The Global Streaming Radio Network

Since 2006

Talkradiox is an Internet streaming radio network bringing you the best independent talk radio on the Internet today.  With several talk jocks in Talkers Magazine’s Top 50 Most influential talk show hosts of 2009, TRX raised the bar for up and coming talent.  Featuring two morning talk shows and a mid evening Talk Block from 7PM to 11PM, TalkRadiox offers a full 24 hour, seven day a week programming.

Show List

Talk Block
Jiggy Jaguar Show (5pm-7pm)
Ed Tyll Show (7pm-9pm)
Live Test Show (9pm-10pm)
Bad Side…LIVE! (10pm-11pm)
Radio Dan Show (11PM-Midnight)
Talk Jocks
Jiggy Jaguar (Jiggy Jaguar Show)
Ed Tyll (Ed Tyll Show)
Antubert (Live Test Show)
Radio Dan & Eric Delgado (Radio Dan Show)
Tyler Hollywood (Bad Side…LIVE!)

TalkRadioX is the radio station I currently work for and am a partner of.  Created from a pirate radio station that played mostly 70’s music in the past, TalkRadioX is the brainchild of a man we all know as Antubert.

A comedian by trade, Antubert was on the leading edge of Internet Radio Stations when he came up with the the TalkRadioX idea in July of 2006.  He quickly realized he would need help as well as other shows, other than his random Live Test show if this were to succeed.

Enter Dan Delgado.  More famously known as Radio Dan, Dan hosts The Radio Dan Show with his co-host sibling, Eric.  The duo covers movies, TV and pop culture.

The third partner is indeed, myself.  I tagged along in late October, early November, bringing my wrestling themed radio show (Ground Zero Radio) to TRX to bring some week end programming and another live show to the mix.

In the years that have followed the station has gone from meager and humble beginnings to have a full slate of 24 hour, 7 day a week and 365 day a year programming!  There are several live shows, including the fast becoming famous Talk Block from 5PM to Midnight weeknights.

In March of 2009 (and again in 2010, 2011), 5 radio show hosts (Antubert, Radio Dan, Tyler Hollywood, Doc Rock and Sir Darryl) were named to the Top 50 Most Influential Internet Talk Show Hosts in Talkers Magazine.

TRX has been featured on several terrestrial and Internet radio stations over the years;


KTRX 1650AM (North Dallas, TX)

The Crow 99.9 FM (McKinney, TX)

KJAG Radio (Hutchinson, KS)

Detour Talk (Johnson City, TN)

Detour Talk (Kingsport, TN)

Detour Talk (Knoxville, TN)

Detour Talk (Bristol, VA)

XRQK – Radio Brandy (Bullhead City, NV)


All Digital Radio Network

Windows Media Player (3 Time Editors Pick)

1.FM (Only Talk Radio station listing)




…and many more.

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