2 – February 2010

Well, that didn’t take long. Our favorite West Virginian visitor (he’s still in a hurry to get out of there) has revived his Enduring Wal Mart Blog. He’s sort of hidden it with a new URL and burying the link under a “business news” article about Wal Mart.


Business news. ::chuckles:: More like the usual whine and cheese fest postings. At any rate, as promised, I would bring you the postings so you don’t have to search for or click the link to the new Enduring blog. It was updated on the 15th of February so that is where we begin!

“February 15th, 2010: Walmart’s snow plow is keeping us from sleeping past 11:00 p.m. until about midnight. We have to work tomorrow. When does Walmart expect us to sleep?”

My Response: I find myself singing to the tune of Welcome Back, Kotter as I work up this response to the newly returned Enduring Wal Mart (Attack) Blog. Didn’t I tell you it’d be back? Yes, yes I did. Here’s proof.

“Folks? At 10:21PM EST Mike Ballburn and I predict the following. If Mark doesn’t stroke out and does take down the blog about Wal Mart, he will continue to post offline and then bring it back when he thinks all has cleared. I can wait.”

And wait I did. It took just about one month. After his conviction of trespassing back in January, things had gotten really quiet around the Publishers surroundings. No doubt he thought if he just laid low, didn’t post much to his trashy site and didn’t raise a stink at all everything would clear. But you see, Mr. Publisher, Mark, I told you we could wait. You are like the crack addict that shows up at a certain corner when he really needs a score. And just like that crack addict is desperate for his fix, you are desperate for your attention. But, just like that crack addict, nothing ever changes. The need for crack overpowers all and you? You just post the same crap every day. More snow plow noise. More traffic noise. Seriously, dude. It’s all in your head. Get it checked.

::flips him a quarter::

Oh…do me a favor and have a rat gnaw off that mole on your ass.

“February 16th, 2010: We are awakened at 4:10 a.m. by Walmart’s snow plow. Keep in mind that it kept us awake until midnight. When I call the store to complain, my call is disconnected before a manager even picks up. I send an email to Silly Scotty Edwards but he doesn’t reply. When I call Putnam Dispatch, they promise to send over an officer, but nothing happens. A text message to Walmart’s Market Manager, Eddie Bostic, gets no results. At 5:21 I finally reach an Assistant Manager, “Missy” who promises to stop the noise-but it continues unabated. When does Walmart expect us to sleep? I post a link to this blog on my Facebook page. It’s time to spread the word nationally among my network of friends.”

My Response: Mark!? Dude, come on. There is no God Damn snow left to move! You are dreaming all this shit, man! Seriously. No way the plows are out 24/7 over there you giant skid mark. Give this a rest. You lie worse than that fishy smell in a house of ill repute. The reason your call was disconnected is simple. They don’t want to talk to you, they don’t have to talk to you. The reason there was no response from Scott Edwards is because you have bothered that man enough and…see above. The reason you got no response from the cops (I don’t believe you called them anyway) is they don’t want to help you. You don’t deserve the help. You have offended everyone of those towns people with this very blog. The reason your text to Bostic met no results is the same reason your first call got no results. They ignore you because you are the crazy, old, fat guy that can’t stand it when a tick farts. So why did “Missy” say she would take care of it? Because they were sick of your incessant, 5 year old like whining! At least your last line has some truth in it. It’s time to spread the word nationally. That word being…you are a crazy bastard.

February 17th, 2010:

February 18th, 2010:  …

February 19th, 2010:

February 20th, 2010:

My Response: ::crickets::  Pretty quiet on the West Virginia front, eh?  No doubt he is stock piling all his complaints over there on the Enduring blog, forcing me to check his site every so often.

Ha!  What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.

My fingers were getting itchy though, so I thought I would perhaps comment and predict.  I predict…oh hell.  Do I need to predict anything with Mark’s Wal Mart complaints?  Was there more snow this week?  If so, then there will be more complaints about the snow plows.  He’ll no doubt be suing “Missy” for falsely telling him she would take care of the noise problem.  He’ll be ranting about “Slick” Scotty Edwards for not fulfilling his role as mayor and getting roads paved and a wall built.

::taps  his chin::

Oh…he’ll mention all us trash bloggers, of course.  Maybe a KFC/Taco bell giveaway screw up?  Hell, he may even threaten to pull the blog again because I jumped right on his “return” and picked up where I left off.

But no doubt he’ll have a post up in a few days with more rambling complaints for each day, just posted all at once.  It makes my job easy really.  I can answer all at once and only spend 10 minutes of my life, making his worse.

“February 21st, 2010: The trash blogs are at it again. They can’t stand the fact that we want to be able to sleep at 4:10 a.m. Of course, since most of the trash bloggers don’t have jobs, they are up all night playing with their three Internet friends or playing Dungeons and Dragons! Or playing with other things… These idiots need a life… and therapy!”

My Response: Hahahaha!  Mark made a funny.  Though, he pulled a hammy going for it.  Mark, none of us “trash bloggers” have papers saying we need therapyyou on the other hand?

Um, that’s my stapler.  Yeah.

Speaking of a life, I’d like to make a point here.  I own my own, REAL business and…get this…pay my taxes.

::shock and awe::

I know, right?

To continue.  I run my own business, am a consultant 2-3 days a week at my other place of employment, write, produce, promote and broadcast my own radio show and am the bowling league’s financial officer on Sunday nights.  I volunteer with the local food shelf by collecting food for the needy as well as cash and check donations.  I have family I see every night and spend time with and friends I see every day and hang out with every other Friday.  I also travel a lot for my consulting job, when the need arises.   Basically Mark, I do more in one single day than you do all week.  About the only thing you have an edge on me in is the bucket of chicken count.  That’s a weekly shut out win for you a week, pally.

“February 22nd, 2010: Another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise and another day of excessive trash talking on the trash blogs. Good grief, those people are idiots! Meanwhile, I am compiling a photo file of Walmarts across the country that are separated from neighborhoods by trees and sound walls. And Silly Scotty denies getting my Freedom of Information Act request for zoning records for my neighborhood-DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE SENT ME AN EMAIL ASKING ME TO DIRECT THE REQUEST TO BEN NEWHOUSE-WHICH I DID! So, I dropped off a duplicate copy at City Hall. It’s just another Edwards stall tactic. Hurricane needs an ethical mayor. I may run in 2011 if we are still here. THAT will clean up city hall!”

My Response: God damnit!  Mark, you owe me a pair of underwear.  Haynes four pack from Wal Mart, to be exact.  Why?  You just made me piss my pants.

YOU, run for Mayor?  OH MY GOD FUNNY!

Mark, seriously.  I’m years ahead of you intellectually and I would never be able to run for any sort of political office.  You say these things out of frustration but will never, ever do anything about it.   Mark?  Some people will say you don’t think at all.  I beg to differ.  You are a thinker.  The problem is, you speak (or post) before thinking things through.  You will never run for Mayor, period.  If this drives you to do so?  You will get one vote.  One.  Yours.  Even your wife wouldn’t vote for you.  Mayor.  Ha!

As far as your Freedom of Information Act request?  If I were Scott Edwards, I’d say screw you.  You don’t deserve to be handed any information to use in any way, shape or form.  You are the lowest of lows when it comes to being an American citizen, Mark.  Why?  Simple.  You have never done a thing to deserve the proper respect and treatment that the general populace deserves in these United States.  To me, you are as equivalent as an anchor baby.  Lucky enough to have been born here but when it comes right down to it, you have done nothing to deserve our rights the Constitution says you have.

And this, Mark, is why you don’t deserve the right to sleep at 4:10AM

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go change my pants.

“February 23rd, 2010: One of the trash bloggers sends my wife a message through Facebook accusing me of stalking another trash blogger. It is amazing how outrageous these people get! To go after my wife shows how desperate they are.”

My Response: I gotta be honest here. This is a tame response from Mark Halburn regarding something like this. I half expected him to lose his shit totally after the Facebook message from Lee to his “wife.”

But here is the thing. Mark? Your wife doesn’t touch computers. That’s my firm belief. She has seen what a total, raving lunatic you are when you are on yours so there is no way she would want to get close to one. That said, you are your wife when it comes to this Facebook page. Oh sure, she probably let you make a page for her but she has never once typed up any of those messages on her site. It’s all been you.

That response YOU wrote back to Lee from his warning sent to your wifes FB page? That’s got you written all over it. Don’t even try and deny it, Mark. We have seen you rant, rage, piss (your pants) and moan the last year and I think by now we have a pretty good idea how you operate. Don’t even try and deny it.

Now, to the point. There was no attack in that email from Lee to “Doedy”. Just a simple statement of fact. You were in the DC area last September. You were not there to do some prearranged “travel feature” for your “news” site. You were there to harass Jacque Jo because she had gotten the better of you by outing your entitlement, your selfishness, your laziness and your out and out lying to people.

On September 3rd, you were so bent out of shape about this post that you started calling the office of Jacque Jo at around 111AM. 10 times in 15 minutes! And, as always, you were not very nice to the receptionist.

Sidebar: Do you still bully women, Mark, even though they fight back now?

End Sidebar.

A couple of weeks later? You were hitting PutnamLIES from Vienna, VA. I call bullshit here, Mark. No way was this a preplanned “travel feature” trip. We already know those are complete and utter hogwash lies. You just steal pictures and content and post it as your own. So no way were you in VA doing some sort of “feature” for your site.

You were stalking.

