Exposing The Publisher #11

Here’s a quickie for you.   The Publisher over at Putnam(redacted).com has been busted by yours truly, right out of the July gate.

I was reading the Beez Buzz today and read a fantastic opinion piece by John Bornschein about honoring Independence Day.  I caught a screen capture of it actually.

Later in the day I ran across a letter that was “sent” to Putnam(redacted).com that the Publisher printed from a “letter writer”.  I caught a screen shot of that too.

Imagine my surprise when I got done reading.  Huh.  July 1st is only a few hours old and The Publisher is still up to his old tricks.  Mr. Publisher?  I demand you close down you trash blog or admit to the fact that it is what it is.  An opinion blog and not a news source.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading.


Halburn vs Hollywood (April 1st, 2010)

Don’t miss the action!

Don’t miss the excitement!

Live, from the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia!  Bell time 8:15PM (This is when I will post).  Trash Bloggers Alliance Wrestling presents the first battle between Tyler “F’n” Hollywood and Mark “Madman” Halburn!

A wrestling event for the ages!

Special guest referee…

SCOTT “Don’t Call Me Scotty” EDWARDS!


Thank You West Virginia!

Number 3 all Time?

In just 8 days the Wal Mart Response Blog (January 2010) reached nearly 700 views and a 132 comments.  They may be minuscule to the greatness that is GirlOfWords but it is appreciated by a humble man with “no radio talent.”

I love you West Virginia (and all the rest of ya)!

P.S:  All you Jesse Jane fans?  I thank all you horny bastards as well.