1 – January 2010

January 2010

I don’t want to bore you with Mark’s previous years of Wal Mart boo hooing because in the ensuing year he will repeat much of what he has said in the past, even copying and pasting then changing a few words here and there and reposting.  Eventually this page will just run out of steam for the simple fact there is nothing really new.  Just the comments that we will now be able to leave!

January 1st, 2010:We start the year with more excessive noise from Walmart traffic. My critics on the trash Internet blogs continue to rant and publish a story that says I am in Hawaii. I wish I was the case. It’s funny how these liars make up trash as they go. The Walmart traffic noise is so loud that I have to leave home to watch the WVU game someplace else. I can’t even enjoy our living room on a holiday.”

My Response: Ah.  How refreshing.  This is THE crux of Mark’s problem.  Noise.  He hates Wal Mart because of the traffic noise which is no different than any other Wal Mart.  However, in Mark’s eyes it’s like the road runs through his living room.  What he fails to understand is his ranting, raving, name calling and phone calling does more to add to the decibel levels of unwanted noise than any traffic ever could.

By the way, the “trash blogs” he speaks of?  That would be “Cryptic Bullshit” and “PutnamLIES.com” that he is referring to.   These guys have proof he said he was going to be in Hawaii for a “travel feature” segment on his own blog, a segment, I should add, that is as bogus as his press pass.  He was never going to Hawaii at all, period.  He lied to set up a future segment that he will steal stuff for from around the net and post as if he traveled to these exotic places just for you.   You got busted Mark, shut up and take your crow.

January 2nd, 2010: Walmart’s excessive traffic noise continues. New Year, same old problem!”

January 3rd, 2010: Another day, more excessive traffic noise.”

My Response: Yadda yadda yadda.

January 4th, 2010:Silly Scotty offers to buy the trees to go between our home and Walmart AND support a sound wall ONLY IF we convert our zoning to residential. Silly Scotty needs to take a reality pill. We aren’t changing ANYTHING! Silly Scotty and the P.C.D.A. created the Wally World Monster and HE can fix his EPIC FAIL SCREWUP! Sound doesn’t change its impact on human ears based on zoning. But SILLY SCOTTY IS TOO STUPID TO REALIZED THIS! He demands that we provide a copy of our deed and tax records to prove we are taxed as residential. Our deed doesn’t designate either. I will have to call the tax office in the morning.”

My Response: It’s one thing to bitch and moan, Mark, but it’s another to attack the Mayor, which you have done quite frequently.  These people you attack are so sick of you by now that they understand there IS NO HELPING you.  Whew.  Sorry folks.  I got a little Markidis there with the caps.  A few points on this post.  Mark says the house is zoned for commercial.  He wants it that way because his greedy little mind thinks it’ll be worth more than if it was zoned residential.  Yet, he wants trees and or a sound barrier put up because it’s a residential area.

Mark?  You don’t even own the place.  We all know this already.  You don’t even pay B&O taxes on your “business” which folks, is his blog, as he claims.  No wonder you don’t want to send in your tax records because no doubt, you are cheating on those too.  But really, it comes down to just you being greedy.  You don’t want to change your zoned status to residential because you think you will lose value so you won’t get your oft ask for $350,000 bucks.  Clue here.  You’ll never get that. So, you don’t get the barrier or tress.  You can’t have both.

January 5th, 2010: Shortly after 4:00 a.m. I am awakened by vehicle traffic charging up Walmart hill. When I get up and look out our window, I see Walmart’s snow plow is the offender, as it goes back and forth across the lot. I can’t get back to sleep for at least a 1/2 hour. When I attempt to call the store, no one picks up. This is EXACTLY why Scott Edwards and the city council need to force Walmart to put up a sound wall and trees! Living next to this craziness just isn’t the right thing for him to expect us to do! He created this monster, he needs to fix it! Speaking of Silly Scotty, I email him a copy of the tax document that proves we are taxed residential and tell him to start planting those trees and to build the sound wall. But the Pinhead Politician fails to do anything.”

My Response: Ooo…interesting.  So you are being taxed as a residential.  I guess you deserve those tree’s now, Mark.  Yep, Scotty should start planting right away!  I’m sure the snow plow noise will be canceled right out with your logic.  Well, here is what your logic fails to apprehend.  Snow plows mean snow.  Snow means frozen ground.  Frozen ground means…no frickin trees being plated, much less a sound wall being installed.

Seriously Mark, listen to yourself.  It’s like you are expecting to wake up and have trees already planted, having grown for 20 years.  Not happening, pally.  Let me also ask when the hell do you expect Wal Mart to plow away the snow?  They can’t do it when the parking lot is being used and be successful at it.  Plus, you got a shitload of snow so they will be back tomorrow.  Don’t even complain about that.

January 6th, 2010: Walmart’s snow plow again disrupts our home early in the morning. When does Walmart expect us to sleep? If they can’t find a quiet snow plow, send Lloyd Atkinson out with brooms and a shovel. They should have plenty in stock! Still no sign of Edwards’ promised trees and sound wall.”

My Response: Mark, what the hell did I just get done telling you!?  And really man, “still no sign of Edwards’ promised trees”?  For the love of God.  Still no sign of common sense!

January 7th, 2010: Our formerly quiet neighborhood is bombarded with excessive noise as Walmart’s customers stock up ahead of the impending snowstorm. Still no sign of Scott Edward’s promised trees and soundwall for the neighborhood that Putnam County properly recognizes as residential. Put up or resign Silly Scotty! The trash-talking blog makes a fool of itself again, falsely accusing me of writing a less than 500 word travel article about Jacksonville. They can’t count. The article is well over 500 words, and the photos that they claim were stolen were used by permission. But the blog does use the word “Lies” in its name, so at least it is correct about its constant attacks and lack of truthfulness. Meanwhile, despite its lies and cheap shot attacks, the readership of PutnamLIVE.com is on-target for another record-setting week, month, and year. After I text message Scott Edwards, the city snow-plow pays a visit. Thanks for doing the right thing on this issue, Mayor!”

My Response:I got up with a headache today and settled in with my caffeine fix and my online “morning paper” as it were.  My blog sites.  Then I ran across this posting for today.  I could not figure out if I wanted to eat a bullet or fly to West Virginia to brain you with a shovel, Mark.  Seriously.   I’m sure it was complete pandemonium for the impending 2-3 inches you guys are gonna get.  Sweet Jesus, batten down the hatches!

Ugh.  I’m sure it was like any other normal day but because of the “impending snow” you over reacted as usual.   By the by, I do not believe for a second you have Scott Edwards cell phone number so you can “text” him like he is your brohan.  You lie like a stinky fish.  (Update: Could you believe Mark sent me a number for Scott Edwards in an unrelated mail a few days later?!  I doubt it was a cell phone that could be texted.)

Now, lets tackle this issue of the Jacksonville, FL “travel feature” you posted.  One, several of us have the original version of this saved and it’s 461 words.  PutnamLIES stands by that 100%.  Two, you didn’t write a lick of that article.  You just copied and pasted from various internet sites about Jacksonville.  Once you were punked about the validity and length, you went back and added more to the story without informing the readers.  Three, all the pictures you posted were ripped from the net as well but we all know the reason why.  You were never IN Jacksonville.  Close as you got was Myrtle Beach.