Lee (as much as I actually do wish it was done differently) took it upon himself to warn your wife via her Facebook. Now, had he consulted me about it, I would have told him it’s a moot point because you created that FB page for her and no doubt (even with the off chance she does spend some time on it) check it every 15 minutes. She STILL doesn’t know he has a pillow named Girl Of Words and that he took a jaunt to good ole Vienna (using his “free nights” when he was working as a bell hop for Comfort) to harass someone that got the best of him.

So there ya have it. It’s not so outragous, is it Mark, when details are shared. Facts given. And again, there was no attack, only a warning, which never made it to it’s intended. As someone is fond of saying in our circles of “trash blogs”…

…the beat goes on.

“February 24th, 2010: I notify the Lawrence County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Department about harassment from one of the trash bloggers. We set a daily record for readership. If these trash bloggers think they are hurting PutnamLIVE.com, they are wasting their time! They threaten to contact my employer. This will result in legal action to take them down.”

My Response: It will never happen, pally. You see, all this? All this crap we put you through on a daily basis…I mean, besides the fact you brought it all on yourself? Is just an Internet sandbox fight. It doesn’t matter to anyone but you and those that don’t like you. You feel threatened because we are looking to take readers away from your site? Boohoo clown boy. It’s called business. When someone else is better than you, you eventually have to deal with it.

Threatened by the fact that someone may email or send a hard copy of your mental evaluation or the antics as an irresponsible douche bag that you are here on the net? Or the fact that you are advertising businesses that don’t want to be on your site? Or the fact that you don’t pay B&O taxes on your supposed “news site”? Well, deal with that too. We didn’t have anything to do with any of that stuff. We just pointed that out.

If you lose your job, it’s your own fault for your past (and present) mistakes. End of story.

“February 25th, 2010: The trash bloggers continue to harass me. So does Walmart with its excessive noise. Still, we are on target to beat our February readership numbers. PutnamLIVE.com’s readers are intelligent enough to see that the trash bloggers from out-of-state don’t have a clue about what happens in Putnam County.”

My Response: Hey Mark. Your “readership” is pretty much…you. Your site counter counts every visit and refresh that YOU make. You update a blog post, post an article, update an article, post a new picture, look at your site, review and repost. It all counts as a hit to your web site. Next thing you know, you got 200 hits, easy, in the first hour of your day. Fuck your inflated stats. Now, I’m not saying you don’t have readers. I am sure you do. Those that stumble across your site because WE have made it infamous or those that are using certain keywords.

If you have regular readers? Then they drink the same poison laden juice you drink. Stop with the bullshit, Marko. Oh yeah. Nice “matter of fact” metion of Wal Mart in a blog about Wal Mart. You make me laugh, you crazy bastard you.  Oh yeah, one more point.  Your “regular” punch drinkers?  They never get to see what you and we have to say on our “trash blogs” because you don’t do us the courtesy of allowing us to post on your site.

“February 26th, 2010: Walmart’s snow plow keeps us awake until nearly midnight while it plows in a blizzard. How may customers does Wally World think will come out at 1:00 a.m. to shop in a blizzard! Send the snow plow and your employees home, Walmart! Show some common sense and courtesy! Meanwhile, we break our previous record for February readership! The out-of-state trash bloggers can’t stop PutnamLIVE.com from success!”

My Response: No, no we can’t. Not when you sit there hitting refresh every two minutes looking to break your own record. Speaking of record, again with the Wal Mart plows. I can’t wait til spring when it’s the Wal Mart street sweepers out every night. Mark, you know this isn’t going down the way you say it is. You are delusional. Oh no, I’m not saying they aren’t out there doing some work during a blizzard, but Jesus Fucking Christ, Mark! It’s a blizzard! And apparently you didn’t read this comment!

“Wal Mart hires a private contractor. The only time it is the most cost effective and feasible safety wise, is late at night or early in the morning. GOW has pointed out the reasons why already and may I add, quite well.”

February 22nd, 6:21PM. Scroll down.

“February 27th, 2010: Inconsiderate Walmart sends its tractor plow out early on a Saturday and wakes me up. Why they simply don’t use a pickup truck (like they have used on other days) to plow their parking lot is unknown. I guess they don’t have enough common sense or courtesy to make such an intelligent decision. I take my car to Midway Ford to get its oil changed. If Walmart won’t be nice to our neighborhood, I will spend my money at a RESPONSIBLE business!”

My Response: I called Wal Mart this morning at 1AM and asked them to hurry up on the snow removal. I suggested the tractor plow so it would go quicker. I then called Midway Ford and verify the oil change. Indeed he was there….however, they stole the change out of his console and left the cap a little loose on his oil pan. They love to fuck with “the crazy bastard from Grace drive.” I was tickled so, I giggled.

True story.

“February 28th, 2010: Another Sunday is destroyed by excessive Walmart traffic noise. Speaking of noise, the out-of-state trash bloggers are up to their lies. One is accusing me of calling him on his cellphone at about midnight, late Saturday. There are several problems with his blatant lie: 1) I have contacted the West Virginia State Police and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department about his harassment. 2) I don’t have any of his telephone numbers, including his cell number, so I can’t call him. 3) I was asleep. 4) I have witnesses who know that I was asleep. 5) I have a CPAP machine with a memory card that proves I was asleep at the time that he made his accusation. In fact, I went to sleep more than 15 minutes before he accuses me of calling him. The great news about today is that PutnamLIVE.com set a February record for readership, more than 35,000 visits! This is our third-straight month for setting a record for that month, and puts us on target for about 20,000 readers more than last year’s 417,324 visits. You, the intelligent readers of PutnamLIVE.com can see through the lies of the trash bloggers and their continued false attacks! The fact that our readership and sponsorship continues is driving the trash bloggers nuts. They don’t know when to quit harassing me. Thank you for your continued support!!!”

My Response:

::sssssip:: Ahhh…..

Lets see what we have here today. Ah yes. Of course, the obligatory complaint against Wal Mart, because, after all, it is a complaint blog about Wal Mart. So the first line is just to throw something up there to validate the blog itself. Which we already have determined to be one big lie due to the fact that Mark sleeps using a CPAP machine, which we all know you can’t hear a fucking thing over those. So the last 5 years of bitching about Wal Mart is false. Just lies upon lies.

::siiiiip:: Mmm….

This is a great mug of root beer. I highly recommend IBC Root beer.

Ok, what’s next? Ohhhh…

::chuckles to himself::

Look at this. We “trash bloggers” are mentioned once again. How exciting! You know what really tickles my package here? The fact that we have been able to turn his Wal Mart blog into a bitch fest about us “trash bloggers” than an Enduring The New Hurricane Wal mart blog. I call that a success of something, that’s for sure. We have forced him to do other than what he wanted. Of course, he posts all this crap about us without us having the ability to comment on his posts, thereby giving the “readers” only one side of the story. Something a news site would do in a heartbeat. But no, not Mark. He only lets his “readers” see what he wants.

::siiip, lip smack:: Man, this good stuff.

Ok. Lets see here. Lets take a look the first part of his posting for the day. The complaint against Lee and this call he says he never made to our fellow “trash blogger.”

::sips and nods as he reads:: Ah yes. I see he has once again omitted things or outright lied. I have a copy of what Lee sent to Deloris’ Facebook account last week and it did indeed include his phone number, so Mark lied about not having it. Of course, Mark omitted that point in any copy and paste he had done on his little Lee Mays page. See? He never allows all the details to be seen or heard. By the way, Mark? Number 1 on your “problem” list? Is not a problem, but rather a supposed remedy. So it’s out of place.

Number 3 on the list is a lie. That’s obvious. You never sleep, or so you would have us believe with all your other lies. So which is it? Anyway, we can refute #3 as you say you can prove with #4. We have evidence that you were on my site and then PutnamLIES 15 to 20 minutes before you made your prank call to Lee. So no way were you fully asleep 15 minutes before the 11:56 PM call. The two adults that can verify this Mark are just like all your noise problems from Wal Mart you complain about. Figments of your imagination. And finally, number 5 on your problem list. Your CPAP memory card knows y=when you were asleep. You, sir, are the most retarded individual I have ever met if you actually believe that. A computer memory card can not tell you if you are asleep or not, you fat fuck. CPAP machines will only record how much it’s being used. Not weather the users is wearing the mask, is sleeping, eating Cheetos or jerkin off to the half naked chicks on the Benny Hill Show. Your theory of a CPAP machine knowing when you are sleeping is like Santa Clause knowing when you have been bad or good. It’s a myth.

Disclaimer: My apologies to those that still believe but sometimes, brutal honesty is the only tactic.

::siiips:: Oh man, I am almost done. Might need another root beer here soon.

Ok. Onto the last part of Mark’s post of the day here. Ohhh my! Look how giddy mark is. He is all excited abo9ut setting some new readership records. Wow! And look at that! He’s set records the last three months in a row! Wow!

::sissssps….empty cup:: Damnit.

Interesting to note here. Three months ago Mark got canned from Comfort Inn? Right? or something close to that? Huh. Really now. And yer telling me that since then, he has set readership records? Well, now. There is only one reason for that.

::clicky ckicky cklicky!::

There ya go folks. Proof that it’s Mark and us “trash bloggers” that visit his site for tid bits to rip with that are creating this windfall of “readers”. You are welcome mark, and thanks for the lovely kudos at the end there. Yes, we are intelligent readers. But, you are far from driving us nuts, Mark, you are driving us to crack a little smile each time you tout your web hits. Which, to this day, are still not verified by an independent source. So your little 3 month vacation has been good to your site only for the fact you have more time to click your own site and refresh over and over. And really Mark? Is that any way to live? I don’t think so. God, I wish for once you would tell the truth.

Well…I need to hunt down some more IBC and I have run out of time on my lunch break. So, I gotta finish typing this up. Oh yeah, one last point here that just came to my attention. Remember you said that you could not access this or any of our sites from school? Well golly gee….I wonder what this is?



