s one of the goals! To get it removed. But, we knew it’s be back. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Stuff gets archived. It comes back to haunt you. So Mark goes off telling his “readers” about getting this pulled, or getting that pulled. He’s had nothing removed. What “trash parody page” was pulled? All Network Blogs are still up barring Lee’s original page. He didn’t renew his paid page and went with a free one. Or so I assume. PutnamLIES continues to steam along. We are still here at It’s A State Of Mind.

You think by hiding your blog and then telling lies about things that did not exist (these Facebook pages you spoke about), you are going to win? Excuse me a moment.

::clears his throat::


Whew. 30,000 comedians out of work, and fat boy thinks he’s funny. By the way, something I’d like to point out.

“…because I have moved this page to where they cannot find it.”

To that I’d like to say “FOUND IT!” Again, no hissy fits, no panic. We found it in less than a week because you are predictable and quite frankly, Google indexing is the shizzle. The best part? we didn’t have to hunt for it. The other best part? I’m not sharing the link with anyone. I visit by proxy so you won’t figure out who I am and the rest can get their blog updates….right fuckin here. Excuse me a moment.

::clears his throat::


See Mark? You thought you were being the smartest man alive. You moved your blog in an attempt to stop us but what you have actually done is taken even more readers away from your site and sent them to mine.

Thank ya. Thank ya verah much.

Hollywood….has left the building.

May 17th, 2010: Just another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise!”

My Response: Ho hum.   Quick shout out to Mayor Edwards! S’up S to the E?

May 18th, 2010: At 6:55 a.m. a truck roaring out of Walmart’s parking lot wakes our toddler. People are so rude, and Walmart is so rude for not putting up a sound wall and trees like in other parts of the country. Why don’t they treat Hurricane citizens with the same respect as other Americans?”

My Response: I’ll tell ya why! Can I please!? Huh huh? Can I!? Screw you, I’m doing it anyway. The reason they don’t treat YOU like an American, Mark? Because you don’t act like one. You act more like one of the 20 million illegal immigrants in this country right now. Entitled to everything for nothing. Lets look at how much you are more like an illegal immigrant than an American citizen.

You moved here from another country. (Lets face it, California is technically another country.)

You married a US citizen to get past immigration laws. (I’m not sure who made the bigger mistake here. You or Doeds.)

You are unhealthy. (Like most illegal immigrants, you are sickly and spread disease.)

You suck our systems dry. (From the free food at live remotes and events to your bogus FOIA requests.)

You want everything handed to you. (From food, to TVs to government help.) For nothing.

You prey on innocent victims. (Much like the illegal immigrant criminals that kill, maim and rob our citizens.)

You use bullying tactics. (Much like illegal immigrants to get what they want.)

You weaken our education system. (Substitute teacher babysitter.)

The list could go on but I think that is more than enough to prove that you should not be treated like an American citizen…anywhere.

And ya know? I’ve been thinking a lot more about this sound wall or trees issue. Now, they may have put sound walls and trees up in other places, but not like you say they do Mark. Not everywhere else, as you would like people to believe. Yet, you want them to put one there? I ask, why should they? I mean, they usually put up sounds walls to protect neighborhoods that are butted up to the Walmart properties. However, you don’t live in a neighborhood. I mean, just look at the place. It’s dirt road with places that look more like dumps or businesses than anything else. Who wants to waste money on that by putting up a sound wall?

I sure wouldn’t.

May 19th, 2010: A car alarm at 2:00 a.m. wakes me up. Walmart needs to put up a sound wall. “

My Response: This guy makes me laugh. Seriously. Another fuckin car alarm? Seriously Mark? Have you ever read what you type up and really taken a look at it? You sound delusional in each and every one of these postings. Next time there is a car alarm going off at 2AM, I want a recording.

May 20th, 2010: Just another day of obnoxious Walmart traffic noise. This excessive rattle has got to go! Nexct year we can send Silly ZSciotty and his moronic management packing! Let him flip burgers at McDonald’s, a job better suited for hus shoe-size IQ!”

My Response: Tip back a little hot toddy before you decided to make up more stories, Mark? That last one was filled with several mistakes. Mistakes that don’t appear to be random typos. Those look more like the pudgy fingers not working due to a little inebriation. And you should talk about shoe sized IQ, Mark. Someone with mental deficiencies like yourself doesn’t score much higher in the IQ department than someone with a really big shoe. Besides, Scott Edwards won’t be able to get a job “flippin burgers” because that’s the only job you have left to accept down there. Have you ever given thought to that, Mark? You have burned so many bridges that perhaps, not even a fast food joint will hire you. Anyway, he doesn’t have to worry because he has Overlord support for another term at Mayor.

May 21st, 2010: The B.S. bloggers continue to whine about this blog. They must have run out of Enfamil in their sippy cups! Meanwhile, we continue to endure excessive traffic noise from Walmart. If the B.S. bloggers hate this blog so much, they are politely invited to put their money where their mouths are and to cut us a $350,000 check to buy us out! We will move TOMORROW! However, collectively, they probably don’t have 35 CENTS to their sorry names! The Daily Mail runs a retirement story about Joe Haynes and AEP. Comments criticize him and say voters should retire him in November. ABSOLUTELY! Send the piece of crap commissioner packing!”

My Response: Whine?

::listens with a discerning ear::

Uhhh…nope. Only whine I hear seems to be coming from that maw on your face whenever you sit down to eat dinner. Have you ever considered the feelings of people that cook for you, mark, when you eat? I mean, Dolores, the cooks down at KFC, the ladies in the lunch room where you baby-sit? They slave for an hour making your food and you wolf it down in 35 SECONDS. (See what I did there, 35 cents to our name, 35 secon…I really don’t need to explain that joke, do I.)


I feel bad for them. So much hard work. Ok, where was I? Oh yeah. Sippee cups. Glad you still listen to the show, buddy boy. I used that joke already. Nice to see you are keeping notes on my rants. Lets see, after that it’s just a broken record sort of post. He wants a $350,000 check, trees, a sound wall and for all government officials to step down. What kills me is most of these officials in place in West Virginia are doing a better job than the nutbag in charge of our country.

Now, onto this Daily Mail article you talked about. I read it. It was a great article. Objective and non biased. You made it sound like the comments within the article were critical. Nope. Fact is (and this is something you didn’t tell your “readers”) that it was you under the guise of Outraged mountie commenting upon the article and it was only you that was critical about Haynes. If anyone is a Hayseed, it’s you. Need we a reminder?

May 22nd, 2010: Some idiot with a leaf-blower on Walmart’s parking lot wakes our toddler shortly after 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning! Speaking of idiots, when I call to complain, Assistant Manager David says, “This has been going on for years” and hangs up on me! That’s right, David, your company’s rudeness HAS been going on for years, so pull your pinhead out of your backside and show some courtesy to your neighbors! Many properly managed cities have outlawed noisy gas leaf-blowers but Hurricane doesn’t have intelligent management.”

My Response: That damn kid should already be up and watching Bugs Bunny cartoons! Good God, man! 7AM and he’s not up?! You’d think his last name was Halburn or somethin.

Ok, now for a serious question. How many assistant managers does Walmart frickin have?! Last week it was Mary, this week it’s David. Do they really need that many assistant managers or is someone making up names again? Hmmm…who would I be inclined to believe. Gee, let me think.

By the way…::clears his throat::


No city has ever “banned” noisy gas leaf blowers. In LA they had a rule on the books back in 1998 where commercial users of these gas powered leaf blowers were limited in use. They could not be used within 500 feet of a residence. That’s pretty much the same where ever you look. So, they used a gas powered leaf blower over at Walmart. Are you sure it was Walmart, are you sure it was gas powered and are you sure you live in the same year as we do?

Oh, one final thing for today, since it will be a few days before you decide Walmart is bothering you again…I see you had an ad on your site for Sheetz the last few weeks and now it’s suddenly gone. Huh! I wonder why. Gee. Let me think…

May 31st, 2010: I Noticed that the Walmart in Virginia Beach is separated from nearby homes by a grove of mature trees AND a pond. When I text Scott Edwards, he suggests that we move to VB as it is a nice area. I respond that it is a nice area because it has good management, unlike Hurricane! He repeats his low-ball offer. Now that I have it in writing, I advise him that the text will be turned into the WV Ethics commission as he is trying to use his office for personal gain. The pinhead politician responds that he is going to tell his mommy. What an effing moron Silly Scotty Edwards is! We advise him that the cost of our property remains at $350,000. Edwards should also have to pay $10 BILLION in punitive damages for all of the abuse he has put us through. However, we will take the $350,000 just to leave his sorry carcass behind! I found a home for sale that we would like to buy. As soon as Edwards cuts the CERTIFIED check for $350,000 we will make good on our promise to leave him behind!

My Response: Wow!  Can you believe this!?  Even though the WalBlog has been taken down, yours truly has dug up a WalBlog post by Mark Halburn!  Actually, fatboy tried to use the comments section here as his WalBlog rant platform but no way am I havin that.  I mean, I am a counter blogger for Gods sake!  So, instead of his post just being a comment, I added it here to cap off the last day of May.

Now, last take a look at this post.  Ya know what this looks like to me?  A pack of horseshit.  I mean really.  While on vacation, he finds a Walmart that fits his example, he texts the Mayor of his hometown and supposedly gets a text back?  I call BS here.  And dude, come on.  You are on vacation with your family.  Go spend time with them.  Jesus.  Granted, I know people like to check mail and all their favorite sites (see what I did there?!?) while on vacation, but good lord man.

By the way, do you know why Mark sent me the Walmart rant that he did?  Because he knows I get more readers than his WalBlog ever did.  By the way, here is a clue for ya Mark.  You are never leaving West Virginia the way you think you are.  i find it funny that every time you go travel somewhere, you find a place you would like to buy. “Now if I can just get some sucker to give me 350K!”


Not happenin.  Ever.  Sadly, you will never see this because your documented delirium hots a reset button every morning you wake up.

329 thoughts on “5 – May 2010

  1. advice to fatass:

    Do NOT eat in any putnam county restaraunts. I am a cook and if I see you in my store you can guarantee you will get the “special” treatment that low-life like you deserve. P.S. Try the potato soup, it is safe.

  2. When I read Halburn’s little rant about Mayor Edwards’ alleged dereliction of duty, all I could think was that Mark can derelict some white dog shit.

  3. I sure hope so! Someone NEEDS to get a shot, even if it’s a cell phone sneak and snap shot.

  4. Listening now.

    I mean…I can hear him sweat through my speakers.

    Comedy gold, pure.comedy.gold.

    He keeps going in circles.

    The whining, and do I hear a lisp?

  5. Christ…

    He sounds like he’s about to cry. Starting to lose his voice. Maybe he needed to take a sip of bacon grease.

