Exposing The Publisher #11

Here’s a quickie for you.   The Publisher over at Putnam(redacted).com has been busted by yours truly, right out of the July gate.

I was reading the Beez Buzz today and read a fantastic opinion piece by John Bornschein about honoring Independence Day.  I caught a screen capture of it actually.

Later in the day I ran across a letter that was “sent” to Putnam(redacted).com that the Publisher printed from a “letter writer”.  I caught a screen shot of that too.

Imagine my surprise when I got done reading.  Huh.  July 1st is only a few hours old and The Publisher is still up to his old tricks.  Mr. Publisher?  I demand you close down you trash blog or admit to the fact that it is what it is.  An opinion blog and not a news source.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading.


Exposing The Publisher Detta, Tama, Tento (#10)

Dit. Tama. Cette. Diese. Questo. Este. Detta. Acest. Tento.

Any way you choose to say it, it all means the same.

The number 10.

In my continuing effort to make sure that you, the reader, the listeners or those brothers and sisters in arms in Putnam County, are fully informed of the story telling that The Publisher likes to tell over at Putnam(redacted).com, I bring to you EtP10. In a continued effort of yellow journalism, The Publisher has once again “created” a story out of nothing. Once again, he attacks Mayor Edwards, accusing his “staff” of planting political signs for the Mayor’s reelection campaign in The Publishers yard. I present to you;

“Here’s Your Sign.” 

As always lets begin with the title of his attack piece.

Edwards Campaign Harasses Critics Again

Right off the bat, he accuses.

Signs Placed In Front Of Home Without Permission

The byline. Even though you eventually come to find out that The Publisher says that he doesn’t blame the Mayor for personally putting signs up in The Publisher’s yard, he leads you to believe such. This is bait and switch.

During his 2007 campaign for mayor, Scott D. Edwards chose to campaign on a Hurricane street corner across the street from the employer of this publisher’s wife. This publisher has been one of Edwards’ strongest critics, citing his anti-family and anti-jobs stance that hurts the City of Hurricane and Putnam County.

Wow. I think I just heard a hamstring snap as he reached for that first statement. The Publisher accuses Edwards of picking a spot specifically because The Publishers wife worked in a building across the street? I’m going to let that sink in for a moment.

First of all, while chatting up the mayor in casual conversation over cheeseburgers and a Pepsi (note: that’s what I was having when I wrote him an email, I have no clue what he was having), I got the impression Mr. Edwards had no idea that The Publisher’s wife was working in any building on any of the street corners he chose to do his hand waving and hello’s. As any smart, intelligent, politically oriented candidate would do, he chose his spots strategically. Highest traffic flow gets you to wave that hand and say hello more which translates into “impressions”. It’s the smart thing to do. Edwards did not choose a street corner based on a critic or where that critic’s wife works. End of story.

All this is, is an attempt to once again for this critic, The Publisher, to try and sully the name of a candidate, The Mayor, just because his panties are still in a bunch about Walmart. It’s all about Walmart. “Edwards is anti family…” because he brought in a Walmart. “Edwards is anti jobs…” because he brought on a Walmart.

Shortly after he was elected, in a tainted election, while this publisher was working in South Carolina, a City of Hurricane inspector cited this publisher’s pregnant wife for weeds on a hillside behind our home. Edwards’ business, Netranom Communications, (the Old Town Hall building) and the current Hurricane City Hall had tall weeds, but they weren’t cited. City inspectors have repeatedly refused to cite Edwards for the issues at the Netranom building. It’s part of Edwards’ double standard and dirty politics.

Tainted election? There has never been proof of this. It was a sore losers late attempt to try and change the minds of those that had already spoken though the ballots. Sam Cole lost in a close election and he didn’t even care until someone started to whisper in his ears about “rigged elections” and “unsafe ballots” or some other hooha. Could it have been Mark Halburn? An obvious critic of Mayor Edwards that was doing the whispering through his opinionated web site? I’ll let you be the judge. Never mind the fact Cole had a solid recount done with the same results. You can count 100 times and nothing was going to change.

As for the weeds part of this yellow journalism piece? Oooops. There goes the other hammy! Seriously? Is there any proof that his second wife was ticketed for tall weeds? Any proof at all? Do they really enforce that statute anymore? Oh, wait. Weeds at a computer business as well, no ticket there? Oh, ok. So basically we have another untruth out there, tossed up like a softball by The Publisher. Excuse me while I take a swing here. He takes a picture of tall weeds in behind the City Hall building and tries to sell that (with no proof) as to have been taken in 2007?  I call dirty journalism.