January 8th, 2010: The Daily Mail publishes an article where Hurricane City Manager Ben Newhouse claims Walgreens is “Moving forward.” It’s about time. If Putnam County had any leadership, we would have had Walgreens open in the same time as the ones in Kanawha County. Whether it’s in Hurricane or at the county level, Putnam County’s “leaders” are nothing more than epic fail screwups! Their failure to have a 24-hour pharmacy in Putnam County years ago has cost this county millions in economic loss to our neighbors in Cross Lanes where Rite Aid opened a 24-hour pharmacy years ago. The “leadership” failure is inexcusable and I hope voters kick the pinhead politicians to the curb in 2010.”

My Response: What does this have to do with Enduring Wal Mart?  Walgreens was opened in 1901 in Chicago, well before Wally World.  This is just you, ranting about the lack of business support, which is contradictorily against you railing against Wal Mart.  Which is it?  Pro business or not?  Added note here.  You guys don’t need a 24 hour pharmacy.  If one tried, they’d go out of business for lack of a 24 hour income and 24 hour overhead.  You are not big enough.

January 9th, 2010: We have guests over for dinner and a few rounds of canasta. One of them comments about how stupid the city is to put a Walmart across the street without some sort of noise mitigation. Scott Edwards manages to unethically treat this neighborhood, but in the court of public opinion, he is getting hanged by objective observers. He will be a one-term mayor as everyone but him can see through his stupidity! Meanwhile, our road still has not been paved and Edwards has the audacity to ask for the town’s citizens to renew the Excess Levy. PAVE OUR ROAD, MAYOR!”

My Response: They have to plow it first!  But you won’t let them!  Shut up!

January 10th, 2010: Just another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise. Nothing much to report. One of the trash blogs is now attacking a local YouTube legend. It must be nice to have so much time to waste kicking a man while he is down. The trash blogger seems to get high acting like a thug. He makes Larry Flynt look like a saint! I’d rather inform the people of Putnam County!”

My Response: I like how you just threw in the “just another day comment.”  You really don’t have much more to say about Wal Mart, do you.  You just like to hear yourself babble.  But now you are using this as a place to respond to other incidents and stories that are going on around you or concern you.  You can’t comment elsewhere because you have been banned.  How’s your own Robitussin taste, Mark?

Oh, and your “You Tube” Legend comment?  The most laughable statement you have ever uttered.  You Tube Legend.  Ha!  It’s just this guy.  He’s a dirtbag.  Dare I say it, even worse than you.  Why?  He’s not certifiable and he’s been witnessed abusing his kids.  You can take the lead again…just get caught.  Mmmk?

January 11th, 2010: Now one of the trash blogs is questioning our Canasta game on January 9th. The blogger has gone beyond desperate! What an idiot!!! AT 11:47 p.m., some jackass charges up Walmart hill, waking me up. And Scott Edwards wonders why we want a sound wall.”

My Response: Is there still snow on the ground?  Is it still winter?  Thought so.  Shut about the wall already.  You.  Are.  Never.  Getting.  It.   The only thing Scott Edwards wonder is how you have not stroked out yet and been found flopping like a dead sea bass on your bathroom floor.  I’m not even going to mention your Canasta game.  If you are not behind the keyboard, surfing your own name, making up bullshit, whining on forums or parked in from of your “donated” TVs or displacing water at the local pools after hours you certainly don’t have time to play Canasta with the multiple personalities you have.  End of story.

January 12th, 2010: A prankster has signed me up for a bunch of magazines. The old “send in a card in someone else’s name scam.” It gets better: Someone also told the State of West Virginia Tax Department that my address was in California-and gave the state my parent’s address. The department also thought I charged for subscriptions to PutnamLIVE.com and attempted to bill me $3,200 for back sales taxes and penalties. I wasted about two hours today straightening out all of this.”

My Response: I really have no comment other than to say I got a chuckle out of this.  No doubt you owe more than that in back B&O taxes.

January 13th, 2010: Walmart’s street sweeper shows up at around 6:00 a.m., about an hour earlier than Walmart’s appointed 7:00 a.m. time. Just another rude and inconsiderate disruption of our neighborhood. I meet with a manager of a major bank and advise him of our location. He thinks our property would be a great location for a Hurricane Branch and promises to forward the info up the chain of command. Hurricane needs a steakhouse more than a new bank, but we just want to sell and move. One of the trash bloggers (with WAY too much time on his hands!) has created ANOTHER blog solely designed to respond to THIS blog. Never mind that this guy lives in Vermont, and has compared our 24-hour 180,000 square-foot Walmart in Hurricane to his non-24-hour Wally World in Williston that IS ABOUT HALF THE SIZE and attracts a FRACTION of the customers! And the condos that he once mentioned next to the Williston Walmart were built ABOUT TWO BLOCKS AWAY AFTER the Walmart opened! (I can’t make up such a rotten comparison on his part) His situation is VERY different from having a 24-hour Walmart shoved right in front of your house! Keep in mind that this guy has turned down MULTIPLE invitations to visit our neighborhood and see and hear for himself. He’s just another ignorant out-of-state blogger that is clueless about our situation. Hey Williston Dude. Mind your own business and work on solving problems in your community. Like screaming Howard Dean. (No wonder you think excessive noise is OK! We don’t care about what you think about our Walmart! Your responses to this blog are simply silly. And, speaking of silly, Silly Scotty, per your demand I proved that Putnam County taxes us residential. Where are those trees and the sound wall that you promised? SCOTT EDWARDS-YOU LIED!!!!!!!! (AGAIN!) One of the trash bloggers says I am defending the “YouTube Legend.” I am not defending or attacking him. NEITHER! What I accurately said (on January 10th) is that the trash blogger “Is now attacking a local YouTube legend. It must be nice to have so much time to waste kicking a man while he is down. The trash blogger seems to get high acting like a thug. He makes Larry Flynt look like a saint! I’d rather inform the people of Putnam County!” But the liar trash blogger would rather lie about my words than print the TRUTH! Meanwhile, after setting a record for readership in 2009, and after setting a record for December readership, and setting a new weekly mark last week, PutnamLIVE.com is on-target to smash 2009’s numbers this year. A message to the trash bloggers: You aren’t hurting PutnamLIVE.com because intelligent readers don’t take your trash seriously!”

My Response: Wow!  Less than 24 hours out of the box and I hit the nerve jackpot.   Good Christ, I don’t even know where to begin.  I think I’ll bullet point today.