    I’m pissing myself laughing.

  6. Kaufman’s kangaroo court. Look for the appeal to the West Virginia Supreme Court. What Kaufman did today was an embarassment to the legal profession.

  7. Isn’t one 0-5 ass smack from the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals enough? Looking to go for another? Because that’s what will happen. You have no grounds to appeal. You trespassed. Period. You’re lucky you got your fine reduced, you greedy bastard.

  8. It’s going to be pretty hard to appeal to someplace where you’re barred from the building, lardass.

  9. “…What Kaufman did today was an embarassment to the legal profession.”

    This coming from an embarrassment to the journalism profession.

  10. This is, by far, the worst cross-examination I’ve ever heard in my life, and easily the worst “opening statement,” as well. Your hours of “Law and Order” re-runs have completely failed you, Mark. Completely failed you.

  11. You know, upon further reflection, definitely not “Law and Order” re-runs. Definitely “L.A. Law,” because one, being set in California, it’s naturally superior, and two, it’s a good 20 years old, which makes it perfectly relevant in your world, Mark.

  12. Kaufman saw through Halburn’s shit immediately when he said, “You’ve got this in a picture that’s favorable to yourself, that you weren’t doing anything wrong.”

    That’s the perfect description of the Halburn Syndrome.

    It’s really too bad that John Hey isn’t still a judge. He’d have had Halburn’s giant ass for breakfast, lunch and supper.

    “Do I get to make an opening statement?”

  13. My vote is to let Halburn make his “opening statement” here… I am sure it is full of comedic gold… er, facts overlooked by a Magistrate, a District Judge, and several members of the Kanawha Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

  14. He’s welcome to send an email to us explaining why he thinks he got a raw deal.
    But it has to be more than a rehash of what he said in court.
    We’ll suspend our No Halburn policy and print it.

  15. Seriously? He’s taking a fucking…what amounts to a speeding ticket to the fucking WV Supreme Court? He’ll be laughed out before he can file anything.

    What an OVER 300lb crybaby, who admitted in a court of law he shops at Wal-Mart, making what we know already about his garbage blog all along…a farce.

    Take your medicine like the man you aren’t. For chrissakes…

  16. So… Ole’ Mark-o has written that sex offenders are on the Hurricane City payroll in his blog about the latest council meeting.

    “Of all of the towns in Putnam County, Hurricane has the largest budget and highest paid sex offenders.”

    Libel? I think so…

  17. I think the Workingman’s Store was fresh out of 10x suits, shirts, and slacks.

    When Mark, who isn’t a WV native by his own admission and admitted in a court of law that he shops at Wal-Mart, goes to court again (and trust me, he will), he should probably special order some elastic dress clothes from the internet.

  18. He is now shifting gears on his blog now to put the spotlight on another convicted Putnam County resident. Any comments on this tactic putnamBlob?

  19. Mark, you dumb bastard, you wrote a story about your boy Troy? Seriously, what the fuck? Do you gravitate to the stupid insanity of West Virginia?

    Let me give you a little background. Troy picked his kid up, held him upside down and slammed him into the ground. That wasn’t a “family matter” people were “butting in”, that was child abuse. You are enabling a child abuser by giving them an open forum. He should be watched every minute of every day to make sure he isn’t anywhere near his kids.

    So they searched his house. That IS the police department’s job. They will search the house regardless of what the wife says. Who is to say she is lying. It has happened before. If it was Mother Thresa, they would search the house. Cause they have a warrant and are ALLOWED TO by a court of law.

    Also, what the fuck does this have to do with you? He made harrassing calls, a crime by the way, and so do you. You get arrested and hauled before a judge for that. I think the prosecuter is doing a helluva job cleaning up Putnam County from scum like you and Troy.

    You sack of wasteful worthless flesh….the courts are’t going to let Troy get away with something cause he is your butt buddy, doesn’t happen. Say I commit a robbery. I go to jail. Lenny commits a robbery in the same county. Same prosecuter WILL prosecute her, even if she is my friend. Doesn’t fuckin’ matter.

    So cause Troy and you are “friends” doesn’t mean Mr. Sorsaia doesn’t get to put TroyBoy behind bars. He has ever right cause that is his job and he has the power to do so granted by the state. Don’t like it, Move. Go back to California….where they have that pesky “3 Strikes” law. You fuck up three times (you would be on strike 2 now) and you go to jail for life.

    So yeah, Mr. Sorsaia was in the right to throw convicted Madman Troy (hell, look at his picture) and you in jail.

    Now, go right some more libel slander about someone else. I got all night.

  20. Tybois:

    A correction: The California three strikes law applies to felonies. I am not a felon. You have libeled me.

  21. Easy, Fatlock. I think we all got the chance to see your legal prowess last week. Best to keep the amateur lawyering to a minimum. You joke. Also, surprised you had time to remove Troy Sexton’s man giblets from your mouth long enough to write this.

  22. Hey Mark- ask Troy why he was escorted out of the Winfield- South Charleston JV basketball game this past winter. Make sure you get his EXACT words (while sitting in the crowd of SC parents in reference to their children playing the game). Please be factual this time.

    You libeled the city of Hurricane by stating they pay sex offenders.

    Is the lawyer you contacted about suing Hurricane the same one you have been using to file all these motions/lawsuits in the past?

  23. I clearly stated that Sexton is controversial. I knew that publishing the article would cause discussion and increase readership. I am correct on all counts.

    News outlets often quote controversial people when they say controversial things. From Obama to Charles Manson to Charles Barkley to Kanye West to Newt Gingrich to Rush Limbaugh to Al Franken to Howard Stern. Tyler Hollywood likes making sensational statements. Some people are a walking sound bite.

    Some of Sexton’s comments I agree with. Some, I do not. Readers get to choose whether or not they read the article. It’s a free country.

  24. Mark….would you like to sue me? My address is easy to find. But you don’t have ball one to do what you do in West Virginia here in Virginia, cause we would throw your ass in Western State for a nice long 72 hour psych hold and probably longer after that. Plus, I am the kind to countersue (mostly just for pissing me the fuck off) and you would pay dearly. So come on, find my information and sue me. My county’s Circut Court is awaiting your fun and wonderful little law suit and my lawyers will be answering that lawsuit in Putnam County with an even bigger one. Don’t fuck with me dude, I will make your life a living hell, worse than Walmart ever would.

  25. I just logged into Putnam County’s REAL Newsleader, PutnamLIES, after eating a Saturday evening snack of popcorn, and afterwards, maybe a movie.

    Those…those…pictures…my lower intestines will need intense bleaching after viewing…that.

    Christ, Mark, even your belly-button needs a bra.

  26. Lee:

    Obviously you and the judge have something in common. You check out male bodies. I prefer to look at women. But that’s because I am straight.

  27. Hugo:

    I have never heard or seen a recording of the incident involving Tropy at the game. Because so many people criticize him, I question the accusations. If you have a recording, please email it to me.

  28. Ok. First off, Tybois’ name is his real name.

    Second, you don’t check out females, you check out young nubile bodies. Effeminate bodies. You adore taking pictures of young kids you sick fuck.

    Three. Troy Sexton is worse than you. To align yourself with a man like that just because you got boo’d out of court on your appeal, is a real big mistake, Mark. But you go right on ahead and leave that article up there. It won’t be us that forces you to close your blog down, it’ll be the backlash you created with that article.

  29. Mark, I never threatened you. I just told you I wouldn’t stand for your shit and would countersue. If I libeled you as you claim, sue me. Bring it to court, yeah you will have to come here to do so. Find my address and bring up a lawsuit. You like doing that with Scott Edwards, AEP, Suddenlink and others including people on other blogs including this one. You just don’t like it cause you know I don’t fuck around and will come after you and countersue. You can’t take that. You can’t stand that someone will stand up to Mark Halburn. Well, I will. So, bring your phony baloney lawsuit for libel and let’s see where it goes. I will have your ass in court, will bring up every piece of your past, will ask for psych evals and more. When I am done with you, you will be glad when you reach the WV border. But there in lines the problem. You will never do a damned thing cause you are all talk and nothing else when someone is standing up to you. You are a weakling, a nothing, when someone is ready to fight. You backdown and make baby comments like “grow up” and try to say I am not going by my real name. Dude, I have a fuckin’ birth certificate that says my name is Tybois…..do you have one that says your last name is “Hallburn”? No, it is Halburn.

    So find me, bring your lawsuit and let’s go. Otherwise you are just a little all-talk-no-action pissant for me to laugh at.

  30. Oh and Dude, put a fuckin’ shirt on next time you leave the house. Seriously, no one needs to see that.

  31. Wow, Mark, who isn’t a WV citizen by his own admission and admitted in a court of law that he shops at Wal-Mart? I sense your hatred of gays. So, you’re on a public internet forum and libeling the judge who bitchslapped you by alluding that he’s gay? Who cares if he is? What we care about is justice being handed down in the form of your stupid appeal being shoved down your gullet. For the record, I fucking love cops, I admire anyone who’s badass enough to put their life on the line everyday to keep me and my family safe and to keep idiots like you in check.

    And again with the gay thing? No gay man in their right mind would want to sleep with you. If you think I’m gay, why don’t you ask DOH’lores just how gay I am…

  32. Lee, you’re the one that repeatedly used the word “fag.” And I’ve read the racist comments that you’ve left on forums and emails. So it’s apparent that you are homophobic and racist.

  33. Mark. I have gone through Lee’s posts. No where has he used the word “fag”. This is you trying to ignite a fire that shouldn’t (and won’t) burn. Stop it. Stop trying to incite. Everything you think you can possibly do to try and incite someone into doing something so you can sue them, doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

    Folks, you know he never mentions me in any law suit? Know why he never answers my counterblogging comments above? Because he can’t touch me. he knows this. He knows I am right in every point I make and ever conjecture I offer up. He HATES that. So he avoids me. Even when I call the county (posing as a concerned citizen) and ask to have the street sweepers hit “my area” early in the morning to help with my “breathing problems”.

    They hate him there. They were all to happy to help me out though.

    ::belly laugh commences::


  34. I know what he’s trying to do, Tyler…the fact of the matter is, him and his little playmate are just butthurt over the fact that they have been beaten time and time again.

    Mark, who isn’t a native WV citizen by his own admission and admitted in a court of law that he shows at Wal-Mart, go tell your little buddy to come over to this site and comment without hiding behind proxy servers. Your poorly written love letter to him has many lies in it, but you’ve never been about the truth, let me take care of that for you:

    This is a screen cap of his post on GOW’s site directing traffic to his little racist channel about myself and my daughter:

    As you can see, it contains his home IP address, and I also have records of him making racist comments on my site as well, as well as his usual special-ed gibberish. I also have screen caps of the YouTube channel he made as well that got taken down when I called the WVSP, made a DMCA complaint to his ISP, called news sources I know up there, and called his employer, because it was hate, and harassment, both of which violates his probation. Both of you can be crybabies all you want, the fact of the matter is, I have both of your numbers, no amount of your bellyaching can’t hide the facts. I also have records of YOU visiting my site as well, as well as your multiple usernames and IPs you have tried to use.