::bat crack::

I will say this though. Don’t be a stooge, Mr. Publisher. Cut your damn grass if you are looking to make an impression to sell that double wide.

So when Edwards’ re-election campaign signs showed up in the grass in front of our home, Thursday, May 12th, 2011, we weren’t surprised. Edwards says he didn’t do it. We believe him. However, we don’t believe he didn’t know a supporter was putting them there. And despite Edwards assertion that the culprit will be prosecuted, more than 24 hours after the trespassing and malicious mischief occurred (I decided to leave all his spelling mistakes and grammatical errors…that‘s not me), no one from the Hurricane Police Department had fingerprinted the signs. Chief of Police W. “Mike” Mullins hung up on this publisher when he was asked why the signs were not fingerprinted and why the Walmart surveillance video had not been viewed.

Oh my. There are so many things in this little paragraph that just tickle me pink. He totally believes his lie and thus herein lies the crux of my expose’ in this article. It is my belief that Mark Halburn aka The Publisher, did in fact steal signs from various places about the city of Hurricane and deliberately destroyed them to “create” a story to put Mayor Edwards in a negative light.

When asked about the accusation, Mayor Edwards responded with the following quote; “ Me nor my people did this — not sure who did. He emailed me and said he was out of town and demanded 1 trillion dollars per sign per day for yard space rent.”

Yep. You heard that right. One trillion. I have to wonder if Mark sat there laughing manically, his pinky finger resting at the corner of his mouth when he wrote up that email to Mayor Edwards?

Oh yeah, you want to see the entire email The Publisher sent Mayor Edwards? I thought ya might;

“For the second campaign in a row, you have chosen to harass my wife. Last time you campaigned in front of her employer. Today, while I am out of town, she awoke to find TWO of your campaign signs in our front yard. Since these were UNAUTHORIZED, the overnight space rental fee is $1 TRILLION per sign. Yes, I WILL be making this public as just your latest unethical conduct! How do you sleep at night? The payment is due IMMEDIATELY at the City National Branch, in Hurricane! Mark.”

I giggled. Seriously. Until I laughed. Is this guy crazy? Wait!

Don’t answer that.

When I talked to Mayor Edwards a few days later about the missing signs he stated that he had been told a few signs were missing. To quote; “Well, they were stolen from what appears to be random locations… Some in subdivisions and some on main roads.” 

I agree that the culprit be prosecuted. Go ahead and look at any Walmart footage. It’s not going to show anything than an empty parking lot and a few cars rolling up and down Progress Way. As far as the finger printing goes, yeah, do that too. It will find that Mark’s greasy little paw marks are all over them in specific places, not just from “uprooting” them from his yard and crunching them in a barrel to take pictures of the offending signs. The Publisher could be nailed with theft of property, burglary and destruction of said property. Who knows, if he stole enough of the signs and it’s proven he did, then it could be a felony. There’s a hell of an add to the ole rap sheet for ya. No wonder Mullins hung up on his ass. Oh yeah. Can I answer the question of “How do you sleep at night?” for the Mayor? Thanks. Like a hard working Mayor.

::bling smile and a thumbs up!::

We removed the signs and placed them in a more appropriate location. Edwards was sent a bill for the space rental for the time that the signs were in the grass. Naturally, Edwards hasn’t paid the bill. He sent the following email:

“Thank you for letting me know that there were some of my campaign signs in your yard. If they are still on your property, I will be glad to come and get them, but I do want you to know that I did not place them there. Actually, I noticed numerous signs of mine had been moved to different locations last night. I was out until midnight, so it had to have taken place between midnight and 7 am, which is when I noticed the others that were moved. If it happens again, please let me know and I will remove immediately.”

The “appropriate location” was a garbage bin. First off, if The Publisher was any kind of decent human being and this was indeed a prank by someone knowing how much of a critic he is to Edwards, he would have called and said “I have your signs, come get them or I will bring them in. They are not supposed to be on my lawn.” I would not have deliberately broken the law and destroyed them and then taken photographic proof of this.

As far as Mr. Edwards paying the bill? Well, a collection has been started and the office is up to $6.75 in coins and dollars. We here at a State Of Mind have started a matching collection of $6.75 in Pepsi cans so we are well on our way to paying off this two trillion dollar debt. That’s a lot more than the liberal Publisher’s current leaders administration has saved up towards it’s trillion dollar debt.

As for Mayor Edwards going out of his way to respond, it’s a lot more than he needed to do. He was polite and apologetic about this happening and has not once accused Mark of any wrong doing. I have and I will stick to it. What surprises me is The Publisher didn’t burn these signs. He is a suspected firebug after all.