  • Street sweeper.  Was there really one?  If so, why?  Isn’t there still snow on the ground?  Is Wal Mart now a part of the snow removal team now? I am starting to think Mark is hearing and seeing things in his sleep and then gets up to post about them.
  • The bank offer.    Believe it when I see it.  I think this was said out of pure frustration.  Remember folks, he believes everything he says,even when things really don’t take place.
  • Williston Wal Mart.  This part is a direct shot at me of course.  I never compared the Williston Wal Mart to his on my radio show.  I was bringing up the fact that there will always be fringe residential in any Wal Mart situation, no matter how close or far residences are.  Mark, of course, took it in a whole other direction and made it about him.  My point?  Our fringe residential is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET…::ahem:: sorry.  Right across the street from a major shopping complex called Maple Tree Place.  More traffic than Mark’s Wally World, more noise, more cars, more plows…but oddly enough…never a street sweeper in the winter.  Oh…by the way…Mark declined to pay me for a live remote for the show, this is why I have not gone to West Virginia.  Plus, mark is bad for ratings.
  • Again with the sound wall and trees?  Is the ground still frozen?  Is there still snow on the ground?  Has anything changed in the last 48 hours?  No.  Ya know what Mark?  I have no doubt Putnam County is screwing with you…because they want to and they can and there is nothing you can do about it.  Your bridge is burned.
  • By saying “local You Tube Legend” you defended the child abuser.  Legend is something you bestow upon another in appreciation.  If you had said infamous, I may have bought it.  But…we have seen the pictures Mark.  ::blargh:: We have seen the pictures.
  • Your readership.  Mark?  If it’s not your enemies checking out your site (namely us “trash bloggers”) then the only thing left are mindless idiots that swallow your verbal spew like a hooker strung out on coke looking for a quick jerk and a score.  I have NO respect for your “readers” if they believe your drivel.
January 14th, 2010: A trash truck breaks the access road speed limit and charges up Walmart hill at about 5:30 a.m. disrupting our neighborhood. How rude! Why can’t these people show some consideration for us? The speed limit is 20. Drive no faster than that. PLEASE! One of the trash bloggers claims to have banned me from commenting. Trouble is, I left him behind last year. When I did comment, he often altered the comments and even put up a “disclaimer” saying he reserved the “right” to do so. The guy is a lying fool. And this time I don’t mean Scott Edwards!”
My Response: I waited until later in the evening to post a response to this one because I knew he would change it.  This morning it was just about the garbage truck.  This afternoon he had added the comment about being banned over at PutnumLIES.  Mark?  You would complain about how loud a truck is in low gear doing 20 miles an hour just as fast as you complained he was driving too fast.  So you will never be happy.  But keep it up because it’s fun to watch that little vien in your forehead twitch when you get all mad.  As for you being banned ?  Well, I say that’s just one of many places you are banned from. Lets see…Girlofwords, Crypitic Bullshit, PutnamLIES, WVBroadcasting, California, Florida, Washington DC, the Mayor’s office, every public swimming pool in a 200 mile radius…need I go on?  Didn’t think so.
January 14th, 2010 (Addendum): The duplication of this blog by one of the trash-bloggers is actually a good thing for two reasons: 1) It lets the world know how badly we are treated by Walmart and the scumbag politicians. 2) It proves to the world that the trash bloggers are wackos!”
My Response: Yet another change to the 14th’s posting of PutnamBlobs Wal Mart campaign.  The last sentence added in the wee hours after I posted.  You got that a little backwards, finger licking good.  1) It lets the world know how much of a scumbag you are and how badly you treat your elected officials.  2) It proves to the world what a wacko you are.


January 15th, 2010: Another day of typical excessive noise from Walmart traffic. I learn that someone has created a parody blog ripping one of the trash bloggers. He is stupid enough to post the link on HIS blog! What an idiot!!! But then we already know that he is an idiot! One of the comments on his blog accuses me of being drunk. That’s hilarious because I DON’T DRINK! (Unlike his five fake Internet friends!) But, once again, he has set himself up for a lawsuit. The paper trail of offenses just increases. I spend the afternoon and early evening in Kentucky meeting with a developer that is interested in our neighborhood and the airstrip. He’s talking about an office supply store, a Target, a car lot, a Lowes, and a few restaurants. I hope it happens. Putnam County needs more jobs and we want to sell. I would love to facilitate all of those things. This project would bring hundreds of more jobs than Walmart. Meanwhile, PutnamLIVE.com just moves along, on-target to smash last year’s record-setting readership! We’ve added two new advertisers this past week with inquiries from more. The trash bloggers don’t have sponsors. Apparently no one wants anything to do with them!”

My Response: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Oh God, this guy takes the cake.  Doesn’t he? He was in Kentucky working up a big deal to bring Target, Lowes, an office supply store, a car dealership and a few dining establishments?!  Dude.  You are more fucking delusional than Charlie Manson on a bad day.  Face it Mark, you are never going to be able to sell.  Your land is not worth that much to really be developed well and quite frankly, no one cares about you and your lies.  So this whole story of going to Kentucky is one big lie.  Just to make yourself look good, you tell outrageous stories.
As far as you drinking, I think that part is actually the truth.  Someone that blows twice the legal limit wouldn’t be able to concoct such horseshit on a daily basis.  However, I’ll reserve judgement until I get word on Tuesday from the magistrate.
And finally, I have to bust you (like everyone else has) about your “readership”.  You like to use Quantcast to try and prove your numbers.  The problem is, you have never been truthful to the readers that there is no filter for counting the number of times YOU visit your own site.  Quite unlike most of the “trash blogger” sites that actually have messages stating that it DOES NOT count our own visits.  Just give up the ghost, Mark, because it’s gettin really sad.
January 16th, 2010: Early morning Walmart traffic wakes me with its excessive noise. I am sure that will continue all weekend leaving us without peace and quiet again. I see that the Ghiz building is for sale. No one wants to be near Walmart!”

My Response: Of course the traffic will continue this week end, Mark.  It”s the week end!  Wal Mart’s do 50% of it’s business on the weekends, tubby.  Aren’t you used to this by now?  Oh, and I did some homework for you.  It only took a few minutes.  The Ghiz building?  It’s was being rented by Sky Link, a carpet cleaner.  According to the PCDA the lease came up on December 31st.  No doudt they are going to consoladate this location with the bigger location they have at Big Hurricane Creek.  Savvy business move in this current economic situation, I’d say.  But of course, I guess we all have to belive it was Wal Mart, right Mark?  Time for breakfast.
January 17th, 2010: I post an article with links to the City of Hurricane commercial development web site page and the Putnam County Development Authority investment property web site page. These include properties near the Walmart as well as sites around the county. They can be used for industrial, retail, offices, and restaurants. The idea is to promote business and job growth in Putnam County. Of course the moronic trash bloggers attack my positive project. No one needs these out-of-state idiots and their stupid criticisms! This project is about jobs, revenue, and an improved lifestyle for Putnam County!!! Due to the incredibly rude, crude, and disgusting comments that the trash bloggers are making about my wife and our son, I am, again, discontinuing this blog. I WILL NOT allow my family to be subjected to public, perverted comments. In addition, I have been challenged to a debate. I have informed the challenger that the only terms that I will hold a debate is live, in-person, in front of our home, in front of the Walmart. The host, who he requested, must also be present. So far, they have declined. The live, in-person format is in order because in the past when I have called into the host’s “talk show,” he lied about his co-host saying she was someone else, and when I called another time, he was rather rude and cut me off. Other times he discussed the Hurricane Walmart situation comparing it falsely to one in his community, and the first time and other times that he discussed me on his “show” he failed to call me for my side of the story. If I am going to debate anyone, it must be on a fair “playing field.” The time I used for this blog will be redirected to a daily journal about my son’s childhood. Each day is a new event, it seems, and I want to chronicle these events for us, including him, and perhaps, his wife and family some day, to enjoy. It was my hope that this Walmart blog would convince Scott Edwards and the other Pinhead Politicians to change their ways and protect this neighborhood and my family from the needless, excessive noise that the construction and traffic have overwhelmed us with. They arrogantly refuse to do the right thing, and the public disclosure of their abuse of this neighborhood and my family has failed to make them correct their ways. I can’t put into words how badly I feel about all of them.”

