3 – March 2010

Ah.  A new month. Spring is around the corner.  A time for change.  Wait a second.  I almost had myself convinced.  Then I remembered, we are talking about Mark Halburn.

“March 2nd, 2010: After Silly Scotty ducked the issue for months, I nail his sorry backside with a Freedom of Information Act request and PROVE that our home was zoned residential before my wife bought the home. Scott Edwards, YOU LIE!”

(Link omitted to avoid the displeasure of having to go see that site.)

My Response: Ok. It’s late. I’ve worked 3 straight 9-9 shifts to train the new staff. I’m tired. I’m stuffed full of pasta at 11:20 at night and I am cranky as all get out. Then I read this shit. It’s an article over at The Publishers web site, which will forever remain nameless so you can keep coming here to read it instead.

For years, critics of the Hurricane Walmart’s neighbors, politicians, and store managers have been telling the nearby residents to stop complaining about the construction and traffic noise. “After all, you moved into a commercially zoned area.”

There’s just one problem with that statement: It simply isn’t true.

John Clay moved into the neighborhood about 40 years ago. Dolores Martin-Hallburn and her mother, Margaret, bought their home in 1992. (Dolores is this publisher’s wife).

  • Why this guy continues to write about things he is involved with (directly or not on paper, because we all now he is involved totally on record) and call his site a news site is beyond me. Journalistic integrity is not in Mark’s vocabulary. Never has been, never will be.

John “Jay” Clay, III, lived in Martin-Hallburn’s home before she purchased it. He now lives in the trailer beside his father’s home-all of which are pictured above this article.

  • Wow, that’s movin up in the world of West Virginia!

The zoning was changed without knowledge or permission of the Clays or Martins, during a May 2nd, 1994 Hurricane City Council meeting. Mayor F. Raymond Peak was in charge then with current Recorder Linda Gibson and current member William “Reggie” Billups sitting on the council. A Hurricane Municipal Planning Commission letter says Peak requested a public hearing about the zoning change.

  • So? This happens every day around the United States, dipstick. This is a non issue. It’s only an issue with you because you are a fucking retard that doesn’t know how things work and doesn’t get the idea that the world doesn’t revolve around your fat ass, though technically, you do create some sort of gravity effect. But that’s another greasy story.

Current Mayor Scott D. Edwards was not involved in the zoning switch. It is not clear when he first found out about it. So far, he and Peak have declined to comment on the issue.

  • Like they want to talk to the crazy guy from Grace Drive? In their position, I don’t take that call either. It’s just best to ignore the little brat that wants the biggest piece of cake.  I should also mention that Edwards had nothing to do with this change and doesn’t need to comment.

We will let the documents posted above this article speak for themselves.

  • I’m not downloading them folks. It’s mundane, town meeting minutes. Seriously, no news story here.

(Pudgy Fingers) made copies of the documents after re-filing a Freedom of Information Act request which was first ignored by the city.

  • No. It was after you rant, raved, bitched and moaned. We SAW all that leading up to this.

GO GREEN: (This crappy blog) is online only. We do not publish a paper edition in order to protect the environment. Please do not print this article unless it is necessary!”

  • And again…will you please take that stupid ass, self serving, liberal minded, cock sucking, irritating message off your stupid ass, self serving, liberal minded, cock sucking, irritating blog of a web site?! For fuck sake.

Final thoughts.

::one leg on the ground, the other propped up by a heel on the lower rung of a stool, hands over that raised knee::

You know. There are some people in this world that just don’t get it. The ones that feel everything should be handed to them. Now, as anyone that knows me, reads me or hears me on the radio show knows, I ask (and at times) demand that you get involved, write your congressmen, become informed. All in an effort to change things. But honestly, this is NOT the way to do it. Calling yourself a news site when it’s clearly an opinionated blog to sedate some sense of grand dream of being a newshound with breaking stories is simply migraine inducing. Mark? Do you seriously believe that you are some press agent? An Anderson Cooper kind of guy with his finger on the pulse of the nation?


You are just a sad, certifiably crazy guy that is spreading the disease of apathy, laziness and entitlement around the county you live in, just so YOU can be happy. You always ask, mark, “don’t I deserve the right to peace and quiet and to be happy?”

No Mark. No. Not with the way you act. In my book, you are just like all the other illegal immigrants out there, sucking and feeding off the tittie that is known as the United States of America.

“March 3rd, 2010: A total stranger named Samuel Walden posts a link to this diary on his Facebook page. Way to go, Samuel!!! Finally someone gets it!”

My Response: Wait what? Seriously? Sam Walden

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now that’s funny. Good luck with that.

:;pads off, then stops and looks over his shoulder…turns back and then stops again and this time returns::

Hold up a second. Ya know what? So Sam here is supporting you, as I gathered by your man crush giddy like giggle fit I swear I just heard. Well, Mark, I hope that Sam becomes your best buddy, something that Troy could never really live up to…since he is someone’s bitch for the next 30 days. I hereby promise…PROMISE…that I will convince Sam to see our side of things, Mark. I promise that. And when he does, you will weep the loss like that of the time your lost your Krispy Kreme between your own thighs.

Du Hast. Mark. Du hast, mesh.

“March 4th, 2010: Some video store clerk in New England named Rick apparently files a complaint with my web host because I created a special page to document trash blogger harassment for law enforcement to review. Of course, Rick doesn’t post his diatribes under his real name. It’s no wonder. I wouldn’t use my real name and post his comments! These trash bloggers need a life! No one in our neighborhood cares about what anyone in Vermont thinks about the noise on Grace Drive. Meanwhile, Walmart’s excessive traffic noise continues and Silly Scotty is an Epic Fail for a mayor!”

My Response: I don’t know who this Rick (actually, I do!) fella is but bravo mother fucker! Nice job getting that trash page taken down. All it was, was a page of stolen, copy and pasted material from my site and others. Rick takes the liberty to point that out to Mark’s host and bam, he’s forced to take it down. Good show, sir. Good show. You have just moved up to #1 super fan of the show.

By the way, Mark? That page wasn’t a review for law enforcement, even if that was what you intended it to be. That was a horrible looking mess of what was already posted elsewhere and was someone else’s. Oh, and before you get all pissy on me about your posts being quoted here, that’s just it…it’s quoted! They know these posts are yours and I have credited you. This is why whomever tried to have my blogs posts taken down, failed. I went about things the right way, dick cheese.

And I am tellin ya Mark. You better stop harping on the Mayor. Pretty soon he’ll be getting a nice little letter from a concerned citizen about all the libel you spread about him on your page. You think people in Putnam County don’t care what Rick, Matt (regular listeners) or I think? Think again.

And ya know what I really love? This Enduring Wal Mart blog? Has simply become an Enduring the Trash Boggers, blog. We are making you do something you don’t want to do…and I love every minute of it. Finally, a taste of your own medicine.

One final note, Mark. Remember when I said I was your dragon? I’m still breathing fire.

March 5th, 2010: A UPS truck illegally charges up the hill in front of our home-then parks in the fire lane area in front of Walmart. The driver never apologizes. Classy!

My Response: Just what does “illegally charges” mean?  Well, I decided to consult the Mark Halburn to English translation manual and I have rewritten the entire complaint paragraph so that the general populace can better understand todays “issue”.

“A UPS truck drove up the hill on the road in front of our home, just a driver doing his job.  Though I was a 1000 yards away, I assume  he parks in the fire lane area (because that’s what I would do)  in front of Walmart. The driver never apologizes, but then again, how the fuck would I know because I am peeking out from behind my curtain at the little blue hovel.  I’m such a classy sleuth.”

Seriously?  This is too easy.  Guess I am going to have to so an Exposing the Publisher piece just to sedate my need for writing this evening.

March 6, 2010:

My Response: Well, since Mark doesn’t seem to have any complaints today, or more to the point, he is off licking his wounds, I decided to take a crack at posting for him on his Wal mart blog.

Any objections?


Sold!  Here we go.

  • March 6th, 2010: Another day of excessive noise with the Wal Mart traffic!  How can they be so RUDE!?  The trash bloggers still attack me even though I have not done a thing.  They say I was wrong about my news story I broke about my property being zone changed without our knowledge.  I wasn’t wrong!  I was lied to.  I blame Silly Scotty Edwards for all this! It’s HIS fault for being a terrible mayor.  Meanwhile, my news site continues to break records every day.  You people LOVE reading about the sex offenders I break news on and the 16 year old stories I post about lottery winners.  They will NEVER defeat me!

Heh.  I even patted my belly when I sat back, impressed with my own impression.  I have two questions for Mark.  One, we have already asked, but when will you admit you were wrong, Mark?  Question number two, are you over-compensating for something by posting all these sick, whacko sex offenders?  You can only kick sand over your tracks for so long.

“March 8th, 2010: I take my son out into our front yard to enjoy some spring-like weather. As he is playing, some jerk in a big rig drives on the no-truck road in front of our home, startling our toddler. Why can’t these Walmart delivery morons honor the no-truck zone? And why doesn’t Hurricane Police cite these idiots!”

My views on this day are here —-> http://wp.me/pwGfv-5T

“March 9th, 2010: The video store trash blogger from Vermont completely distorts my article about the City of Hurricane violating the Freedom of Information Act law. And now the trash bloggers even have a logo. Only morons would be proud to be trash bloggers! As I have said many times before, they need to get a life!”

My Response: Dude. What gives? You are giving credit to smeone else for my work!? Slanderous! And I didn’t “distort” anything, Mark. I deconstructed, tore apart and shredded your “article”. I brought the Peptmo for your verbal diarria and you just can’t stand the fact that I brought it. As far as the logo, BIG ups to Mike Balburn for coming up with that idea. That was outstanding! Yes I am proud to be a member and no doubt it just kills you, kills you, that we are using your very own taunts as something we should be proud of.

Finally, we need to get a life?


Seriously? We all have lives, careers, hobbies and significant others we all spend time with. This deal with you? It’s a hobby. But it’s also an important under taking that I support. Because if we let you rant, rave and carry on like an idiot with your full blown lies and your “news articles” littered with halve truths and full blown bashing agenda’s, then you infect others to the same bullshit. When no one stands up to stuff like this, or when there is no refuting such claims, then the numb begin to believe. And we, as a nation…can’t have that.

Editors Note: Here is my prediction for Mark’s Walmart Blog for March 13th, 2010.

MARCH 13th, 2010 • 5:00 p.m.


Scary Creek Church of God Fellowship Hall

Come On Over Neighbors!

Dinner is at 5:00 p.m.

Dinner Cost: Donation

For more information (or to warn them Mark Halburn will be there stuffing his jowls for free, please telephone:

304-757-8309 or 304-610-6241

My Response: Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!

“March 10th, 2010: Another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise. And another day of the City of Hurricane failing to do the correct thing. Shame on you, Scott Edwards! You are an EPIC FAIL of a mayor!

My Response: Another day of excessive lying. And another day of the City of Hurricane having to put up with Mark Halburn failing to do the right thing…like telling the truth. Shame on you Mark Halburn! You are an EPIC FAIL of a human being.

“March 11th, 2010: The trash bloggers continue to make idiots of themselves. Sixth graders have more maturity! What a waste of time they are!”

My Response: Mark Halburn continues to make an idiot of himself…by posting 5 days of bullshit in one night. Look how short these are. He is making all this up! He’s got nothing left. And he can’t stand me. Sixth graders make googly eyes at him behind his back at his lack of maturity. What a waste of air, flesh and brain matter he is.

“March 13th, 2010: One week after he witnessed the City of Hurricane violating the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act, city police cite freelance reporter Lawrence J. Smith, who was trying to review public documents.”

My Response: Are you serious? A copy and paste from a shitty article? This is all you have? I’m wearin ya down, aren’t I. Gettin on your nerves. Pissin ya off.

Boxing Announcer: Hollywood’s got him in the corner and it’s just body blow after body blow!

Color Commentator: Hollywood is brutal in the corner! He once got a stripper in the corner and…

Boxing Announcer: Whoa there, nelly! Family blog. Family blog.

Color Commentator: What!? Since when you moron! I’ve said “fuck” here before.

Boxing Announcer: Body blow! Halburn is winded!

Color Commentator: Winded?! When ISN’T he?! They pay you for this shit?

::chuckles:: I could seriously go on for hours with that. But I won’t because you have to clean up the coffee you just snarfed out of your nose and onto your new shirt/blouse.

Oh, for those that missed the truth behind the March 13th blog post by our ethic-less hero? It’s HERE.

Oh yeah, one more thing for the 13th?  How was the Po Folks Dinner, KFC boy?

“March 15th, 2010: One of the trash bloggers sends out a nasty email about me. The trouble is, the recipients think the sender is an idiot! At 11:53 p.m., a car roars up Walmart hill screeching its tires. Why don’t these idiots show any common sense or courtesy?”

My Response: Wait. It wasn’t me. I’ve asked several others. It wasn’t them…wait a second. It was YOU! You sent yourself a nasty email and forwarded it along to Larry, didn’t ya. Didn’t ya! Don’t believe me? Read the blog post for March 16th. I have proof you send yourself stuff. (Yes, I have ESP, I know what he is about to do.)

“March 16th, 2010: Pre-sunrise traffic noise from Walmart wakes me up more than 30 minutes before my alarm clock it set to ring. Thanks for being an obnoxious neighbor, Walmart!”

My Response: Mark? Ya gotta stop dumping on Wal Mart. I mean, after all, the sold you the CPAP machine that helps you sleep at night. Sleep so good that you dream this shit up. Actually, you are just starting to make shit up. You are so afraid of what I am going to respond with that you no longer dare post every day with real effort. Bad form, ole chap. Bad form. By the way, the only reason you posted any of these this week was because Lenny pointed out that you were a fat lazy slob for not posting anything. Do you dance on strings too?

A fine conscience I turned out to be!

Oh, remember yesterday I mentioned some sort of proof that he sends stuff to himself? Well, he got into a little fender bender today. You can read about that HERE. But all of a sudden, Mark is pro police department after this little incident. What’s with the sudden 180? He knows he was at fault (barring his piddly excuse of some guy that almost T-Boned him that conveniently got away) Pure BS. So, what’s he do? He sends a sunshine up the HPD skirts “Letter To The Editor”…wait for it…of his own site!

“Many Thanks For Your Great Work, Officers!

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Hurricane Police Cpl. T.J. Dillon, and Officers C.K. Eggleton and Emily Young for their highly professional assistance with my auto accident, March 16th.. They were very thorough, caring, and raised professionalism to a new level.

As a citizen I am glad to have these fine people are working for us as members of the Hurricane Police Department. We can all be proud of their work.

Mayor Edwards, I ask that you read this in the next city council meeting so Dillon, Eggleton, and Young can be publicly recognized for a great job!

Many thanks!

Mark Hallburn



I speak for everyone that is going to read that when I say;

WTF dude? Seriously.

“March 17th, 2010: Just another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise! We never get peace and quiet anymore!

My Response: Ladies and gentlemen? A quote from Mark’s wife.

::ba dum doom::

Thank you, I’m here all week.

March 18th, 2010: Despite a promise from Walmart that its street sweeper won’t be working until 7:00 a.m., it disrupted our neighborhood a few minutes after 6:00 a.m. Why won’t Walmart keep its promises?”

My Response: They did Mark. You forgot to set your clocks ahead last Saturday.

::ba doom::

Thank you, yer too kind. Be sure to tip the wait staff!

“March 19th, 2010: While shopping at Big Lots, I run into a Walmart assistant manager buying a 25-foot piece of coaxial cable. I ask him why he doesn’t buy that at Walmart, where he works. They carry cable. He responds, “I don’t want to be anywhere near that huge place on my day off.” We wish we could get away from that huge place. We NEVER get a day off from Godzilla Walmart!”