So far, Edwards has not picked up the signs for fingerprinting despite a request to do so.

So here it ends. Number ten. A decology, thus far, of Exposing the Publisher. The Publisher wants the police to investigate, finger prints to be taken, signs to be picked up and trillions of dollars to be deposited into his account. Huh. I just realized we can add extortion to the charges in this little episode (temper tantrum?) by The Publisher. I bet no one thought of that yet, did they. Especially The Publisher.

One final note. The Publisher posted a photo of a supposed Mayor giving a photographer the middle finger. I chose not to repost that. But I did come up with something of my own to cap off this expose, if you will. I call it a three finger book for The Publisher to read.

I just hope he can read between the lines.

They call it…a Threepeat!

Click on the banner to see the 2011 Frontier Fifty List!

It started as a hobby.  This broadcasting thing, that is.  Though the seeds of broadcasting were planted in my youth, it wasn’t until 2002 that I began my career, if you will, as a radio broadcaster.

That youth I mentioned?  Those seeds?  Planted in my brain in the backyard of my parents house while playing wiffle ball with my brother.  What young boy could resist calling out a shot that sails over the split rail fence that marked the outfield wall of the backyard wiffle ball stadium?  I say few, my friends.  very few.

From those days of announcing every Redsox player that played in the pros from 1975 to 1983 as if they stepped up to bat in front of the peach colored shed that doubled as the backstop of our stadium, to the day I fired up my first Fancast broadcast in October of 2002, I never had a clue I’d make the impact as I have.

Joining TalkRadioX in 2006, I have gone from broadcasting fantasy sports on the week ends to a full fledged daily talk show and a weekend “club” atmosphere show with music and callers.  I was just happy I could do what I have fun doing.

Yet, what I am most proud of out of all this?  Being one of the 50 most influential net based broadcasters (along with my fellow compatriots at TRX) for the third year in a row.  Damn skippy.

Ground Zero Radio: The Return

In October of 2002, Travis McKay kicked off what would become one of the longest E-wrestling radio shows to air on Internet radio.  Ground Zero Radio, produced by Tyler Hollywood’s Syndicate Studios Productions, laid the ground work for getting federation & e-wrestling superstar information out to the masses.  In 2006 Tyler Hollywood booted Travis McKay from the airwaves and took over behind the mic and brought the show to even bigger heights.

On July 20th, 2008, the show came to an end with a leave of absence from the sport of kings by the host, Tyler Hollywood.  That leave of absence ending up being a quiet exit for the Ground Zero Radio program.

July 20th, 2010.  Talks begin with TalkRadioX partners about a possible return of the highly rated show and talks with Tyler Hollywood as host also enter the mix.

August 1st, 2010.  In the wee hours of Sunday, August 1st, Tyler Hollywood inks a new deal to produce and host Ground Zero Radio once again!  Beginning on August 15th, 2010 (two weeks from this announcement), GZR returns with a special two hour program that will air live from 3PM EST to 5PM EST.   Details on special guests are unavailable at this time but rumor mills have dropped a name recently…one Jamie Lockheart of the VWA.

The new GZR will run once a month or every other week to start.

((Hey e-wrestling fans.  Just wanted to remind you that we have a form you can fill out that makes updating me on you federation real easy.  A federation can send this in or individual wrestlers can send in news of any kind using teh same email address provided below.))

Ground Zero Radio Update Form

Top 5 Stories:

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One Line Results:

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Send any filled out form to groundzeroradio@gmail.com (By Saturday 11PM EST)

The Bad Side Returns

Bringing back the Bad and bringing the heat…

…LIVE.  Monday, June 21st, 2010

Tonight at a special time.  10PM EST!  Tyler returns with his story of his Internet fiasco that kept him off air for nearly three weeks.  Plus, he has a few harsh words for Joran van der Sloot.  Tune in.  Find out.

Bad Side…LIVE can be heard on TalkRadioX, 1.FM, KTRX 1650 AM, The Mighty.  99.9 KQRO in North Dallas and on Detour Talk, covering the Knoxville, Johnson City and Kinsport area’s of Tennessee and Bristol, VA!

Mark Halburn in Training?!

You be the judge.  Let me tell you about Duke.  Duke is an acquaintance of mine from the days when I was writing for E-Wrestling groups.  Sort of fantasy writing for wrestling fans.  Duke doesn’t like my radical views.  He mistakingly thinks I like President GWB.  He also likes to rant and rave like another crazy man we all know and love to hate.