My Response: Dude, do you ever breathe when you type these up?  Do you know what sentence and paragraph construction even is?  Oh wait, of course you don’t, you are a hopeless, hapless, sue happy blogger.   Do you know what bullet pointing is?  Here. let me show you…again.
  • You business idea will never fly, Mark, because you are nowhere near professional enough, even as a citizen to be dealing with anything like an economic boost.  You don’t know anything about it.  You THINK you, but you are nowhere close.  That bank guy you pestered?  Told you that just to get away from you.  That Kentucky trip?  Pure made up BS.  You are just compounding lie upon lie to make yourself look good.
  • My apologies for the rude comments, but “trash bloggers” will be trash bloggers.  And, unlike you Mark, I am not a Nazi when it comes to free speech like you are are.  Du Hast!
  • The great debate.  As I said in my comment, you give me $350,000 minus the $10,000 you want to charge me (for having a debate on your property that YOU want…fuck me I can’t figure that one out) and then I will consider it.  So far I have been told that unless we get that kind of money, you are not good enough for ratings and can’t do a live remote.  Let me know when you come up with the dough.  As for the “lies” you keep saying I told or perpetrated?  I have answered those accusation ten fold, unlike a certain KFC inhaler we all know.
  • And finally we come to you once again shutting your blog down.  I feel like the New York Jets!  Hooray!  I win.  It took less than 4 days.  Of course, as soon as you read this, Mark, you will be defiant and keep your Wal Mart blog up.  Then again, with me just predicting that, you will take it down.  No, no you won’t, you don’t want me to win!  Arrrghhh… ::stroke out::  What’s the matter Mark?  All pissy now?   Oh, by the way, I do not believe for one second you are going to take the time to post in some sort of daily journal for your kid.  One, you should have been doing it already nd two, you are a selfish asshole that only cares about himself and his own image, hence the “adoption of a Haitian” and a daily journal for your kid.  Stop with the BS, take down your Wal Mart blog and just try to live a normal life.

Folks?  At 10:21PM EST Mike Ballburn and I predict the following.  If Mark doesn’t stroke out and does take down the blog about Wal Mart, he will continue to post offline and then bring it back when he thinks all has cleared.  I can wait.


If this is the end, I want to thank all of you for comments and support.  It’s been a hoot.

144 thoughts on “1 – January 2010

  1. January 8.

    You know how long it took to open the Walgreens in Charleston?
    16 months.
    They broke ground in March of 08 and it opened in July 09.

    Halburn’s whining about 24 hour pharmacies is just an excuse for him to have 24 hour access to kotex for his giant vagina.

    If he’s complaining about other things than “excessive noise” it just goes to show that it’s not as bad as he’s been saying.

  2. In true Halburn fashion, he has edited the January 14 bullshit to add…

    “The duplication of this blog by one of the trash-bloggers is actually a good thing for two reasons: 1) It lets the world know how badly we are treated by Walmart and the scumbag politicians. 2) It proves to the world that the trash bloggers are wackos!”

    No one is sympathetic to you, douchebagel. It proves to the world that you are a mentally ill fuckstick with too much free time. I like to think that if this was china, you would have been very late term aborted… like… at age 12. Drown in a sewer or punched in the face until you died. Talk about “wackos”… that’s the Halburn family circus of sock puppets and multiple personalities. Not to mention the bearded lady and the dogfaced retard child.

  3. I love how he added once again to his post on the 14th after I posted that day on this site. I’m tickled pink that we are forcing him to do more work each time we post. He is now the reactionary, which was my goal.

  4. Let’s see,
    Mark’s house, (make that Mother-in-law’s house, who does not live there, taking a home-stead write off) where Mark runs his News Site (blog) which he claims is his business but does not pay B&O tax, and lives with wife, son, and a clown car cast of people, wants to sell the property only to a commercial business but, wants the city to pay to have trees planted in the dead of winter that spring up overnight to dampen the noise that cars, plows, out of state people that stop and buy goods at Wal-Mart to repair their car so they continue on in there quest to get as far a way from Mark, before he goes postal on them, oh and don’t FORGET FARTING FLIES, that wake his sleep, now has sent proof the house is residental, (again to have the trees), so he can sell the house as commercial, (because the sound of a torrent of raining money, is softer, than a trickle of the price of a residental sale), so he can move back to Cal, where he can then rant on Arnold, instead of a small mayor who tried to bring some life to a smaller community, that has vol fireman that are hasseled, along with pool employee’s in several town’s by a man, who only wants to hold a small shark in his hands, as he watches, legands on YouTube pick their kids up at a football game by their feet and remove them from the game, so he can have another controveral something he can cut-ann-paste, along with his trips around the globle, (like best buys in other states where he can use free web access), so he can threaten women with law suites, because he pissed them off when he decided to come to their blog, after he had been banned from other websites like a broadcasters site, that got tired of hearing bullshit, from the man in the blue house across from Wal-Mart in Hurrican WV. ((Damn what a long sentance!)

    These and other wonders of the world can all be researched at: Girlofwords,PutnamLIES, Crypitic bullshit, WVbroadcasters, and the bathroom walls of a Confort INN, somewhere!

    Man… Mark, is better than “Chicken Man”….. He’s everywhere!

  5. Hey Troy. Welcome to my “trash blog”. Don’t worry Lee. I know your writing style (by the way, nice impression of Mark Halburn There, Carmen, when he is “mad as hell and can’t take it anymore” ranting).

    Oh, and Troy? If you are going to make a parody site of someone like Lee? Can you do us the favor of actually putting some effort into and making it funny?


  6. Skylink is still working out of the Ghiz building, Tyler. But you can’t see that from Vermont. And the Ghiz bulidibg is the big Hurricane Creek location that you mentioned.

    Many Thanks!
    Mark Halburn

  7. Well then, the Map Quest postings are way off! Is Big Hurricane Creek the same as 80 Grace Drive? Doesn’t look it from here.

  8. I just saw Troy’s wife, Mark’s wife, and Lee go into the Comfort Inn in Charleston, WV.

    Looks like Lee scored that 3-way with them after all. Instead of crow, Markie’s wife will be eating clam.

  9. Ewww….::chuckles:: And yes Mark, I know it is you posting. Go ahead, keep making an ass of yourself. I don’t mind. The more I let you do the work, the less I have to do.

  10. holie shit boiiiiiiii!!!!!! i jus saw lee makin out wit dat deloris hawburn bich! den he made her make out wit anuder chik. boiii got game yo

  11. Troy Sexton and Mark Hallburn were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me!

  12. “The trash bloggers don’t have sponsors. Apparently no one wants anything to do with them!”