    Mark visits here and comments here, making any legal claim to sue as laughable as his defense in his appeal hearing. Both him and his playmate have both visited and commented on my site as well, and the aforementioned reason to sue is about as funny as Mark’s topless pics on putnamLIES.com.

    Besides, Mark, it’s mother’s day. Go to Cali and visit yours in the nut hut, admire her poop paintings on the wall, then walk down and visit your sister who you said was nuts, you all can compare your mental evaluations, one big happy family gathering!

  35. Tyler:

    I copied this post from Lee off your own blog. You can look it up yourself. Then you can apologize. Here’s the proof:

    Mark Fagburn still has “Benadryl” misspelled on his shit site. What a novice. I’m wondering if he knows how to spell “failure?”

    I know he knows how to spell “Troy” “Reach Around” and “KY Jelly”

    Lee said this on January 17, 2010 at 2:22 pm | Reply

  36. Again, Mark. I looked through the posts and did not find anything where Lee repeatedly used the word “fag”. It’s nowhere in these posts.

    Did he use Fagburn once? Yeah, who hasn’t.

    You wanna try again, Taco Belly?

  37. Tyler, did you notice that Mark, who isn’t a native WV’ian by his own admission and admitted in a court of law that he shops at Wal-Mart, avoided the facts presented to him?

    Isn’t that right, Sal Marino?

  38. Troy must be getting better.
    He now admits he still beats his kids.
    The same with his posts as his other personality “Chip” over on WVBroadcasting. Everything he wrote over there about himself is true.

    That’s good, though.
    Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

    It’s probably not something he should be bragging about though. There is still that pesky two years probation thing.

    Of course, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  39. And Halburn?
    YOU were the one that started with the homophobic comments. Remember this one?

    “F-you, Mike. You are trailer trash, you lesbian loving queer.”

    And it was YOU with the racist Mexican comment on your blog as well.

    You’re a piece of shit.
    Please, die in a fire.

  40. First neighborhood I ever saw with a crane yard as the first lot.. kind of reminds me of a Sanford and Son re-run.

  41. Just goes to show you that it was a commercial neighborhood when his second wife bought the house.
    A crane yard and a motel don’t locate in residential areas.

  42. Wow, nice slam on Tod Kaufman. I’m sure he and all his friends would LOVE to hear about this. Good thing I can be sure that happens…

  43. Yeah, pretty much calling a judge gay in an open forum you can’t change isn’t going to bode well for the appeal to the next higher court. Especially since there was no fault of law in the judgment.

  44. That appeal’s going nowhere.
    First of all, fatsack has to find reversible error. There was none here.
    Plus there’s more to a Supreme Court appeal than just filling out a form.
    He won’t be able to bring up anything that wasn’t brought up in his last trial. No new evidence or testimony. He’ll have to pay to have the transcript prepared.
    And from the looks of the “motions” he filed the last time, he has absolutely no grasp of how to do any of the paperwork that’s required.

    Plus, and this is the crux of the biscuit, they’ll have to agree to hear the case, which they won’t.
    That will make this his third legal defeat this year.

  45. Wouldn’t you just love to see ol’ nosack try to take this case to the Supreme Court? Just for shits and giggles. Just to have the media attention around it, so people could laugh at him on a national scale….even more so than they do now. But like EVERYONE knowing who he is and knowing exactly what a fuckin’ moron he is. Would ya just love to see it happen? He would get laughed out of the SCOTUS just for showing up. Ya know, maybe we should encourage it. Whatcha think?

  46. @Mike: Are you shitting me? He actually threatened the Supreme Court of the United States? Dude, those are federal employees, you don’t fuck with the federalies.

  47. Tybois:

    I haven’t been banned from ANY court. Mike is showing why he is “PutnamLIES!” In fact, I was at the WV Supreme Court during the past legislative session.

  48. @Mark: Prove it. I want pictures. Don’t think about asking for money, ya ain’t gettin’ any. Prove you were there.

  49. Mike:

    Regarding your rant on your blog falsely accusing me of stealing a charity’s logo:

    YOU LIE!

    I was approached more than a year ago by Warner’s PR guy about running a story involving his charity. I PERSONALLY met with him at Warner’s law office in downtown Charleston. The PR guy provided photos, info, I interviewed him, and I offered to run his charity logo FREE OF CHARGE. In fact, they provided the logo! Now you may have contacted Warner, who I met that day, (but probably doesn’t recall meeting me as he meets thousands of people and doesn’t remember them all). And I don’t doubt that you trashed me if you talked to him. (Because you are incapable of saying anything nice about me because you are SO JEALOUS that I make money off my web site and your blog COSTS you money!) No, they DID NOT send a Cease and Desist letter. I got a voice mail asking me to pull their logo. I did and replaced it with yet another charity that I met with last week and offered to help-they agreed. If Beyond the Backyard doesn’t want free PR, God bless them. There are plenty of others that appreciate the help. It’s no offense to me. As for your site, people call me every day making fun of your stupidity!

  50. Tybois:

    Now you are showing your stupidity. They don’t allow cameras in the courtroom. And I was in their law library looking up code during most of my visit.

  51. Quote: … I make money off my web site and your blog COSTS you money!

    Um, Blogspot’s free, Magellan. It costs him nothing.

    Dumbass. Do research before you dribble gravy out of your snout.

  52. @Mark: What courtroom doesn’t allow cameras? Unless there is a “No Cameras” ruling by the judge, any courtroom does. Hell, my circuit court does. So, you were “looking up code”….prove it. Otherwise, it never happened.

    Also, prove you met with the Warner’s PR guy and this new charity…otherwise it never happened. You have a habit of lying and anything you say MUST be backed up with sources, pictures, or something reliable to show your story (and mostly that is all it is) is true. Otherwise, it didn’t happen.

  53. Mark. You have been proven a liar at every turn. Yet you scream bloody murder. Again I ask, how can everyone else be wrong and you are the only one right?

    You are a liar. Plain and simple. No go post on your Walblog my marionette. Do it now.

  54. Tybois – supreme court probably doesn’t allow cameras unless you are a legitimate media source, which we know Mark is not. Hence, no pics.

    And as we all know: Pix or it didn’t happen.

  55. Mark – Any truth to the rumor that you’ve been banned from coming on the school property at Hurricane High?

  56. Peachy:

    None. I was there shooting photos of their show choir dinner theater recently. I met a client there to pick up a check Sunday. Probably just another rumor started by a trash blog troll.

  57. Mark – Any truth to the rumor the current administration at Hurricane High does not want you substitute teaching at the school?

  58. Lot of rudder to make a spin…the Show Choir was a public event and meeting a “client” at the parking lot on a non-school day does not count as being welcomed within the school itself.

  59. They don’t want him anywhere in Putnam County.
    It’s why he has to drive to the far end of Kanawha County to babysit a retard class.
    They needed an equal to look after the kids.

  60. I heard Mark is having a hard time voting, because he can’t just link to another voter’s ballot.

  61. Mike:

    Because of the potential conflicy of interest, I choose not to sub in Putnam County. All of my students that you rudely call a “retard class” are smarter than you!

  62. Well, they’re certainly smarter than you, crisco.

    How about giving us a link to the Beyond The Backyard story you say you wrote? Because I think you’re lying about that too.

    As for the WV Supreme Court. You know what the truth is. You’re banned. Do you really want the paperwork printed?

  63. His “conflict” with the Putnam Schools is that they no longer have any “interest” in him working for them.

  64. I know Hallburn is banned from Winfield High, after his lil tirade against the Superintendent for not letting him in the school during a lockdown drill. He went on to post a blog entry about it, and how Mr. Hatfield “trampled” the Constitution by not allowing him in the building during the drill. He tend to forget that school security supercedes his “right to know” during a crisis situation, and this was a simulation of such an event. (actually, he found out they had donuts and free drinks for kids afterwards…)

  65. I know for a fact you’re banned from the West Virginia Supreme Court offices. I’ve seen your photo posted. But it looks like you’d like Mike to go ahead and post the paperwork, so we’ll be waiting.

  66. I hate to make a point of order, but I know of one building you actually are banned from entering. Although it’s not in West Virginia, so maybe you’re not counting that one.

  67. Mike:

    Here’s a link to the Beyond the Backyard event story:


    It was posted April 13th, 2009 at their request. You will see the Beyond the Backyard logo in the artwork that Beyond the Backyard furnished.

    Further evidence that I tell the truth.

    You know, when you hammer a guy for helping a charity with free publicity, you have serious issues.

  68. Jacque:

    If I am banned from any building, anywhere, it is bacause of the extreme paranoia of the people in that building.

  69. So I imagined the multiple threats of serving me with a lawsuit at my office and the multiple phone calls you made to my office just a week prior to speak to someone to have me fired?

  70. That’s a press release not an article, asshole. I knew you’d trot that one out.
    You’re still a fucking low life liar.

    It’s amazing how when you write an article that an ad for that business miraculously appears on your site.
    It ain’t because of your outstanding writing skills either, it’s because you put them there up just to make the site look more appealing to other suckers.

    Is it extreme paranoia to ban someone who calls an office 15 times in 10 minutes demanding to speak to the boss, the boss’ boss, the guy who owns the newspaper, etc.? Someone that screamed and abused the hell out of the receptionist?
    Someone that got in his car and drove over there to violate federal law and cross a state line in order to stalk someone.
    Someone that after they were exposed claimed to be writing a story about Washington DC.

    That’s like saying it’s hard to figure out why Nicole was scared of OJ after he kicked her door in.
    Halburn will now tell us the story of how he met or worked with OJ when he worked for network news.

  71. Mark,

    Posting something on your site doesn’t mean you got permission to do so. Remember…you act without thinking. You get one shred or hint of someone wanting to “do something” and you run with it like a fat kid and his Twinkies.

    Stop running. You are causing all these earthquakes.

  72. Mark: You’re banned from the building because you’re a fucking psychopath. Documented.

  73. Maybe I should post a pic of the picture of fatazz that’s hanging in the WVSCA offices showing that he’s banned. Congrats, you only share that privilege with a couple of convicted felons.

    Notice he said he was in the Law Library, NOT the courtroom, since court security is the one that banned him from the courtroom.

  74. It’s Larck or Carpenter.
    I can’t imagine Girimont having anything to do with him after he deliberately misrepresented her positions twice on his site.

    As she said, “If you wish to ask and print legitimate questions about my campaign, I will accept your questions in writing only and my responses will be in written form.”