Schools out!

P.S: Sorry about that.  I had posted before editing…wow, atrocious!  All better now.

184 thoughts on “2 – February 2010

  1. If I may make a minor point of order from someone who’s seen, oh, three feet of snow in the last two weeks.

    You cannot effectively plow a parking lot when it’s full (in this case, during business hours). You would damage vehicles, you would cause traffic tie ups (which would give you even more to bitch about) and you would possibly open yourself up to lawsuits (which I know gets Mark’s parts tingly) from people who get injured trying to get into the store before the lot has been plowed.

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  2. I love that it took less than a month for this blog to cycle back around. We all knew he was full of shit when he said he was going to chronicle his kid’s life. Because that would be something a good parent would do. A good person. Not a attention whoring wannabe sociopath. You know what, give your kid some earplugs if it honestly is waking him up. Best $4 you’ll ever spend is on a few sets, share them with the kid, the wife, Putnam Johnny, Christy, GrandStandGirl, whoever else lives in the hovel.

    But the fact remains, Mark. You’re a liar.

  3. Yeah, that giant network of Facebook friends he has will get some results. It’s not like they haven’t been hearing him bitch about it for the last 4 years anyway. I’m sure they’re sick of it as well.

  4. Tyler:

    i hope you enjoy your incessant lies. There are multiple pictures of the 4:10 a.m. snowplow. Why don’t you do society a favor and invite it to Vermont?

  5. Tyler: You should know by now the difference between a photo taken at 11pm and one taken at 4:10am. What with the subtle differences in lighting. That being, it’s fucking dark.

    Mark: Does your lying and ignorance ever stop? We all know that you are up that late stalking Jacque (there’s proof of that). 50 minutes? At 3am? The snowplow didn’t wake you. You needed an excuse to give to Dolores when you waddled your fat as into the bedroom so she doesn’t catch on to your stalking activities. Get a life, Crisco.

  6. Nice try, Lying Lenny! The photos were shot shortly after 4:10 a.m. I am sure Wally World’s security video will verify the flashes as well as the location of their snow plows at the time. In addition, phone records will verify the calls. As for Jacque, I have never had an interest in meeting the little —–. I have better uses for my time and energy.

  7. Whassamatter, Monkeyfucking Mark? Did you just get caught in yet another one of your lies?

    You know you weren’t woken up by the plows. I know you weren’t woken up by the plows. Dolores doesn’t think you were up stalking the fuck outta my friends. You needed an excuse. You’re caught, monkeyfucker. Again.

    Eat shit and die in a fire. Liar.

    I’m smart enough to know that flashes wouldn’t show on a parking lot surveillance camera that has lights on. Those cameras are dicey at best. Which means they are still more credible than you.

    I could give a fuck that you prank call the WalMart at 4am. But what I won’t stand for, Monkeyfucker, is you lying.

  8. …like you went to her area a couple months ago on some sort of “journalistic expedition??”

    Face it, you’re obsessed with her. You sit there with your second wife’s vacum cleaner that you named Jacque with the hose on your little wiener with the power on high.

  9. Sadly, it’s one of those teeeeeeny little vacuums that you use to suck the dust out of the car radio when you’re detailing your car… the one with the diameter of about a quarter inch.

    Because I’m pretty sure his penis is microscopic. It would have to be to be such and angry little man.

  10. After seeing the size of your arms… I’m not surprised. I heard Doeds likes the fistin’.

  11. Hey, I haven’t seen that! But from what I heard around town was that if you went down on her, you’d have to tie a board to the back of your head.

  12. Also, Monkeyfucking Mark: You LIED when you said you were discontinuing your blog. YOU LIED. LIAR LIAR PANTS A-FIRE!

  13. Mark! You almost used a dirty word about me! I’m telling.

    But, that aside, can we go back to the overriding issue, and perhaps Tyler can help me out here as a man of the North Country …

    You cannot plow a parking lot during peak (that’s 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., PlayDoh) business hours. The human and vehicle traffic alone will prevent a successful job. And, as a business owner (not you, Mark, because I don’t consider what you do a business) you open yourself up to litigious fucks (I think I know one, actually … who? Who would sue someone at the drop of a hat? … Oh, nevermind. Can’t think of the name.) who will sue you for falling in a parking lot that isn’t plowed or vehicle damage caused by an unplowed parking lot.

    Wal-Mart is entitled to prevent lawsuits by plowing when they have the fewest cars in the parking lot. I know you know a few things about entitlement, but you only accept entitlement when it falls in your favor.

    The world does not start and stop at your convenience, Mark.

  14. Wal-Mart is lucky Hallburn hasn’t “Gone Postal.” When you wake someone up at 4 am, you deserve more than a phone call. Only scumshit wakes someone up at 4 am. Which begs the question, which one of you fucktards were driving the snowplow?

  15. Let’s see… Dennis3Kids@aol.com; misuse of quotation marks; the double L in the name; threats of violence towards WalMart and support of Halburn…

    Mark Halburn, ladies and gents!

  16. Ok. Lets tackle things one at a time here.

    i hope you enjoy your incessant lies. There are multiple pictures of the 4:10 a.m. snowplow. Why don’t you do society a favor and invite it to Vermont?”

    Mark? I never said the plows were not there at some point at 4AM. By most town and county guidelines, they have to be there at 4AM. County highway departments remove snow from major routes and highways during the day and upkeep through out the night.

    Contracted or private snow removal outfits are asked not to plow during the day unless it is snow storm conditions. This is to assure safety to both the public and the manpower removing the snow.

    Wal Mart hires a private contractor. The only time it is the most cost effective and feasible safety wise, is late at night or early in the morning. GOW has pointed out the reasons why already and may I add, quite well.

    Now Mark? What I do have a problem with is you saying the plows are there every single night. That is an over reaction of your already frail little mind. I also want to mention here, Mark, that West Virgina doesn’t usually have to deal with as much snow as they have gotten in such a short amount of time. Very few states or counties do. So, I can see taking a few nights to remove or redistribute that kind of snow. This is where I will tell you and all those that like to complain about snow removal times and inconvenience to buck up, pull the panties a little tighter and be happy you don’t live in Buxton, Me.

    Side note: Our plow guy comes in and does a sweep at 4AM so we can get out in the morning and then comes back around 10AM when we have all left. But we aren’t Wal Mart.

    Some general things about snow removal and snow plows. Please do not be misled by town trucks riding with their plow and wing up during a storm. They may be going back to Public Works to re-fuel, refill with salt or sand, or perhaps for a truck repair.

    The most helpful thing you can do is show patience and appreciation for the road crew. Snow removal is a grueling and time consuming task. Many places are small Public Works Departments and the crews work until the job is done.

    Now, lets talk about Dennis and his three kids. Otherwise known to Mark Halburn as Me, myself and I. “Dennis” of course, has used this address before over at Girl of Words. Want proof? Check out the upcoming post “Hi, my name is Dennis…” right here on Hollywood…It’s A State of Mind!

  17. Tyler:

    There is one problem with your “detective work.” The post says 2:02 p.m., at a time that I was at work, in a meeting with two other people, far from the Internet. I don’t get off work until 3:00 p.m. (I start before 7:00 a.m.) So here’s a clue, master detective: Any posts between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. are not by me! And since our Internet access is severely censored, we can’t access GOW, Cryptic BS, Tyler Hollyweird, or any other of the trash blogs that the state Internet censor recognizes for sheer garbage. In case you missed it, THAT MEANS YOU!

    As for the snowplow, I don’t have a problem with it doing its work-as long as it doesn’t wake us up. But it didn’t show us common courtesy, so I showed the world what rude a-holes it and Walmart are. And you joined the a-hole list, along with GOW, by defending the a-holes. If Walmart did the right thing, they would not build next to homes (like they didn’t in Williston) or they would put up trees and/or a soundwall like in Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Huntington Beach, Norwalk,… and the list goes on..

    • “I don’t get off work until 3:00 p.m. (I start before 7:00 a.m.) So here’s a clue, master detective: Any posts between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. are not by me!”

      You’ve been commenting today… between these hours. Were you lying then, or are you lying now? What is it?

  18. Oh, and you can’t work for the state … My mother, a state employee, and several of my state employee friends read and comment ever day.

    A-hole! See! See what I just did! I just called you an A-hole! WOOOT!

  19. GOW, I thought you were a newspaper editor? What’s with the outdated – in Wal-Mart in your post? Oh, that’s right, you work for a throwaway rag that’s given away in “newsracks” covered in bird crap! But you don’t tell your three readers that “minor detail,” do you, Walmart lover? (Yes, we’ve seen the photos that you had taken with the other dumbshit diva in Walmart’s parking lot while you were stalking ME just a few yards from my front door!)

  20. *Yawn*

    You bored me then, you bore me now.

    You’re jealous of me, Mark. You’re so jealous of me you can’t stand it. You were never able to cut it at a real news organization, so you try to diminish what I’ve done with my career because my newspaper’s got free distribution. Try harder, heart-attack-in-waiting.

    I hope you die. I mean that. I really, sincerely, hope you die this year.

  21. GOW, your “editor” skills are lacking, again. I didn’t say I was a state employee. I said there was a “state Internet censor.” But your posts are often long on attacks and short on facts.

  22. Oh, and while I’m thinking of it, so you deny now what you told me last July … that you were Dennis? Because you actually told me that when you admitted you just wanted comments to show up on my site.

    So, are you lying now or are you lying then?

    You know what, forget it. I’m done. Dead to me now. Hopefully dead to all of us in 2010.