My Response: So, what? We aren’t allowed to shop elsewhere for goods even if the place we work at happens to carry those goods? You are the most narrow minded person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Seriously. He doesn’t want to deal with Walmart today because he is there every other day of the week. I bet he looked up and sighed heavily when he saw you.

“Damnit, I thought I wouldn’t have to see that guy today!”

It’s like your wife. She wants to get away from the Godzilla that is you. By the way, Hurricane doesn’t get a day off from you, does it? ‘Nuff said.

“March 20th, 2010: Walmart holds a midnight DVD party for a movie release. HUNDREDS of customers bombard the parking lot at MIDNIGHT! When do we get to sleep! How IRRESPONSIBLE to hold a midnight DVD release when you are located next to a NEIGHBORHOOD OF HOMES! But Walmart doesn’t care about us, corporate greed rules Walmart’s mindset!”

My Response: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! “How irresponsible…” You are the biggest killjoy on the plant, you retard. They do this the world over! You know what your problem is? You can’t stand to see anyone having a good time. Let me clue you in on something. These people that showed up? They are called fans. You do things for your fans that are exciting, fun. Tuesday is the national release date of 95% of the movies that come out on DVD or Blu Ray. Every now and then, a production company will pay a fee and announce an off date release. They call these release parties. Twilight Saga: New Moon is a pretty big deal. Bigger than Potter, dare I say. I may not be a fan of the movies or books but that’s not going to keep me from checking these things out now and then. They can be fun if you live a little outside your box.


“March 21st, 2009: Another car alarm wakes me at 12:46 a.m. This is nuts! People are SLEEPING at 12:46 a.m.! If Walmart can’t keep things quiet overnight, flip the store to a Sam’s Club! This neighbor wants some courtesy and respect! When I try to go back to sleep, some car hits the drainage grates, keeping me awake until after 1:15 a.m.”

My Response: “Flip it to a Sam’s Club!”  Yeah, that’ll make things quieter!  Jesus Christ.  Mark, it wouldn’t matter who built there, you’d be complaining because really, it’s the only reason you don’t take a check for $11 dollars and just move.  You said back then that you wanted courtesy and respect.  Do you have it yet?  No?  Huh!  I wonder where the problem is then?  By the way, you used the drainage grate complaint before;

March 21st, 2008: Good Friday means lots of food shoppers preparing for Easter dinner. They don’t care about us, they just swarm the Wally-World all day, sending excessive noise into our home. Cars hit the annoying grate in the road every few seconds, and the more-annoying “motion beeps” from some sort of machine crash our peace and quiet all afternoon. I get another email from someone criticizing me for being angry at the 3:10 a.m. street sweeper the other day. Like all of the others, he refuses to buy us out and live with it himself. What a hypocrite!

Don’t you get it yet, Mark?  No one cares.  No one gives a shit.  Why should they? Most sane people learn to live with change (35 years is a long time with no change) and I can’t figure out why you can’t….oh wait.  I’m sorry.  That was very rude of me.  I forgot about your evaluation.  You’re not as sane as most people.

::thinks a moment::

That’s no excuse.  Deal with it or take control of your life and make some changes.  No one will ever…do it for you.

March 21st, 2010: The trash bloggers are whining about my objections to Walmart’s midnight DVD release party. Screw them. They live out-of-state and can’t hear the noise. Nobody cares about some liberal talk show host from Vermont who chickened out of coming here for a live debate. These trash bloggers are ignorant whiners!”

My Response: Liberal talk show host!? What the fuck dude! You are one crazy little fucker. I’ve been called a right wing moron and now a crazy liberal. Hahahaha! I think people are now starting to get the point. I rip BOTH sides. I’m a screaming radical, Mark. You should talk, too, you crazy liberal. Wanting to tax anything and everything just because you think it’s bad for someone. You are a screaming liberal, Mark. A fat, pasty faced, jowl flapping liberal. Me? I’m a defender of the Constitution and am willing to do what our forefathers did to bring us back to “We The People.” You? Just a liberal that wants to order everyone to stop smoking and pay an extra dollar on a beer can that goes into a liberally lined pocket.

Now, as far as me “chickening” out, well, that doesn’t hurt my feelings. We all know the truth. I made an honest to God offer to do a live remote. I gave you a quoted price that included everything, the advertising you’d get, the live air time, the travel costs, the whole nine yards. You countered with wanting to charge the station $10,000 to use your land. After that, pretty much any offer you make from there on out, is going to be declined. The station owner said “that’s crazy talk” and yeah, he nailed it right on. So stop trying to use that as some sort of taunt against me, Mark. We all know the truth there.

Oh…and a parody of you breathing fire and running roughshod over a Wal Mart because they had a DVD release party is not an objection, it was a full on funny fucking slap in your face. I have no objection to that.

March 22nd, 2010: Another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise. It never ends.”

My Response: Neither do these responses. I’m sure it started with street sweepers, then a truck or two, someone probably squealed some tires….oh, and the neighbor should be busting out his motorcycle soon.  Look for those complaints in the near future, folks. Remember where you heard it first.

Oh yeah.  You say the madness never ends?  You are right.  It doesn’t.  When your certifiable crazy, the madness truly never ends.

March 24th, 2010: Walmart’s street sweeper shows up before their self-imposed 7:00 a.m. time, disrupting our home. Why won’t Walmart keep its promises? Walgreens opens today. I hope it siphons away a bunch of Walmart’s business! Before they even hold the ribbon cutting I buy a sack load of merchandise. Walgreens built a sound wall to protect their neighbors. I will shop at Walgreens whenever possible. Walmart is losing out on business because of continued disrespect for our neighborhood! I apply for Patty Hager’s vacant city council seat. Hurricane needs real leadership. I will provide real leadership!”

My Response: Ok, forget all this shit about Wal Mart and Walgreens. Whatever you want to say there, tubby. Blah blah. Here’s what I want to talk about. You applying for Patty Hager’s vacant city council seat! Excuse me a moment…


Oh my word.

::chuckles some more, trying to regain composure::

Whew. Humdinger.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah.


::shakes out his arms::

Ok, NOW I think I am set.

::snicker fits::

Holy shit, my gut hurts from laughing. Ok, lets start over.

::hee hees some more::

Damnit! Stop it Tyler. Get a hold of yourself. Ok ok. I think I can do this.

Mark? You want to hold a city council seat? Fine. Lets see what you can do in someone else’s shoes. Something you have never been able to comprehend ever before in your life. So, you want to show what true leadership is all about. Ok, good. I commend you. Lead by example? Nice, lets see you start. First, if you accept this role, guess what you have to do? You have to shut down your site.

I’ll let that sink in.

Why, you ask? Simple. If you are a candidate for city council or any political office, you have become a public figure and as a candidate, the state ethics commission will ask you to shut down your “news site”. It’s a conflict of interest, so you can’t run it. Mark? Don’t go saying you don’t have to shut down the site either. We already know you’d have to. The rules DO apply to you. You are a news site, right? You do have a press pass, right? Well, so you say.

Personally, you do this and you back yourself into a corner with your site. But I know you Mark.

::taps his own temple::

I know that what you posted is a bullshit statement. You do not have the nutsack to run for any kind of council spot or political office. You are just trying to look all tough and gangster for your punch drinkers by saying you will run for a vacant spot. And Mark…really…you should be ashamed of yourself. Just last week you were glowing all over Scott Edwards and the police department for the fender bender help you had. Now? Right back at attacking that kind of leadership in Putnam County. Bad form, ole chap, bad form.

“March 25th, 2010: Another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise. And a dangerous situation. As my family and I leave for an errand, we are nearly T-boned by a pickup truck that rolls the stop sign at the bottom of Walmart hill. This is typical. Since Hurricane’s Epic Fail Mayor Silly Scotty refuses to make the police department enforce any traffic laws on Walmart hill, drivers do whatever they want! Resign, Mayor Edwards! YOU ARE A TOTAL FAILURE!!!!!”

My Response: Ya know, like everything else that is everyone else’s problem with this guy, this too is his own fault. Mark? You were almost T-Boned a week and a half ago at Rite Aid. Your reaction sent you into a buttfuck of another truck. Now this “near T-Bone” incident. You’ve also had an accident on what was it, on 35? 64? I can’t remember, but it’s not important. You ever stop to think it’s you, pally?

You are so mad at the world for everything that your mind is never truly focused on the task at hand at any given time. No doubt you were so distracted and mad at some idiotic little thing that it was your lack of attention that put you in this situation. My opinion is you couldn’t stand to wait at the stop sign and YOU rolled through it when the other guy hesitated. You blow it up into a story of nearly getting T-boned. Well, I don’t believe you. Why? Because of your track record. Always trying to play the victim. Always trying to be the hero. The Luke Skywalker of Putnam County. Trying to overcome the big bad Empire and show boating these little victories. Yer not Luke Skywalker, dude. You were one of the nameless, faceless storm troopers that bought it in the first 5 minutes of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

And shame on you, Mark. How dare you. How dare you go and attack Scott Edwards again after you just got done blowin sunshine up his ass and that of the asses at the HPD. Why is it you speak highly of someone when it serves only you, huh? Answer me that. Oh yeah…

::hands him a shovel::

Here, while you are at this little bitch fest, keep digging a hole where you can bury your city council seat you want to run for. Keep talking like that and you’ll even end up not voting for yourself.

“March 26th, 2010: A Lance snack truck violates the no truck rule on the road in front of our home, sending excessive noise into our home as the heavy truck slams onto the metal grates.”

My Response: I have yet to see those pictures you promised me from last time, pudgy fingers. I still don’t believe that Progress Way is a no truck road. I believe your road is. I really do. But not Progress way. By the way, how can you even diss a Lance Snack truck! The cheddar cheese popcorn rules! And I am not a popcorn fan!  By the way, enough of the metal grates.  You’ve been complaining about those for 3 years now, maybe more (scroll up to find proof) and any sane person would have done more than complain by now.

Oh wait…


I forgot.  I said sane to a crazy person.

Sue me.


Mark, put the forms down, I was being factitious.

“March 30th, 2010: Scott Cosco, another state bureaucrat who has no clue about what this neighborhood is dealing with, refuses to reschedule the meeting that he promised with Joe Manchin’s Chief of Staff. When government officials refuse to keep promised meetings, it’s no wonder that incompetent mayors like Silly Scotty get away with abusing citizens! Cosco’s words MIGHT have some credibility if a car wasn’t roaring up Walmart hill in the background during the exact moment that he said them!”

My Response: Wow. We cap off the month with a a rambling tirade! Did anyone understand that? Of all this time reading the Wal-Mart bitch fest I don’t recall ever a mention of Mr. Cosco. To the best of my knowledge, isn’t Scott Cosco the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs & Constituent Services at West Virginia?

::rubs his chin::

Well, yeah. I guess that would put him in the front line of issues such as this….if this issue were even remotely that important! With the economy the way it is and unemployment a huge issue in West Virginia, I’m sure Scott Cosco (anyone want to take bets on when he becomes a “Scotty” in these positngs?) has enough on his plate that will push off a meeting about….well,whatever Mark is bitching about.

I gotta tell ya, I was a little lost on this post. Screaming about government to trash talking poor Scott Edwards again. Guy does a complete 180 when he rear ends some truck and suddenly loves Edwards and the “dreaded” HPD. Less than a week later he was spinning around another 180 and back at the bitching about said targets. Now, to cap off the month, it’s like nothing has changed. It’s interesting what you can find out about a man by watching all this.

Seriously though? This was an awesome month, filled with several revealing statements, lots of comments and of course, a lot of dizzy spells caused by Mark spinning around a lot because he doesn’t know now if he is coming or going. April is going to be interesting as Mark will be dealing with his trespassing conviction appeal. Of course, we all know that when things don’t work out Mark’s way, he resorts to bitch festing on his wal-Mart blog. I’ll be here all month long as well. Thanks…and be sure to tip your wait staff.

(Note of interest: On March 31st we really capped off the month…Tyler and The Bad Side LIVE got a call from Mark Halburn and the man, as scary as it is, believes everything he says even when we catch him in a lie.)

“March 31st, 2010: Another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise! And another day of Scott D. (as in derelict of his duties) refusing to solkve the problem. Scott Edwards is just aNOTHER PINHEAD POLITICIAN!”

My Response: Whoa there, nelly.  You almost snuck that one past me, lumping it in with the rash of April postings you posted today.

::rubs his chin as he reads the rambling mess::

Dude.  you are seriously off your rocker.  What a way to end the month.  A call from you which left us all scratching our heads and my box full of e-Mail to be read this coming week.  Seriously.  Did you hear yourself?  That was a rambling mess.  So was the phone call you put into the Bad Side.  Good Christ, I know why you keep this shit up, you have yourself convinced and just ignore things when the truth is shoved in your face.  Man, one day you are going to have a stiff reality check and I hope I am there to see it.

375 thoughts on “3 – March 2010

  1. Really? Some guy actually pays attention to what this dipshit says? What. The. Fuck.


  2. Six times since he got up this morning. 5 of those from work. And he hasn’t even read March 2010 yet. It’s because he has the February link in his URL history.

    I feel bad for those kids he is supposed to be substitute teaching for. No good education and certainly not a good role model.

    • Hey brother!

      Why did fat man take down that page about Lee? I heard his web host made him take it down! Mother and I think that’s funny! We were laughing about that on the way to the MotherBoy Dance.

      We also heard that he’s been looking at these trash blogger websites from work. I thought teachers, even fake ones, were supposed to work. Did he get fired again?

  3. I thought that the “state internet censors” blocked this website? And Jacque’s… and Lee’s…

  4. Mark really doesn’t have a real job, snarf snarf. He comes in, takes attendance, passes out the assigned work already assigned by the real teacher, snarf snarf, then he sits on his fat ass in a classroom he can’t control while students sit there and make fun of his, snarf snarf, fat ass!

    He also goes out on “breaks”, snarf snarf, and gets on the computer to see if you trash bloggers are talking about him. That’s why you all have these hits. Someone, snarf snarf, told me he was on their site a total of a half an hour with 8 hits, snarf fucking snarf!!

    It seems like, snarf snarf, that he’s going to lose yet another job because of his playing on company time. Snarf douchebag snarf!!!!!

  5. Also:

    I wouldn’t use my real name and post his comments.

    You often don’t, Mark. I mean, Dennis. Christy. Dawn. Dave. Fuck it. I give up.

  6. Regal Legal Beagle, you forgot these:

    TV Dude
    Mark in OC
    It’s Mark
    Carolina Mark
    Earl MacArthur
    John T. Reed
    Randall Scott
    Tom Potter
    Jacque Jo
    Rich Chrampanis
    Sal Marino
    Mark H
    Blair McGinnis

    I noticed alot of female names in there! Mark, are you light in the loafers? Wait a tick, you can’t be light in anything!

    That’s so funny! He’s posting under girl names. I bet he’s either in the closet or his wife’s closet, or both. Do you put on her sexiest moo-moo, smear on her makeup, and dance in front of a mirror singing Lady Gaga songs? What a fruitcake!! Seriously, what non-perverted man does this? And this guy is a substitute teacher? I don’t want him near my kids or anyone else’s.

    Mark “Lady Fatfat” Halburn.

  7. I’m liking this Rick guy!

    Maybe Rick can alert Mark’s host about all the slander, libel, theft, lies, and harassment on Mark’s shitty site to finally having that crap taken down once and for all!

    Wait a minute, I just heard on the Orgazmoradio that’s in the works…

  8. Mark talks about trash bloggers not having a life?

    Mark waddles out of bed, and gets on these trash bloggers site to see what we say about him. He gets that “press pass” of his he got out of a box of Count Chocula and waves it around while he plays big reporter man. Meanwhile, REAL journalists, like Jacque Bland, who have REAL journalism jobs and REAL press passes, but their asses night and day to give us news and entertainment. Meanwhile, Mark, who’s doing his best impression of Jimmy Olsen, makes a bee-line for anything that offers free food and calls it “news.”