  75. I don’t want to debate a fine point, but the District of Columbia doesn’t hand out paperwork for restraining orders for, quote, extreme paranoia. I’m only saying, of course.

  76. Is there any way to track restraining orders by a name that have been filed, say in the last 5 years or so?

  77. Mike:

    Never met O.J. Did news coverage for his trial when I worked at KCAL-TV-9.

    Jacque: While your minions keep accusing me of stalking you, there are co-workers and others that can verify that I was planning the D.C. trip long before your blog targeted me. Those that work in the travel industry often discuss future trips and hotels and tourist attractions with each other. My trip to D.C. had NOTHING to do with you. Sorry to burst your little bubble, but the only time I thought of you was when I saw the bird-crap covered newsrack.

    I hope Troy gets it handed to him. But that’s for another day.

  78. So you deny threatening me, numerous times, with serving me with a lawsuit at my office, and you deny calling my office a week before your trip, numerous times, demanding to speak to someone to have me fired?

  79. Travel industry?
    You never worked in the travel industry, nonuts.
    You were a fucking desk clerk at a motel.
    Which we got you fired from.

    Deny it all you want, but you would have showed up at Jacque’s office had we not called you out on it.
    Your day is coming fatboy.

  80. @Mike: I think it is time to post up the paperwork of him being banned from all these buildings. That will shut his fat can up. Jacque, if you can also (and I don’t think the Examiner would have any problem releasing it to you since you work there) post some paperwork on him being banned from the Examiner building as well. I love seeing nosack backtrack and stumble over his words.

  81. Mark Halburn is a notorious back tracker. See, when he gets caught in lies, he creates a back story. Much like the “press release article” or the “talking to others in the industry about trips” and the like.

    It’s just Mark trying to cover his lies like a my cat tries to cover her poo when she shits in the tub. Not happenin.

  82. Jacque:

    I have never called your employer or you. However, many have admitted contacting my former employer, including just a few oists ago. You also admitted knowing about Lee’s fake letter stunt-the one that was NEVER published on PutnamLIVE.com but WAS published on YOUR blog. Planning for my trip to D.C. began in late 2008 and was discussed in my job interview in January of 2009. So was my June, 2009, trip to Southern California.

    And, yes, I was working in the travel industry and will again, this summer.

  83. Oh, Mark, you most certainly did call my employer. You just never got past the receptionist. I was standing there the entire time you called, time after time, screaming at the receptionist through the phone, trying to bully her into putting you through to my boss, my boss’s boss, the paper’s owner. I was standing there listening to it all, Mark.

    So don’t sit there and try to tell me you never contacted my employer. You did. You most certainly did.

  84. Getting in a car and driving to some locale for some inane reason and then coming back, ripping off some internet site for text and pictures and then posting in a blog, calling it a “travel feature” does not make one a part of the travel industry.

    Dude. The referee called for the bell after the first round and you you are still getting crushed by right crosses.

  85. @Mark: Hey, guess what? You lose again! Debra Girimont lost tonight handedly, probably cause you supported her. Don’t believe me? I have the proof from a real news department.


    You will need to scroll down to “House of Delegates 14th District”. Girimont lost with only 9% of the vote or 434 votes. Hell, people running for my little town’s town council from May 4th got more votes by themselves than she did. So, your issue (and it is only your issue) ain’t gonna go anywhere, Buckwheat.

    Troy Andes will work for his coal interests (not yours) and the other dude, who knows. But your interests will go uncared for just as they are now.

    No one cares about you now, no one cared about you before and no one will care about you in the future. Everytime you think you have a “way out” or “someone on your side”, karma will be there to knock you the fuck down. Cause, boy (and that is all you are is a little boy), let me tell you something….there way you have treated everyone in life, karma will continue to come around and bite you in your ever-widening fatass and karma, she is a bitch when she comes around. Plus when karma isn’t around, we will. So, play for boy-o is over….and the TBA’s time has begun.

  86. So, you fat stalking fucker, you going to apologize for calling the lady a liar when she clearly proved you were lying … AGAIN?!!

    How’s your asshole feeling today from the reaming your candidate got last night? IT was fun watching the returns come in at the courthouse last night. Rumor around the building was she blames you directly.

  87. May 10th and 11th are posted. And yeah, Mark, you are getting hammered here. Why are you more active when you are getting beat up?


    Classic Mark Vance Halburn, who isn’t a WV’ian citizen by his own admission and admitted in a court of law that he shops at Wal-Mart…pwnage.

    I love how he thinks we all are stupid, but he’s proved time and time again he’s got the brain of a severely retarded mental case.

    “Do I get to make an opening thatement??”

    Work on that lisp, Sylvester…

  89. ::scratches his chin::

    Ya know, I was thinking something. This whole heather shopping at Krogers point he made. So, by default then, Mark, you’re saying you only read your own news site for information? You get no help from outside sources? You visit no other news web sites?

    Is this what we are all understanding about your comment?

  90. By the way, faticle…

    You have admitted in a court of law that you shop at Wal-Mart, which means your Wal-Mart mental manifesto is, like we have known all along, a farce. There’s audio proof of it…

    Take it down, no one cares about you. Never have, never will.

  91. If someone on their own time is shopping at Kroger’s what business is it of the publisher’s…or does he have another stalking target?

  92. It was a female Walmart associate he was confronting … And we all know how he feels about the ladies.

  93. We do have to remember one thing – the kids in the classroom he subbing in didn’t get a choice of who would be in there; we should not make comments about them for a situation they had no control over.

  94. So, 9% of 434 people voted for the candidate Mark supported… that makes.. oh… let’s say 39 people.

    1. Mark Hallburn
    2. PutnamJohnny
    3. Christy
    4. Dave
    5. Dennis3Kids
    6. Dawn
    7. Duane
    8. Edwardssucks
    9. TV Dude
    10. Randy
    11. LeeIsAFraud
    12. LeeLovesGOWAndJoanne
    13. Mark in OC
    14. It’s Mark
    15. GrandStrandGirl
    16. HuntingtonRocks
    17. 1015RiverRat
    18. Carolina Mark
    19. CleanBreeze
    20. NewsguyMark
    21. James1977
    22. Earl MacArthur
    23. John T. Reed
    24. Randall Scott
    25. Tom Potter
    26. Jacque Jo
    27. GirlOfWords
    28. aimguest5889903
    29. Rich Chrampanis
    30. Sal Marino
    31. James
    32. Mark H
    33. aimguest3942786
    34. David
    35. Blair McGinnis
    36. meeboguest839442
    37. AndesSucks

    Assuming that Debs and her hubby voted for her, that makes… 39. Granted, 37 of the votes were from Mark’s multiple personality disorder, but his ass is fat enough, so they just let him keep going.

  95. I never “supported” Girimont. I simply reported about her campaign. And I never called JJ’s employer. PROVE it, JJ! PROVE IT!!!!! And you just HAPPENED to be hanging oput at the receptionist’s desk when you “knew” that “I” was going to “call.”{ Yea, right! Here’s waht REALLY happened. One of your imaginary Internet friends pretended to be me. Like Lee pretended to be Roger Dunlap… Only I saw through his scam abd scammed YOU into posting HIS letter on YOUR blog! Pwned!!!

  96. Mark:

    You fucking ADMITTED IT in an email to Jacque, you stupid cocksucker.

    “… Starting with your initial post, you have consistently crossed the lines of common decency, common sense, and civil behavior. Since you have used your employer’s computer and bragged about your job, I would like your employer to telephone me at the number below…”

    That’s what YOU wrote, Mark Halburn. YOU wrote that. No one else. You are responsible for your words. YOU admitted you were calling Jacque’s job. You had called SEVERAL times, and that is why Jacque was at the front reception desk. Because she couldn’t believe that you would have the fucking nutsack to attempt to call again. But call you did. And called and called.

    And don’t make me prove you a liar on the Deb G thing, too. Because you know I will, fatsacks.

  97. LIE!!!

    Mark. You acknowledged you called Jacque in an email conversation with her! She’s already linked it, you fucking idiot! It stares you in the face and yet you still deny it!?

    No one pretended to be you, Mark. You know you called her work. She mailed you a warning…and since you don’t have the balls to click the link to see the truth slapping your fat jowls, let me help you.

    Jacque wrote:

    Under no circumstances are you to ever call my place of employment again. If you continue to harass my employer, I will obtain a restraining order against you. I’m not kidding around.

    You responded with:

    Stop harassing my family through your various blogs and forums. Starting with your initial post, you have continuously crossed the lines of common decency, common sense, and civil behavior. Since you have used your employer’s computer and bragged about your job, I would like your employer to telephone me at the number below. Does it make you feel good to allow people to use your blog to attack a toddler? My wife? Her 84-year-old mother…

    She asked you to stop calling and you respond with a typical “only if you stop harassing me” type of response. Fess up Mark. You know you called. It’s easy to check phone records. Seriously, I cannot fathom why you are such a total and complete idiot.

    “It is considered highly unlikely that even an individual who has sustained severe brain damage would perform this poorly.”

    That there? Is an understatement.

  98. I feel…something big….coming. Can’t stop….it. Creeping. Want to, but fighting it. Oh man, hard to resist.

    Could it be the…

  99. why do I get the feeling “Pwned” is the new “Epic Fail”?

    Mark, welcome to 2003… blue house owned by MIL/wife is still only worth $90k

  100. Wait, fat-tard, early in this very thread you accuse her (by proxy) of knowing about Lee’s fake letter to you (which she’s been honest about, she did, she blogged about it and made you look really fucking stupid), and now you’re saying you tricked her?

    Jesus H. Christ, you’re a mental case. You don’t know which personality is speaking, do you?

    Now that not one, but two people, have pointed out you did fucking call her office — you fat psychotic stalking motherfucker — you should grease up your Crisco lips to apologize. Retard.

  101. Never supported Girimont?

    You shit yourself as soon as she announced she was running for the seat.

    Then your thinly veiled fawning stories began:

    Girimont Announces Run For House
    Girimont Wants WV Vacation Tax Credits
    Girimont To Hold Town Hall Chat
    WV Chamber Endorses Girimont
    Girimont Announces “Electronic Town Hall”

    And remember this one?:
    “Putnam County Holds Tailgate Party”

    Where you misrepresented her participation and when she asked for a printed retraction, you only deleted the statement from the article but didn’t make it clear to your readers that she never represented herself to you or anyone else as a sponsor of the Tailgate Party.

    Remember that?

    She also paid you $150 for ads.

    You gave NO other candidate that level of coverage.

    Black and Carpenter (who you conveniently didn’t point out was not born in WV as you constantly do about Schoen and Andes) got their announcements published and that’s it. Larck, Andes and Savilla got jack squat.

    The obvious explanation is that you were in the bag for her from the get-go.