  23. Jealous of an “Entertainment Editor” for a D.C. rag that hides her ugly mug behind black glasses while calling mr fat and wishing that I die? Surely you jest. Now go do something positive with your time. I suggest washing the birdcrap off your rag’s “newsracks.” As for free distribution, when I was in D.C., people were paying for your competitor’s legitimate newspapers while walking by the birdcrap covered racks.

  24. What’s that about glass houses?

    Someone who runs an abortion of a Web site, who gets fired like it’s going out of style, who’s now a convicted tresspasser …

    You’re lucky to breathe the same air on this planet as that girl you love to hate. You remind me of a stunted adolescent — a schoolboy who tries to pull on the pigtails of a pretty girl because he likes her.

    Your obsession is well-documented. Well documented. She hasn’t breathed a word about you on her own site, and it kills you because you know the truth. She’s accomplished more with her blog than you’ve ever accomplished with your “news” website.

    I’m glad you’re dead to her. You do nothing but bring her down. I say this as a friend and co-worker. She’s too talented to waste her time of a sociopathic, pathetic, shell of man like you.

  25. Well, it’s no fish-on-a-beach, fatman, but I’d fuck Jacque. I’d just fuck you up. Fist-on-face.

    Why don’t you parade out the dead baby you display on the mantle next, fatman. You’re out of ammo again.

  26. I can’t say I’m totally surprised that Mark completely ignored the fact that I caught him in a lie. No response? No “Lying Lenny” response? Aw. Shucks. Seems like I win. Again.

    PS – your kid could put on some sunglasses and the ugly would still shine through. It’s hereditary. He got it from you.

  27. If the state is censoring websites, Mark’s make believe news site would be banned. Just sayin.

    “state internet censors” Mark? You told us that you were working for the state with that statement.

    Go back and read it, liar. You know I’m right.

    Eat shit and die in a fire.

  28. There is no state internet censor, crisco. I get hits from many schools and state offices everyday. WVnet serves all of them. This didn’t come from there.

    There is a McDonald’s at the Quincy Mall with free wi-fi though, you greasy fuckstick.

  29. “Mike” so now we know where you and your three Internet friends hang out and post your garbage from. Thanks for telling us all. You can start humming your favorite song now, “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese…” I’ll take 15 please, because I’m “Mike Ballburn” a fat slob that does nothing with his time but trash other people because I’m unemployed and can’t stand people that work fulltime AND run a successful business!

  30. “Mike” I have a fulltime assignment. I will drive over to McDonald’s one day this week to say hello to you and your three “Internet friends.”

  31. I don’t think that is really Mark… no capitalized words, no ramblings about Silly Scotty, etc… that’s an imposter… ;)

  32. Neither. He waved his homemade press pass around and got in. He went straight for the food table.
    You’d better watch your ass in that part of the valley, douche. They won’t put up with any shit from an asshole like you.

  33. “Mike” You are wrong again. I only drank a glass of water. Contrary to your PutnamLIES, I don’t take food or drinks from charitable events. Even when they are offered.

  34. “Mike” You continue to lie. I never ate. And the State of West Virginia cinsiders a full-time job 30 or more hours a week. That means I have a fulltime job AND a business.

  35. You know what amazes me, Mark “Hallburn”? Your ability to act innocent, like YOU have never posted under alternyms. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were a super-hero, fighting the good fight. Where’s your cape? Captain Awesome??

    But you have been proven to be a fucking LIAR, CHEAT, and a FRAUD. Once again, that pathetic waste of bandwidth you call a “news” site is NOT a business, it’s a farce. Get that through your fat face, YOU.DO.NOT.HAVE.A.BUSINESS. You can twist it however way you want it, the fact remains…you have to make MONEY from something to call it a business. If you’re making money from it, then how come you’re asking your reader to donate money? Once again, you.are.a.FRAUD!!

    If you’re making money and working a “full time job”, then how come you’re online begging for a handout for electronic goods? You don’t have a student, and it’s not for that waste of flesh you call a child…it’s for you because you can’t afford nice things because you’re a loser who lives off his second wife. Why don’t you ask your second wife for an allowance? Then save up to buy that laptop and flat screen TV or whatever. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    By the way…ANYBODY can be a substitute teacher. A “substitute” is NOT a full time job…it means you’re filling in for someone who actually has a REAL job. You’re on the reserves, waiting for someone to call your fat ass. You’re the B-team. You get the idea…in other words. YOU.DO.NOT.HAVE.A.FULL.TIME.JOB!!!! You leech off of others in your “professional” life, like you do your personal life.

    You know what your “full-time job” is? Being an online bum, a sociopath, a stalker, a fat ass, a fraud, a liar, a cheat, a thief, and a waste of flesh. So you add all that up and you’re right, you do have a full-time job…of being a douchebag.

  36. Having a business license makes you a business in the same way having a spatula makes you a world reknowned chef. Or the way Dr. Pepper is a doctor. Or the way that wearing his wife’s silkies makes him a woman. Or the way posting under another name makes him not Mark Halburn.

    I think you get the picture.

  37. I’m reticent to even continue to engage Mark further, but last night after I finished up some pages, I decided to do research, since I, like GOW work for the “free rag” in “birdcrap covered racks.”

    There are three major newspapers in this town, Mark. You’d know that, because I hear you’ve … visited.

    The Post, which, agreed, is this area’s paper of record cut more than 35 percent of its staff in the last two years. I personally know people who have been downsized, bought out and outright fired to save money.

    The Times, the other broadsheet, has lost 75 percent of its staff, cut every section but national and opinion, and is projected to completely close its print product before 2011. If you don’t believe me, go to Talking Points Memo online and search “The Washington Times.”

    Ours, on the other hand, has grown exponentially. There have been no layoffs, no firings, nothing. Staff has been added. We’ve been told we’re not operating at any loss. Our ad-to-editorial count gets higher monthly. All of this is verifiable, too, if you look hard enough.

    I don’t want to trouble you with facts, because I know you don’t operate in fact, but before you ever think about criticizing someone else’s respected media outlet (When’s the last time you did a national hit on MSNBC? Or were on CBS This Morning? Or had your columns syndicated?) you should take a hard look at your own. It’s littered with spelling and grammar mistakes and snide opinion injected into every single piece. It’s not reliable, credible or quotable. It’s laughable.

    So, go ahead, Mark. Insult me, too. It won’t matter to me, or anybody else who sees this, because I presented a respectful, fact-based argument. You’ll provide either silence, or hemming and hawing with insults and childish banter.

  38. Bravo Mike G!

    Mark, your continuing infatuation of Ms. Bland is disturbing.

    Does your second wife know you’re obsessing about another woman?? I might have to call the West Virginia Junior College and let her know about your secret obsession with Ms. Bland.

    I do my research, too.

  39. I’m still waiting for Mark to answer GOW’s question.

    “Oh, and while I’m thinking of it, so you deny now what you told me last July … that you were Dennis? Because you actually told me that when you admitted you just wanted comments to show up on my site.

    So, are you lying now or are you lying then?”

    Well, fat boy? Gonna come clean or what?

    Mike G? That. Was. Awesome.

  40. Mike G:

    Attacking my “grammar mistakes” you might correct those in your post. And considering the plans for my Washington, D.C. trip were made months before I knew your “Entertainment Editor” existed, the comments about my trip to D.C. are unfounded. (Unlike the stalking of my family proved by her photos taken within a few hunder yards of my front door!). Enjoy your b irdcrap-covered “newsracks!”

  41. Sad. Oh, well. Thank you for proving my point by ignoring all fact. However, I am curious, and since I enjoy improvement and constructive feedback, I’m genuinely interested.

    Please point out to me where I made mistakes with grammar, syntax or usage in my post.

  42. I’m reticent to even continue to engage Mark further, but last night after I finished up some pages, I decided to do research, since I, like GOW work for the “free rag” in “birdcrap covered racks.”

    There are three major newspapers in this town, Mark. You’d know that, because I hear you’ve … visited.

    Corrected copy:

    I’m reticent to even continue to engage Mark further, but last night, after I finished up some pages, I decided to do research, since I, like GOW, work for the “free rag” in “birdcrap covered racks.”

    There are three major newspapers in Washington, D.C., Mark. You’d know that, because I hear you’ve … visited.

  43. The comma, perhaps; the city, subjective. Replacing “this town” with the full city is a subjective edit, which doesn’t matter. The point was made, clearly, without needing to use the name of the full city.

    Then again, I’m not trying to pass off a blog comment as a legitimate source of news and information and a business.

    Anyway, again, I don’t have any interest in really fighting with you, because it’s all rather pointless.

    I do, though, sincerely hope you find happiness some day, Mark. This obsession with people who speak against you cannot be healthy for you or your family. You owe it to your child to focus on him, and nothing else.

    But, then again, what do I know? I’m just another fake journalist in the ninth-largest media market in the United States working for a throwaway rag in birdcrap-covered racks. If only I had made something out of my life … Le sigh.

  44. Mike G:

    I have nothing against you. I don’t even know who you are. But your practice of attacking me on a blog without ever making personal contact with me by email, is a clone GOW tactic. I don’t blame you for being proud of working in D.C. In 1989 and 1990, I did so as well. I also worked in Los Angeles, (Market #2) Chicago, (Market #3) and New York, (Market #4) in addition to London, Rome, and Paris. I worked for a company called CBS. While people in Washington, D.C. have heard of The Examiner (and witnessed the birdcrap-covered newsracks) people around the world have watched and heard of CBS. (Don’t you love it when people drop the names of their employers on Internet blogs?)

  45. I also worked in Los Angeles, (Market #2) Chicago, (Market #3) and New York, (Market #4) in addition to London, Rome, and Paris.