    WE don’t need sponsors. Our lives aren’t so pathetic that we rely on a blog to make a living. It’s not like anyone’s paying for yours anyway.
    And apparently there ARE “sponsors” on your page that don’t want anything to do with you either.
    Unfortunately for them, you won’t take their ads off your pages.

    BTW, thanks for the referrals. Retard.

  13. Stop clicking on your own page, Mark. By the way, when are you going to go to Haiti for a “travel feature”? Mother nature is doing an awesome job at natural selection and has invited you down.

  14. Tyler:

    I was in Haiti on a missions team in 1980. My heart breaks for the people of Haiti more so now than ever. I have made a contribution to The Red Cross and pray for the citizens and the rescuers. We are already discussing the possibility of adopting an orphan girl from Haiti as my wife cannot have any more children. For anyone to make light of the situation in Haiti is beyond insensitive and shows no class!

  15. You can’t support your family now.
    We’ve heard about your wife’s rotten uterus and stillborn kid every time you look for sympathy.
    Bringing in a trophy baby to show what a philanthropist you are ain’t gonna do the trick.

  16. Mark. I make no light of the situation. I mean it. We can’t bother with Haiti, Darfur, Somalia or any of these third world nations anymore. We are expected to do so because we are compassionate and powerful. A free nation. We’ve been doing this for 2 centuries. However, we continue to do this and we will become the biggest fucking third world country the world has ever known. I don’t want to see that happen.

    Does that make me a fucking selfish, uncompassionate bastard? Yes. Yes it does. I can live with that.

    Hate me for all that I am Mark.

  17. Mark, you’re so retarded that when retarded people look at you they’re like, “Holy shit! That guy is retarded!!”

    Do you have ANY idea the process to adopt a child from overseas? They look at EVERYTHING!!!!! And I do mean everything!

    Of course, we all know you’re not really gonna do that…you get on this spiel about what a compassionate man you are, we all heard it before.

    You didn’t do shit in 1980…you sat around and ate.

  18. Two things Mark:

    1. You have “Benadryl” spelled wrong in your main headline. It’s been that way all weekend. Good work, amateur.

    2. You don’t seem to tell people in your blog that you’re participating on the so-called trash blogs. Little less than honest, don’t you think?

  19. Flipper, if we’re “trash” bloggers then he’s a trash journalist. Wait…he’s just plain trash. Wait…that’s an insult to actual trash. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let’s call him “shit” because no one like shit, except dung beetles…and I personally don’t know any dung beetles.

    Mark HaLburn is a SHIT journalist. Because his “journalism” is shit, his writing style is shit, his site is shit, his opinions are shit, and Mark HaLburn is shit.


  21. Mark, the shit journalist, still has “Benadryl” spelled wrong on hit shit site. What a worthless little amateur peon. If he was a real journalist instead of some hack, he’d correct it instead of taking pictures of pre-teens. I wonder if him and his boyfriend have some sort of child porn thing going on…that needs to be looked into.

    By the way, Mark. Us “trash bloggers” hits destroy your site…mostly thanks to you and your boyfriend looking at our sites every 3 minutes to see if we talked about you. Even without you both, we all make your site look like the little site that never will.

    In fact, individually our sites get more hits AND respect than your little shit site does. Plus, we have the proof to back it up AND our sites are growing. We don’t need to make false claims to look good, we just look good period, because we ARE good, faggot.

  22. By the way, MANY THANKS to Tyler for letting us trash bloggers comment on Mark’s retarded ramblings.

    Unlike Mark, Tyler is a RADIO GOD who should be worshipped as such. Plus, the hottest co-host Mark will never have the pleasure of humping a pillow over.

    Mark, you should take some lessons from Tyler on how to do radio…maybe you wouldn’t have failed/gotten fired at radio if you did it like Tyler does. AND…Tyler has actual sponsors, respect, and is well known in the radio world as opposed to your reputation of being a trouble-making nobody who wishes he had a REAL press pass like a REAL journalist, like Jacque Jo Bland.

    Face it Mark, you’re an EPIC FAILURE.

    No wonder Troy fell in love with you.

  23. UPDATE:

    Mark Fagburn still has “Benadryl” misspelled on his shit site. What a novice. I’m wondering if he knows how to spell “failure?”

    I know he knows how to spell “Troy” “Reach Around” and “KY Jelly”

  24. I’m ashamed to say my so-called “husband” sucks cock. Good thing Lee rescued me from that flamer, I feel so loved and comforted in Lee’s arms and it’s great that Matthew is getting to know his real daddy.

  25. He lists the area as “Pro Business”, “Growing retail shopping centers”, “great construction companies”, etc. and then gives phone number for Gary Walton… everything his blog has trashed over the years. What’s up with this?

  26. Maybe that’s the test he was studying for.
    Could you imagine that guy representing you as a realtor?
    He was a failure as an insurance agent, he’s a failure at life, he’ll fail at this too.

  27. UPDATE:

    Since us trash bloggers called out Mark Fagburn for his misspelling of “Benadryl”, he has since changed the spelling on his shit site.

    I guess he thinks more of us trash bloggers than he cares to admit. He steals ideas from us, phrases, etc…and yet we’re trash.

    Mark, you’re a novice when compared to us. I think I’m going to steal some of your sponsorship…

  28. Maybe you should capitalize the “R” in “Realtor.” Then you can criticize my spelling. And you misspelled my wife’s first name. Which reminds me to tell you to leave her out of this.

    Tyler: You won’t find out anything from a magistrate about me on Tuesday. I don’t know what you are referring to, but there’s nothing to report about me from the court system.

  29. Tyler:

    Your comment about me blowing twice the legal limit is libelous! Pull it off this blog, apologize, cut ne a check for damages, and sign off the Internet and radio for good! Now you have gone too far!

  30. Mark said:

    “Your comment about me blowing Troy Sexton is true! Jack me this blog, spit on me, and call me your little fat bitch!”

    Fixed it for you!

    Markie, it doesn’t matter how I spell her name, with one “L” or two…the fact of the matter is she knows how to scream my name.

    Your threats are about as paper thin as your credibility, and as shitty as your site. You fat fucking faggot!

    We don’t care what or who you blew, the fact of the matter is you blew someone or something.

  31. We’ll find out from the magistrate on the 27th Halbrun.

    Her name is spelled DOLORES, Lee. Just think of the dollar you leave when you’re done with her.

  32. I love it when Mark Homoburn gets his jowels in a pinch over Tyler’s radio show. He HATES it that Tyler is successful at something the little fat faggot failed and got fired over time and time again.

    Mark, did you know that when you Google your name, the #1 hit is his mental evaluation? I thought you’d like to know that since you and your life partner Troy want to “adopt” a child from Haiti. Need to get money somehow don’t ya, homo?

    In case some of you all didn’t know…if you adopt a child the government gives you a check every month…so Markie wants to adopt a child so he could get a check. It’s not about being charitable or about the child, it’s about him wanting to be a welfare case.

    Anyway, because of the mental eval being everywhere, Mark. You’d be lucky to get a job ANYWHERE. So, keep saying how much of a millionaire you are by posting links to other stories and making up news and taking pictures of pre-teens and keeping up your shit site…because of that mental eval and your actions out there for the world to see, I doubt you’d even get a job cleaning up puke in a dive.