  102. Mike:

    Black and Savilla never or rarely returned phone calls or emails seeking info. Black finally returned an email and bought an ad in the last few days of the campaign. Otherwise both would have received more coverage. Black, Girimont, and Carpenter sent out early releases and got free annoucements. Carpenter later bought an ad and then an event annoucement. ZGirimont’s campaign sent out a very early annoucement, and several news releases and built a web site. She held some live chats, she proposed the WV in-state tourism tax break. Simply put, her campaign seeked and received publicity. The fact that she attacked an incumbent of her own party was newsworthy. Larck did get an announcement. All candidates can send in op-ed pieces and letters to the publisher. It’s not my fault that they don’t. They know wher/how to find me. Again, you have been less than truthful.

  103. “Lenny” sending her an email asking her employer to call me is NOT calling her nor is it admitting that I called her.

  104. Oh, so you’re saying she didn’t have anything better to do than tell you if you called AGAIN … not if you called, but if you called AGAIN … you’d be hit with a restraining order?


    So, keep flapping your obese jowls. Every time you deny it, you just look like an even bigger retard.

  105. Mark! You retard! You shit eating, fat jowled, retard! Stop you God damn lying and answer ME! Why don’t you confront ME!? Huh? Because you like to bully women and you think Jacque Jo has something to do with PutnamLIES @ blogspot. You attack Lenny just as easy now because it was revealed Lenny is a she and that pisses you off.

    But face facts, jackwipe, your ass is handed to you more often by women here and it just kills you! KILLS you to see that happen. So you ignore myself, Buzz, Peachy and all the other guys here because you are afraid of us.

    You should be more afraid of the ladies here because they will rip you apart faster than a river full of piranha.

    Not sure if you heard my show tonight, Mark, but I impolred you to sop the denial and finally face the truth…the first step…is just admit it.

  106. Yeah, he hates it when a man finds some shit on him, then calls the po-po and cries like some baby, lying about harassment and stupid shit like that.

    However, he has done the same thing to both men AND women, when the tables are turned, he cowers in a corner sucking the teat of a newly plucked chicken fresh from the bucket!

  107. Halburn: You are a liar. You know damn well you called her place of employment. You may not have been connected with her boss, but we all know that was your intent. You wanted “retribution” for us having gotten YOU fired from a job. A job that is NOT in the travel industry. I was in the travel industry for YEARS. Hotels = hospitality. Hotels =/= travel industry.

    You are a liar in the worst way.

  108. I would LOVE for him to call the cops on me. LOVE it. Cause that would be all the provocation I would need to go all psycho on him. Hell dude, I have even told you what county I live in and what state, so it wouldn’t tough. But you would have to stand up to a guy and you ain’t got ball one to do it.

    Plus, all I would have to do is show the cops this very blog and they would walk out the door laughing….at you. Cause, see, around here, in Virginia, we wouldn’t put up with your bullshit for more than a second. Maybe they do in WV, but in VA, it would stop in seconds. You would have a fat record and a padded room with your name.

    So yeah, call ’em Mark. Go ahead. I am giving your permission. You got nothing to call them about, but go ahead. Do something. You think I have libeled you, sue me. File suit. You know I will respond. Ain’t gonna do it cause I am a Dude. But you will bully Lenny cause she is a Dudeette. Not cool.

    I wouldn’t take on Lenny or Jacque. They would fuck your day up. Me, I’ll just slam back with facts, they slam back with facts and fangs to make things sting a little more. So, I think you might want to let up on Lenny and Jacque before they come out with the big guns. They have ’em and they’ll use ’em….and it will be oh-so-hilarious when they do, nosack.

  109. Shhhhh! Don’t tell him that I pack heat! That way, when he decides to make a trip to the deep south, it’ll be a surprise. I’m just saying that the gun laws here are quite liberal. One step towards me, and it’ll be your last. L-to-the-A-S-T.

  110. Ok this is like the 4th time Ive asked this question… Ive asked Mark what degrees does he hold. Is it just journalism or does he also have education a degree?

  111. Refering to the remark that Mark made about not teaching in Putnam COunty cause of a conflict of interest… Mark the reason that you do not sub in Putnam County is that they require that you hold a valid teaching certificate. You can not sub without one, but you can sub in Kanawha and Lincoln County with only a 4 year degree…

  112. Wow.

    A 50 year old man with a 4-year degree negating to substitute babysitting, working menial jobs, and running an online rag that he thinks is the best thing since CNN.


  113. You’re the alleged newsman, fuckstick. Every candidate did or said something newsworthy during the campaign. It’s really not up to them to let you know every time they do something. A real journalist finds stories and writes about them.

    And It’s not your fault that they don’t contact you?
    It’s EXACTLY your fault they don’t. All intelligent politicians know you’re an asshole that can’t be trusted.
    Do you deny misrepresenting what Girimont said and did? Do you deny the fact that she asked you for a written retraction and you never did it? Do you deny taking a quote from her website and passing it off as if you had interviewed her?

    Only a candidate with their head up their ass would have anything to do with you.
    And it shows. Most of the candidates that you were pimping were defeated.
    The public knows. Anyone that would associate with you is not fit to hold office.

  114. “Mike” You talk trash behind a bogus name. You have ZERO credibility and I am told that daily by loyal readers. And Bobby Warner’s PR guy’s name is Chris Walls. But don’t try harassing him, he works for a lawyer. He will put your sorry backside in the slammer. On second thought, go ahead. Locking you up in a padded room will do us all a favor.

    Tyler, I called you out months ago. You lied on your show about your co-host, Walmart, and tried to rationalize both. You’re too much of a wimp to do a live, on-location debate. You’re talented but lack credibility. Anyone can talk tough when they can talk over a guest and cut them off. That’s amateur trash radio. And that’s the game you play!

  115. Is there an echo in here? I could swear I have heard this A THOUSAND TIMES ALREADY!

    Fuck you, Mark. You are all pissed off because I am good at what I do. I don’t need to explain myself to your imaginary, loyal readers. I’m more loyal than anyone of your imaginary friends to your site as it is and that just broke my heart to hear myself say that.


    Not really.

    I don’t have to remind you that I have been in radio (2002) longer than you have been in radio with all your jobs combined. I’ve been named one of the Top 50 most influential Internet radio broadcasters two years running, shitbag. That’s by a reputable and leading magazine in the talk radio business, Talkers Magazine.

    I have more credibility in the tip of my penis than you do on your entire 300 410 pound body. Oh, just for the record, you still want $10,000 for a live remote to be done to offset the cost of what a live remote would cost you. Not happening…anywhere, ever. You should know this, being in radio before.

    Also, let me remind you that the last time you called I was polite, I let you have the air time, I never cut you off and I thanked you for your call.

    Well, I got three fingers for ya, Mark. Read between the lines. Of course, you are always welcome to call into the show again, I have several question that I would like honestly answered. If you do not call in, then we will all be pretty much convinced you are just a big bag of shit, wasting his life getting NOTHING done.

  116. Your “loyal” readers tell you what you want to hear, nonuts.
    I know who the PR guy there is at Beyond the Backyard, shithead.
    We’ve already talked to everyone involved there and they say you’re a damn dirty liar.
    You published a news release and stole their logo.

    And you still don’t deny lying about Debra Girimont.

  117. ::snaps his fingers several times:: Hey marionette. It’s the 13th. Lets get on that Walblog, scumbag. I got creative writing to do. MY loyal readers are waiting.

  118. Hey Mark? KTRX 1650 AM & soon, WTRX FM. Plus, Transmitters in McKinney, TX, Johnson City TN, Knoxville TN, Kingston TN, Bristol VA and Bullhead City AZ.

    Transmit that, moron.

  119. Tyler: All bush league minor markets. As for KTRX, at 1650, that’s somewhere to the right of the glove box in most cars. And at 1650 with ground conductivity, and low-powered night signal, that means my glove box light has more power. Let’s quote the KTRX web site: “When The Sun Sets Recpetion of 1650 may degrade siginificantly.” That means by the time your show is on, the signal goes, oh, a few feet.

  120. Mark, you dumb bastard. 1610 to 1700 AM are actually some of the clearer AM signals cause no one is there. One, like yourself, can tune to AM 1630 RIGHT FUCKIN’ NOW and get KCJJ from Iowa or to AM 1700 and get WEUP from Alabama. The “extended AM band” as it is called is one of the clearer parts of the band (with the exception of the 700s) due to the lack of interference. KTRX will experience some due to general nighttime interference all AM stations experience, but will still cover its primary coverage area. The same would happen to your local WIHY in Hurricane, if they didn’t have to go off the air at night to protect clear channel WBT AM out of Charlotte.

    So when you try to “school” us on your “knowledge” of the AM band, do get your facts straight (not like that has stopped you before) and don’t do it in the prescence of someone who has been studying the workings of the AM band for YEARS.

  121. Tybois:

    I tried listening to KTRX 1650 AM and could not get it. Probably because, quoting its own web site, “When The Sun Sets Recpetion of 1650 may degrade siginificantly.”

  122. Or perhaps because WHKT out of Portsmouth, also on 1650, will overpower KTRX because it is closer to West Virginia than KTRX is. Did ya happen to think of that. Also, did you do this in the house? You couldn’t get WLW inside with all the interference from your TV, your computer, fuck, your fridge. You need to go outside to your car and use that radio. Yes, walking will be involved. Otherwise, you aren’t picking anything up on AM unless it is booming local.

  123. ::chuckles::

    Wiki? Christ, Mark. Do you shop on Criagslist too? Jesus Fuckin Christ. I should have figured you would quote Wiki or some 1990’s shit like that by the look sof your Geocities looking, mid nineties web shit you have.

    And yes, some of those are low reach area’s. But they still have transmitters that transmit the signal and I have listeners there. By the way, KTRX is in North Dallas. But see, this isn’t the point. Those are stations that have asked to have my show on the air so they can have some edgy, new shows that bring something different to those stations.

    The big point here is I utilize the biggest fucking transmitter in the world…the Internet. You are so stuck in your 1990’s look at the world that you can’t see the next wave of talk radio. That will be done by utilizing the internet, skippy. I have listeners that call in from Belgium, Estonia, Southamton UK, China and all across the United States, dickbag. I don’t NEED to be syndicated to reach that kind of audience.

    As far as being a legend in my own mind? Nah. I was born a legend, my friend. That is arrogant, cocky, in your face and guess what, I’m still well liked. It’s called confidence, son. I have a ball sack full of it too. Something you will NEVER have in your pathetic life. So you keep on being jealous of good ole Hollywood here and you keep on making an ass of yourself.

    I’m having fun with it.

  124. But in a court of law, has he name dropped Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    No. Only real legends in their own minds pull that kind of insipid bullshit.

    You miserable fuck. You probably ignored your wife and child all night so you could look this shit up. It’s no wonder your wife cheats on you.