On several occasions, Duke has felt the need to comment on some of my Facebook comments, where he and I are also acquainted.  Sometimes, our arguments are just a little too much for Facebook and I have deleted such arguments.  But I hate to be blamed for stepping all over the 1st amendment so this time I decided to move the conversation here.   This way comments can be open and those that wish to be a part, can be, without having their Facebook pages inundated with lunacy that I am sure will follow.

Here’s how it started;

My reply, which was a mistake.  I should have instantly come here and started this thread knowing Duke was going to go off.

Really Duke? You want to go here? It’s not a state dinner when you let some third world country’s leader to stand up and berate our own government about our internal affairs. What’s worse, is that this Muslim leader we now have in office is tearing apart our country from the inside, which I predicted would happen. This is no different than when Obama bowed before other leaders and apologized for the past…it’s just an embarrassment meant to belittle the United States.

It’s too bad he has you young, dick sucking liberals (hey, I started the dick suck joke here, I’m gonna finish with it) brainwashed into believe he is all about “change” for the better. The only thing he wants to change is how much freedom we have in our own fucking country.

So just can it, Duke. Get in line at the welfare office like all the other illegal immigrant sponges and just continue to suckle that teet. One day…it’s gonna run dry.

He responded;

“Young? Well, I’m not in my mid 50’s like you but…sheesh. Young? You make it sound like I’m of the fresh-out-of-high-school MTV generation. And I’m not actually liberal. Wow, you’re 0-2…

Tear apart out country from the inside, hmm? You say that like it was all that well put together to begin with. Your boy Bush did that we he decided that we don’t need any of our rights anymore(Patriot Act) and that it’s ok to act like the terrorists(Gitmo/Water boarding) because “it’s what they were doing to us”…which, by the way, how school yard can you BE? They torture us so we’re gonna do it to them!! Didn’t his daddy teach him anything? Wait, he was silver spooned his entire fucking life…so, probably not.

Have you LOOKED at our past? There is shit we need to apologize for. Slavery, the fact it took us almost 200 years give people back the rights that are given to them via The Constitution of The United States of America, internment camps, Vietnam, 9/11.

Yes, we had a hand in 9/11 because Clinton could’ve had Bin Laden’s head mounted above the fireplace, but he was too busy dicking interns. We get him then, the chances of 9/11 happening or even happening on the scale that it did decrease DRASTICALLY.

I’m going to guess you and everyone you know has never stepped a foot inside a welfare office or even gone near one. You’ll notices 3/4’s of the people that use it, and abuse it…ARE LEGAL. They were abusing it long before immigration became a problem, but, I’m sure you already knew that, because you know everything, right? Obama’s the devil incarnate, he’s a terrorist plant by Al-Queda, he’s going to “ruin” this “great” and “wonderful” country.


Personally, I’m praying for nuclear war, because at this point, pushing the little red button would be an upgrade!”

Well, at least Duke and I agree on one thing.  Let God push the reset button and lets start over.  those that will survive?  They won’t be the ones standing in line waiting for a handout, nor their sympathizers, like Duke.

It’ll be guys like Tyler Hollywood, future Overlord.

“Hey Mark? Hunt This.”

On May 12th or so, Mark Halburn shut down his WalBlog for a 3rd, uhh…4th, no I think 5th time.  This time though, it seemed serious.  No taunt that he had taken it down.  Just…gone.  Yet, we here at Trash Bloggers Alliance did not claim any victory.  We all knew that it would either be back later on (when the dust settled) or that it would have a new URL link.

Eventually, Mark challenged us to find it.  Well, we didn’t really care to.  Why dig up something we want buried?  Well, as luck would have it, earlier this week, while crawling through the Internet, I happened upon a Facebook page.  On this page was one, lonely follower.  That page led me to Mark’s new link to his WalBlog!

Note: I’d like to point out that I was not the only one that found this.  Others have to.  But we aren’t sharing the link.  The reason?  It’s in the posts.  Find out why on “May 16th”.

So why keep you in suspense.  Lets get right to it!


May 13th, 2010: Some moron sets off his car alarm at 10:24 p.m., waking our toddler. He’s probably one of the idiotic fans of the trash bloggers. “

My Response: Yeah, he probably is. Thanks for keeping us in your heart, Mark, even when you had your blog hidden. By the way, I’d just like to say I have been sitting on this for a few days (since the 16th) and I have to say what follows from Mark…are all lies. Oh yeah, Mark? I know what woke your toddler. You waddling down the overstressed floorboards to fire up your computer to complain about a car alarm going off.

