Blog Rollers

The Blog Rollers

These are the Blog Rollers. The big spenders of words. Some of my favorite bloggers on the net today. The list will be forever evolving. Wanna be linked? Drop me a mail.

Radio Dan

Ladies and gentlemen…taking center stage on TalkRadioX it’s Radio Dan with… The Radio Dan Show!

Johnny V Esq.

My buddy John drops the 411 on you from time to time.  He loves comics, opera, wrestling and Krispy Kreme donuts…and he’ll tell ya about it too.


Oh my God…funny.  All based on the West Virginia Wildman known as Mark Halburn.  The creator of this mock sight is a pure genius.

3 thoughts on “Blog Rollers

  1. ::chuckles:: It was not a slight. Just had not updated this Blog Rollers…ahhh hell. I was waiten for boobies.

    ::busted look::

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