  125. The race is on: Whose balls will drop first: Justin Beiber’s or Mark Halburn’s.

    I have money on the Beibs, as I doubt Mark has balls in there at all.

  126. You are not going to pick up KTRX 1650 or 99.9 KQRO FM from West Virgina. It’s in North Dallas and the transmitter is not that big.

  127. But you have to ask, what is worse? Beiber’s “singing” or Hallburn’s “journalism”?

  128. God dammit, Mark. Shut.the.fuck.up.

    You barely know how to fucking operate the radio in your car, let alone “school” ANYONE on transmitter strength!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Christ, you’re a fucking retard.

    Say, I have an idear…let’s visit that one website where you spammed it with links to your shitball rag under fake names and copped an attitude with the admins…what was the name?? Oh yea! WVBroadcasting.net! It’s where your pal Jerry Watters posts, you know…the one where you stole a post of his and made it look like he wrote into your rag? The one dude you tried to get fired from his job? Remember? We do!

    Besides, some of the best engineers in the biz ’round these parts posts there, why don’t you grow a sack or three and ask them about transmitter stuff? Oh yeah, the admins has banned you from posting under fake names…just your real one! How’s that for hilarity?

    And don’t start with your *somethingsomethingIworkedforthe#1markedintheworldsomethingsomething*. That’s the thing, you USED to, until you were fired. You came here thinking you were some radio GOD but quickly got schooled by professionals like Spike Nesmith and others…then you were F.I.R.E.D!!!!

    Face it, you couldn’t cut it in the big leagues, or in small market radio. You just suck at everything you do.

  129. Mark must have either totally sucked at his job or done something really fuckin’ stupid on the job (probably both) to get fired in the Land of Excess. To get fired in the LA Market is really damned tough. Mike, think you could dig up some “long-lost” documents on Hallburn’s firing in LA or even there in WV?

  130. Oh Ty, I’ve heard stories.

    In fact, I’ll ask the gang at WVBroadcasting.net to email Mike some stories. I’m sure they’d be happy to oblige!

  131. Oh, I bet that they would :)

    Hey Tyler, just a quick note: the clock here on the blog replies is off by an hour. Just letting ya know.

  132. For the gang here, I dug up a little nugget (shit nugget that is!) of Mark posing as one of his spooge-drenched sock puppets, 1015RiverRat taking a “shot” at Jerry Watters:


    I worked with Mark at Cingular. Like a lot of radio refugees, he made more money outside of the business and did well outside of the business. He always saw radio as a creative business run by cheapskates and populated with egomaniacs. So he started his own company, taught part-time, and figured radio would never last. We worked in radio 20 years apart but agree on those conclusions. At Cingular Mark’s customers and co-workers appreciated his work. One of us offered to re-design his logo free of charge. Mark paid him anyway. You have made a career out of making fun of Mark. How is your career doing? Mark’s website is online and still making money. He says he makes more money running a website than working in radio. We had lunch today. Mark bought a new car in August and just paid it off. He and his wife own a beautiful home. Most of us live in apartments. You laugh at Mark. He laughs at you all the way to the bank. Jerry, you hate Mark. You say he tried to get you fired. Obviously Mike Robinson made that move. Your New Somalia comments were just one of your issues.”

  133. Wow, Mark can’t even NOT lie when he’s speaking of himself in third person. “Mark bought a new car in August and just paid it off.” Is that the POS turqoise dream machine that’s at least 10 years old? I guess that qualifies as “new.”

    “He and his wife own a beautiful home.” Orly? Smurf blue= beautiful apparently, and as we ALL know, he doesn’t even own a blade of grass.

    Can someone list all the jobs he’s been fired from thus far???


    Tyler for the win!

    What a fat crybaby, but we all knew that!

    It’s always been a farce, but the audio of him saying in a COURT OF LAW that he shops at Wal-Mart made his whine blog even more of a farce.

    Thanks for the heads up, Tyler. …and now I know, and knowing is half the battle!

  135. Annie:

    Comfort Inn
    Best Buy
    Point Pleasant Register
    LM Communications — From Shadow via the WVBroadcasting.net board:

    “Did you guys know that Hallburn used to be the morning on air “talent” for Mix 100.9? The fat, sandal wearing, “king of all Media”, would sneak into sales meeting, grabing the donuts and bear claws off the tables, and quickly waddle back to the studio. This was just a few steps down the hall from the WKLC Rock 105 control room. He dreamed of replacing the 105 PD, Bill Bopp, but owner Lynn Martin didn’t see it that way. Before he was fired from the St. Albans stations, he got fired from Best Buy in Huntington, as a sales clerk. He’s a real piece of work.”

    To clarify, Mark was NOT the morning “talent”, he was a board op for the Bob and Sherri Morning Show. What that means is he sat on his fat ass and pushed a couple of buttons and turned a few dials up and down for a few hours.

  136. Wow, the Point Pleasant Register?? The same paper that allows any college kid who wants to write be a “reporter?” That is talent my friends- to be fired from a paper that allows all comers to write.

    That’s a rather impressive list Lardo.

  137. You left out the Lincoln Journal, where he was fired after telling a State Trooper if he didn’t let him off the hook with the moving violation, he’d write a negative story about him and get him in trouble. Can’t lie about that one, fatsack. It can be backed up with documents.

  138. BTW, just sent Mark’s psych exam to a friend who is a teacher at Riverside. It will be passed to the appropriate folks, don’t you worry.

  139. That’s funny, Lee, I never worked with Shadow, never even met the man. I also had my own show, did news for Rock 105, news for 100.9 The Mix, worked on what is now “The Dove” and handled all of the public affairs shows. You know the ones, that keep all of the VERY VALUABLE licenses current!

    Tyler: What is the power of KTRX? How about those other stations?

  140. KTRX 1650 is a 100 mW, low power station. Reaches approximatively, 250 people.

    Bullhead City’s transmitters range from 100 mW to 300 mW. I have no idea how many they have now. At one point it was just two.

    Detour Talk has several 100 mW transmitters in the Tri City area. The big one, is in Knoxville and I am unsure as to the power on that one.

    That’s from memory. I can get with the engineer at TRX because he has all the technical info.

    However, we concentrate on the Internet stream. Listed on 1.FM, iHeard, iTunes, Windows Media, UBroadcast, RadioTower.com and a few others I have no doubt forgotten.

    Anything else?

  141. Mark, why is it you aren’t featured anywhere on the website of Rock 105 or 100.9 The Mix in the Internet Archives? Is it because you were a board op and are a lying sack of shit?

  142. Tybois:

    I have no idea. I know I was listed on the website for 100.9 The Mix when I was there. I did some board-op work. But I also did news, weather, public affairs, had my own show, etc.

  143. Tyler:

    I can’t blame you for concentrating on the Internet. That’s the way to go now. However, when you mention all the stations, you neglect to mention that they are low power stations. You should do that in the interest of disclosure. I have said many times that you are talented. But you need to tell the whole truth. That’s where we got off on the, well, bad side. You trashed me on your show without calling me. You told half truths about your co-host and your Walmart. And all the while you attack MY credibility!

  144. And one other thing… I am tired of the stalking accusations. After all, it was JJ that published photos of her and the other (D— S—) diva posing for pictures within YARDS of my HOUSE! While she CLAIMED to be checking out the noise, she NEVER came onto the property to investigate nor met with the victims. (Kind of like TYLER refuses to come here!) So the REAL stalker is your favorite D— S— Diva!

  145. Mark:

    Having worked in radio in the #1 radio station in Northern Michigan, and co-hosting my own show on TRX, I can say, with authority: Fuck You.

    No one is required to tell you the power of the transmitters. For terrestrial radio, that is pre-recorded, top of the hour stuff. KTRX, even with a “lower powered” transmitter and reaching 250 people is far more influential than your piece of shit blog.

    TalkRadioX can also claim something that your little copy and paste fest never could… original content. Tyler is #1 for a reason, he is mad talented, devoted to his craft, and even more fiercely devoted to telling the truth.

    So go cry into your KFC Famous Bowl, you’ve lost… again.

  146. Sycophant Smith may want to look up JOHN SMITH v. DR. DJ BRADLEY, PRESIDENT, FAIRMONT STATE UNIVERSITY, No. 33156 (Per Curiam)(April 13, 2007). The circuit court denied Smith’s request for attorney’s fees and costs because he was a pro se litigant.
    A litigant who does not hire an attorney is not entitled to reimbursement for attorney’s fees.

    In other words, Fatsack Jr, If you don’t have a attorney, you can’t get attorney’s fees.

    Let’s also not forget Halburn was fired from The Charleston Daily Mail, WPDE, KECR, KCAL, KCBS, & KGTV, plus his unsuccessful stint as an insurance agent.

  147. Mark, what is the rule here on the internet? Pics or it didn’t happen. Screenshot of the website or you weren’t on it.

  148. Mark,

    I don’t have to mention anything when I mention the radio stations. Hell, they are happy I mention them. This is the age of the Internet, son, you can look things up and find that shit out for yourself.

    And why is it I have no credibility because I have been asked to be on these stations? I was ASKED to be on these stations! I didn’t go searching for them. Hell, my show was #1 on 1650 for most of 2009. It’s been a fun gig with them. I got that because I had credibility.

    Now, you like to keep throwing this whole deal of Walmart and my co host and all that in my face. That’s how you roll. You grab on to what you think is a big deal and you live off that. I already explained myself on all that and even apologized for my error. Stop living in the 90’s man.

    And do NOT get me started on this live remote thing. You don’t even know what one is, other than the fact you scab free t-shirts, bumper stickers and food from them. So fuck off there.

    Also, don’t try and deflect here. It doesn’t work. You were stalking our friend, she heard you on the phone and as much as you don’t think that’s what you were doing, that’s what you were doing. You got in too deep, Mark. Now you are trying to backtrack like a ten year old boy that’s run across a rabid dog. It’s not going to work and each time you try to move anywhere by to safety (which in this case is the truth) you get bit.

  149. Tybois:

    Since when do you play by the rules considering how often you libeled me? No one says I have to be on a station’s web site to be on the air. Your ignorance is showing-again!


    I am sure they are glad for the plug. Considering their low-power status, it may be the only time they get any PR.

  150. Mike:

    I wasn’t fired from KCBS, KCAL, KGTV, or as an insurance agent. You need to do your homework. You have libeled me again, with the assistance of Tyler who continues to allow defaming statements on his blog.

  151. Fuck you Halburn. Come and get me.

    A special shout out to Harry Stamper for cluing us in to the Teays Valley Sheetz on May 6!