    Here’s a typical Mark article:

    “While Silly Scotty was making life hell for our neighborhood, I had a chance to take in the “Free Tibet” luncheon. While sampling some fine cuisine, I had a chance to talk to the most famous Tibet-ian of all time, Ringo Starr, who was lead singer for KISS. I talked him into doing some KISS numbers and he invited me onstage to play guitar (I am a renowned guitarist). Everyone was shouting, “MARK MARK MARK MARK!!!” A good time was had by all, and Ringo gave me his phone number just in case a news job opens up in Tibet. I declined, my work here is not finished!”

    All of his “articles” are the same. They involve the mayor, a politician, a sex offender, food, or himself.

    Saying Mark has talent would be like putting two retarded monkeys together in a cage and seeing which one throws shit at the other first!

  9. Hahahaha!

    “Meanwhile, Mark, who’s doing his best impression of Jimmy Olsen…”

    In the upcoming Spider-Man comics, Jimmy Olsen…
    …gets fired!

    That statement just took on a whole new frickin meaning!

  10. See, Choder Boy, the thing is… I’d almost pay money to see two retarded monkeys in a shit fight cage match. I wouldn’t pay money to read Halburn’s ranting about how life just isn’t fair.

  11. Mark, dressed as a big news reporter man and waving his fraudulent press pass around, claims harassment by “trash bloggers” and walks up to the front desk at the police station and goes, “I demand to see the commissioner!!!!”

  12. “Another place…
    where the WalMarts are so cold…
    I drive all night…
    to stalk Jacque Jo…”

  13. “Sometimes I sleep…
    mostly through the days…
    the people I meet,
    Say “no comment” and run away…”

    “Sometimes I tell the day,
    by the noise allthosedamncars make…
    At times when I’m alone…
    lawsuits are what I think…”

  14. You know what actually is funny? Writing some huge article about how you nail the city for changing zoning on your most recent wife’s property, but your most recent wife’s property isn’t included in the zone … that … is funny.

  15. The headline story is now tucked away and no longer major “news” item for Putnamblob’s blog. I’ll give a honk out to you in the morning on my way to Walmart! You’re an awesome news ace!

  16. I’ll check on your dog also to see if he’s in the parking lot and let the proper authorities know as well.

  17. I’m glad that the Lee Mays page got pulled down.
    i was tired of Halburn whining to me.
    I was afraid I was going to have to get a restraining order for him to leave me alone.

  18. He’s removed the story completely – I think the ones referenced in his rantings should either demand a public apology or file a libel suit against him.

  19. Who’s “us” Mark? We all know, and so does everyone else, that NO ONE is on your side. It’s ALL YOU! Who are you trying to fool? EVERYONE is wise to your bullshit…and more people will know, too.

    Soon, you’ll be lucky to get a job as a fluffer on the set of a porn movie.

    The jig is up, Lardy McLardson!

  20. Wait…haven’t you heard? Mark has a new buddy over on Facebook! Samuel Walden. They’ve been blowing sunshine up each others asses the last 3 days I guess. Sam needs to step away from the little kids table and stop drinking the punch.

  21. I doubt the validity of “Sam”. I think this is another one of Mark’s sock puppets.

  22. ::chuckles: Read my response to March 3rd, Jim. I laughed hard at that one. And it was Sam Walton that started Wal Mart in 62′.

  23. There’s 67 Sam Waldens on the facebook. After eliminating the girls, I’ve emailed all of the males. We’ll see what happens here.

  24. Now, granted he could have an unlisted number, but WhitePages.com finds people with unlisted numbers (just doesn’t list the number)….it has even found old numbers that I and my family have had. Guess what they found for our buddy “Samuel Walden”


    NOTHING!!! Nada damned thing. Jacque could probably do a little looking to that town’s tax records as she has down with WV’s tax records, but I don’t think “Samuel” exsists.

    Another figment of PutPutBlob’s imagination.

  25. Yeah Mark, come one. You can’t get out of this one, so just admit it. Just post a retraction on your “news site” and show us you have an ounce of integrity.

  26. R.O.F.L.

    That fat, poor excuse for a man has NO integrity. He won’t admit shit, and won’t retract anything, which proves (among other things) that his ugly, 1998 looking site is NOT news, just his greasy, bloated, fingers fattening up the web with his worthless opinion.

    He’s the most pathetic human being I’ve ever come across. A 50 year old man pretending to be a journalist. That’s something a 10 year old would do. No one respects him, they just laugh at him.

    I got some news:

    The word is out (and has been for quite some time) about Mark’s antics and his “news” site. Everyone is wise to his antics, and more and more are getting the word out.

  27. I’m still waiting on the new tech car wash to open he reported on several months ago with the news breaking story. Haven’t seen any pissing and moaning about the slow status of that B & O tax generator yet.

  28. Of course, which once again proves he’s a fraud, a failure, and a liar.

    He’s only out for himself. He doesn’t care about his fat wife, his stupid kid, or no one but himself. Even if he did sell his blue shithole, he wouldn’t move. He would waste that money suing people, filing stupid lawsuits, buying electronics, and buying as much meat products as he could find.

    He has no intention of moving, just sucking the cock of whatever he can leech off of!

  29. How come fatty-fatty-2X4 hasn’t been posting here? Is he chicken shit?

    I thought Mark was a lean (not so much), mean, news reportin’ machine who defended his news stories like the Knights of the Round Table defended Camelot!!

    Once again, he’s proven that he’s not an actual journalist like Ms. Bland, but just a pathetic, fat, 50 year old loser who can’t make ends meet and support his family and waddles around playing journalist.

    When a man’s wife is the bread winner and the only one in the family who can actually keep a job, then that man isn’t a man.

  30. We have contacted an attorney to file legal action against the City of Hurricane for failing to properly comply with the Freedom of Information Act request. This is a misdemeanor.

  31. Mark, they DID comply with your FOIA request, they gave you the information that proved you wrong. Game over, FatBoy. You will, again, be laughed out of court. Courts, after awhile (if they haven’t already), will begin to treat you like the townspeople did to the boy who cried wolf…they just aren’t going to listen.

  32. No attorney will touch him or this case. There’s no case to touch. He only said he has contacted an attorney. We can pick up the phone and call any attorney and can say that we contacted an attorney. Admit your mistake on this one Putnamblob.

  33. The city was specifically requested to furnish zoning records specifically for the Martin-Halburn and Clay properties. They did not do that. They furnished other documents and REPRESENTED them to pertain to the Martin-Halburn and Clay properties. Don’t worry, I had another journalist with me when this was done. The city also had their own video surveillance system operating in the conference room.

    Look for an article about this soon.

  34. Of course. It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? You couldn’t possibly make a mistake when asking for records on your wife’s property? And it’s completely impossible that you would intentionally request documentation from property that does not apply to your wife’s property? Doubtful. I fully believe that you received precisely what you requested, then tried to pass it off as someone else’s “mistake”.

  35. Also, while I’m on it… You KNEW when you published your story that it wasn’t your property, yet you ran it anyway.

    God damn, Mark, When will the lying end?

  36. Who was this “other journalist”? Do they have a real job? Work for Channel 3? 8? 11? 13? Any of the Charleston Newspapers? If not, they aren’t a journalist, just another figment of your imagination.

    You were wrong, you got what you demanded, you were proved wrong, you ran a WRONG story, you were again proved wrong by Mike at PutnamLies and Tyler here, you took the story down, bitched and whined it wasn’t the right information (when it clearly was), now you are going to write another bullshit story and Mike and Tyler will once again prove you wrong and you will again take that story down in embarrassment. Which is what you are, an embarrassment.

  37. A real journalist would VERIFY any information they received before printing it. You know, by maybe reading it first?
    Then you compounded the mistake by braying about how stupid you made the mayor look.

    Who looks stupid now, shithead?

  38. Come clean on the names of the “other journalist” and the “attorney” and maybe you’ll gain some limited credibility. Otherwise it’s just the same old thing over and over.

  39. There’s no “other journalist” or “attorney.” No one wants to be associated with that fat, troublemaking failure. Mark has a reputation that is forever tainted by his own actions. Would YOU want to be linked with him? I think not.

    He covers his lies with more lies upon lies. He’s a fraud and a pretend journalist and he knows it. He just wants the attention. He’s pushing 50 and still acts like a spoiled brat. Maybe when his mommy took him to all those shrinks for crying too much she didn’t give him enough hugs.

  40. Where are the ethics? Where are the morals? I DEMAND your resignation from PutnamLive, Mark! Immediately! A full page write up of an apology, with an official resignation from the site, never to post a “story” there again! If you can’t publish verified FACTS, you have no business being in the “news” business!


  41. Who’s this lump of lard trying to fool? He’s been caught in so many lies and has a record of troublemaking. PutnamLIVE is no more of a news site than Hustler.com is. Everyone is wise to his stupidity and more and more are getting wise everyday.

    PutnamLIVE needs to be shut down. It’s a waste of web space.

  42. Halburn had the opportunity to call in and passed on it. He came here from PutnamLIES.com at 8:39 and again at 10:13.
    He knew the topic on Monday’s show.
    He doesn’t have the guts to go on the air and try to defend his indefensible position.
    Great show.

  43. Which proves he’s a coward.

    Oh, he can talk tough…but when the pressure’s on, he just sits there and pisses his pants like that walking sack of potatoes he calls his son.

  44. I remember his racism towards Mexicans in one of his earlier diatribes that Jacque posted (he later changed it, of course). If what Mark says is true (and it isn’t) then having that many people living in his hovel is a stereotype of what Mexicans do.

    Well, Mark is originally from California, so there you have it.

  45. Some people say I look like my brother in the face, which makes people want to punch me.

    Us Halburns are homely folks, which is why I made my brother take me to prom. I diddled his little stillborn baby maker, so he got his. I was his first kiss which is why he told me he feels more comfortable in West Virginia, he says that kind of thing goes on there which is why he wanted to me to move in with him, but I have 4 brats of my own, one of which kinda looks like Mark, but I don’t remember us actually sleeping together, although we did lots of times when we were children. Mom would put Mark in bed with me because she couldn’t take him crying…I would tell him I’m his mommy for tonight which would soothe him. We had so much fun as children.

  46. It’s hot down here, daddy!

    Please quit looking at these trash blogger sites from work.

    Grandma sends her love.

  47. Peter Porker has been rather quiet lately. I bet he’s still feeling the sting of that EPIC FAILURE of that zoning article.

    I bet his little fat rear is still red from that ass kicking.

  48. Oh, snap! Looks like lard boy broke his fat non-neck to waddle over to Wendy’s to gorge on some free eats, according to his “headline.”

    Yep, he took his little Viewmaster and snapped some pictures of some Wendy’s workers while inhaling a Bacon Double Cheeseburger Frosty down his bottomless pit.

    Radio remote? Free food? Two of Markie’s favorite things to “write” about!

    The article said, “The fast-food restaurant is donating 10-percent of its evening meal profits to benefit Friends of Fort Liberte”

    What Mark didn’t tell you is that he ate 20% of the food that was supposed to be donated to Haiti.

  49. Mark talks about “trash bloggers” not having a life?

    He goes around pretending to be a journalist waving around a fake press pass. He can’t keep a job.

    He keeps obsessing about the trash bloggers. He wouldn’t know anything about the logo or anything if he’d stop looking from work.

    Mark doesn’t have a life, he has a disability.

  50. Tyler/Ricky:

    As soon as I get a moment during daylight hours, I will get you photos of the TWO signs that are posted (by city authorities)telling drivers that trucks ARE NOT ALLOWED on the (city owned) retail access road in front of our home. Had you taken the time to actually visit here, you would have personally seen those signs last year.

    As for me being quiet, it has nothing to do with the zoning story. I work full-time, own a money-making business, and have a child. Though I readily admit that you have a whole group of children that you need to give a long-term timeout to that run their potty mouths on this blog.

  51. I don’t care what you get me Mark. They can have a “no truck rule” on that road, Grace Drive, 19, 35 or I-64. Simple fact here is this. You don’t deserve shit because of the way you go about treating people or the way you go about demanding things.

    See ya at the Po Folks Dinner & Mark Halburn Free For All, fatty.

  52. You can make another “leading news” story out of this one Putnamblob, go for it…. post the pictures of the sign on your blog and harp about how the city doesn’t enforce this issue. That would be a nice weekend news article along with your articles of the sex perverts you like to follow and give the publicity to.

  53. Had you taken the time to actually visit here, you would have personally seen those signs last year.

    Had you managed your caloric intake throughout your life, you wouldn’t have fat apnea, dough boy. It’s all relative, now isn’t it?

  54. You don’t run a business, you overtarded fuck.

    REAL businesses make money, you make trouble. If it’s so successful then why are you begging for donations, electronics, and have to work all these other jobs?

    Simple, it’s not.

    Get a life and some Trim Spa

  55. I just got word from my producer, Rick (Ricky) and he’s suing Mark for defamation of character.

    Hey wait! That’s a total disss on me! Why that son of a …

  56. Is it just me or does anyone else think GoW needs a weekly show on TalkRadioX? Have it been the TrashBloggers Hour of AWESOME! or something like that (I suck at names) and have Lenny, GoW and Tyler could host with special guests Mike Ballburn and Mo the Angry Teddy Bear.

  57. Four days and still no new “updates” from his crybaby Wal-Mart blog.

    Face it, lardo, Wal-Mart isn’t going away. Wal-Mart is so much more powerful than some simple-minded West Virginian like yourself. The elected Putnam County officials will never bend to some nutcase like yourself whose only purpose in life is to start trouble and pretend to be a journalist. You’re a laughingstock, give it up, fat fail!

  58. I still don’t understand how he claims that worthless website of his is a “successful business?” What aspect of it is successful? It’s clear he doesn’t make enough money from it to support himself and his gang of misshapen bags of flesh.

    Why do you claim that your stupid little site is successful when you take these odd jobs, then get fired from them due to excessive internet use, defrauding employers, and the like?

    I think you’re worthless.

  59. Had to look that one up and if he was he had the first and last name wrong…Wikipedia spells it as Allysin Chaynes. Hey, I learned something there…I also learned she is Romanian.

  60. hey everyone i live in putnam county and think you guys should stop giving mark such a hard time, he works hard and deserves some peace and quiet since he is so close to walmart…haha i couldnt go on anymore with that…mark halburn is a fatass piece of shit that just bitches over any little thing and he wonders why hpd wont do anything when he calls. THEY FUCKING HATE YOU MARK how would you feel if a cop needed backup on the other side of hurricane and the only one that can help him is dealing with your fucking bullshit “omg walmart farted and i can hear it and it pisses me off!” that cop that needs backup could be killed all b/c of your fatass bitching about someone doing their job that keeps you awake…but wait if you sleep with one of those machines that are loud as hell how can you hear something outside? hmm. smells like another kfc chicken strip rolling over in your fatass gut if you ask me mark halburn go to the 7th circle of hell and until then ill make sure to keep blowing my horn and reving my loudass truck everytime i go to that wonderful place they call walmart in hurricane and everyone i know does the same but wait it wont matter b/c your fatass cant hear it b/c of that machine. ladies and gentlemen i am the one bring it straight to you from putnam county i shall return with more of the truth

  61. Just when it was getting kinda dead in here, the one livens things up a bit.

    Looking forward to more truths about Captain Fatstick.

  62. What’s the matter, fatsack? No “excessive noise” from the big bad WalMart today? yesterday? the last week? Of course not. Because you imagine it, anyway. It doesn’t actually exist! Thanks!

