Exposing The Publisher

One facet of my radio show has to do with using some good old, basic common sense when it comes to making decisions. People like Stella Liebeck (she sued McDonalds when she spilled hot coffee on herself) should have used common sense when she opened her coffee before she burned her lap. She could have opened the coffee cup lid away from her instead of pulling towards herself. She also could have not sat there like an idiot and suffer third degree burns as she did. She also could have taken care of all this inside the location instead of going through the drive through.

It’s coffee, Stella. It’s hot! You are 79 years old! You had a clue that this could happen!

February 27th, 1992. This is when it all started. The day Stella stopped using common sense and opened the door for the rest of us to become brainless drones that lost the ability to think for ourselves and look for an easy buck. It also opened the door for the real target of this page within this blog site. That honor goes to Mark V. Halburn.

For the most part, dear readers, you are here because you have been aware of the Mark Halburn situation in some form or another. A fellow blogger, a Bad Side listener or an unlucky West Virginian who happens to have had dealings with what I like to call, the worlds poster child for “entitlists”. No, that word is not in the Merriam Websters, but it’s in The Hollywood Book Of Words.

If you are new to this whole situation, I highly suggest the following links. Firstly, the one that kicked off my morbid fascination to this sordid story, Girl Of Words posting “Mark Halburn Is (Still) Mentally Stable.” or “Mike Ballburn’s” continued work over at PutnamlLies.com. In a nutshell, Mark Halburn believes he is entitled to just about everything, for nothing.

This page will focus on giving Mark some of his own medicine…not that it’s going to work…and it will probably drive you a little bat shit crazy at times, but that’s the fun of the being a Mark Halburn Lemming. Mark has a blog that he likes to call a news site. It’s nothing more than what this blog is, a very opinionated site to air his trash talk. At least I admit that’s exactly what I am doing. But, the big difference between him and I? I have a grasp of reality and I have always, always used common sense.

Now, Mark has a part of his blog called Enduring The Hurricane Wal Mart. Mark has been having a Bitchfest since at least 2004 when they started building a Wal Mart across the street from his little blue house. Yet, instead of approaching things in a civil manner to try and get things done to help with his “problem”, he just rants and raves and wants someone else to do the work.

I’m going to be honest here. This is an effort to get the regular readers of his Wal Mart rants to stop reading them over on his blog, read them here instead and then be able to comment to them, which he does not allow, of course. I’ll also be honest on the fact that I am probably wasting my time but I love debunking conspiracy theorists, taking entitlists down a notch or two and quite frankly, I love to write.

The rules are simple. Each month will have a link. Goto the month of daily rants and see what is available to pick apart. Feel free to leave comments because this is for those that really want to respond to his ranting, but can’t over at, well, his blog site (which will never be mentioned here).

Thus ends a very wordy (and no doubt skipped over) introduction. On with the show. Below are the links to each month of “Enduring” responses, complete with guest postings and more!

January 2010
February 2010
March 2010
April 2010
May 2010
June 2010

UPDATE (January 2012)

It only took about a month before this really started to get to Mark, whom I refer a lot to as The Publisher. Over the course of 6 months in 2010, Mark shut down his “Enduring” web site 6 times with the final time being the nail in the coffin. Mission accomplished! Since then, myself and several others (known lovingly by Mark as The Trash Bloggers Alliance) have continued the mission to tell the real truth that The Publisher has continued to distort. With the focus now off the “Enduring Walmart” rants, I turned to a series of exposé’s called “Exposing the Publisher” whenever he would post an inflammatory article over on his “news site”. That series is linked below.

Exposing “The Publisher” #1: Ass Kissing 101; ethics fail.
Exposing “The Publisher” #2: Rooooooxanne , you don’t have to put on the red light!
Exposing “The Publisher” #3: The Toady Gets Cited.
Exposing “The Publisher” #4: Stop The Abuse.
Exposing “The Publisher” #5: Swimmin In The Deep(shit) End.
Exposing “The Publisher” #6: I kain’t stand da noise!
Exposing “The Publisher” #7: Cyberbully Bully.
Exposing “The Publisher” #8: Here’s Your (Political) Sign.
Exposing “The Publisher” #9: FBI Captures Bat Child!
Exposing “The Publisher” #10: Detta, Tama, Tento.
Exposing “The Publisher” #11: To Sell Or Not To Sell.

UPDATE (June 2012)

The poster child of entitlement has left the building! Well, not really. Mark Halburn has finally been kicked to the curb by his wife (soon to be second Ex wife) and he has left the state of West Virginia. You are welcome, my backwoods brethren. Sadly, despite the divorce, being run out of town, having to live in a trailer home in a rural town in South Carolina, “The Publisher” is still up to his old tricks. He’s running his “news site” out of SC (with help from police blotters and plagiarism) and continues to shame our country, it’s leaders and the people as a whole with his greedy entitlement and Tom Foolery. We continue, to fight the good fight.

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