  33. Keep it up, Lee. I will see you in court. I can’t wait to serve you with lawsuit papers on the 27th. And since I have NEVER been drunk, EVER, there is no way I blew twice the legal limit. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t even drink coffe!

  34. Thanks for the heads up, Larry. Speaking of heads up, DOH’-lores sure loves keeping her head up when she’s sucking on my elephant trunk and looking at her daddy straight in the eye.

  35. Hey you fat fucking faggot. You tried that once and how did that work out for ya? Or did you forget? You want to raise the beast within again? Try it and see what happens…WE ALL KNOW you’re not man enough, and you can’t even afford to support your own family because you’re online begging for shit like the bum you are. Is your boyfriend gonna give you a loan for a lawyer? What are you gonna have to do to him?

    Bring it on, cocksucker. I’m beggin’ ya!!!! DO IT!!!

    Just for that, I’ll fuck DOH’-lores twice as hard the next time I’m up there. She doesn’t just waddle because she’s fat, she waddles because I slice that shit up 16 sides of Sunday.

  36. And Mark, YOU’LL be in court on the 27th, the only thing being served is your FAT ASS!!

    Again, grow a pair, be a man, and serve your little papers written on napkin, email them to me…do something. I’ll Hal-burn your ass like I did before…and like I did your little boyfriend.

  37. Mark, if you’re man enough…I challenge you to a debate on Tyler’s show. It’ll have to be at a time when I’m off…since unlike you, I WORK.

    C’mon, little man…grow a pair.

    Tyler will moderate, and I’m sure he won’t care.

    If you back down, you’re more of a pussy than well…yourself.

    One thing is for certain, I will verbally fistfuck you so hard your son will have a stillborn baby over the verbal fistfuckage I will unleash on you!!!!

    C’mon loser. You want me bad enough (in a non-sexual way) here’s your chance.

    Get your life partner on the line, too. You’ll need all the help you can get.

    Whaddaya say? It’ll be like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant in Wrestlemania III.

    C’mon, pussy! Are you man enough? Do you have the balls? You can’t bully this beast like you did young girl.

  38. Lee:

    The same terms apply as before: In-person, live, in my front yard. Tyler must also show up, in-person. He wimped out before. I am betting you both aren’t man enough now.

  39. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…..

    Show up, so you can press charges on me for trespassing.

    You have until 12am tonight to accept, or you’re a pussy.

  40. Pick up the phone and make the call Mark. You’ve got time now, the house isn’t listed with a realtor now, no offers will be received from your blogsite exposure due to all the rants and negatives you have on your blog. The electric company, out of state contractors, the PCDA, etc., etc., It’s funny, one line on the blog lists the property and “low WV electric costs” and the next line references the power outage at A to Z…makes me want to negotiate with the PCDA for sure. Make the call, quit running.

  41. Tyler:

    Your comment about me blowing twice the legal limit is libelous! Pull it off this blog, apologize, cut ne a check for damages, and sign off the Internet and radio for good! Now you have gone too far!

    Flipper says that’s extortion, Jolly Giant.

  42. Lee:

    I will put it right here. You may show up on our property ONE time for a live debate. I will not press trespassing charges for a ONE TIME IN-PERSON debate. Live remote debate on Tyler’s show, moderated by him IN-PERSON. Take it or leave it!

  43. Lee:

    For the record, I DO NOT want you arrested. I want you employed, FULL-TIME to pay damages for the things you have posted about me, my wife, AND Matthew, the son of Dolores and myself. The more you make, the easier I can collect.

  44. Lee:

    This is the last time I will address this issue: LIVE, IN-PERSON debate, hosted by Tyler, between you and me in the front yard of our home, in Hurricane. If you don’t meet those terms then you and Tyler have wimped out.

    And, due to your gross comments (and comments by others) about my wife and our son, I am pulling the Walmart blog. I have been considering this for some time in order to have time to write a journal about our son’s childhood. YOUR DISGUSTING COMMENTS sealed my decision. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP! It’s too bad that I have to give up my freedom of speech in order to protect my family. However, the perverted comments of you and others make this necessary.

  45. You still have time, pussy.

    We have heard this spiel before. No one cares what’s going on in that mutant’s life.

    You’re pulling the Wal-Mart blog because you’re having your fat ass handed to you…again.

    I’m glad you’re admitting defeat. At 12am, I’ll announce my victory, I’m expecting a concession speech from you on how awesome I am and how much of a pussy you are.

  46. Wow. I wander off to watch me some football for the day and I come back to a real hum dinger here. Made for a fun night of reading.

    Ok. ::rubs his hands together:: First off Mark? I never said you blew twice the legal limit. If you read that, I was actually defending you by saying I believed what you said about not drinking. I followed that up with;

    “Someone that blows twice the legal limit wouldn’t be able to concoct such horseshit on a daily basis.”

    Never mentioned your name. Let me spell it out for you. Anyone that blows twice the legal limit could NEVER come up with the crap you do, Mark. One of your detractors (me) actually defends you by pointing something out and you still miss the point? Fuck me you are stupid.

    Now, onto the live remote. Sure. Give me $350,000 and I will consider it. You could deduct the $10,000 you were going to charge me for using your property. Deal?

    ::crotch chop::

    Suck me.

  47. I guess you’ve endured all you can take. Maybe you could try suicide.
    Write that journal about your boy and post that. We’ll need a good laugh.

  48. Before you pull the Walmart blog be sure to write why you did so in order for others to gain your pity and for those of us who drive by can honk our horns in celebration of this night!

  49. The Wal-Mart blog is not down yet, and I’m readying my victory entry on my blog.

    I’m still expecting a concession from Mark, however…he already gave one here.

  50. My victory entry is up!

    You’re a big, fat, worthless, shit journalist with a shit site, piece of trailer park trash. Go back online and beg for some Slim-Fast and let us REAL writers make the world a better place. Keep harping on your little non-existent Wal-Mart “issues”, the world doesn’t care about it or you. You’re a nobody, no matter how hard you try everyone will just laugh in your fat face. I know your fucked-up brain will tell you otherwise, but those of us who live in the real world know you’re just a joke, a joke God put on Earth for all of us to laugh at.

  51. I used to think the Platypus was God’s joke… now I know it’s Halburn.

    Except platypi have that venomous thing going on, and they are cuddly. Halburn is just a retard.

  52. His little Wal-Mart blog is indeed gone. Awwwww…poor wittle fattie can’t take cwiticizm. Him take his ball and go home.

    I love it how he has this big headline (that links to another page, of course) honoring MLK when it’s DOCUMENTED that he’s a known racist.

  53. Maybe he could get Sal Marino to write a guest column.

    The blog is still there, he just removed the link.

    He’s going to concentrate on writing a journal about his son.
    I guess when you’re unemployed and your wife supports you, you’ve got plenty of time for that.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  54. That’s a great idea! Sal Marino on the legacy of MLK…has a nice ring to it!

    Yeah, I got the link saved in my favorites now…is he going to rename it, “Enduring Matthew Halburn?”