  63. Oy!

    If the fat fuckus wanted to move, if the “noise” was that bad, he would have done so a long time ago and took the best offer that was given to him, no one is going to pay close to 400 grand for such a run down shack and he knows it. There’s plenty of nice houses and apartments for rent in Putnam County. He wants that money to file stupid lawsuits, nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s not about the noise, it’s about the fact that he wants to make a spectacle over nothing. Now, people are getting tired of his act and antics, and are wanting him to shut his chins.

  64. Breaking news! Seems like ol Halburn had a little accident this evening in front of the Hurricane Rite Aid. Looks like he rear ended a truck. I’m surprised he wasn’t laying on the ground flopping like a fish after hearing all the stories on him.

  65. If he had been the one rear ended he would have – his mind must have been occupied trying to count the number of people to put on his census form.

  66. Also, it’s mighty ironic that after I called Halburn out on not updating his lie-blog, he comes back with a week worth of lies about “excessive noise”. Fuck you, Halburn, you lying piece of shit.

  67. I also find it hilarious he wrote a letter to the editor of his rag…I mean…writing a letter to himself.

    Yeah. Think about that.

    …about his little fender bender. He was really kissing the ass of the police. HAHA! He knows he’s at fault and I bet he was scared shitless and was on his best behavior.

    Expect a lawsuit soon, he’ll have a fat in his neck or something.

  68. Face it, Crisco, you’re my puppet. And whenever I pull the strings, you do a little jiggle dance all over the cardboard stage that is your shitty little web page.

  69. Markala.

    You have bashed, libeled, and slandered the mayor in your trash blog over and over, now you’re asking him to commend those you have also bashed, libeled, and slandered in your trash blog for DOING THEIR JOB.

    You’re a piece of work, also, you’re a piece of shit.

    The only reason you’re doing this is because of all the shit you gave them, now that they’ve helped your fat ass, you’re sucking off it BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FAT YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE.

    Does anyone know if he was cited?

    Like I said, give it a day or two and he’ll be fatting the HPD and the mayor on his fat blog.

  70. Since Mark is being all sincere and nice and junk, and since he wants the mayor and city to recognize the officers involved for doing their job, and since he is a celebrity known the world over and has major influence we common folk can’t even fathom…how about he waddles on his knees at the council meeting and ask for the city’s forgiveness for being a pain in the ass, a bully, an abuser, and a waste? While he’s begging for forgiveness he takes that sham of a site of his down and becomes a charter member of reality and a respectable member of society by getting a job, paying taxes, and taking care of his family?

    Nah, that’ll never happen…

  71. “Internet Jew:”

    Let’s crunch some numbers here: I have a fulltime job that pulls in more than $700 a week. My web site pulls in thousands a month. And you say I don’t take care of my family? It’s time for YOU to become a member of reality. In fact, take two reality pills and call your therapist IMMEDIATELY!

  72. Again, you lie.

    Being a substitute teacher is not a full time job.

    Your website doesn’t pull in thousands a month.

    You beg for donations on your website.

    You beg for electronic equipment online.

    So, if you’re rolling in the money, why do you do those things?

    If you’re website pulls in thousands, why do you take menial jobs?


    They don’t, and you don’t.

    You’re a liar, and fat.

  73. It is when you have a long term assignment. And even before then, I worked full-time.

    Smart people don’t pay for new electronics when others are giving them away. I don’t beg for donations. I have a place where people can CHOOSE to donate. So does GOW who brags about working at a great job in D.C.

    Kee talking, “Internet Jew.” You’re obviously both bitter and jealous! And you have every reason to be jealous!

  74. Why is it always about her, you sick obsessed fuck?! The Internet Jew wasn’t talking about her. The Internet Jew was talking about YOU.

  75. Oh, and Mark?

    Why are you kissing the ass of the mayor AND the HPD when you have harassed, slandered, and libeled them in the past?

    No one is going to commend anyone on a fucking fender bender you fat genital wart. You were just on your best behavior because you don’t want the police kicking your fat ass again like they did at the pool. Remember that? We do! I just love it that you’re kissing their ass. You think we’re gonna forget all your shit you have done (and will do)?

    No one reads your fat blog except those of us who get a kick out of you blubbering like a 14 year old girl on her period who isn’t allowed to watch “Twilight” because her parents deem it too “racy.”

    The people of Putnam County and everyone you have ever harassed, called employers on, hate your fat guts.

    You’re the seedy underbelly of Putnam County, in more ways than one.

  76. Yes Mark, I have every reason to be bitter and jealous over someone who pretends to be a journalist and goes around waving a press pass they got out of a box of Lardy Flakes.

    Oh, that hotel job you for fired from for your little obsession?

    Wow, Mark! I’m impressed you worked at ALL THESE JOBS, like telemarketing, being a security guard, etc…you have had more jobs than buckets of chicken.

    I don’t recall saying you’re smart. Smart people WORK for shit they have. You want a handout. You’re the stereotypical West Virginian inbred hillbilly welfare fuck, from California!

    You’re a loser. You know it. I know it. And everyone hear knows it. It amazes me that you think people are so fucking stupid they forget shit.

  77. Hey Markie, prove it. Prove you make these thousands of dollars. Prove it. Produce documents that say you make thousands of dollars from PutnamBlob. You can’t, cause they don’t exsist, cause you don’t make nada. You don’t make a damned penny when you have to beg for donations and electronics. No one I know (well except for you pathetic ass) would want someone’s used up (and probably broken) TV or computer when they are supposedly raking in the dough. The only dough you are raking in is cookie dough. You can’t prove it, so it doesn’t exsist Fatman.

  78. Oh, hey, you miserable psychotic fat fucking stalker: I just checked.

    The object of your obsession has a small donate button more than halfway down the page. Your “feed me” button is right at the top in a prominent ad space. You’d think with all of the thousands of dollars of advertising that rolls in you’d want that spot for an advertiser.

  79. Mark,

    You do not make thousands of dollars from your site. You “trade” for that. You write a positive article about them and post it on your site, they allow you to put up a logo. And those are the ones that are aware you are doing this.

    Most do not even know they have a logo to their company on your site, period. Then those that you have written articles about can’t seem to get their logo removed because you strong arm them by hinting at the fact that you will write a negative article.

    Prove me wrong. I checked.

    Oh, and Mark. I am flattered. Really. This little rant here?

    “Let’s crunch some numbers here: I have a fulltime job that pulls in more than $700 a week. My web site pulls in thousands a month. And you say I don’t take care of my family? It’s time for YOU to become a member of reality. In fact, take two reality pills and call your therapist IMMEDIATELY!”

    Reminds me of this back on February 23rd;

    “Speaking of a life, I’d like to make a point here. I own my own, REAL business and…get this…pay my taxes.

    ::shock and awe::

    I know, right?

    To continue. I run my own business, am a consultant 2-3 days a week at my other place of employment, write, produce, promote and broadcast my own radio show and am the bowling league’s financial officer on Sunday nights. I volunteer with the local food shelf by collecting food for the needy as well as cash and check donations. I have family I see every night and spend time with and friends I see every day and hang out with every other Friday. I also travel a lot for my consulting job, when the need arises. Basically Mark, I do more in one single day than you do all week. About the only thing you have an edge on me in is the bucket of chicken count. That’s a weekly shut out win for you a week, pally.”

    Quote…Tyler Hollywood.

    You mind removing your lips from my ass please?

    Thanks. Now go pay them B&O taxes on the $11 dollars you made in February from your site.

  80. Hmm if he’s making thousands of dollars a month why he have the cheapest looking geocities website I’ve ever seen I still smell the kfc rolling around in your gut the poor cournal would roll over in his grave if he knew one of his restaurants was so close to the pathetic ass kisser of putnam county

  81. Putnamblob will be reported to the anomymous hot line whistle blower that is available through the IRS, good luck on your audit. This blog will be used also for evidence with the thousands of dollars you earn. Also there will be another follow up as to why you are not being taxed on these dollars thru appropirate B & O taxes.

  82. Ah, Minion Peachy… Every penny has been reported to the IRS and the State of West Virginia. I’ve already been audited and passed with fkying colors!

  83. Mark,

    Why is it when you are forced into a corner, you take a shot at Jacque Jo? You are seriously jealous of her and beyond obsessed. You have to stop. It’s gettin sad. Trust me, she is never going to sleep with you. Ever. Move on.

    Oh, and I know you have not been audited. They don’t audit unless some red flags come up. Oh wait. You make thousands of dollars, but don’t pay B&O taxes. Red flag! You have worked several jobs in 2009 and no doubt collect a 1099 from your substitute teaching. Red flag! You have argued, in just this year, that your land is zoned commercial (in an attempt to prove it’s worth something) and residential (in an effort to get Edwards to build some sound wall). Red flag!

    I tell ya what, son, you ain’t been audited yet….but you will be.

  84. Tyler:

    I don’t question whether or not you work for a living. However, yout minions are obsessed with my work schedule.

  85. Tyler:

    I am not taking a shot at GOW. I am just saying she takes donations too.

    And I don’t get paid for teaching on a 1099. I am an employee.

  86. I don’t see how the IRS could track cash donations on an audit though. I’ll ask someone on that as well as state tax auditor for appropriate sales tax that may not be reported. (after I get a life of course…) Many thanks!

  87. At some point, we all take donations to help facilitate our blog time. We, however, do not grovel and grab with grubby hands that to which someone else probably desperately needs.

    This is a classic example of why our country is where it is. Even with a job, enough money to support the family, feed the kids and pay the rent, people have become greedy, over extended and beyond needy. Most of us live way beyond our means. We need stuff we don’t need. We covet stuff others have. Why? I don’t have an answer. Not one that makes any sense to me.

    Mark Halburn is the quintessential example of this total breakdown of an American citizen having any sort of respect for himself, others around him and the country in which he lives.

    Mark? What you consider “donations”, many normal people consider groveling and taking from the hands of the needy. What you consider “news”, many normal people consider a blow hard just spouting off, making mountains out of mole hills and blaming other people for your short comings. What you consider a “travel feature”, many normal people consider stalking. What you consider a “press pass”, many normal people consider a forged document that gets you free food and what you consider taking “Hot Shots” of kids at these crashed events, many consider a little creepy.

    With that said, I challenge you Mark. I challenge you to step up to the plate and make things right. Get a blog site. Continue to post what you want. It is your RIGHT! Open it up to comments. Let debate carry your future success. But that means you have to shut down PutnamLIVE or call it what it is, an opinionated blog.

    Organize your blog, too. Set up a page of those Sex Offender links if you really want to out them. Set up a page for the lawsuits you write about or link too. But really, you should just update that web site altogether. You are not very strong at design and that’s a hinderence. And dude, that’s not a shot at you. That’s plain truth. I’m horrible at HTML, CSS and PSP so I have some help with a template. Ya see what I am sayin, man?

    Do ya?

  88. A “made” man, and that means a man who has worked for what he has, gone through school, started at the bottom and has worked his way up to achieve a decent living, doesn’t brag about what he does or what he has. In fact, a man who does brag and goes on and on about how much they make or what they do, is a liar.

    Why? Because they know they didn’t cut the mustard on the road that is called life. They fucked up. Oh sure, lots of people fuck up…it’s what makes us human. They fuck up, brush themselves off, and give her another go ’round.

    In Mark’s case, it all boils down to jealousy, bitterness, and irresponsibility.

    Mark HAS worked. I emphasize HAS because it’s past tense, as in the PAST. Mark HAS worked for respectable media outlets. However, those three things that I mentioned (jealousy, bitterness, and irresponsibility) has been his undoing. He thinks he knows it all, he thinks certain people shouldn’t be in the positions they are in, he thinks he can do better. While that may be the standard thinking for some workers, no matter how certain people got certain positions, and no matter how competent they are…they’re still there, whether we like it or not. Sure, they may suck…sure, they may have kissed ass, but they’re still there…it’s life. There are some things a person just has to take in the ass to get along rather than calling people’s employer’s and harassing them because they have something you don’t.

    Mark doesn’t want to get along, Mark thinks he’s better than that. While I do admit that’s an admirable trait, it doesn’t pay the bills. Mark himself has admitted to giving his former employers ideas, but hems and hollers if they don’t think he’s a genius, then quits and cries like a baby. But wait, Mark…THEY still have jobs. Meanwhile, you’re back on the road hoping that you can land that next menial job and brag to us how you’re just raking it in, when we all know better.

    What have you WORKED for, Mark? Anyone can splice together some shitty looking website, slap some logos on it, give an opinion mixed with “facts” and call it “news.” Just because the shit I took this morning may still have a hint of the steak I had last night, it’s still shit.

    This is where we are today, Mark. You have burnt so many bridges by your actions, you have pissed so many people off it’s a wonder physical harm hasn’t come your way. You continue to do this at almost 50 years old.

    What kind of example are you setting for your child?

    However, I know you don’t care, it’s all about YOU! You’ll be like this till the day you die, you’re a sad, human being. But at least, we get the privilege of laughing at you along the way!

  89. Wait a tick…

    I just read somewhere that Patty Hagar is resigning, and I also read about the drug problem in Putnam County’s school.

    None of that news is on Mark’s “news” site. I thought Mark was Putnam County’s News LEADER?!?!?!?!!


  90. All attempts to help or give advice to Mark-o are not welcomed, as its tough to help a man who knows all, since he is from California and is that much smarter than us dumb hill-folk here in WV… many have tried to help, a few have made offers on the hovel owned by the MIL and wife (Scott Edwards, Hurricane Resident), other offered legitimate solutions that, though time consuming, are doable (trees). Its a residence when he wants it to be (property tax) and its commercial property (when its for sale). He wants a sound wall, but not on the homeland. He wants HPD to enforce speed limits on private property, yet wails harassment when pulled over for following the mayor too closely. He wants enforcement of noise laws that have been ruled unenforcable by the courts, yet has no issue with someone mowing said homestead on a Sunday morning. This can continue…

    I honestly believe that, if someone offered $350k, had the check and deed ready to go, he’d refuse because it wasn’t in cash. He evaluation proves he’s not a rational person, and can only bully those he feels superior to. Now that people are fed up with his antics and standing up to him, both locally and through the net, he’s not as vocal or pushy (see suck-up letter to HPD)… so in a sense all of this is worth it.

    Many Thanks!

  91. “Hugo”:

    I will take that certified check for $350,000. Be here tonight at 6:00 p.m. The offers of Scott Edwards and Hurricane Resident were not legitimate. Edwards said in a recent meeting that we should have taken his offer of “$90,000.” This for a home that was appraised at nearly twice that amount before the commercial value increased the land’s worth. If you want to chew on someone, chew on our neighbor. A broker was hoping to market the entire neighborhood until the crane yard guy said he wanted $900,000 for his lot. You read that right, $900,000. Two of our neighbors want $600,000 EACH for their strongly sloped land. And people think our price of $350,000 is too high. Our’s is the LOWEST asking price! It’s like that old Steely Dan song: “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle.”


    Blogs that allow people to use anonymous names to shred people will soon be illegal in West Virginia. I don’t want to create something that I will have to shut down soon. In addition, I don’t have the time to moderate it, don’t want the liablity, and don’t want to create something so a bunch of jerks can use bogus names to rip on people…. That’ not me. I’ll leave that to you, Lee, and Jacque.

  92. AGAIN, you sick obsessed fuck, this isn’t about GOW. This is about YOU. Jesus fucking Christ you have a problem.

  93. That’s Stealers Wheel, oh master of the factually accurate. Except here, you can’t change it and pretend it never happened.