    And where do you work now? Putnam fucking County, West Virginia.

    Don’t dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on your backfat.

  46. YES! I bought a ticket! And I gave the event great publicity, DID NOT EAT ANYTHING and drank several glasses of ICE WATER!

    Now, I am waiting for you to answer the same questions.

  47. Hey Mark? Are you sure you want to stick with that lie of an answer when it comes to the “Dennis” subject? You said you never claimed to be Dennis.

    I’m on air in 20 minutes with the proof. You sure you don’t wanna change your stance?

    Going once…

    Going twice…

  48. Hey Mark, are you and your wife the same person??

    How did she react to the news that you have been stalking Jacque?

    Did she take away your allowance?

  49. Hey Mark, why can’t you grow a pair and address me and my trash blog by name? How about Jacque’s trash blog?? You have no problem going on other sites and running your snout about you, your farce of a crusade, and your little fraud of a site.

    What did your wife say when she read that email? I know it was you who typed that little response…here’s the exchange:

    My email…

    “You don’t know me. However, your husband has been obsessing about another woman, Jacque Jo Bland,who lives in the Maryland/Washington D.C. area, and it has been documented:


    Also of note, if has been documented that he attempted to make a trip to her area to harass her, because she has called him out repeatedly on his lies and his continuing harassment of officials in your area. If you email Ms. Bland, I’m sure she’ll be happy to hand over all records and communication pertaining to his infatuation with her.”

    “Her” response…

    “You need to NEVER contact me ever again or I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE AUTHORITIES. I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you or anyone that you have ANYTHING to do with. You are a devious, small, desperate person, and if you EVER try to contact me again, I will take appropriate actions with the local authority.”

    Wow Mark, only YOU type in all caps and make your little paper threats about calling the “authorities.” May I ask what authorities?? The internetz po-po?? Where did I threaten or harass your little pet moo-cow? I simply gave her information she needs to know, and you either got into her account and typed the message, MADE her type it, or you’re her. My guess is either the first two. We all know you’re not going to do anything, remember those times you threatened to sue me and Jacque? How’d that work for ya?

    The fact of the matter is, your world is falling apart and you’re desperate to cover your tracks. Communication these days is so amazing. I could fax your wife a copy of all communication that proves you called Jacque’s workplace AND that you wanted to “meet” her, or mail it to her office. You can’t be in two places at once, Mark…even though you take up two places at once.

    Speaking of that, I bet another person who needs to know about your little games is Ron Duerring, YOUR boss and Superintendent of Kanawha County Schools. I bet he’d love to have a copy of your mental evaluation faxed to him and a record of your hijinx online, especially on Jacque’s trash blog.

    Wait…if we’re trash bloggers, how come you break your fat non-neck to read us?

  50. Lee:

    The response you received wea from my wife, so you know her response. You are hereby ordered to Cease and Desist from harassing me, my wife, our child, or making ANY contact with our employers. Hurricane police have been contacted and are on their way over to take a report of your messages. DO NOT CONTACT US AGAIN NY EMAIL, BLOG, FAX, OR ANY OTHER WAY! DO NOT CONTACT OUR EMPLOYERS! CEASE AND DESIST FROM PUBLISHING ANY PHOTOS OF EITHER OF US, INCLUDING ALTERED PHOTOS ANYWHERE!

  51. My favorite letter from him on her site is where she clearly tells Crisco is he keeps calling and harassing her employer, she’ll slap his wide ass with a restraining order. Then he says he doesn’t use his site to trash her or her followers. Liar.

  52. He doesn’t have the balls to address us by name.

    We have so much ammunition against him it isn’t funny…well, yes it is.

    Gonna fax a copy of that mental evaluation in the next few days…or weeks, I haven’t decided yet. Either way, he’ll never see it coming.


  53. You can’t post on a blog a cease and desist. You have to get one from a judge. I think you know how to find one of those.

  54. Mark can’t afford such things such as a cease and desist. If he tried, a judge would laugh at his fat face.

    Still drinking gallons of water, Mark? Still NOT eating??

    Mark…WORK?? LOL! He’s probably asking for handouts and begging his moo-cow for an allowance.

  55. Yes. I did not attend due to illness.

    And no, if you call Mrs. Haynes, “Harry Stamper” was not the purchaser of the ticket :)

    So why the defense of eating/drinking if you bought a ticket? You had the privilege to, and from what I hear the food was fantastic.

  56. “Harry”

    Eating at charity events, even if offered, or if I pay for a ticket, is against my policy and practice. I don’t want to cost a charity money.

    “Lee” I have contacted Chief Carey at the Ironton, Ohio, Police Department. LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY AND OUR EMPLOYERS ALONE! DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THEM!

  57. ::looooong sniff::

    Panic mode. Things are getting desperate over in Hurricane. Mark is supposedly calling all these (wrong) places in a very desperate attempt not to have this information shared.

    It’s like someone turned on the kitchen light in some abandoned south Florida home and now and all the cock roaches are scrambling.

  58. Ohhh…and Mark? PutnamLIES has had posters to that site that have SEEN you at some of these events doing exactly the opposite of what you just said. Whether it be a radio stations live remote, an event such as this or when the circus comes to town. You will weasel your way into ANY event to get free food.

    I’m surprised you don’t crash wedding receptions and wakes to get your paws on some free noms.

    And yeah, answer Interpret THIS’s comment, Mark. Why is it OK for YOU to contact other peoples places of business? Read todays response, Mark, and clue yourself in.

  59. Mark “Handout HaLburn” shouted:

    “Lee” I have contacted Chief Carey at the Ironton, Ohio, Police Department. LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY AND OUR EMPLOYERS ALONE! DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THEM!”



    I don’t live in Ironton, OH anymore, you fat fucking failure! So try again. Besides, I have friends on the force in ALL surrounding towns, so the force is WITH me! We all know you didn’t call anybody. But I WILL fax your employer your mental evaluation, because as a parent, I’m concerned that a) you are obsessed with sexual predators on your blog plus you have pictures of underage children and b) you way are too unstable to be around children.

    He will be made aware of that, and your continued harassment of public officials, your bullying of women, and your criminal record. In fact, I’m also contacting local media about it as well. I’m sure they’d love to report how a substitute “teacher” with your track record slipped through the cracks.

    I’m glad you’re sweating Mark. I can smell the combination of fear and all the free food you bogart at all these charity events on your shirt.

  60. From: “news@putnamlive.com”
    To: dcampbell@hurricanewv.com
    Cc: wyldewolf1975@yahoo.com
    Sent: Wed, February 24, 2010 1:17:13 PM
    Subject: Harassment by Dennis Lee Mays

    Mr. Dennis Lee Mays:

    You are hereby ordered to cease and desist from contacting, or otherwise harassing me, all members of my immediate and extended family, and our current, past, or future employers. You are also ordered to pull any postings of any of our photos, logos, or other images. Do not email us por post ANYTHING about us on ANY blogs or any other web sites. Remove all references of us from ALL web sites and blogs where you have made previous posts about me or my familt and remove any images of me. In other words, LEAVE US ALONE!

    My response:

    You on this kick again, you fat FAIL???

    You tried this once before, and you FAILED!!

    A private citizen cannot act as a fucking cease and desist order, you retard. IT HAS TO COME FROM A JUDGE!!! Also, your police department has no jurisdiction over me. Besides, I’m not harassing anyone, I’m letting certain people know the “real” you. Do you even know the definition of harassment??

    How about you get a court order to remove it???

  61. Mmmm… popcorn. I fucking love popcorn, don’t you?

    Don’t worry, Lee, the e-cops are so back-blogged that they aren’t a knockin’ on blogs right now to e-rrest you.

    Also, don’t you know? Every cease and desist order has the exact phrasing “LEAVE US ALONE!” on it.

    Mr. Monkeyfucker certainly must have been elected by the state of West Virginia to sign off on those C&D’s… must be right after he finished law school…

  62. Lee:

    A complaint has been filed with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department. They were fascinated with your statement about being friends with all the cops in your area. Again, Cease and Desist from harassing my family and our employers!

  63. Mark:

    Again, your Cease and Desist order means nothing. Are you impersonating a judge? I think that’s illegal.

  64. For working “full time” between “7:00am and 3:00pm” You sure did a lot of posting today during those hours… so tell us… how is that “state internet censor” working out for ya?


  65. Mark “Handout Halburn”



    If you had half a brain, which you don’t…complaints that include, “He said he has friends on the force” don’t hold much water. I said I have FRIENDS on the force, in surrounding counties. So, you better call them back and tell them that. Also…what’s my address?? I have yet to hear the ominous sound of knocking on my door.

    Also, well…I haven’t harassed you, like I asked you in that email…do you even know the definition of harassment? Because you surely have done your fair share, which has been documented.


    Remember you tried that shit once before, how’d that work out for ya??

  66. *brrring brrring*


    Is this Lee Mays?


    This is the Hurricane Police Department.


    Well, we just want to say, “Keep up the good work!”

    Thanks dude!

    No problem!


  67. Did the sub call in a sub?

    You know, the members of the school board are going to have quite a bit of reading to do, and very very soon!

  68. Here’s a gem from the requirements for substitute teaching at Kanawha County Schools:

    12. Practices ethical professional conduct.

    Also, when a teacher comes back from being sick, it doesn’t mean you’re taking a day off. It simply means you are not a full time employee, so go the crap home.

    You lose.

  69. No po-po with the knock-knock at my hizzle.

    Another paper threat from Mark “Handout Halburn.”

    Mark, I don’t make threats, I make promises…remember that.