    And I quote:

    “Yet another PutnamLies exclusive…
    Winfield McDonald’s will be closing in June/July…
    Bridge construction/repairs will be extended 1-2 months due to structural damage to the north side support pillar…
    more to follow

    Oh, yeah… Sheetz is still on, despite what Mark “reported”… was told first hand he wouldn’t get any “exclusive” information due to his former track record, and he is “a joke”… “

  152. Mark is 300 pounds.
    Mark shops at Walmart.
    Mark is crazy.
    Mark eats KFC.
    Mark has been fired from several jobs.
    Mark has called the Washington Examiner.
    Mark has a large belly.
    Mark is a bully.
    Mark is a trespasser.
    Mark is not well liked.
    Mark has a blog.
    Mark doesn’t have a real teaching degree.
    Mark isn’t a full time teacher.
    Mark whines a lot.
    Mark lies.

    I can go on, but the question remains…where has anyone libeled you with these statements?

  153. Mark – is the fact you do not substitute in Putnam County due to you not having a teaching certificate that is required for the county? Are you using the “conflict of interest” as a lame excuse?

  154. “Peachy”

    Since starting PutnamLIVE.com, except for a temporary job that I took at Wackenhut (when I already had a job lined up at Cingular, in Kentucky) and resigned, I have mostly worked outside of Putnam County to avoid a conflict of interest. I have never sought to apply at Putnam County Schools so I do not know what their requirement is.

    I don’t want Putnam County Schools to think I am working on their campuses to look for a news story for http://www.PutnamBLOB.com. That
    would not be ethical.

  155. You’re just the poster child for ethics aren’t you fatboy? Don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on your backfat.

    If you’re so fucking ethical, why did various websites have to force you into disclosing that your second wife and her mother (who doesn’t live there, but you use her to cheap out on paying your fair share of taxes) own the house next to the Walmart you bitch about? If you’re so fucking ethical, why didn’t you ever disclose in your Walmart blog that you were a regular shopper there?

  156. Mr Ethics lying yet again.

    From his sometimes there, sometimes gone blog:
    “May 1st, 2009:
    However, I was off work today and, at the time, was teaching a high school class across town!”

    I’m sure fucknozzle will have some convoluted explanation for this such as, “By across town I meant in Ohio” or “I never said I never worked there, I just never applied there” or “I said Mostly” or some other such shit.

    Enter through the side gate, motherfucker.

  157. Mark,

    Do you think because you took down your walblog that whatever you put in it never happened? God you are the dumbest person I have ever met.

  158. Mark – surely with your ace investigative reporting ability you know what the requirements are to substitute teach in Putnam County. Lame, really lame to say the least.

  159. That’s the great thing about the internet. Things never go away.

    People or future employers will be able to search for Halburn’s name and find out who he really is.

  160. Peachy:

    Since it doesn’t pertain to me, I never looked into it. But I will. It would also put me in an ackward situation IF, and that’s an IF I had to report a negative story. Like the time that I had to report that 19 of 21 school cafeterias had critical health department code violations.

  161. So….then what happened to it? Give up? Come to the realization it’s not working? Get all huffy because of my creative writing skills? Didn’t like dancing for us?

  162. Mark…MY ignorance? Come on Put, you aren’t even trying anymore. Also, the hyphen, not necessary.

    All good radio stations list all their on-air staff from the weekday crew to the weekend warriors. You aren’t on there, you weren’t on the air. But since I am a nice guy, I will make it easy for you. Provide audio of you live on the air for over a minute. Doing the top of the hour ID isn’t on the air. Anyone can open the mic and say “WKLC St. Albans”, I want to actually hear you talking at length live on the air straight off Rock 105 or 100.9, otherwise it is your word against all of ours.

    Also, prove you weren’t fired from KCBS/KCAL, KGTV, or as an insurance agent. Remember, you have a long storied history of lying, so if you tell us the sky is green with yellow polka dots, we are going to verify it before believing you. You now need to back yourself up with proof.

    Also, I libeled you? I did? Then sue me. Bring about a lawsuit, take it to court (need the address?) and sue me. I will file back a nice counter-suit and own your hovel and everything in it and then sell it to Scott Edwards for $90,000. :) Piss me off and see what happens.

  163. Look for comments about traffic disrupting the whole fam damily in the yard this evening of the MIL’s house… I lost count at 25. This was around 8:00 but the evening was still young.

  164. Tybois:

    Do your own research.

    As for Libel, when you said I had two strikes, referring to California’s Three Strikes law, you were saying I am a twice-convicted felon. Not true. Now please post YOUR record!

  165. Tyler:

    You’re bragging that you’re #1 on a station that has all of 250 listeners? Which means only five are awake when you are on? Now YOU are getting desperate!

  166. No problem Mike… just doing my part to keep PutnamLies our true “breaking news leader”. And doing my part to report on places other than next to a Walmart, or things not related to bashing politicians or “excessive noise”…

  167. Sure, arrested once (once pally) in 2003 for Disorderly Conduct, which was thrown out by the county prosecuter on the count of overzealous cops and the fact I wasn’t marandized. Anything else ya need to know?

    No, I don’t need to do my own research, you need to back up your own statements with facts. You are a caught-red-handed-on-numerous-occasions liar, so my belief in anything you say is negative ZERO. So you need to prove everything you say with facts cause facts you do not have. Only thing you have is your word and in a court of law, your word isn’t good enough, on the internet, it is less than not good enough.

    But back to the libel….if I libeled you, sue me. You won’t do it cause you would literally have to find me, find my address, find my full name, find a lawyer to take your case. All I have to do is get Jacque, Tyler, Lenny, Mike, to name a few to come to the trial as character witnesses AGAINST you with big globs of information they have already dug up (like your psych eval) and your little lawsuit is out. Mine, well, it will just have begun. That is what scares you and the bigger reason you won’t do it. You know, one you will lose and two, I will win my countersuit…and make you pay dearly. So, come on nosack. Let’s go. Court is about 5 miles from here. Let’s go.

  168. Who was bragging, Mark? I was doing something you obviously have no idea about. Stating fact. Jim, over at the 1650 studios, gave us a list, on air, at the end of 2009 in a sort of matter of fact segment. It was appreciated to know we had some impact for him.

    Was it only 250 people, of which perhaps 5-10 people listen? yeah, probably. So what? It’s 5-10 people more than will ever listen to you.

    By the way, don’t bother bringing back the Walblog, we have proven here time and again that it’s a crock of shot and simply…sucks.

  169. Oh Mark, when you say the Walblog “still exists”, that is a crock. I found your directory page (damn the things Google can do) and went through all the pages. It ain’t listed. So, unless you have it on some wordpad document, it isn’t online. Sorry sackless….it doesn’t exsist. :)

  170. Hey Mark? How’d that job interview go the other day? Rumor mill has it your babysitting job of those special needs kids came to an end or was it someone took a close look at some paperwork (sent to someone of importance) and you were canned?

    We’ll leave that for speculation.

  171. Peachy/Mike:

    In the past 10 days you’ve posted pictures of me in my yard and comments about me and my family in my yard. Why are you STALKING me?

  172. It’s OK for you but not anyone else?

    You’re the fat orca parading around shirtless in public.
    We’re doing the public a favor by warning them of what they might see.
    You’re the one holding some hillbilly convention on a lawn where the noise is supposedly so loud that it”s unbearable.

    There’s no expectation of privacy in public, shithead.

    We’re watching all right. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    We’ll be all around in the dark – We’ll be everywhere. Wherever you can look. Wherever there’s a fat guy bullying someone, we’ll be there.

    Don’t bother looking for the blog. It’s gone.
    He’s just trying to drive up his hits by getting people looking for it.
    When it reappears the TBA will be the first ones to let everyone know.

  173. ::chuckles and shakes his head:: So he has hidden it. Wants us to find it. I don’t give a shit, but what is funny is that if he has hidden it, what good is it if his “readers” can’t read it?

    Fuckin retard.

  174. “Mike” I don’t depend on you and your fake names/Internet “friends” to drive up my hits. I don’t need you. However, you are OBSESSED with me!

  175. Nah, man. No one is obsessed with you, Mark. You visit here several times a day, just to see if we said something about you. Your blog? You didn’t send it to any loyal readers. You don’t have any. If you did, it ended up in Spam mail.

    You are done, Mark. You have nothing left to say about Walmart. Now you just come here and bitch.

    Wanna see how obsessed we are?

  176. Interesting fact. Mark says he doesn’t need us and we are obsessed with him?

    200 comments from Mark…is the top post count here on this blog. Next closest was 159.

    Let me get this straight. Who doesn’t need us and who is obsessed? Lets see how long he goes with the shoe on the other foot. I’ve unapproved every comment of his but his last.

    Like Mark on his site, I’ll approve what comments I want. But he’s going to have to send me proof of something he says he has each time.

    What should be first?

  177. Yeah. He doesn’t need us to drive up his hits.
    He can do that himself from his office at his second wife’s house, where he “works” when he’s not stalking someone or dodging his B&O taxes.

  178. “Mike” Why would I pay B & O taxes when the city says I do not have to? I am the one being stalked. The pictures have been posted on your blog and JJ’s blog to prove it, in addition to the comments here. Go away, STALKER!

  179. Mark- why no credit in your story about Sheetz? You read about it first on PutnamLIES.com 2 weeks ago… proper citation is important for professionals, ya know?

  180. “Halburn” doesn’t cite sources.
    It’s why we have a whole category at PutnamLIES.com called “content theft” to keep track of things he steals without attribution.

  181. Hey marky ask de-whoreus who mike is and how he does that one thing with his tongue that she likes so much

  182. Mark….stop claiming you are the one being stalked. This is a pussy move. The pictures on Balburn’s site were from an alert shopper that happened to drive by Grace Manor to see the spectacle that was the Great White Shart.

    As far as Jacque and her friend, that picture was taken at Walmart when they went shopping! It has nothing to do with your pasty white ass.

    And Mike? Stretch marks from sucking Troy’s cock? That would preclude that Troy’s cock was big enough to do so.

    ::shakes his head:: Someone that beats his kids has penis envy.

  183. When is this KFC lard bucket going to learn that he scratched the wrong people? You guys remind me of an old albino persion cat I once had. You could piss that cat off and she would purr and just walk away. When you least expected it, all hell would break loose and she wouyld tear your ass up. Poor Mark, has scratches all over. I love reading of all of his antics that you have uncovered. I know Judge Kaufmann. I cannot believe that he even put up with this shit for 10 minutes, much less than 41. I would have tossed his ass in jail for 72 hours just on principal. You can be jailed for tresspassing.

    Hey, keep it up GANG. My damn sides are hurting for laughing.

  184. Kids in high school and college kids look for “summer jobs”, not some 50 year old loser.

    Mark, ever hear the expression, “You’ll never work in this town again?”

    Think about that.

  185. true conversation:

    “Toyota WV”

    “Yeah, hi, my name is [HarryStamper], with PutnamLies.com, and I wanted to ask about the bomb threat from yesterday…”

    “Sorry, sir, we don’t have a comment. Who are you with again?”