  94. I guess we can expect you breaking another law, PutnamJohnny
    TV Dude
    Mark in OC
    It’s Mark
    Carolina Mark
    Earl MacArthur
    John T. Reed
    Randall Scott
    Tom Potter
    Jacque Jo
    Rich Chrampanis
    Sal Marino
    Mark H
    Blair McGinnis


  95. Oh, I forgot Mark Hallburn, since that’s not your real name, is it, Mark Vance Hallburn?

    So you better change your name on your garbage blog, too, or you’ll be breakin the law, breakin the law!!

  96. I still don’t see those news stories I mentioned earlier on your garbage web site, PutnamJohnny
    TV Dude
    Mark in OC
    It’s Mark
    Carolina Mark
    Earl MacArthur
    John T. Reed
    Randall Scott
    Tom Potter
    Jacque Jo
    Rich Chrampanis
    Sal Marino
    Mark H
    Blair McGinnis
    Mark Hallburn.

    You should add another anon name in there, and that would be:



  97. Hey “Internet Jew”:

    I reported Hager’s plan to resign so long ago that you have to look in my archives. On second thought, I will make it convenient for you:
    http://www.putnamlive.com/fuckme sideways.html

    As for the donations issue, I pulled it today. For all the hassle you are giving me, and for the little bit of money that it pulled in, it isn’t worth it. Peachy, ad sales aren’t subject to sales tax (as the state admitted when it falsely billed me a few months ago) and any Pay Pal income will be reported to the IRS and State of West Virginia when we file my taxes. No, you won’t be seeing a copy of them here. My company is privately held and my numbers are my business and only my business.

  98. “Hugo” no-showed. I’m not surprised. I will add his name to the long list that talk of cutting a check and fail to put their money where their mouth is!

  99. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…I’m on the infamous list! Even by not making an offer!! I’m touched…

    Do a fact check, dumbass… I never said I’d cut the check, I said SOMEONE (and they did offer, remember? “pre-Wal Mart + 10%?”)

    Show a legitimate appraisal by an independent 3rd party of the property’s value, then we’ll talk (or better yet, answer this: What is the tax assessor’s appraised value of said home?)

  100. Like I believe you, after posting a story about said property that wasn’t true, after being a convicted trespasser, after knocking Edwards being married 3 times, when you’re on your second marriage (hello pot… meet kettle)… you have as much credibility as Nancy Pelosi has as a Cover Girl…

    besides, who’d want to buy a house next to a Wal Mart that has excessive traffic noise? I like my peace and quiet…

  101. Science H. Logic you’re a fucking delusional fuckbag.

    Who the fuck reads your site, other than people curious about the freak show that goes on there and you refreshing it every second, and those little fake internet names you have used in the past, not to mention those fake letters?

    You don’t, and never had, a business! The only business you’re in is troublemaking, stalking, bullying, and harassing, and I don’t think you make any money off that. I have never heard of a business where you sit and copy and paste news stories from other sites mixed in with your own brand of retarded commentary. That’s not a business, it’s a travesty of the written word.

    You’re not fooling anyone, you’re not raking in thousands of dollars from your garbage, if you were raking it in, you wouldn’t be working menial jobs and bragging about how much better being a bellhop or a sub is the greatest thing in the world. I find it cute that a 50 year old man thinks working at just above the minimum wage is so much better than what those “trash bloggers” do for their day jobs. Ya know something, Failburn? You’re making what the average Wal-Mart employee makes. You’d have more if you weren’t such a failed fuck-up, but you don’t…because you beg for a handout and call that eyesore website of yours a “business.” Keep waving that press pass you got out of a box of Frosted Fail Flakes, we’ll keep laughing at what a sorry excuse for a human being you are.

    You’re slowly going from kissing the ass of the mayor and HPD to your usual slandering, libeling, and fatting. I knew it wouldn’t take you long. No one is going to buy that glorified Smurf house from you. If it’s so noisy there, who’d want to live there? Once again, your fat contradicts the facts. Besides, you have cried like a baby for so long on how noisy it is I doubt you’ll EVER sell. Even if it was noisy (and we know it’s not) you have fatted away any chance of selling because of the way you have bitched about it for so long, idiot.

    You took down the donations tab because no one gave you money for jack shit. The only reason you put that up there is because your Fat-al Attraction, Ms. Bland did, and you thought after eating half a stack of Crisco Cakes, “If she can do it, I can too! I’m much better than her at everything, and so handsome! If only she would notice me, we’d live on the Colonel Sanders Free Range Chicken Farm surrounded by a picket fence and a mashed potato pond!” You think by emulating her you’d be a success, you think by emulating the “hipster” lingo you’d connect…the only thing you’re connected to is the fridge. In fact, the writers for the newsstand tabloids have more credibility than you.

    Take down your eyesore, Failburn. Make room for real journalists like myself (not gonna tell ya who I work for, don’t need harassing phone calls). You’re a joke with a never-ending punchline.

  102. Mark,

    Yeah, I read that supposed law. It’s got legs like a new born calf. Won’t stand. By the way, it doesn’t protect you at all. Here, let me show you. Here is the article.

    “CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Bloggers and others who post online under assumed names could soon face criminal charges in West Virginia. The House of Delegates passed a bill Monday by 92-3 that targets comments meant to cause emotional or physical injury. It would apply to anyone impersonating another person on Web sites, e-mail or other electronic means. House Judiciary Chairman Tim Miley said that includes people posting under screen names. The provision also encompasses fraud. A first or second offense would be a misdemeanor punishable by fines and jail time. Offenders who repeat after that would face felony charges and possible prison terms. Supporters say the bill aims to stop cyber-bullying. It also adds mobile phones and similar devices to the state’s anti-harassment laws.”

    See this line here?

    “…comments meant to cause emotional or physical injury.”

    That does not apply to you. Why? Because all we have ever done here is tell the truth. You feel it causes you emotional stress. Yeah? Fuck you. How’s your stress level now?

    And about this whole idea of such an asinine law. What a bunch of frickin pussies. Ya know, this is what we get when we vote in a bunch of PC minded liberals to run the country. We end up with a bunch of brain washed, jelly fish backboned American’s that boo hoo every time someone disses them on the Internet.

    I mean really, is this what we have come to? We can’t stand up for ourselves anymore? And those of us who can and are successful pay some sort of price for pointing out the weaknesses of others?

    Fuck you. Why don’t you just build some character and get a bigger ball sack. And ya know what Mark? Let West Virginia come tell me what I can write and not write. I will cram the 1st amendment so far up their pansy liberal asses they will smell their own shit when they bah like the sheep that they are.


    Cyber bullying. What a fucking crock. This is just another excuse to go along with Bi Polar, ADHD, ADD and all that other bullshit that has made us the weakest big nation on the planet.

    It’s gotta fucking stop and it will stop with me, Goddamnit.


    I’ll all pissed off now.

  103. Mr. Failburn has some new whimpering on his garbage blog.

    I’m sorry Tyler, but I have to steal some of your thunder here:

    Among the usual lies, now Failburn is bitching about the new Twilight midnight movie release.

    Hey fat fail, EVERY store that carries DVDs has midnight releases of blockbuster movies, you should know that since you use to work at Best Buy before your sorry ass got fired.

  104. No thunder stolen, my fine Jewish friend! This is why the site was created. To let those that feel the need, comment on his blog postings because we can’t there. I just happen to quote him and then give my comment. If you or other Jews beat me to it, I’m totally down with that.


    Did I just say “you or other Jews.”?

    I did. I’m sorry. That came out wrong.

  105. Best Buy had the intelligence to not build a store next to homes. Again, because of your stupidity and your stupid agenda, you missed the point.

  106. Who said anything about Best Buy? I don’t see anything about Best Buy. What point did you think Tyler was trying to make? Who are you calling stupid? have you looked in a mirror lately? I happen to work in the Hurricane Walmart near you and I can promise you no one here gives a second thought about you. You and the rest of the neighbors should just move out and let us tear those down for more parking.

  107. Luis:

    Internet Jew mentioned Best Buy. And we will be happy to move. Just bring that check for $350,000.


    You are corrrect about that new law violating The First Amendment. However, I don’t want to become the case law.

  108. $350 grand!? Are you loco in the coco or what, brah. That’s crazy talk if you ask me. What makes you think you can get that much for that little?

  109. Failburn has yet another opinionated article talking about Patty Hagar resigning.

    That’s not news, idiot…it’s garbage.

    Again, you’re back libeling the mayor’s name after an hour of kissing his ass after your fat bender.

    By the way, Dolores’ husband, I was at the Huntington Mall yesterday, around the Best Buy you got fired from. The funny thing? All around I-64 there’s houses. Hell, there’s houses across the way from the Huntington Mall. How come you don’t hear them complain? That’s right…they’re not certifiable lunatics like yourself, a clown with a circus for a website.

    News flash, fat looney. No one cares! You can gripe about Wal-Mart all you want, they’re not going anywhere! You just do this shit for attention because inside you’re a fat little 14 year old girl pining for attention from someone, which makes sense given your obsession with sex offenders.

    I wish upon wish, that someone would just beat the ever loving shit out of you. If there’s anyone on this Earth that deserves to be beaten, it’s you.

  110. Hey Jew?

    That’s the article he already posted months ago. That’s another complaint I have. He’s never dated any of his stuff. he posts something, lets it run, buries it in archive and then when something relevant happens he unearths it, adds in what he wants and moves it back to the main link page. I have already read that one a couple of months ago.

  111. Oh, I’ve noticed this, Tyler. Which is why his site isn’t a “news” site. Stay Fat Markmellow Man calling his site a “news” site is fraud. Oh sure, he links to other, legit news sites because he can only write opinionated, one-sided, douchey articles. He doesn’t have one iota of journalistic credibility or talent.

    When has real news sites linked with him? When has real news site credited him? NEVER! He’ll make some stupid shit up, saying CNN credited him with breaking a news story or something, but doesn’t present any evidence to back any of his fraudulent claims up. He is media poison, which is why he can never work in print, TV, or radio. He waddles around with his Viewmaster camera, waving his fake press-pass around, and pretends to be a journalist. Keep in mind this is a 50 year old man PRETENDING.

    I know there’s people in Putnam County that reads this fine site, the next time Stay Fat starts waving his little fake press pass around and screaming that he’s in media or some stupid shit, ask him to present some REAL credentials, ask him what media outlet/agency he represents. He only represents himself in every respect of the word. This is the first step in taking that retarded site of his down forever.

    If he gets pushy, call the cops. That’ll shut his fat mouth up.

  112. Did Mark get fired from subbing? Did the board office finally get the hint that they have a very unstable fat man among them?

    If so, what minimum wage job is he working now? Mop guy at the Lion’s Den?

  113. No, we are on Spring Break. And the nasty email that was sent was forwarded to me to take legal action for harassment. Then it was deleted from the system by the IT guy. I have worked their for years. They know my work. It’s obvious that all of you are obsessed. As for the petition, it isn’t worth your time. Go on with your life and find something positive with your time.

  114. WOWK credited me for breaking the FBI raid on Joe Gerrell’s office… V100 credited me for breaking the hiring of Doc Holliday as Marshall’s coach… to name a couple…

  115. The harasser is crying about being harassed…again.

    Lest we forget about you calling up radio DJs and telling them how to do their job, or you calling other media personalities at their place of employ.

    It’s convenient the “IT guy” deleted this “nasty email”. Let’s see WOWK’s credit of this story. BTW, the Doc Holliday hiring was broken way before you broke wind after binge eating on KFC, fuckstick.

    Mark, when you said, “It’s obvious that all of you are obsessed. Go on with your life and find something positive with your time.” This comes from the man who’s obsessed with Ms. Bland. So you really need to do something positive with your time, like worrying about that family of circus freaks of yours and finding another job, loser.

  116. Bullshit. There is no email, you lying piece of shit. If there was, and you were “taking legal action” you would still have the email.

    I’ll call your bluff, you fat fucking failure.

  117. You forget, Lenny, Mark has no money to take “legal action.” What’s he gonna do? Call the cops and cry like a little baby again?

    What did the email say, Stay Fat Markmellow Man?

  118. Finding no evidence of anyone crediting you with anything, you fat fucking liar.

    Let’s see some evidence.

  119. Let’s see, according to WOWK’s website:

    Your search for ‘mark hallburn’ found 0 records.

    Your search for ‘Joe Gerrell’ found 0 records.

    Was this before the internet was invented?



  120. Many mentioned that Marshall was negotiating with Holliday. I broke the confirmation that he was hired. Steve Bishop, on V100, credited me on the air. Ask him.

    WOWK’s web site credited PutnamLIVE.com with breaking the story about Joe Ferrrell’s office being raided by the FBI. I misspelled his name in the above post. Go on with your life, Lee!

    Here is a redacted copy of the email that I referred to:

    From: Putnam Lies [mailto:putnamlies.com@gmail.com]
    Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 1:02 PM
    Subject: unstable substitute

    Have a look at this.

    “Lenny” now that I have proved the email exists, it is time for your public apology-IN PERSON and your immediate flight from the planet.

  121. You’re full of shit, Mark. There’s nothing there. NOTHING. NO PROOF OF ANYTHING.

    Please go fall on a knife, repeatedly.

  122. I would go on with my life, but I’m having too much fun exposing your fat ass. My name is not “Lee” it’s Herschel, asshole.

  123. Logic dammit, Mark. You’re stupid.

    When news broke that Marshall was negotiating with Holliday, everyone knew it was pretty much a done deal. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when a coach from a rival school comes to visit for a new head coaching job, he’s pretty much the new coach. Thanks for breaking the obvious and sitting on your fat ass as the local media coverage on that was everywhere.

    As far as your other story goes, I’m sure WOWK, who’s like the bottom of the barrel in “news”, just like your website, wanted to make sure there was something actually there, in case there wasn’t anything. You were their patsy, doughboy. After all, you’re the king of libel.

  124. Considering this isn’t your site, either, why don’t you go away?

    Because you’re obsessed with us. You love us. You thrive off us.

    Now… about your falling on a knife repeatedly?

    I really think you should kill yourself.

  125. See Mark, wasn’t that hard, now was it? You got a teeny bit of credit though. Have you been credited live on a DC TV station? My old site was credited on WRC-TV (NBC4 in Washington) with having the first pictures of a house explosion. These pictures were seen by 2.2 Million people (if not more). I was later credited by the AP, yep, the Associated Press for those same pictures.

    Did I stand around and go “look at me, I was on TV, pat me on the back and tell me I am awesome”? No. I accepted my credit quitely and moved on. Hell, news reporting wasn’t my gig anyway. I reported radio and television station news, not regular news.

    So your whining that you aren’t patted on the back for getting a shitty little credit on another website, it ain’t nothing. You got your credit, take a bow and move on. Don’t stand there and go “lookit, see what I did, can I have a cookie now, Mommy?”

    Now, like Lenny said, go fall on many knives…..repeatedly.

  126. Wow, Captain Dickface, hanging your hat on FIVE YEARS AGO? You’re such a big time relevant newsman, you!

  127. Wow, Markala, how can the TRUTH be nasty?

    What do you have to say about your crazy person evaluation?

    It’s common sense he didn’t break the Holliday story, and I bet anything that he didn’t break the other story he claims to have broken, among others.

  128. If his website is such a profitable business, I am going to encourage local sports teams to ask for donations for their uniforms with free publicity on the back of their shirts… how would that be? How about a Putnamlies sponsorship? Think about it.

  129. Peachy. Guess what? I do that! Last year I had the Williston Whitesox. Going to ask for that team again if they decide on the same name. The store has sponsored a team for 12 years now.

  130. Since Mark is from California, his thousand-dollar making website should sponsor the LA Clippers, since they’re both losers.