  70. This is an actual email from Mark “Handout Halburn”:

    Dennis Lee Mays:

    I just read your note to Det. Bollinger. He is waiting at your trailer to speak with you. He will tell you to stop harassing me and not to contact our employers. Violating a police order is not a good idea. Do not EVER contact me or my family or speak of us or post things about us again. The cops know about your harassment. Stop it!

    Many thanks!

    Mark Hallburn
    Putnam County’s News Leader

    GO GREEN: PutnamLIVE.com is online only. We do not publish a paper edition in order to protect the environment. Please do not print this email unless it is necessary!

    My response:


    Emails don’t count as police orders, idiot.

    By the way, I don’t live in a trailer.

    God, you’re stupid.

  71. Mr. Halburn:

    Where did you take the bar exams? What year? What are your qualifications to dole out not only legal advice, but also to issue cease and desist orders?

  72. Mark, I called Inspector Gadget, Magnum P.I., Crockett and Tubbs, James Rockford, The Pink Panther, and Ben Matlock.

    All of them have judicial super powers to issue Cease and Desists of DOOM!!!! Plus, if you’re nice…Magnum P.I. will make Higgins dance for you.

    Mark, I can use Google to look up names, too.

  73. By the way, Handout:


    YOUR record of harassing people like Jerry Watters, Spike Nesmith, Geof Sturm, and others at their place of employ because they either didn’t give your talentless ass a job or fired your ass or…was just more talented than you, has WELL been documented. Also, your continued harassment of officials and businesses in your area has been documented on your own website, as well as others, for the whole world to see. Plus, you claim to be in “media”, which makes you a public figure.

    For the record, I’m not harassing NOBODY, I’m giving people information they should have about you, because frankly, you’re not fit to function in society. You’re sitting there in your KFC underoos scared shitless because the TRUTH is going to come out.

  74. Let me fix your tagline, Handout:

    “GO GREEN: PutnamLIVE.com is online only. We do not publish a paper edition because too many people would wipe their asses with it! Please do not wipe your ass with your monitor when you visit PutnamLIVE.com because it might cause serious injury.

  75. Answer the question, Mark. Why is it acceptable for you to contact other peoples’ employers, but nobody can contact yours? Don’t deny this practice. You know goddamn well you’ve done it to many, many people.

  76. …and it has been documented, right Mark?

    Harassing local politicians and businesses has been documented on your own trash blog.

    I’m sure Jerry Watters, Spike Nesmith, and others would be more than happy to confirm that information.

  77. PutnamBLOB has a list of teachers’ salaries on his website as the headline.

    Somebody is jealous.

    I heard certain Kanawha County board officials got a very informative email today. Hmmmm, someone might be making nothing very soon.

  78. Which is one of many reasons that a) he’ll never be a sub in Putnam Co. and b) nearly every answer to a question he asks of anyone is “no comment”… the day is fast approaching Mark-o…

  79. If I may pull a “Mark” for a minute, I’d like to direct your attention to my blog, crypticbullshit.com.

    Why have you been so quiet the last couple days, Mark? I know you haven’t been er…”working.”

    Also, I know why you got fired from Sitel in Huntington, WV (Sitel was a telemarketing/customer service company). You was fired because you let your family and yourself have free service on some radios. You also were fired from the Comfort Inn because you couldn’t stay off the internet during company time…and we ALL know what you were looking at.

    That information has been verified.

    You gonna contact the po-po again, you big fat crybaby?? How’d that work out for ya? Like Lenny said, we love how you omitted your participation from our sites like YOU’RE the victim, that’s so adorable.


  80. Lee:

    You are wrong on both situations. And you have libeled me (again) When will you learn to quit? And when will others learn to stop allowing you to libel me on their blogs? This means they share the liability. And if you manage to cost me a job, I’ll need the punitive damages to live on. Keep posting, Lee, the evidence keeps growing! Now you know why I don’t allow posting on forums or blogs on my news site. I don’t want an innocent person to get hurt by people like you, and I don’t want to get sued from one of your posts. You may not have money now, but judgements are good for years, and corporations that have deep pockets should never leak (false and damaging) information.

  81. Mark?

    The only thing that will cost you your job (or any jobs in the future) is quite simple. You. You are your biggest detriment. You do not know how to handle any situation like an average human being. Since the doctor slapped your hairy new born ass until you get done reading this post, you have expected everything to be handed to you with little or no effort put in to getting whatever it is you need.

    Oh, and these papers that say you are crazy? Fuck em. It’s a God damn excuse for you. I say burn them because they are a waste of someones diagnosis. Plain and simple? You are a dreg of humanity. Someone that wasn’t supposed to live beyond the first trimester. You and those that are like you are the number one cause of our current economic situation. Always expecting someone else to help out and GIVE you what you want.

    Well Mark? We are (and have been) saying…no mas. No more Mark. No more hand outs. No more bailouts. No more enabling. Start doing the work yourself, pally. Build your own fucking fence. Plant your own fucking trees. Sell your own fucking house and buy your own fucking stuff!

    And while I am on a solid rant here, take down that lame ass, stupid as fuck Go Green bullshit on your web site and email signature. That is the most annoying thing I have ever seen you put on your site.

    “We do not publish a paper edition in order to protect the environment. Please do not print this article unless it is necessary!”

    What!? Are fucking insane….oh wait, yes you are. At least to some liberal quack that needed to give you an excuse, you are. You are NOT a news site, you were never in the paper publishing business in the first place and the only time things are green around you is when you have taken one too many bites of free Taco Bell and you were no longer able to hold in the gaseous shit stain.

    Finally Mark, I realized something a little while back. You are afraid of me. Whenever someone attacks you on a blog, you beg and plead with the owner to take the comments down. Yet, not once have you asked me to remove anything or delete anything. It’s because you know that every word spoken by you, I can verbally counter with solid fact and brutal honesty.

    You’ve never answered a single question I have asked because you know I already know the answer and you’ve got no where to go with it. You just fixate on something else and avoid it altogether. You have never done a single, solitary thing in your life that has been any good or has amounted to anything worth while. Sadly, if you continue on your current path, you never will.

    I used to have sympathy for you Mark. I really did. But now it’s nothing but complete disdain. There is nothing you can do Mark. Nothing you can say. These are all just our opinions and not personal attacks. You have nothing. Get used to it.

    No Mas.

  82. Wow. (again)

    YOU never learn.

    You libel and slander public officials and businesses on YOUR site. You have a record have harassment, stalking, and trespassing.

    You don’t allow comments on you blog because you can’t handle criticism, because you cry too much.

    I thought your little site was a “business”, you have screamed about that for almost a year now. So, why do you need a job? I thought you made a killing off that garbage?

    You’re a broken man, and you’re a broken record. You keep spouting off the same drivel. Sue this, sue that. How’d that work out for ya the last dozen times? I have the emails.

    I have nothing but facts, you have nothing but fat. You keep saying shit about all this evidence, yet…YOU KEEP PARTICIPATING IN IT!!!!

    How about all the innocent people you have tried to hurt?


  83. Of course you’ll need the punitive damages to live on. Because you’re incapable of taking control of your own life, figuring out how to work a legitimate job, how to stop being an entitlement whore, and how to be a decent human being.

    Stealing from legitimate news outlets doesn’t make you a journalist in the way that ordering from Panda Express doesn’t make you Chinese.

  84. Tyler:

    I don’t care what you think. I caught you lying on your show. You don’t live or work in Putnam County and I doubt that you’ve ever been here. I am done with you and your minions.

  85. Sure ya are, Mark. And see what you did there? Exactly what I said you would do. You fixate on something else. You are afraid of me Mark. Scared as a little shit meeting Santa for the very first time. You hold him in awe but are about to piss your pants at the experience.

    As for me lying on my show? Never happened. I made a huge mistake by having never had my co host call in by phone so when she called, she sounded like Jacque Jo. As soon as I found out, I made the correction and spanked it out of my co host the next show.

    But you don’t care. You want to say I lied. Well, I don’t care either. I know the truth, which is something you can’t honestly say at all because you believe in lies, not the truth.

  86. Mark:

    I don’t care what you think. I caught you lying about your blog being taken down. You don’t work at all, and I doubt that WalMart makes as much noise as you say it does. I also think you’re lying about being done. We all know that you’ll be back. Again and again. Because you’re glutton in more than one way. This way just happens to be for punishment.

    Mistaken identity from a cell phone (I’ve listened to the audio of this show) is not a lie. It happens. Caller ID isn’t a requirement in Vermont. Once the mistaken identity was discovered, it was cleared up. You’re FIXATED on Tyler. You LOVE Tyler. You WORSHIP Tyler. You want to BE Tyler.

  87. Headlines of Midway Ford service department being open on Saturdays will now confuse Putnamblob… one day he gives kudos for them being open and next day is crying about traffic congestion around his property that he doesn’t even own.

  88. That’s your problem right there Halburg.
    You don’t care what ANYBODY thinks.
    It’s all about you. The whole world should revolve around your fat ass.
    Your microcephalic kid is more mature than you are.

    Tyler doesn’t need to live, work or visit Putnam County to spot a self entitled asshole. He’s got you pegged, fatboy. You’re a gutless pussy.

    You’ll be back. You can’t help yourself.

  89. Tyler:

    Your statement that you didn’t recognize your co-host’s name just doesn’t carry any credibility. Neither did your comparison of our close proximity to a 24-hour Walmart to your condos that are about two blocks away from a smaller Walmart that isn’t 24 hours. Then you re-ran a “best of” segment questioning the Williston visitors to Charleston after YOU ADMIT THAT YOU KNEW that they were in Charleston.

