Exposing The Publisher #11

Here’s a quickie for you.   The Publisher over at Putnam(redacted).com has been busted by yours truly, right out of the July gate.

I was reading the Beez Buzz today and read a fantastic opinion piece by John Bornschein about honoring Independence Day.  I caught a screen capture of it actually.

Later in the day I ran across a letter that was “sent” to Putnam(redacted).com that the Publisher printed from a “letter writer”.  I caught a screen shot of that too.

Imagine my surprise when I got done reading.  Huh.  July 1st is only a few hours old and The Publisher is still up to his old tricks.  Mr. Publisher?  I demand you close down you trash blog or admit to the fact that it is what it is.  An opinion blog and not a news source.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading.


Bad Side…LIVE! (02/08/10)

Last night on The Bad Side…LIVE! Kristy Khaos had the night off as she held vigil over her Colts loss in SB44. Tyler talked about things that were In The News like the excitement of the SB44 commercials, the explosion of a gas plant in CT and that crazy bastard in Iran. He also gave a verbal beating to Todd who had written a letter to the show calling Tyman ignorant!. All that and the Angry Bear with a Top Ten on …Television!

Bad Side…LIVE! (02/03/10)

Tonight on The Bad Side…LIVE! Tyler talks about the next terrorist attack on US soil. he wonders what Eric Holder is thinking…or wait..he’s not! What does your handshake say about you? Tyler knows. All that plus Letters To Hollywood and the Angry Bears top ten…plus other surprises!

What is your handshake like?

Bad Side…LIVE! (02/01/10)

Tonight on The Bad Side…LIVE! Is it two thousand ten or twenty ten? Tyler gives an Overlord decree on how you should state this year. Also, Tyler talks Cougars, looks at some bullshit in the news, and answers some commentary on the terrorists trials. Kristy reads One Line Letters and the Angry Teddy Bear is back in the studio!

Are you a cougar hunter?