  131. Gee Mark, getting slow(er) than usual on the headlines, eh? You’ve had the same headline for what…3-4 days, now? I demand that you update that headline or cease and desist your “business” and take down your website! As a citizen of Putnam County it is my right to read about all that goes on in my County!! I need to know about what sex offenders are in my area and where I should gorge myself on free food! It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your reader gets the most updated, fair and balanced, and fact checked news stories out there! If this is not done, I will report you to the West Virginia Broadcasters Association as well as the West Virginia Press Association for misuse, fraud, and libel!!

    Get off your fat ass and GIVE ME NEWS!!!!!!!

  132. Mark finally has a new “headline” up! FINALLY!! Walgreens Opens In Hurricane!!!!

    But wait! Do I see another picture of a young child?? Yes I do! A couple rolls of the mouse and you get “SEX OFFENDER: Ernest Martin Lanham” It seems Mark wants to molest a child so bad…

    Wait a tick! Does this mean Mark will complain about all the “noise” that the Hurricane Wal-M…I mean…Walgreens brings in? Will we have a blog called “Enduring the Hurricane Walgreens?” Will he bitch and gripe to the city again?

  133. Of course, Mark’s little article said, “And Tim Horton’s donuts and coffee were provided for the new customers, dignitaries, and press.”

    You’re not the press, Failburn…you’re the wanna-be press.

    If figures you’d be there to graze on the free food. Fuck me, you’re a joke!

  134. It should say “donuts and coffere were provided for the new customers, dignitaries, and press, but after this publisher hit the table, nobody else was able to sample any of the goods.”

    You fucking handout loving motherfucker. I see the picture of your kid. You feed him today with handouts?

  135. Except that Mark didn’t eat any food. I left it all for Lee and his fantasy/obsession: GOW!

    “Interpret THIS” What is “coffere?” And I don’t have a “kid,” I have a child. “Kids” are baby goats. You find them, sheep, and rabbits at the petting zoo where you also find Internet Jew… whose favorite phrase is “I love ewe.”

  136. Again, you psychopathic fuck, you bring her into this. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER, YOU STALKING BASTARD. This is about YOU. Not HER. Not Lee.

    You’re a goddamn comedian, aren’t you, fat boy?

  137. Except THIS Mark, the one that’s mentioned here and the one that’s been posting here, and the one that’s always waddling around where there’s always free food, always grazes whenever there’s freebies around, there’s been eyewitness accounts of that for years, fat boy.

    I bet your poor kid (who does look like a goat) didn’t even get the chance to have a doughnut because his deadbeat father who doesn’t have a job ate them all.

    And Lee didn’t make a special trip to stalk another woman, or call her employer and try and her harass her.

  138. I believe I have an answer for that, Ms. Bland.

    Mark has a sock puppet with red lint on it named Jacque, he dips it in perfume and has it perform sexual acts on him, because it’s obvious he is no longer interested in his fat wife (hell, who would be? She’s as ugly and as fat as he is, and that goat boy child of theirs is sure to follow suit). He’s in love with you, in a psychotic way, Ms. Bland. You’re everything he’s not and will never be, you’re his fat-al attraction.

  139. I was going to say he printed out another fake press pass and taped it on the sock.

    He also likes to pretend he’s Clark Kent working for the Daily Bugle (which isn’t too far from what he does now) and you’re his Lois Lane.

  140. Jesus H Christ. Come on, Jew! I can’t unsee that either. That is just so wrong.

    Kaji? That was damn funny. I actually felt a little ashamed …until you mentioned Stephanie Meyer.

    Jaqcue? You keep getting brought into this because Mark is obsessed with you and Jew boy over there, is obsessed with reminding him of that.


    Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you are easy on the eyes.

    And finally Mark. Screw you fat boy. I saw you mowing down on those donuts from Tim Horton’s. You invade every single radio remote, grand opening and free BBQ night that is put on in a 200 mile radius, waving that fake press pass like it was some sort of CIA badge that gives you a 00 licence to kill…any food on the table.


    You saying that you did not eat at this event is like Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” all while he is holding her hair in his fingers while she scuffs up her knees, buffing up the Oval Office floor.


    And don’t even get me started on kids. Kids are supposed to be the future of our nation however because they have dickless fathers and politically correct mothers, these “kids” grow up to be spineless jelly fishers that can no longer keep score in soccer games because “everybody wins!” and scream “I’m suing you!” when they get grounded or punished.

    Ya know what I say to any fucking brat under the age of 18? Fuck you, you have no rights. You can’t sue your parents because you are mad at them because they took away your Internet, your cell phones, XBoxes, PS3’s or Blu Ray Players. You can’t sue because you broke the family rules and now you have to spend the week in your house, doing chores you should be fucking doing anyway!

    And God damnit. A big fuck you mark for making me go on a tangent about kids. God damnit.

  141. Oh yeah. Can you please go an update your trashy blog about Wal Mart? I have paying customers waiting for me to tear it to shreds and use it as lining for my cat pan.

  142. You forgot a few things, Tyler.

    I’m also obsessed with reminding him that he’s not a real journalist, that he’s been fired from so many jobs, including ones in TV, radio and print. I also like reminding him of all the other names he’s posted under to promote his non-money making website and to build him up to make him look like an “upstanding citizen” when he’s really a psychotic loser. I like reminding him of all the people he’s harassed by calling up their employer and trying to get them fired because he’s so jealous of people actually having real jobs instead of menial ones and him acting like being a bell-blob or a substitute baby-sitter (anyone can be a sub with any kind of degree) is such a position of high-esteem. He also needs reminded that his mental evaluation lists him as someone who needs to be put away, he also needs reminded that he’s been busted for trespassing and bullying and not following the rules, he also needs reminded that his “appeal” got thrown out and that his wife had to pay his fine because he can’t afford to and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions because he sucks at being human.

    Last and certainly not least, he needs to be reminded that he’s a coward. A ball-less degenerate who can dish it out, but cries when people hammer it home to him right back.

    In other words, he needs reminded that he’s not a real man.

  143. “I apply for Patty Hager’s vacant city council seat. Hurricane needs real leadership. I will provide real leadership!”


  144. Mark?

    Remember how you tried to use the internet to get yourself out of paying that fine? (Which didn’t work) You know, on Lee’s Mark Hal”l”burn Public Apology Petition?

    The same will be used against you for applying to city council. You have libeled, slandered, and harassed Putnam County officials for years, do you honestly think you’re going to be any kind of council?

    You’re crazier than your mental evaluation said you are.

    By the way, fatty…all that stuff about you is still online. Certain Putnam County officials are already aware of this.

  145. Oh my raptor jesus. You really are a puppet, aren’t you Mark? We say dance, and sure enough, when we pull the strings, you do a little jiggity-jig.

    I love me some Tim-bits, but I buy mine… I don’t wiggle a fake ass press pass to get some for free at the Walgreens.

  146. Now to take a different tact… I want to see Mark elected to City COuncil. Why?

    a) He then becomes an agent of the government, to whom everyone can “petition [sic]… for a redress of grievances”… therefore, we can call him when there is an issue. Any issue. At anytime (as he has done, repeatedly and admittedly, at all hours). We will DEMAND he fix things here in Hurricane, and DEMAND his rapid action on all issues.

    b) Website shuts down. Conflict of interest, insider information to new businesses and issues, undue influence for paid advertising, etc… (sidebar- Mayor Edwards is guilty of this, too… this IS an issue in the area)

    c) It’ll be fun watching him campaign :)

    Halburn for Council!!!

  147. You are Tyler’s bitch aren’t you shithead?

    Just how crazy are you?
    You shit on everyone at city hall and then you think that anyone there would seriously consider you for anything?

    Of course you apply to be appointed.
    Once again your entitlement mentality dictates that you get something for nothing.

    You doesn’t have the balls to actually RUN for office.
    Because you know you will lose. And your twisted little mind just can’t accept that.

    You are a fucking loon.

  148. I says the appeal got thrown out, Failburn.

    You’ll never get appointed to anything, maybe appointed to Mildred-Mitchell Bateman Hospital to lick the walls and shit in the food trays.

    The thing is, Mark…you’re not originally from West Virginia, you’re from Cali Cali. You were born, raised, and cried too much in California.

    Even your record of marrying your fat wife says so:

    Mark Vance Halburn, 36, of El Cajon, Calif., and Dolores Jean Martin, 33, of Hurricane.

    You don’t know shit about West Virginia, you think you’re better than everyone else while working your minimum wage jobs, the only thing you learned about WV is that desperate, fat spinsters like your wife would do anything to get married before their clock stops ticking by offering you free room and board. You’re not qualified to be a politician. Hell, you’re not qualified to be a human being. Can you imagine the attack ads against Hal”l”burn if that wacko runs for office? You can’t call it a smear campaign because it all would be facts.

  149. I think Mo the Angry Bear needs to do a top 10 on why this douchebagel will never get elected.

  150. Yeh I want some fatass who blows up in a classroom full of freshmen as city council if you can’t handle them you are patetic I bet those would be some interesting meeting til he didn’t get his way about an issue and turned into psycho fuckstick!

    Halburn for City Council! (I wanna see where this goes lol)

  151. Mark:

    You tried to get the magistrate who found you GUILTY disqualified because you put his name on that “Public Apology Petition” thing.

    You also stated that you never received the notice of trial, when it’s clear you did.

    I mean, I have the documents which clearly shows your stupidity and your irresponsibility.

    You actually think by appealing a trespassing charge where it was clearly documented that you pissed off some SWAT team members by not following their ORDERS will be appealed? You sir, are a documented liar AND nutcase.

    It got thrown out, retard.

  152. Check out the latest news at PutnamLIES!

    Let’s talk about lying, Mark.

    Last week you stated HERE that you were on spring break with the rest of the kiddos.

    Turns out, you had a little bitch fit and stormed out of the classroom when the kiddos were making fun of you, you WALKED OUT ON THE JOB!! I mean, this shit is GOLD!!

    Thank you for making my morning, you insane idiot.

    If you blow up in front of kids like that, you’re not fit to be around kids, or anyone, for that matter. I think Child Protective Services needs to be called and you need to be investigated for verbal and physical abuse towards children.

    Were you off your meds that day? BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

    You fucking psychotic freak!!

  153. Lets talk about lying, Lee!

    1) The event never happened.

    2) It could not have happened this week because Kanawha County Schools ARE ON SPRING BREAK!

    3) The story cites a second period class. Riverside uses a BLOCK system, not a period system.

    4) NONE of the students named in the LIBELOUS STORY exist.

    5) None of my classes have more than 10 students, the LIBELOUS STORY says 23.

    6) I don’t have any seniors.

    7) The principal’s name is wrong.

    And, regarding your latest rant, the appeal is scheduled for a later date this year.

    There is a reason why it is called PutnamLIES…. Because it is filled with LIES!

    And Tyler continues to allow me to be libeled here.

  154. Let’s talk about the law, fat man.

    Comment forums provide the blog owner, but not the commenter, safe harbor under the Communications Decency Act. So your greasy accusations toward Tyler are unfounded. Tyler can’t be touched.

    In case you feel like reading, visit your little Alta Vista search engine and put in “Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.”

    Oh, and fuck you.

  155. Mark?

    There is nothing liable or slanderous about that article over at PutnamLIES. It’s called….satire. Just because someone that has the same name as you in the article doesn’t mean it’s about you.

    But, that’s the problem with you. You always have to make things about you. This is why the details were changed. Periods instead of blocks. The number of students. The names. Jesus, man, you gotta learn to not make everything about you, dude.

    Folks? Not that I have plans, but if I ever shut this part of the blog down, it won’t effect me much. I get a solid stream of readers for 90% of the posts on here. But it would effect Mark to the point of pure frustration. He could not stand to have us stop talking about him. Should I out up a poll?

  156. Again, you fat freak, MY NAME IS NOT LEE!!!

    Again, you lie when you said:


    No, we are on Spring Break. And the nasty email that was sent was forwarded to me to take legal action for harassment. Then it was deleted from the system by the IT guy. I have worked their for years. They know my work. It’s obvious that all of you are obsessed. As for the petition, it isn’t worth your time. Go on with your life and find something positive with your time.

    Mark said this on March 21, 2010 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    That means the above statements where in reference to LAST week.


  157. I was gonna say, Lee hasn’t posted here in a while. He gave up on you. But he’s been posting some pretty funny vid clips at Cryptic Bullshit.com lately!

  158. Lee/”Jew”:

    Allow me to introduce you to the United States’ calendar: March 21st was Sunday. Sunday is the first day of the week. In this case IT IS THIS WEEK! Spring Break in Kanawha County Public Schools is THIS WEEK! YOU ARE AN EPIC FAIL!!!

  159. I’m pretty sure in every country in the world, March 21 fell on a Sunday. The United States doesn’t have some kind of special calendar that makes March 21 a Sunday here, but in Mexico, March 21 is a Wednesday.


  160. Mark, It amazes me that once you went and cried to my local police department about me “harassing” you that you, in turn, are doing the same thing by constantly bringing my name into something that absolutely has nothing to do with me. In fact, I have taken my blog in a different direction than before, and have not mentioned you.

    I complied with the request. However, you seem to think that once again, the rules do not apply to you.

    I’m going to ask you this nicely…and only once. You bring up my name on here or any site one more time, I’ll just have to call your local law enforcement on you for the same thing you called mine for.

    …and you know I’ll do it, too.

  161. MARK!…you lowlife piece of shit…before you go accusing ANYONE of imitating anyone or saying someone’s writing style “mirrors” anyone elses….let me show you a list….

    TV Dude
    Mark in OC
    It’s Mark
    Carolina Mark
    Earl MacArthur
    John T. Reed
    Randall Scott
    Tom Potter
    Jacque Jo
    Rich Chrampanis
    Sal Marino
    Mark H
    Blair McGinnis

    Ring any bells? This are you, as we say on Wikipedia, sockpuppets. You are the king of them on many many MANY boards. So before you call anyone out for typing as someone….look at yourself first.

  162. Looks like little Markie got OWNED once again!!

    For the last time, fats, my name IS NOT Lee!!

    Now that’s out of the way, you have been known to post under different screen names, too. On GOW’s site, and on many others!

  163. You trash bloggers seem to have influenced Mark’s “writing style” as evident on yesterday’s entry (or today’s).

    “Another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise. And a dangerous situation. As my family and I leave for an errand, we are nearly T-boned by a pickup truck that rolls the stop sign at the bottom of Walmart hill. THis is typical. Since Hurricane’s Epic Fail Mayor Silly Scotty refuses to make the police department enforce any traffic laws on Walmart hill, drivers do whatever they want! Resign, Mayor Edwards! YOU ARE A TOTAL FAILURE!!!!!”

    The words “epic fail” and “failure” are used by the trash bloggers on their personal blogs and to describe Mark Hal”l”burn.

    Once again, last week he was kissing the ass of the mayor and the HPD, and now he’s back libeling their names once again, and this freak wants to run for city council??

    YOU are the epic fail, Mark.

  164. I have a question for you Markie boy. If your “news” website is such the money maker, then why aren’t you a member of the Chamber of Commerce? It seems to me that that would be a pretty beneficial thing for any “business” owner. Also, there are plenty of design places that might be able to help you out with that hot mess of a blog. Granted it would take a lot of work on their part, but it could be done. Maybe.

  165. Doesn’t the business Mayor Edwards has design websites? Maybe Putnamblob could ask for some help before the next council meeting.

  166. Is anyone else having flashbacks of Fatsy-Patsy’s car accident of last week?
    When he was “nearly T-Boned” by a phantom car?

    The record is skipping again… time to put another quarter on the arm.

    Mark Halburn, you are a LIAR and a TOTAL FAILURE. I call for your resignation from life. Go kill yourself. Take out your ugly fucking wife and your child with you. He’s better off dead than with a “father” like you.