    It is YOU that are afraid of me. You were invited to a live, in-person debate and turned me down. You can’t win when you are in a position where you can’t outscream your guests BEFORE CUTTING THEM OFF! So when you had the chance for a LEGITIMATE debate, you chickened out.

    Peachy: You missed the whole point. Sending people to Midway Ford for BETTER service than Walmart sends them AWAY from where we live and LESSENS the traffic in front of our home. It also supports RESPONSIBLE Putnam County owned and operated businesses!

  90. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


    Damnit. I just pee’d a little again.

    Fuckin aye, Mark. You better be hittin WalMart tomorrow and sending me a new pack of Haynes.

    As far as me not recognizing my co host, how many God damn times we gotta go around about this Mark? She usually broadcasts with me on the C.I.C, Mark, but it was frickin Memorial Day, so I gave her the day off. Like a trooper, however, she was listening in. When you showed up on the call in line before the show even started, I had several things going on at once. Then you start your bitch fest, she calls in via a cell phone (mind you ladies and gents, I had never heard my co host on the cell phone before) and she sounds like Jacque Jo, whom I have heard on the cell phone. So fuck me sideways for making a big mistake. Yes, I looked like an idiot and made sure the co host had a pink behind the next night for it.

    As far as Wal Mart? You are still avoiding the point I made. It wasn’t about the size of our Wal mart compared to yours or the hours of operation. I was pointing out the similarities that fringe neighbors face in these situations. The goal of which was to show how idiotic you come across about your situation. Hell, you did that all by yourself.

    As for the soccer moms (and dads) in town? Never once did I deny that. What a deny is that you talked to any one of them about the frucking Wal Mart, you fat fuck! Stop choosing half the details to talk about Stay Puff. Lets put it this way. You think I lied about my co host, I know you lied about…well, every thing you open your mouth to speak about.

    By the way? Matt? I know you lurk. I am NOT going to block Mark from posting. He has the right to post his own damning evidence to his eventual down fall. Plus, when I speak of respecting the Freedom Of Speech I like to preach about, I follow through. Unlike certain douche bags that covet their precious web site like Golem and his ring.

    By the way? When are you going to pull your Wal Mart blog again, Mark? I want to make sure I have not wasted what I have already responded to for the future. Yes Mark, I’m even ahead of you on your own fucking blog.

    Bite me.

  91. Tyler:

    I DID speak to the soccer folks who blew your comparison to hell. That is what your problem is. And, no, I don’t believe your argument about not recognizing your co-host. You cant claim to be as brilliant as you claim and be so stupid as to not recognize your co-host’s voice. You can’t have it both ways. BTW, the invitation to debate, live, in-person, without your ability to scream over me then hang up on me, is still open. I am betting you still are too chicken to show up. When you come to your senses and take the invitation, call me. And you can send a letter to my web site anytime you want. Until then, I am done with you, your minions, and your lies. C-ya!

  92. Jesus Christ on a tricycle. You fail to see reason.

    You fail at life, liar. You’ll be back. Soon. Very soon.

  93. Mark?

    I don’t believe you. I will never believe you. Really, who in their right mind is going to converse with a grease dribbling fat man that is taking pictures of their kids?

    No one.

    And you go right on harping about that mistake I made. Am I stupid? Yeah, a lot. Not as numb minded and retarded as you but I do make mistakes. At least I fess up to mine and live with the reality that I messed up.

    “If it were not for our mistakes, how do we succeed?”

    This is why you never will. You do not admit to your mistakes. And please….stop with the live remote deal. When I offered to do a live remote I gave you a fair quote at what it would cost my station to set up for that. I think it was around $5800 if you wanted both host and co host. That was for the advertisement you would get, the live remote, the catering and the travel for 3 days for two people.

    What did you do? You said you would charge us $10,000 to use your land for a live remote. That right there tells me you were never serious about a live remote. When Lee was ready to debate you on your turf, you neglected to tell people about that, didn’t ya. That you were going to charge me for doing a remote there. Yeah, you thought I forget, didn’t ya, scumbag.

    Face it Mark. You are afraid of us, me, GOW, your own shadow at night and of course, those nasty, mean sounding plows that haunt your local Wal Mart.

    You choose to stop dealing with me and my minions, fine. That’s not gonna stop us doling out opinions on you and your entitlement like ways.

    And trust me Mark, if it wasn’t you? It’d be someone else. You people need to be stopped so that our country can go on to be the successful, free country that it has been.



    ::fade to black::

  94. Tyler:

    The $10,000 was a counter to your offer. You can come for free. If not, Godspeed to you. I wish you well. Just stop attacking me and my family. My readership and adverising continue to grow. You have lost the battle to defeat Mark Hallburn and PutnamLIVE.com. Use your many talents to do something positive. I don’t think I am entitled to anything more than peace and quiet in our yard and in our home. And as I typed that sentence, a loud motorcycle roared up the hill. You have NO IDEA what it’s like to live with that every day, HOURS ON END! I can’t even enjoy a Saturday night at home! Godspeed and good luck!!!

  95. Wow. If there was so much snow, how on EARTH would someone be out riding a motorcycle. LIAR. AGAIN.

    It’s like talking to a brick fucking wall.

    Except it’s talking to a pig-fucking scumbag. That would be you, Halburn.

  96. Wow. I wish I had nothing better to do than to call up Lee Mays in the middle of the night and talk about jacking off. Apparently, 415-NEWS has that free time.

  97. Wow Mark, it must be nice being you.

    I just got off work, ya know…that thing you DON’T do! That thing you have been fired from more times than I’ve masturbated to lesbian porn.

    I find it adorable you called in me just in time as I went on break. That “restricted” number that came up on my cell phone. That VERY GAY voice you hid behind that said, “You used to wear Michael Jackson clothes and I used to masturbate to you…” or something. How did it feel when you heard my very powerful and sexy voice? Did you get hard, fag? Were you sitting in your wife’s panties rubbing one out? Of course, you’ll say it wasn’t you, you’ll call me a liar and threaten to call the po-po on me again…you’ll threaten to sue, you’re like a broken record. Of course, that email I sent that fugly cow of yours also included my cell phone number because I *KNEW* you’d pull something like that because you’re 12 years old. You’re too easy to figure out, fat ass. But…real soon, EVERYONE in your area will know the *true* Mark Vance Halburn.

    It must be awesome sitting around doing nothing. You run a business? Do you have a business license? I guess I’ll have to call and verify that, too. It must be awesome to NOT work and try and leech off others, it must be nice being like a welfare cheat while your little fat wife works while you go out and play big news man!! But that’s going to come to an end, too. I’m afraid.

    Oh sure, you run your snout about your big boy website, about how successful it is, but where’s your cash flow? How come you have to take these menial jobs while the rest of us actually have careers?? It’s because a) you’re a failure, and b) your website doesn’t make SHIT!! Hell, even fucking Star Magazine is more readable than your garbage. You’re not fooling me, or anyone else.

    You’re almost 50 fucking years old. 50!!! What do you have to show for it?? It’s so sweet you’re proud of your little trash website, but guess what? It’s nothing. You have no legacy other than being hated by EVERYONE and being a troublemaker. You’re the most worthless human being I’ve ever come across. While most men your age are looking forward to retirement, you sit on your fat ass and play big reporter man. You’re not respected by anyone, and you have nothing!! NOTHING!! Your wife supports you, and I bet she has been for the whole course of that sham you call a marriage.

    That’s what your whole life is, a sham. A fraud. A failure. You have nothing to show for yourself other than that piece of shit website. That’s really, really fucking sad…and funny, too!

    However, you won’t even have that very soon. Phone calls will be made to “sponsors”, things will be verified. I have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE, and information about you keeps pouring in.

    When I take that away, Mark-o…you’ll truly have nothing. You can sit there and claim harassment, lawsuits, make your little gay prank calls, claim I’m lying, blow about Wal-Mart, continue to harass public officials and legit businesses, but in the end…it’s all paper threats from a pussy.

    Face it, lardo…I got you by the balls, and I’m going to rip them off and shove them so far up your grand canyon of an ass you’ll think it’s a ham sandwich in your gullet. And by all means, call the po-po, do whatever you have to do, because in the end, no one will listen to you, and no one will care.

  98. A roaring motorcycle in the middle of a snowstorm? It’s possible there was one tough rider out there or more likely another hallburn hallucination.

  99. A counter offer?! Jesus H Christ, Mark. Do you even hear yourself when you blurt out these ridiculous statements. I sent you an honest top God offer to do a live remote to give you some advertising and to help your “business” and most importantly, get your side, as you requested. You counter with a $10,000 fee to use your yard?

    This proves to me you know nothing about radio and it’s no wonder you have been fired from those previous jobs. When I sent your counter offer to the bosses at TRX they laughed as hard as any normal person one in that situation. We all had a chuckle and knew at that point that you were just some oddball that was just looking for a get rich quick scheme. Never had we heard of a counter offer to do an live remote.

    Face it Mark. You will always be a paper threat or an Internet threat and nothing more. You can talk as tough as you want here and you can push around all the women you want there, but it will never get you any more than the trouble you already have. As I understand it, you got some major issues headed your way and quite frankly, I’d be a little worried. It’s going to be a problem to “run your business” when you have no Internet.

  100. Mark, I’m glad your continuing to attempt to get the po-po after me on http://putnamlive.com/LeeMays.html.

    So, by posting EVERYTHING I said this morning, you’re admitting to making that prank phone call yesterday evening at 11:56pm, you’re also admitting to everything I said in the post. You’re also admitting to pretending to being a woman, wearing your moo-cow’s panties, and rubbing one out to my powerful and sexy voice.

    I’m flattered but I don’t swing that way.

    Oh yeah! Making prank phone calls is ALSO harassment, thus, you have negated everything you’re trying to accuse me of.