    Perhaps he can take lessons from Troy Sexton on how to rich and successful beyond your wildest dreams!

  55. I think he already knows how to do that, perhaps they share pointers while playing with each others pointers.

    It seems Manatee has taken a break from er…”defending” himself against us trash bloggers. I think someone needs to make a journal about Mark’s kid so Mark doesn’t have to…

    What say you, Mike Ballburn…wherever you are?

  56. That didn’t take long. He’s a bigger pussy than we thought.
    I guess he didn’t like you cracking on his second wife and her son.
    No one’s making you give up your freedom of speech. We’re making you give up making unfounded comments and accusations without consequences. You have to answer for what you say.
    You’re still entitled to your own opinions, you’re not entitled to your own facts.

  57. Lee:

    I can take your comments about me. But when you drag my wife and son into your perverted babble, I’m bowing out to protect them. You are a SLIMEBALL PERVERT who gets joy out of talking trash. I choose not to subject my family to your verbal diatribe. On another note, you didn’t “knock me out,” YOU FAILED TO SHOW UP FOR THE DEBATE! You FORFEITED! Chicken Lee!!!!!

  58. This isn’t about Lee and his comments. This is about you having your ass verbally handed to you. I debunked everything you ever said about Wal Mart and you know it. You were also getting hammered in hit losses. You couldn’t even hide it on your overblown hit counter. You dropped 48% in those days you were being hammered here. Nice bounce back. How late did you stay up clicking your own site last night?

    Everything about you is a hoax, a lie and another lie on top of a lie. You are so deep into your lies even YOU don’t even know what is real any more. But we know. We live in the now. You live…in some some fantasy world.

    Do me a favor. Shut down your site. That’s all any of us are asking. Shut it down and go away.

    By the way folks, new idea in the works now that his Wal Mart blog is indeed down. Gonna start going after his “articles” he writes. See if he can answer those lies and fallacies.

  59. Tyler:

    The hits were lower for two reasons:

    1) An advertising campaign ended.

    2) It was a holiday weekend.

    3) All weekends have lower hits.

    4) People take off early from work for a holiday weekend. Most of our readership comes from people reading during work hours.

    The truth is, people complain every time I’ve pulled the blog.

  60. An advertising campaign ended? You had fewer hits because of that? Who the hell visits a site to view the ads?

    Do people actually PAY for the ads there? Or do you tell them they’ll get negative press if they don’t run them? Seems pretty amazing that the ads appear after you run a story about a business. Checkbook journalism at its finest.

    What happens when they want to stop running their ads? Do you keep running them and then go back after a few months and try to make them pay up?

    What do you do when there’s a group that doesn’t want to be listed under your charity ads? I know of at least one.

    The truth is, people complain every time you walk out of your second wife’s house.

  61. Larry:

    I often run free stories about new businesses. Sometimes, when they get good resukts, they soon buy an ad, I know of no charity group thst doesn’t like any free ad that I’ve provided. Which one is it?

  62. What advertiser? What was the campaign? I didn’t see any promos, videos, special ads, etc… there? Banner on the pre-1999 Yahoo!-designed site? Do tell (since Tyler lets you post here, but no one can post on your site… I am sure you have no problems with that, either)

  63. How convenient.
    A to Z is a new business? You run a story, they run an ad. Funny how that works.

    The Flying Hillbillies want nothing to do with you.

  64. Larry:

    The current A to Z ad is a filler space in anticipation of another ad to sell this month. I put them in there as a favor to a small business that is fighting for its life against Walmart, and, if that isn’t tough enough, had TWO power outages over the weekend. They are a former advertiser that has cut back and eliminated advertising with me-and others. A to Z is a vital part of Hurricane and I support them.

    Flying Hillbillies PROVIDED ME THE LOGO for the ad so I cam calling you out on your comment! They have NEVER complained to me! As a local non-profit I am happy to give them some free PR…

  65. Larry:

    I am not calling anyone a liar. That’s YOUR insinuation. I am saying one of their members contacted ME about some free publicity. I gave it to them. At NO point has anyone with the club complained TO ME and their forum does not have any posted complaints. I intended on doing a story about them but was busy then, and then, frankly, forgot about it and weather wasn’t cooperating. I would like to do that article in the future.

    If they don’t want the free PR, why has no one from the club contacted me?

  66. Larry:

    THEY supplied the logo. It is not found ANYWHERE on their web site. I remember spending quite a bit of time working with the person that contacted me to get the logo, size it, and link to the web site. I repeat, NO ONE from the club has complained to me. Go do something POSITIVE

  67. Jesus Christ. I just took my work boots off and now I gotta put them back on because it is full of shit in here. Who left the Halburn bathroom door open!?

  68. Tyler:

    The hits were lower for two reasons:

    1) An advertising campaign ended. (Bullshit)

    2) It was a holiday weekend. (Bullshit)

    3) All weekends have lower hits. (Double Bullshit..I’ve seen your numbers)

    4) People take off early from work for a holiday weekend. Most of our readership comes from people reading during work hours. (Bullshit)

    The truth is, people complain every time I’ve pulled the blog. (Hey, you were the one that pulled the blog. You did exactly what I wanted. Next is your advertisers. Then your site.)

    And let me see if I get this straight. You will do an article on a business if they buy ad space. But a freebie? Well, you’ll get to it when it’s not as busy, or when the snow stops falling, or when you feel like it.

    I call that extortion.

  69. Um, West Virginia Watchdog told you point blank to take down the link you put up there, douchebagel. But what do you do? You took down the STOLEN logo, and put up a text link instead. In my opinion, and the opinion of others who are legitimate business people, that’s pretty shitty.
    They don’t want their NAME associated with you either, fuckstick.

  70. Flipper:

    The state tried billing me for sales tax last week. When I called the tax departmet, they admitted that advertising is not subject to sales tax and rescinded the bill.


    I am not pulling my advertisers or my site.

    And, yes, if you click on the Realtracker.com green button on my home page, you WILL see that hits ARE ALWAYS LOWER ON WEEKENDS! Go ahead, click on it. That link is there so that ANYONE, including advertisers, can click and see independently verified numbers ANYTIME THEY WANT! I don’t see anything like that on ANY of the blogs that criticize me.

    Find something positive to do with your time. There’s no extortion here. You DO have some radio talent. Stop wasting your time trying to beat me up.

  71. Those numbers ARE NOT verified in any way.

    Of course hits ARE ALWAYS LOWER ON WEEKENDS, you’re out harassing the public and aren’t able to click on your site all day.
    You never did answer Tyler’s question.
    Is it tracking you every time you go there?

    And you never answered my question either.
    What happens when an advertiser wants to stop running their ads? Do you keep running them and then go back after a few months and try to make them pay up? Have you ever done that?

  72. Mrs. Halburn-Sexton is dodging questions again! Naughty! naughty!

    I’d like to know what he charges for these “ads” because it’s not a legit news site, it’s a BLOG!! If he were a REAL journalist with a REAL press pass, then I’d understand, but he’s a nobody with nothing.

    Troy, Mark said you have “some” radio talent. How did that compliment make you feel?

    Mark has NO talent…at anything. Mark fails at everything!