  167. The last person on earth I would hire to do a redesign in Scott Edwards. I used to be a Chamber of Commerce member. They scheduled an event at the convenience of one of my competitors. They tried denying this, but I had the email to prove it. Then they sent me a cheesy black and white photo. I decided not to renew my membership. Also, Scott Edwards is on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors-the last time I looked. No thanks!

  168. Mark? I could help you design one of these free blog sites to be your “news site” and it would be a lot more readable, better organized and part of a huge network of other blogs.

    My price?

  169. Wow. Mark’s got a headline that involves pre-teen and teenage cheerleaders, complete with photos!

    This sick, psychotic freak never ceases to amaze me.

  170. “Jew” That story and photos was submitted by the person in the byline, who actually requested that more photos be added to the story. Contrary to your perverted opinions, some people like seeing their children on PutnamLIVE.com.

  171. They scheduled an event at the convenience of one of my competitors.

    So you’re saying their job is to schedule everything at the convenience of YOU? Jesus, you’re a delusional fuck when it comes to how important you are.

  172. Minion Peachy:

    Considering that some people at the chamber told me they didn’t like reading crime articles and that they didn’t like going on the Internet to get news, possibly. All I know is that my chamber membership fee was a waste of money.

  173. Wait.

    Hold up.

    There’s competition for shitty web sites in WV? I mean, I know there are tons of shitty web sites, but for the chamber of commerce to pick one over the other? Mark’s website is obviously the shittiest of all shitty websites.

    Geocities 1994!

  174. Considering that chambers of commerce don’t like members running down other businesses in the community, I’ll bet he was asked not to come back.
    It’s got nothing to do with reporting crimes.
    All I know is that Halburn is a waste of good air.

  175. Not at all. In fact, I was asked to come back earlier this year, and every year before that. The ribbon-cutting that was scheduled in order to fit the old Putnam Democrat’s schedule was Home Depot. (And The Democrat was owned by a Cabell County woman-NOT a Putnam County publication) And it was that ribbon-cutting where they sent me a black and white photo. I was giving POSITIVE publicity. The fact is, I dropped the Chamber of Commerce because they were a bunch of backwards-thinking screwups.

  176. No, you dropped the Chamber Of Commerce because of several reasons.

    One? It usually costs about $300 in dues a year for one to four full time employees. That’s minimum. You don’t want to pay for shit.

    Two? You have to register a business with the CoC and that means you have to supply information such as the owner, employees, a tax ID # and proof you pay town or B&O taxes…which we know you do not.

    Three? The Chamber of Commerce is trying to reflect the good of a city, town, village, whatever it may be and they reserve the right (since they charge dues) to exclude whom it thinks is not an effective business or one that fits the towns image. See porn stores here.

    Your web site does not fit any of these criteria. I don’t believe for a second you have been asked back considering all the BS you spread about the leadership there and even if you really had been asked, I am sure it was out of some sort of morbid courtesy to do such, knowing deep down you’d say “no.”

    Pipe. Put. Smoked.

  177. Tyler:

    The issue has never been the membership fee. And you don’t have to provide a business license. (Though I am properly licensed!) Here’s a copy of the online application to prove that:

    Membership ApplicationSubmit Application OnlineMembership Investment FormulaChamber AdvantagesContact Us

    Join the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce
    Online Application

    “When you invest in your Chamber of Commerce, you invest in your business.”

    Please fill out the Membership Application below.

    Date Submitted
    Annual Investment
    Pro-Rated Amount
    (Pro-rated to nearest quarter;
    Contact Chamber for quote)

    One-Time Processing Fee

    Total Due

    Payment Options
    Check is in the mail to: P.O. Box 553, Teays, WV 25569
    Please send an invoice to the company
    I will contact you at 304.757.6510 to give you my credit card information

    Company Name
    Member Name
    Mailing Address
    Zip Code
    Physical Address (if different)
    Email Address
    Web Address
    Brief Description of Business,
    Products and Services

  178. Minion Peachy:

    Coming from you, that is a complement. I simply posted the application. It answered the false statment that one has to provide a business license. Go on with your life, Peachy! Do something positive. You have taken every cheap shot at me possible and my readership and advertising increased along the way. Readers appreciate what I do, whether or not you do. If you don’t like PutnamLIVE.com, read another web site. There are millions out there to choose from.

  179. Mark,

    My information wasn’t from your area. I was giving you basics that I had learned from my research in my state. Your cost is even lower. They ask more from us here. What gets me is that in both states, the benefits greatly outweigh any slight you think you were handed.

    Good Christ man, I may actually believe some of your rants about readers had you been a apart of the CoC. They do so much for so little, it’s cheaper than advertising with traditional means.

  180. That’s a real nice piece on socialized medicine there, fatsack… too bad you fucking stole it, you piece of shit.

    West Virginia Watchdog has been notified, fucker. YOU ARE A THIEF AND A LIAR.

  181. Mark? I request you take down that “letter to the publisher” that you scabbed from the Watchdog. She did not SEND anything to you. You make no mention that it is a copy and paste from the Watchdog either. Ass much as she is a bit misinformed (or maybe she interpreted some stuff incorrectly) she has a right to have her written word to be properly represented.

    And before you go all off on me, your copy and pasted posts are properly represented here on the site. Everyone is fully aware that I am responding to someone else’s opinion. Yours.

    In this case, an aspiring journalist worked hard to get her opinion across without some fuckstick stealing it and posting as if she sent it. As if she would send anything to you! You are misleading your readers to believe she sent that to y9our site…which she did not.

    The link to the original piece is here.

  182. Tyler:

    Ms Robertson sent the letter to me. She sent it to a number of publications. I will email you the copy that was sent to me. Then you can apologize here, cancel this blog, and your show. You blew it!

  183. I have forwarded you Courtney’s email to me as well as her thank you for me running her letter. Since you have libeled me, I look forward to you cancelling both your blog and your show. Too bad, I sometimes listened to your podcasts. You have talent-but not enough sense for telling the truth or getting the other side. Had you contacted me before libeling me about Courtney’s letter, I could have emailed you the copy. But you didn’t. Now the world can see how badly you screwed up. For your readers, the text of everything is below:

    From: Courtney Robertson Sent: Sat 27/03/10 11:47 AM

    To: news@putnamlive.com Priority: Normal

    Subject: Re: My thoughts on ObamaCare Type: HTML Msg

    Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook

    Thank you so much for letting my voice be heard. If you could tell me where I could find the publication, that would be great. Thanks again!

    Courtney Robertson

    On 03/27/10, news@putnamlive.com wrote:

    Miss Robertson:

    As someone who pays for family health insurance by working a job that takes me away from my business, I strongly disagree with your letter.

    But I published it anyway because I greatly respect free speech.

    Many thanks!

    Mark Hallburn
    Putnam County’s News Leader

    GO GREEN: PutnamLIVE.com is online only. We do not publish a paper edition in order to protect the environment. Please do not print this email unless it is necessary!

    On Fri 26/03/10 8:25 PM , Courtney Robertson crober27@mix.wvu.edu sent:

    My name is Courtney Robertson. I am 19 years old, a Winfield resident, and a student at West Virginia University. I wrote this on March 22 out of sheer frustration, then posted it on my facebook. I got a lot of feedback on it, and tons of family and friends urged me to send this to news stations, so I am. Do with it what you will, I only hope to help educate the American people on what is going on in our country. Thank you!

    My fellow citizens,

    Last night, March 21, 2010, was a grave day in American history. Whether or not you are interested in politics is no longer relevant, because the elite, corrupt politicians are taking over everything (an estimated 48%). This goes much deeper than health care. This will affect every aspect of your life: money, family, health, and our over-all quality of life, just to name a few. As a future doctor, the ramifications of this bill are all too real, and the American people not only deserve to be heard, but the right to be obeyed.

    Our great country was founded on principles of freedom. The freedom to say what you want, to practice whatever religion you want, or to pursue any career you want. We are the land of opportunity. Where hard workers get what they earn. Where the government represents your interests. Where we have “no taxation without representation.” That’s why people die every day in attempt to immigrate here. However, the bill that was passed last night goes against everything our founders stood for. No doubt they are rolling in their graves.

    I’ll start with the “need for reform.” Is there corruption in our current system? Yes. Are some people being overcharged for subpar service? Undoubtedly. Is the problem as bad as Hollywood “documenters” such as Michael Moore claim? Certainly not. We have the best health care in the world. Every day, people from socialized countries such as Canada, come to the United States to take advantage of our superior health care system. They know they will not receive the service in their own country that they will in ours. Countries with socialized health care systems suffer ridiculously long waits, as well as poor service, because they have no other option. In some cases, such as in Great Britain (who we are modeling our bill from), the government reserves the right to deem you “worthy of treatment.” For example, if your grandma is 82 years old, needs a heart surgery but is otherwise in good condition, the government can, and most likely will refuse to treat her on the grounds of “she’s lived her life, she’s not worth the money,” or “someone younger deserves it more.” How is this ethical? Who are we to play God? How can we measure the worth of one life over another? Privatized health care gives the patient the power to advocate for themselves, not be chastised by an impassive government. What we have now may not be perfect, but it is immensely better than the rest of the world. I’ll agree that there is more than enough room for improvement, but a rushed, unread, unorganized government overhaul is far from the answer. Keep this in mind. The founders took over 60 ballots to figure out how to elect the president of our great country.

    Some have a hard time understanding exactly what this bill will do, so I’ll provide a little glimpse into our future. So, “free” health care that costs around $2 trillion. China already owns most of our debt, so we have to pay this ourselves. Where does the money come from? Tax payers! Remember, that doesn’t mean all that money is split up between every citizen. It means that money will only be paid by those who are able, i.e. people who already work. Welfare recipients will not have to pay a dime (at least of their own money), but instead will receive a check in the mail each month (again, paid by the working class) and literally free health care. That’s a lot of money for something so “free.” So, everyone without health care already climbs aboard the Obama care bandwagon. Those of us already with health care think, “Why would I pay for my insurance, when I’m already paying for the ‘free’ stuff?” Or, we get fined for not buying into it (how about that freedom?). So, like any sense-making American, we quit paying our private insurers and get our VIP pass into the land of free health care. Less clients to private insurers means rates skyrocket for those still paying. Soon, the rates become so high, it would be ridiculous and impossible to pay such an exorbitant fee for something we can get for “free”! So everyone quits paying for their private insurance, the private insurers go out of business, and the only option we’re left with is the government. That is called a monopoly, and it is economical suicide. Medicaid/medicare already have the highest denial rates and are the most inefficient provider in the country.

    Many people are under the false impression that socialism is a good thing, or are in denial that this bill is socialist. I don’t know if this is because they do not know the definition of socialism, or if they’ve just been extremely mislead. To clear it up, according to the American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, socialism is,

    “An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are controlled substantially by the government rather than by private enterprise, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity.”

    How can you argue that this bill isn’t socialist? It gives the government control of the health care system,

    rather than the private sector. By definition, this bill is inarguably socialist. Now, for the people who think socialism is a good thing, I ask you, how did socialism work out for the USSR? How is socialized anything working for anyone? The facts are that all socialist countries have either failed or are failing. Why on earth would we change our successful country to be more like the ones who fail?

    I watched the vote on tv Sunday night as many of you did, so I saw the speeches given by Boehner and Pelosi. Mr. Boehner, I commend you for your courage to stand up for what is right despite being disrespected and in the minority. To Mrs. Pelosi, where exactly do you get the idea that the founding fathers would be proud of what you’ve done? Which would they be more proud of: the profound amount of government control, much like the English government they fought to become independent of, or the backroom deals, bribes, and other obvious signs of corruption? To quote a founding father himself, Thomas Jefferson, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Sounds like a strong advocate for socialism, right?

    If you take nothing more from this, let this be it: Our country was founded by the people and is for the people. Therefore, do not be discouraged by the actions of a deaf legislative body. WE are the people, and WE ARE NOT POWERLESS. I encourage you to stand up for our and future generations. Do not be ashamed of your American values. Make our founding fathers proud, and we will restore this country to its original state of grandeur. This November will prove what the American people truly want.

    I will end with my personal statement. NEVER will I be told my life is more or less important than someone else. NEVER will I be told which doctor I must see, when, or if I’m even worthy of treatment. NEVER will I work for a corrupt, socialist, under paying government. NEVER will I give up trying to rescue what’s left of this country. NEVER will I forget the values this great country was founded on, or what this administration has done to destroy it.

    God Bless America,

    Courtney Robertson

  184. Also, Fatsack, You’re crediting Tyler with my discovery (that you’re a content thief). You blew it! Cancel your blog and then your life!

  185. Please cover your man tits in Crisco and fuck yourself. You act outraged like you’ve never fucking stolen content before.

  186. Ya know what Mark? I admit I was wrong. Jacque did some verification and it turns out this poor little unknowing 19 year old doesn’t know how you operate.

    Now….as far as you wanting me to shut down my blog because of what I said?


    I mean it ass wipe. Of all the things you do on that trashy web site of yours, using other peoples letter without permission has been one of them. Just because you got lucky on this one doesn’t mean you are some kind of fucking saint, dick bag.

    You really are a piece of work. Of course, as all the posters are my witness (because God certainly doesn’t exist of you are still breathing on this planet…so he can’t be a fucking witness)I predict you will continue to throw this in my face until something else tickles you tiny little ball fancy.

    You have the worst ethics in the world, mark, even for a blogger. If anyone should shut down a site, it’s you. Kiss my ass, fatty.

    Oh yeah…see ya Thursday, in the ring.

  187. I verified. It’s legit.

    So, let me predict how this will go …

    “Something something something take down your trash blog too something something you’re a fake something something you’re not really in newspapers something something something …”

  188. Tyler:

    If you were a REAL MAN you would do your own research before you libeled me. Instead, you let a little girl that is an “entertainment editor” for a newsrag (that is given away in birdcrap covered newsracks) in D.C. do your “work.” And if you were a REAL MAN you would come here and do that debate that you continue to chicken out of!

  189. Did you rub your Crisco-covered man tits while you thought of her? You do that don’t you? Your little purple-headed soldier gets stiff just thinking about her.

    Go ahead. Your wife isn’t watching. Rub one out while you scream her name.

  190. Mark? You want to see a real man? Call me tonight, bitch. You don’t call me on my show tonight you might as well take down that site because I’ll just start phase two of my project.

    You hear me, boy? 1-661-349-8255. Make NO excuses. Call me.

  191. He won’t be able to call tonight Tyler. He’ll be too busy sticking his dick in a vacuum cleaner with a red wig.

  192. Hello, Crisco, NEITHER TYLER NOR JACQUE are the ones who brought this to light. Yes, I asked Jacque to check with her sources (legit ones, unlike yours, you lying cunt) after I posted about it.

    Call in to Tyler’s show, or take down your site.

  193. I’ve said it before, Tyler. After the way you lied on your show about your Walmart and co-host, the only way I talk to you is IN PERSON during the LIVE debate in my front yard. The one that you refuse to do because it would be a fair, level playing field. You hide behind your personna of trashing me from afar and cutting me off when I call in. Come debate me in-person. One-on-one, live, no editing, no producer, no co-host. LIVE, IN-PERSON. ONLY!!!!

  194. So you don’t deny then you’ll be too busy rubbing your man tits in Crisco and whacking it to the object of your obsession? I didnt’ see a denial of that anywhere.

  195. Of COURSE he wants you to come to his front yard, Tyler, he wants that $10,000 for you to set foot on his property. Because he’s a impoverished fuckstick with an entitlement complex. He won’t call in because he’s a giant fucking pussy.

  196. How is it “a fair, level playing field” in your front yard, fuckstick? It’s not even level.
    Once again, you want the world to revolve around you.

    Tyler NEVER cut you off the one time you called in from your ex-job at the no-tell motel. He gave you all the time you wanted.