    Bravo, fucktard!

  101. It came up as “Restricted” but I knew instantly who it was. Everyone knew I was working the graveyard shift. So, when I answered, I heard Mark pretending to be a woman…and admitting to fantasizing about me wearing Michael Jackson clothes and also he admitted to masturbating to me.

    When he added that to the aforementioned website, he’s admitting to doing that plus everything else, like his own harassment of public officials and businesses.

  102. Oh, and Mark?

    Just in case you decide to omit certain things on your tribute site to me, screenshots were just made.

    I look forward to your next call.

  103. Another thing, you poor excuse for a retard…and this is coming from *MY* family lawyer.

    “Your continued participation in this discussion plus your continued viewings of this website negates any legal claim.”

    In other words, while you think you’re getting the po-po after me, wanting to sue, and being a little crybaby bitch about the truth coming out about you…you are posting things from Tyler’s blog onto your tribute site to me. Thus, you’re not only admitting to the things I have said about you, you’re also admitting to viewing this website AD-NAUSEAM and participating. Therefore, not only are you an idiot, but like I said, any paper legal claim by you is just like your little crybaby threats….


  104. My daughter is bi-racial. He has also used a racial slur as “Sal Marino”…which has also been documented.

    It has also been documented that he’s a racist bigot.

  105. Lee is continuing to libel me with false accusations. I did not call him. I was sleeping. A simple subpoena off all of our telephone records will prove that none of us called him. Two adults will testify that I was sleeping. A scan of my CPAP record card will prove that I was sleeping. Lee continues to libel me and Tyler is allowing the libel.

  106. Wait wait wait … again, Fatlock … where did you earn your law degree?

    Also you have a CPAP machine? How in the hell are you hearing Walmart noise over that thing? Here’s the answer. You’re not. Nothing in that parking lot or that road could ever wake you from a dead sleep with a CPAP on.

    ROFL. You have fat apnea.

  107. … a CPAP log? Really? You’re saying that your CPAP machine records the TIME that you use it? Bullshit.
    It records how long the machine has been used, but the machine could be turned on, but not have you wearing it.

    That’s the weakest lie I’ve ever heard.

    You’re denying Tyler’s records that are kept by an outside, unbiased source?

    God, you’re pathetic.

  108. Mark continues to copy and paste posts onto his tribute site about me.

    But see, Mark. I knew you’d lie about it, we all know you’d lie about it. I love it when you use your little “court” lingo. You can’t even afford electronic goods, let alone a lawyer or anything else.

    Instead of being online begging for electronic goods, you could be begging for legal services! ROFL!!!


  109. Tyler:

    You make an issue of Walmart being located “several hundred yards away.” We don’t care about the location of the front door. It’s the TRAFFIC DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OUR HOME that is the problem. But you’ve never been very good with facts OR reality. Hell, you claim you didn’t even recognize your co-host’s voice!

  110. There’s no way you can hear the “noise” over your fat man machine. No way in hell.

    Your “home” sits at least 100-200 feet away from the road and the road sits 12 feet below the level of your yard.

    You might recognize this passage:
    “When the city approved the access to the Wal-Mart and allowed the construction company to drop the road about 12 feet below our property levels, our option to sell vanished. We no longer have a right-of-way that is wide enough for commercial zoning.”

    That’s right, it was written by your second wife and cash cow, Dolores.
    Even she admits her land is worthless.
    Come up with another excuse.

  111. A right of way that is not wide enough for zoning plus not to mention a hillside behind us that is slip prone….
    Can someone say UNCLE?

  112. Lenny is dead on. I had a CPAP machine. It logs ONLY how long the machine is used for, not when it is turned on, when it is turned off, just how long it is on for. Plus you can’t hear didly shit over them things…mostly because it puts you in a VERY sound sleep. I don’t have mine anymore cause I hated the damned thing, but I think I know a little about them.

  113. Holy.shit.


    Check out Mark’s tribute site about me now. Now he’s gonna turn us ALL in to the po-po!!!!

    Hey Mark, why did you leave out those links I posted here? That’s right, you don’t anyone knowing the “real” you.

  114. Mark “trespasser” Halburn scolding someone about “facts”… that sumbitch is dumber than a sack of hammers…

    Interesting that I found out this weekend that, in fact, no ticket was purchased for the Fur Ball from “Trespasser”, but he used his press credential to get in, claiming that his “free publicity” was more than worth the purchase price of said ticket. What are advertising rates for your 1998 geocities site again?

  115. Hey brother!

    Mom told me that fat man’s sponsors will be getting phone calls this week on whether or not he has permission to use their logos.

  116. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Markie!

    Just read your diatribe on your POS blog. I have the email where I sent your fat wife my cell phone number. Caught in another lie, you fat failure!!

  117. You guys are focusing on my ability to sleep. I am one of five people living in this house-plus guests. All of us have been disrupted by Walmart’s excessive noise!

  118. Ohhhh … I think we all knew it was going to be a matter of time before you broke out the tried-and-true …

    “… but 23 people plus the homeless plus runaways plus stray dogs and cats live in the house! It wasn’t me on your Web site!”

  119. How DARE we not consult his multiple personalities.

    PutnamJohnny, Dennis and Christy (amongst others) must be really miffed.

  120. I would love to know where all of these people park their cars when staying there. Everytime I drive by, and for some reason my car automatically says HOOOOOONNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKK as a hello, there is only one piece of shit car there.

    And I know this is a bit late but for some reason the comment about not eating at charity events really chapped my ass. After your shit bag kid found cookies at one of them, you proceeded to walk over and shove them down your fat face hand over fist. And then while people were trying to read to the other well behaved kids, you stood in the back and talked so loud, others couldn’t even hear the story that was being read to said children, yours not included.

    And another thing you fat fuckstick. Your complete lack of respect for the police makes my blood boil. My husband is a police officer (and your damn fucking lucky he’s not in Hurricane) and every time that he leaves for work, he puts his life on the line. He doesn’t go to work to deal with scum bags like you crying like a little bitch everytime someone TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU!!!!!! He goes to work to help the people that really need it, not fucking worthless scum like you. I personally hold people like you responsible when an officer is hurt or killed in the line of duty. It’s people like you that tie up other officers with bullshit calls that could have served as backup in a dangerous situation. I think you know something about that, don’t you Mark? The stolen wallet incident in Huntington. My dog’s shit is worth more than you. I hope you rot in a low pit of hell.

  121. I’m on a roll now.

    FYI Crisco, the next time I see your dog wandering the parking lots over by your shithole, I will be the one to call and report you for animal cruelty. The last time I saw the poor thing, it was 20 degrees and snow flying. Bring it bitch. I WILL be your worst nightmare when it comes to something like that. I WILL make sure you never own another pet. So when your kid comes to you wanting a puppy you can say “I’m sorry son. I didn’t take care of the last dog and I’m not allowed to have any others.” Then he can give you that look of disappointment like he will for the rest of his life. You should really get used to that because based on your behavior, he’s going to have a lifetime of disappointment. Fuck you.

  122. I had mentioned about the poor dog on the GOW website some time ago… it was in the summer and fairly hot day. Somewhat pitiful to say the least. Maybe the look the son will give Putnamblob will be a journal entry that he is working on now since he isn’t reading any of this anymore.

  123. Wellllllll, looks like I may have to pull off the greatest magic trick ever.

    Letting all of Mark’s Facebook “friends” know how he really is, he isn’t even as smart as the nipples on my fleece shirt.

    C’MON MAN!!!!

  124. Undeniable proof, I have it. OH YES!!

    This is Mark’s ugly, fat cunt of a sister:


    Is this the one that’s you said was “nuts”, Mark?

    I see a family resemblance, you both share the same snout.

    Speaking of pork, here’s Mark’s hefty wife, along with that kid that looks like a reject from “Children of the Corn”, or would that be “Child of the Pork?”


    Delores and Mark were married in 1998. At that same time, most local stores ran out of butter and bacon, some say Delores had to rub that stuff all over herself before she could get Mark sexually aroused!

    C’MON MAN!!!!! That’s sick!!!

  125. I could care less about your (c)PAP Smear, Mark. We all know you’re a fat fucking liar, that the machine can be turned on and not be used. It’s like turning on a light and leaving the room, fucker.

  126. Hey C-PAP-py, here’s a record of you PARTICIPATING in discussion on my blog:






    Gonna copy and paste that onto your little tribute site about me??

    Once again, your claims of harassment, like your wife’s uterus, are null and void. Because, like the retard you are, you PARTICIPATED on my website.

    Regarding your use of a C-PAP machine…in case you forgot, I work in the medical field. I deal with breathing machines EVERYDAY. Breathing machines make ALOT of noise. My aunt is an RN, she also works with breathing machines and says the same thing. Therefore, your claims of noise waking you up, and everything else…is a lie. There is no way in hell you can hear ANYTHING over that machine.

    Give it up you fat fucking failure. No argument of yours will hold water…except you and your fat wife.

  127. I’ll bet that Mark spends the day jacking as he reads a website devoted just to him. It really doesn’t matter if 500 or 5 people pay attention to him, as long as SOMEBODY does. This might be a good idea, because if we can keep Mark here, he cant be breaking into pools and other places that don’t want him around. C-Pap by the way is just one step away from death. People using C-Paps are usually diabetic and have high blood pressure also, so I wouldn’t be making any long-range plans to run for mayor. Hell, better not buy green bananas for that matter Marky. :)

  128. Hey Mark?

    5:25, 7:14, 8:19, 10:02, 10:36, 11:10.

    Obsess much?

    By the way. It’s March, stop checking the February postings. We’ve moved on.

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