  73. Mark also dodged the fact that West Virginia Watchdog wants nothing to do with him, and that taking down the logo but leaving up their name and a link is just as shitty, because they do not sponsor you or support you in any way, shape or form.

  74. That’s it. Lee is banned! Banned I say!


    I kid. I’ve sent everyone a book on Typonese: The Language of The Net in the New Millennium. It’s a fun read!

    I was unmoved by Mark’s compliment of having “some” radio talent. It was not a sincere comment. The only reason he offered that up was to get me to quit “beating up” on him. I don’t know how many times in the past he said I was (and I paraphrase here) a no talent hack and I should quit doing radio.

    Now, as far as these numbers go. I gotta tell ya, I never trust any number counters out there that are free. These little applications where you can get code are written by people that want you to promote their business by using their product. Some of that code is written to give you boosts in hit counts, not count your own hits and sometimes, even double up hit counts from the same IPs during one click. You are happier with more hits, you stay with that company. Doesn’t mean anything is true.

    I prefer how Word Press does it. They don’t count your own hits (they exclude your IP from being counted because they know you will be visiting your own site more frequently) and they have pretty good stats. I’d rather know what kind of true numbers I am getting so that I know I am not wasting my time with my effort in any advertising or content addition I may do.

    And as far as hits on his site during the week ends? They may dip now and then but not 48% like last week. He’d not dipped that low on weekend hits in quite some time. Face it. I made a dent, he knows it and is now trying to get me to back off.

    Not gonna work. Why?

    Remember when I said I was your dragon, Mark?

    I’m breathin fire.

  75. This has been bugging me… is the MIL’s property commercial or residential? (listed as commercial, taxes paid as residential… pay your fair share?) And why no “For Sale” sign in the yard anymore? Did said realtor “fire” you? Or did you DEMAND his resignation since the inlaws property didn’t sell?

  76. Flipper!

    What are you doing out of your tank?! Williston can’t afford a visit from him. There is no KFC!

    However, if he wants to do a “Travel Feature” I am more than happy to make sure he has a place to stay at the 4C’s.

    That’s CCCC which is now known as the CRCF.

    I’ll let that one sit awhile, while greasy fingers has a heart attack trying to figure it out.

  77. Harry:

    When the Realtor failed to keep some promises, we had a “mutual separation.” It wasn’t because the house didn’t sell, it had to do with a lack of marketing/signage. We are working with another, more local, broker now and hope to have a sign up soon.

  78. Nice avoidance of all the other hard boiled questions you have yet to answer. These issues you ignore? They don’t go away because you ignore them. They are like taxes and cancer. They can kill you.

    Oh yeah…on those numbers you just linked? We already proved Quantcast was an illegitimate basis for validating visits to a site.

  79. Listen, Food Giant, any site that requires you to embed code to be tracked and measured is a fraud. You know, kind of like your entire operation. I guess it fits. Carry on.

  80. Hey putnamblob, do you expect your realtor to put all their time and effort into marketing just your MIL’s property? Why doesn’t she sign a power of attorney to let you handle her affairs since you are the seasoned business person that you are? How many offers did she have on the property? We can call the former realtor and find out and post this later.

  81. Pretty soon Shamu will have his own real estate license and he can bug the shit out of himself. The cheap bastard’s doing it so he doesn’t have to pay a commission. Of course it’s not going to sell anyway so nobody gets a commission.

  82. Peachy:

    We had ONE sarcastic VERBAL offer from Scott Edwards of “Pre-Walmart appraisal plus 10 percent.” He never put it in writing. Before Walmart was announced the home was appraised for more than $140,000. During the RECORDED December 14th City Council meeting Edwards told me we should have sold it to him for $90,000. Remember, this was a RECORDED statement. We believe he was trying to use his office for personal gain.

  83. You could have been gone and away from the hell hole you describe you live at and moved on with your life…. think about it.

  84. The dumbass is the one that’s still living in the overpriced house.
    You know how much that house is worth? Whatever someone’s willing to pay for it.
    And it ain’t $399,000.

  85. Peachy:

    I could have if we could afford to sell a home for Edwards’ offer which is less than what we owe.

    Tyler: You say my hits dropped 48-percent. Here are the real numbers from Realtracker-Not even 19-percent: Week 2 – 8,696
    Week 1- 9,196 – less than 10-percent.

  86. January 13th: The day I made the Wal Mart Response Blog public (at 11:00 PM mind you). According to (Not So) Realtracker, you had 3377 visits.

    January 14th: Day 2. According to (Not So) Realtracker, you had 2965 visits.

    January 15th: Day 3. According to (Not So) Realtracker, you had 2927 visits.

    January 16th: Day 4. According to (Not So) Realtracker, you had 1885 visits.

    January 17th: Day 5. According to (Not So) Realtracker, you had 1751 visits.

    This is when you decided to kill your Wal Mart blog and took it down a couple of days later.

    Roughly a 48% drop from 3377 to 1751. You had not been below 2000 at all in January.

    Fuck. And You.

    Someone give me an Amen!

  87. If you feel the mayor was offering you money for the property for personal gain and using his position for this, go to the ethics commission and quick jacking your jaws putnamblob and step forward and do what you think if the right thing. You owe it to yourself as a provider for the household if in fact you do help with the utility bills…. btw you may want to get caught up on paying for trash pickup and get the pile of crap cleaned up out back and let your MIL know when she renews her homestead exemption status at the courthouse they may want to see that she is in good standing with her or your wife’s Waste Management account. Good luck on your new realtor, it will be the same news six months from now, and no trees will be planted and your private road won’t be paid. Watch and see. :)

  88. Praise Jeebuz! Amen! Hallelujah! Ty-la Hollywood is the prophet!

    and that’s about all the southern baptist I can muster.

  89. Peachy:

    Who is to say I haven’t filed that Ethics Commission complaint already? And our Waste Management bill is current. I make sure of that. I also take care of the other utilities and the house payment. Not that it’s any of YOUR business! As for Scott Dumbass Edwards, he is a one-term wacko!

  90. You haven’t done shit, Mark. All Scott Edwards has to do is say “boo” to someone and that house can go down like a hooker with a bad leg and a crisp 20 from the fingers of Tyler Hollywood.

    Besides, in Putnam County you are the Al Gore or Chicken Little of the Boo Hoo For Mark Halburn Club. No one believes what comes out of those flappers and enamels and even if in the beginning you may have had some support, no one cares any more.

    God I love caffeine.

  91. And you know something else, if crisco thinks that by pulling his blog we’re going to lay off his second wife’s putrid crater and his retarded son, he’s got another thing coming.

  92. Larry is right. There is no respite from the internet force to be reckoned with that is the United States of Hollywood.

  93. Even though it started with Girl of Words, I can’t wait to start helping tear down Mark’s world.

    We’ll get him, my pretties…and his little Troy, too!

  94. Well, it’s back. Halburn is posting again, at the “new” URL that apparently he thinks we’re too dumb to figure out? I mean, c’mon. Didn’t even last a month. Mark Halburn is a LIAR!

    Chronicling his sons life? Nah! There’s internet that needs to hear me bitch about WalMart and how I’m an oversensitive pussy!

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