  197. I just want to point out he didn’t deny that he can’t call Tyler’s show because he’ll be at home rubbing himself down in Crisco and sticking his dick in a pillow with lipstick and a red wig.

  198. Tyler:

    I don’t respond to threats. Go on with your life. Leave me alone. In your obsession to criticize me today, you libeled me. Use your talents to do positive things. I enjoyed your health care show. I am sure there will be others. But I am tired of responding to the rants and false accusations here and elsewhere. I have more positive things to do with my time than to subject myself to your abuse here and on your show. The on-location LIVE debate (in Hurricane) offer is open with no money to be exchanged by either party. Otherwise, have a nice life!

  199. Mark, there are no false accusations here. Just because you got lucky once doesn’t make what you have done in the best, right. Face it. I will not let up until you take down that web site or I have someone do it for you. I’ve done it once with your copy and paste page and you can be damned sure I will do it again.

    As for a live debate with you? Never happening. I’d do it for no money but my station won’t go for that. Plus, you are not some guy that people want to hear from. You are not some star. You are not someone of any importance. You don’t bring ratings for me to come on my own dome to debate you. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    If you don’t want to call in tonight, fine. I’m going to go ahead with what I had planned anyway. You’ll just not be there to defend yourself. Not that you could anyway.

  200. You were the first to ask for a debate. I challenged you to come and actually see what we would be debating about. You tried to charge me for ADVERTISING and other costs. I countered with an offer of my own. You responded by whining to cover up the fact that you refuse to debate on-site. Now you want to take my site down. WHY? Because you got caught in a lie today? Go on with your life. You are already open for a libel suit. Don’t add to your liability by trying to destroy my business. (You have already posted a threat amounting to conspiracy.) Go on with your life!

  201. Are you a lawyer? Does the American Bar Association know you are doing this? How about the West Virginia bar?

    If your “motion” for appeal on your trespassing conviction shows your legal acumen, your lawsuit threats are as empty and unfounded as your personal attacks on the judge that found you guilty.

  202. No judge found me guilty. Do your homework. And I would LOVE to leave you alone. Right after you stop harassing me here and on your blog. And if you want me to go away, you know what you need to do: Cut me that check for $350,000 and watch me leave the city, county, AND state! Go ahead, cut the check. Put your money where your mouth is! Go ahead… I said, cut the check! Go ahead! Otherwise you are ALL TALK!

    Tyler: You are correct about one thing that you said: I am not a star or someone of importance (on a national level). People who listen to you don’t care about me. Your show is better talking about national issues. Do that. Go on with your life. Do positive things.

  203. No fatboy, you WERE found guilty in a court of law. You want to play semantic games.
    Your appeal will be dismissed and you will be laughed out of court.
    And we will be there to report on it.

    And you’re back to the check cutting again?
    I’ve got no interest in buying your second wife’s shitshack. And neither does anyone else, especially at the inflated price she’s asking.
    You want someone to cut you a check? Stop trying to gouge potential buyers and set a realistic price, you greedy bastard.

  204. “Mike” You say we want to “gouge potential buyers.” One of our neighbors wants $900,000 for the crane yard. Another wants $600,000 for his property. Our price of $350,000 is a BARGAIN!

  205. Your house should be burned to the ground with you inside, is what your house is “worth”.

    But it’s not worth the gallon of kerosene.

  206. Because you’re a fucking psycho. Read it again, fuckstick. That last part there… about you not being worth a gallon of kerosene.

  207. The current Homeland Security Threat level has just been raised to Orange. Take appropriate action!

    ::klaxon sounds in the background::

  208. I would like to point out that to be a threat it would need to read like “I am going to punch you in the dick”. Simply saying that something should happen does not a threat make. It’s more like wishful thinking.

  209. No you didn’t. I got two calls. One at 9:38PM and one at 9:47PM. No missed calls before that or after. Last call received by the call in line was at 1:45AM Sunday morning during The Club. I don’t see any other calls. I was even on the call in line for nearly 20 minutes after the show and no call in then either. When did you call?

  210. The first call was the sheik, if I am right, and then the lovely girl from Irreverent Radio called in… She called me a chump. The nerve!

  211. So I tried to read all of the above posts and usually I read all of them word for word. However I have 2 points I would like to express. 1. Mark, your Chamber of Commerce statement is complete and utter bullshit. You were never asked to join because they don’t make go around asking people that talk poorly of them to join. And I’m quite certain that what you claimed happened never did. The Chamber here is dedicated to making sure that local businesses are taken care of (note the word business which is why I think you aren’t a member because you aren’t a business.). And 2 (which is a little late) You speak of the sound wall that Walgreens built. Um, yeah, that’s called a privacy fence. Not a sound wall. And if any one is interested, i will be more than happy to take pics and send them along.

  212. Ok mark if you answer one more question answer this one…what in the world makes you think your house is worth 350000? Ok you say that your neighbors are wanting much higher I don’t care what their asking I can’t speak for then and neither but whether your house is zoned commercial or not you say you want to move away so bad you can’t stand it yet your house appraised for 90000 and that was before walmart so I ask again what in the hell is your reasoning for asking so much for property that clearly isn’t worth it and you wonder why you havnt had one single offer on it. Are you trying to make a quick buck or 2 or 260000 for that matter? Please explain your thinking that you can get so much for so little that’s like tryin to sell a hundai for the price of a ferrari.

  213. Tyler-

    is it possible on your site to upload videos of the road and around the walmart parking lot at different times during the day and night just to see how LOUD it really is lol maybe via YouTube or something?

  214. Property is worth whatever it will sell for. Nobody is selling the property there. What’s that tell a normal person?
    It’s overpriced.
    Again, fatbody, you want to back up your price with facts? Get an appraisal from a legitimate appraiser.
    But you won’t do that because it costs money, you cheap bastard.

    PutnamLIES.com has videos.

    Walgreens does have a fence. A 4 foot wooden fence. NOT a wall.
    And there’s no way it’s going to block any sound.
    But he won’t tell you that.

  215. Here is something interesting. Yesterday afternoon, Mark forwarded the E-mail sent to him by Courtney Robertson. He added this note at the top;


    I am forwarding Courtney’s email to me as well as her thank you for me running her letter. Since you have libeled me, I look forward to you cancelling both your blog and your show. Too bad, I sometimes listened to your podcasts. You have talent-but not enough sense for telling the truth or getting the other side. Had you contacted me before libeling me about Courtney’s letter, I could have emailed you the copy. But you didn’t.”

    He closed with Many Thanks and yadda blah. Whatever. I have never believed in a closing signature because you deal with too many different types of people. Most do not want to see the same BS in closing to an email. But that is besides the point.

    Mark says I have talent and that he used to listen to my podcasts. That is appreciated to be honest. Mark, you want to lay this all at my feet, well, that’s your call. But it wasn’t me that pointed out that you may have ripped the letter. That was Lenny. So go bark up that tree. Now, did I make a mistake adding to that while we awaited verification? Yeah, I did. I apologized for that.


    …i considered your track record with redirecting links, taking stuff by copy and paste (and not telling the truth about where you got it) and your blatant abuse of you calling your site a new site. It’s not a news site when you don’t report in a non biased fashion.

    You have made up letters and ripped them from other sites so often in the past that Lenny had a 90% chance of being right. Yes, Miss Robertson sent you an email. You got lucky in this case. You will live off of this one for the rest of your life too, I know it.

    Simple fact of the matter is this. I have never lied. I have stated nothing but true statements about you and your blog. The problem lies, mark, in the fact that quite honestly, the truth hurts. And that bothers you.

    You say I have talent. Thanks. I have a niche for sure and it’s because….I tell it like it is. I let people know what they sometimes don’t want to hear. And that’s the Gods honest truth.

    Now. Onto a note he sent Courtney about her article;

    “Miss Robertson:

    As someone who pays for family health insurance by working a job that takes me away from my business, I strongly disagree with your letter.

    But I published it anyway because I greatly respect free speech.”

    Talk about lying. Again, you want to make more to this than what is actually true. You do not have a business…and yeah, we know, you have a licence and all that. Proof of a business to me is their follow through in the tax obligations to the state. That, no one has ever seen.

    Finally, the right to free speech.

    ::shakes his head::

    Oh how you love to tout and hide behind that…all while denying everyone the right to argue with your opinion.


  216. He respects free buffets.

    Must be quiet around the mighty shopping center. That whinefest of his has gone silent again. Silent. Like the fucking parking lot.

    Also you never denied that you missed Tyler’s show because you were locked in your basement office whacking it with your red haired lipstick wearing pillow. So that must mean it’s true.

  217. Now Halburn is claiming to be his own wife.
    “As someone who pays for family health insurance by working a job that takes me away from my business”

    Substitute teachers don’t get benefits.

  218. Tyler:

    I called your show at 9:53 EST. Your web site says your show comes on at 9::00 EST. I was too busy to call before then, but it gave you time to do an interview. I reached your answering machine.

    You are correct that subs don’t receive health benefits. But the income I earn from subbing allows me to pay for our benefits out of pocket. Many small business owners work another job to pay for their health benefits or have them provided by that employer. I am not unique in that situation. I worked at the hotel because of its benefit package. Teaching pays MUCH more and allows me to run my business, and provide income and health insurance for my family. Many have accused me of being unemployed and lazy. Now they realize that I am neither!

  219. If you were calling at 9:53 EST it would have been 8:53 EDT. It’s Daylight Saving time now, fuckcake. You would have called too early.

    • OK, then you called almost an hour after the show was over. I can admit if I’m wrong, and I can be right next time. But you’ll always be ugly, and a liar.

  220. This…

    “Miss Robertson:
    As someone who pays for family health insurance by working a job that takes me away from my business, I strongly disagree with your letter.”

    …or this?

    “Teaching pays MUCH more and allows me to run my business, and provide income and health insurance for my family.”

    This isn’t semantics either. Which is it? Does it take you away or leave you time for your “business”?

  221. On tonights show. Libel vs Slander: There is a difference. I can’t send a Valentine’s Day card to my cubicle mate?! PC getting out of control?! Also, are American’s lazy? Yes, yes they are. Most Wanted on the Lazy List? Hint, he’s from West Virginia. Truck Nuts! Yeah, we got em. Plus, a DVD giveaway! All that and a Top Ten list from the Angry Teddy Bear! Top Ten Bane of Existence things of Mark Halburn! 9PM….that’s EASTERN!

  222. Tyler:

    Perhaps this is semantics, but depending on the assignment, and the week, teaching does not always pay much more than the income that I derive from PutnamLIVE.com. For example, duing Spring Break, I did not get any income from teaching. And during normal substitute teaching (daily) assignments, I am paid far less than I am paid for my current long-term assignment. (There is a raise after 31 days of service-AFTER the normal teacher uses up his sick days.) So I didn’t get my current rate until March 15th even though I have had this assignment since (I believe it was) January 12th. Maybe this was more than you wanted to know, but it is the truth.

  223. He didn’t try to call. There are no calls, missed calls or voice mail notifications after 9:47PM EST, which was GirlShawn from Irreverent Radio.

    Not even an hour later.

  224. Yes, I called. Check your voice mail. Be honest! And, you are correct, I still have not sent you the no truck sign photos. I actually thought of that earlier tonight. I have simply been busy. I will get them for you soon. My bad. I admit it!

  225. That’s it folks. This is the end. The end of the world. Markie has actually admitted he was wrong on something. Well, it was a nice run.

    In other news….Mark is still the lying pussy son-of-a-bitch who can’t admit he didn’t call into a radio show or doesn’t make a fuckin’ penny (and refuses to provide any proof he actually does) on a GeoCities website that looks like it is from 1994. Hell, it doesn’t work in IE or FF.

    Dude, take Lenny’s advice and go fall on a knife…they sell those at Walmart, ya know.

  226. ::eyes squint::

    Uhhh…..nope. Don’t see a 304 area code number in there. Anyone else?

    TRX Call In Line History 03/29/10

    Didn’t think so.

  227. Neat, you got a call from the 540 area code. That is my neck of the woods in Virginia. Not me (I was asleep…sorry), but still neat :)

    But there is your proof Markpuddles. Tyler is man enough to provide proof of his claims (unlike you and your “business”). He claimed you didn’t call, provided proof you didn’t call, guess that means you didn’t call. To use a term you like to use alot, I guess that means you are an epic failure.

    Please, self-immolate would ya, hell, I will pay for the gallon of gas…I think you can get that at Walmart too.

  228. Oh, Mark will be coming all right … all over that pillow of his with the red wig and lipstick. Right, Crisco?

  229. Just caught the last of “steam release” on 580 wchs … someone called Hoppy to complain of the noise at the Hurricane Walmart. Wonder who that could be?

  230. Happy Easter, everybody! If you enjoyed your holiday weekend without being disrupted by excessive traffic noise, you obviously don’t live next to the Hurricane Walmart! Maybe you live on the same street as Silly Scotty Edwards who made sure the Walmart wasn’t built in HIS neighborhood!

  231. Silly Marky, I live next to a shopping center…fuckin’ thing is across the street…and 1/4 mile from the interstate…ya know what, I don’t hear ’em. None of ’em. Why? Cause they don’t make that much noise. I have fallen asleep in a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday…busiest fuckin’ shopping day of the year. Didn’t wake me up once. Why? Wasn’t that noisy. So you are full of shit when you bitch, whine and moan when you say anything about Walmart.

    Hell, live in the flight path of Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk Air Station, Craney Island, Little Creek Amphib. Base AND Oceana Air Station and THEN complain about noise.

  232. If the publisher lived near a large airport they would already have carted him off to the looney bin or the Feds would have him up on a terrorist watch.

    If he’d planted his own trees/shrubs or put any sound proofing in his house instead of waiting for someone else, maybe his family could have some peace – not from the parking lot (which isn’t really that much) but from HIM!!

  233. Tybois:

    Then come live here. Our home was purchased BECAUSE IT WAS IN A QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD! The City of Hurricane LATER changed the zoning to commercial WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION! Walmart was built AFTER we moved here. I am sure the shopping center was there BEFORE you moved to where you live. So buy us out! The price is $350,000. Cut us a check NOW or SHUT UP!!!!!

  234. Hey mark I’ll cut you a check for 50000 and that’s it that’s all that shithole of a house is worth with ur fatass living there take it or shut the hell up!

  235. So Mark … In honor of Easter this year did you harass any people of color in the parking lot like you did last year?

  236. Hahahaha! Nice one Interpret THIS! I just got done recalling that in the first installment of April 2010…which you can find here!

    By the way, Mark? Stop calling your neighborhood and neighborhood. It’s like 4 houses and some scrap yard.

  237. Oh Marky, we all know that that little zoning thing never happened. You actually have the paperwork that says it didn’t. You were proved wrong BY the City of Hurricane. As for your…shack…I wouldn’t piss on it if it were on fire, not alone pay 350K for it. No house, even in DC, is going for 350K, not alone some ‘burb of Charleston.

    Also, come here to Virginia and tell me to shut up, come on. You ain’t got ball one. *shudders* You are just a bully at a keyboard whining over something you have gotten called on time and time again as a liar and proved wrong time and time again and, well, your just fuckin’ certifibly crazy. So, I think it is time for YOU to shut up.

  238. Walgreens does not have a sound wall like you said some time ago putnamBlob… you didn’t tell the truth. Telling someone to pay for the house you live in but do not own doesn’t prove anything or win any argument putnamBlob. You’ve beat that horse (and your meat) to death on that one.

  239. Trying to slip one past the goalie, eh? That’s how your wife got knocked up and trapped into a truly shitty life of wiping not only the ass of your fucking retard, MM Drake, but your fat KFC chomping ass.

    Fuck you.

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