    “Oh…{pause}, well, we only talk to recognized news sources, not bloggers”

    “Ma’am, I’m not Mark Halburn.”

    “Oh (laughs)… well, ok, I thought you were. We’re not supposed to give comments to him”

    “I understand, trust me…”

    [laughs again] “Sorry about that, sir. But we only give out news releases. I can direct you to our website, or fax one to you if you’d like?”

    “No, that’s ok. I’ll pick one up off the wire. Thanks.”

    “Thank you, sir. And I apologize for the mistaken identity”

    I should sue for defamation of character…

  186. ::chuckles::

    I love it. Mark must be beside himself with anger. Of course, he’ll make up some big scenario of how this company didn’t want to pay him for advertising or want any free press or some shit.

    Quite frankly. the more something like this gets around the more Mark is going to have to deal with the truth.

    And he can’t stand the thought of that.

  187. Anyone care to guess what Mark is ranting about in his hidden blog? I’m going to say “excessive traffic noise”, those god damn grates he bitches about, street sweepers, mufflers and car alarms. Oh, and Silly Scotty Edwards and the corrupt government of Hurricane, WV.

  188. He will comment soon on the grass that hasn’t been mowed on some other commercial property in Hurricane and perhaps some empty boxes in some elected town official’s yard that have not been picked up and hauled to the landfill yet…. his ace reporting skills and handy dandy zoom lens are unparalled to none in the area.

  189. Thanks Peachy :)

    And thanks for the props on PL Mike! Glad to help any way I can :)

    Still waiting on a lil credit from the other online blogger…well, not really…

  190. Excellent reporting, Harry! A much better article than that other fake, bias news site, and much better written, too! It seems Mark wasn’t able to write much about it, and what he did “write” looks to be copied and pasted from the wvgazette’s news site.

    I predict he’ll be forced to write “fluff” news pieces like bake sales, car washes, yard sales, and of course, his boyfriend Troy Sexton. It’s hilarious no one wants to talk the blubber blogger!

  191. There is one thing I have always wanted to point out about Mark’s articles. Maybe someone already has, but this guy never dates or timestamps the articles he “writes”. He then moves the links up and down his little page there.

    Whatever loyal readers he has have no clue when he wrote those stories, thus leaving them in the dark about when it took place. This allows for Mark to say he “broke the story” but without any proof and as we have all seen, it’s always his word against everyone else’s.

    I think this once more comes down to ethics. he has none, and that proves it.

  192. “…My neighbors have guns. I am surprised they haven’t used them. ”

    For once I agree with mark…it’s a bloody miracle that one of his neighbors hasn’t shot him yet.

    Funny how he never complains about the crane yard; could that be because of the all male staff that won’t put up with crap from him?

  193. One of my favorite lines from “Arthur.”

    Perry’s Wife: [screams] MY HUSBAND HAS A GUN!
    Arthur: I’m sure he does, madam. For all I know, he shot it while you screamed.

  194. “And PutnamLIVE.com used a zoom lens to shoot pictures of the snake. A long zoom lens.”

    Ace investigative reporter with handy dandy zoom lens. He needs to wear a cape.

  195. Can you imagine a putnamBlob action figurine? Comes with camera and long zoom lens, cape, knife/fork/spoon, lawnmower, computer, etc…

  196. “Halburn” likes to bray that he moved the page so we couldn’t find it.
    We did anyway.
    It just shows, however, how stupid he really is.
    What good is a webpage with no links to it? How are his “readers” going to find it? Maybe he emailed all 12 of them.
    You’re a fucking mongoloid, “Halburn”.

  197. Three days. Three days since we have heard anything from this guy. No E-mail to complain about how we found his blog. No comments here at this site. No additions to his WalBlog. No updates to his web page.

    I’d love to stick a flag in this and call it conquered but I’m not a doofy looking President with big ears, trying for an photo op. As it is, we can’t do that until his entire “news site” is gone.

    So, any predictions on what he is doing?

  198. You know, just the usual stuff…Job hunting, complaining about Wal-Mart, stalking in Kroger, clicking on his site to run up hits, etc.

  199. Chronically masturbating with his red-headed pillow pal and then stabbing it with knifes and bounding it with duct tape.

  200. I’m guessing he is trying to weasel free server space from the provider since he is a “news site” that generates traffic to them. They balk, he screams at some poor Indian kid trying to make a living at a call center in New Delhi demanding his/her resignation unless they give him FREE INTERNETZ FOR LIFE, and $1mil/min they don’t agree to his demands. Hang-up… they laugh, knowing he is now a joke globally…

  201. What’s up with Mark…Wal-Mart had free ice cream today?!?!

    Also, he’s missed mentioning the Hurricane High’s football team Lift-a-Thon fund raiser and the Conner Street Elementary carnival. Seems odd he’s missing local events, “publishing” only links that actual news service have web pages; then lists as “headline news” the NAPA move that’s had a sign up since before Christmas.

  202. Just got back from Walmart, saw Mark, Delores and some others hanging out in the yard, looked like they were enjoying themselves. Lil tyke in the yard, dog wagging its tail hoping for a scrap of food to fall (*note to dog… IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!*)… and the parking lot was pretty full. Didn’t seem to be bothering them… just sayin…

  203. …boy, if there was every a group of fucks that should be chosen for castration, it’s the lot of you. Although, I know Tyler’s already reproduced so the world’s already fucked. Therefore, castrating the rest of you would be pointless, instead please just fucking die.

    Thank you.

  204. Halburn was hanging out at the county clean-up today.
    Looking to “recycle” someone else’s throwaways, no doubt.
    I saw him picking through a pile of old underwear.

  205. Nicely said, Duke!

    “Mike” I was at the County Clean Up to cover the story and drop off a printer. There wasn’t any underwear or you would be in the middle of it…

  206. “Mike:”

    When Sheetz was named April Business of the Month by the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, I provided them a free ad for a month as a reward. Just like I did with Barnes Agency. Neither has EVER contacted me complaining about the free ad. However, Jeff Barnes DID complain to me about how you distorted his company’s logo on your blog.

  207. Mark? Stop talking in the third person. You look like an idiot. Not everyone can pull that off and be funny.

  208. Mark sat on his fat ass today, filled out a few job applications to menial jobs, copied and pasted other news stories on his amateur hour blog and humped a Raggedy-Ann doll.

    I bet Turnpike Chevrolet is hiring for salesman. That’s one of the few places you haven’t been fired from, no-nuts.

  209. “Halburn”:

    Money making?
    You just admitted that you give away ad space as a “reward”, you cretin.
    It’s more like you put the ads there to fool the suckers.
    And EVERY advertiser on your site will be parodied. They’re on notice.
    Run the ads at your own risk.

    NOBODY would buy a used car from that man.

  210. Well, I see that Duke has appeared in this area of the blog to spout his support dibble for asshat. I wonder if he has Troy in his scope. Boy now, wouldn’t that make an interesting tri-couple, Douche, Asshat and No Dick. A limpy left libby, a dork and a wifebeater. What a fucking combo.

    By the way, I screwed up. I had to stop at the Wal-Mart yesterday. I saw asshat. I wonder if I can sue him to get those images that were burned into my retinas removed. I did not know that you could stack it that high. It is as big around as it is tall. Would somebody explain to me how that could drive. There is no way, no way possible that sitting behind a steering wheel that those short legs and little feet could reach the pedals, much less those short stubby arms being able to steer.

    What a freakshow!

  211. It would seem that once again, things here have come to an end. For the 3rd time since January, the infamous WalBlog has been shut down. This may really be it because quite frankly, I think Mark understands that it’s just not working and each time he “moves it” the “readers” will find it harder and harder to find it.

    We seem to find it pretty easily. So he may have given up. As it is, he is running out of stream on that blog. With that said, keep in mind that as soon as something really twists his nipple about WalMart, he’ll make sure people know about it. I also know he has a Facebook that is well hidden and I have to gather a guess that he may just start venting there. I have my doubts though because I have heard he is like the total opposite of what he is like on his WalBlog and in his comments here, making him a total hypocrite.

    If something should return, we’ll be on it. Until then, be excellent to each other…and…party on, dudes!

  212. From reports we’ve received, and contrary to what he reports, he also still gets his oil changed there. When he comes in to the auto center they bring TWO managers out to the garage area to watch the entire process, to prevent him from making some sort of damage claim.

  213. No, I get my oil changed at Midway Ford. Better service, better price, a frequent rewards card, (Graduated discounts, and each 5th change is FREE!) and a loaner car. Best of all, I am not feeding the evil W’s coffers.

  214. Mike,

    Tubby does damage just by walking across the asphalt and onto the concrete pads. Wal-Mart should sue him for that replacement.

    Just like the Jaws Shark (dun dun dun), you can hear this Snark approaching because the jagged concrete )crack, crack, crack) is in fromt of him for fifty or more yards. Oh hell, I should not have said crack. Now Snark and Troyboy will get a TWIG. If you listen, you might hear them scraping together, like a cricket rubbing its legs.

  215. Pussy Lips Mark,

    A loner car for an oil change??? Seriously? You are a FUCKING moron. Shut the fuck up you fat ass whore. Go kill yourself.

  216. I know the gang at this dealership. They do not have loaner cars. They will get you an Enterprise Rental, but only if your vehicle is under warranty. Loaner cars went the way of the winds decades ago.

    Just another one of his lies!

  217. A Ford dealership giving a loaner car for a Hyundai purchased at Dutch Miller?
    I don’t think so.

    Not feeding the evil W’s coffers?
    You were in there Saturday morning and you bought a whole cart load of crap, shithead.

    You’re a liar and a hypocrite.

  218. Sweating profusely? Yelling at Walmart? Watering his trees? Who cares. Now that his WalBlog is no longer public, only update I’ll need about Mark Halburn is the one from the coroner.

  219. Toyboy said that Tubby is always on his mind. I wonder what part?

    With all of that yardage, toyboy, a question, how do you find it?

    That is a visual I do not ever want to see. GROSE!

  220. Wondering what I am doing, Troy? Enjoying Virginia Beach. Did the aquarium and beach earlier today. Now Matthew and his family are heading to the swings, slide, and pools!

  221. Still having fun in Virginia Beach…. Look for the travel feature soon! Meanwhile, pass the sunscreen and the Pina Colada!

  222. Hey hey gang! Mark left a comment to be posted here, but it read more like a WalBlog post, so I added it to the May 2010 page! Seems like Mark has finally figured out my page gets more reads than his WalBlog ever did. So he is trying here instead. Ha!

  223. Just plain ans simple bullshit. We could never get so lucky. I just wonder, if he does by some miracle, move will toyboy and douche follow their leader and go too?

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