May 14th, 2010: Another moron with a car alarm pierces the night. This one lasts about 5 minutes. When I call the storte to complain, Assistant Manager Mary rudely hangs up on me. As we are sitting in our living room trying to watch television on a peaceful Friday night, rude Wally World customers speed up the hill in front of our home, accelerating, their engines to make it to the top, hitting the drainage grates at about 30 miles per hour, making excessive noise. Rude customers, rude managers, the Walmart way of doing business in a neighborhood! “

My Response: Ya know, I wanted to go through and look at last years ranting because I could swear he ranted about a car alarm around this time last year. But looking at his blog history, he stopped posting for a month and a half starting May 13th. He was all frustrated by the “attacks” last year. I can only imagine what he is going to do when he finds out we found his “hidden blog”. “What a maroon. What an ignoanimous. What a nincowpoop.”

Will you leave Mary alone?! She has better things to do than to be bothered with a phone call from the “raving idiot in the blue house” about something she has NO CONTROL OVER! Jesus H.

Question. Why are you still complaining about those grates? I have proven that they do not make that much noise. We even have video where you can hear a car drive across them and it’s not that loud. Wanna know why YOU, Mark, didn’t hear that in the video? Because it wasn’t that loud!

By the way. Here is how Walmart does business. It opens it’s doors, it allows people to drive to and from the store so they can shop at said store. Basic, cut and dry. What’s your problem with the way they do business? I think I may have stumbled upon the true reason you bitch, whine and moan about Walmart. YOU…didn’t think of the idea.

May 15th, 2010: I am awakened at 5:32 by a car roaring up Walmart’s hill. A rude awakening on a Saturday morning! Thank you Wally World and Silly Scotty! Later in the day, we try to enjoy our front yard, pulling the swing and patio chairs under the trees. But every few seconds, a car slams onto those stupid grates, not to mention the car alarm that some idiot sets off! My neighbors have guns. I am surprised they haven’t used them. “

My Response: I am a little surprised they have not used them either…on you! I hit the nail on the head with this one when I predicted what you would be ranting about. Mayor Edwards, car alarms, those silly grates. You are a walking Cathy Chatty doll, Mark. Pull the string and eventually it repeats everything in the same annoying way.

I’d also like to point out one thing that makes Mark look like an obvious liar and crazy person (other than paper work that actually says he is) and that’s the fact that “every few seconds” a car drives by to go to Walmart?

Fuck me that’s a hell of a business they got goin there! I want some of that action!

Alas, I hardly think it’s “every few seconds” that a car drives in or out. We’ve seen the video.

May 16th, 2010: The trash bloggers are having a hissy fit because I have moved this page to where they cannot find it. Meanwhile Facebook has pulled their trash parody page and two other trash pages have been yanked. One more to go and I will have pretty much disabled these idiots!”

My Response: LIE! See, this is why he hides his blog. NO ONE had any sort of fit that he had pulled his blog. Hell, that’s one of the goals! To get it removed. But, we knew it’s be back. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Stuff gets archived. It comes back to haunt you. So Mark goes off telling his “readers” about getting this pulled, or getting that pulled. He’s had nothing removed. What “trash parody page” was pulled? All Network Blogs are still up barring Lee’s original page. He didn’t renew his paid page and went with a free one. Or so I assume. PutnamLIES continues to steam along. We are still here at It’s A State Of Mind.

You think by hiding your blog and then telling lies about things that did not exist (these Facebook pages you spoke about), you are going to win? Excuse me a moment.

::clears his throat::


Whew. 30,000 comedians out of work, and fat boy thinks he’s funny. By the way, something I’d like to point out.

“…because I have moved this page to where they cannot find it.”

To that I’d like to say “FOUND IT!” Again, no hissy fits, no panic. We found it in less than a week because you are predictable and quite frankly, Google indexing is the shizzle. The best part? we didn’t have to hunt for it. The other best part? I’m not sharing the link with anyone. I visit by proxy so you won’t figure out who I am and the rest can get their blog updates….right fuckin here. Excuse me a moment.

::clears his throat::


See Mark? You thought you were being the smartest man alive. You moved your blog in an attempt to stop us but what you have actually done is taken even more readers away from your site and sent them to mine.

Thank ya. Thank ya verah much.

Hollywood….has left the building.

May 17th, 2010: Just another day of excessive Walmart traffic noise!”

My Response: Ho hum.   Quick shout out to Mayor Edwards! S’up S to the E?

May 18th, 2010: At 6:55 a.m. a truck roaring out of Walmart’s parking lot wakes our toddler. People are so rude, and Walmart is so rude for not putting up a sound wall and trees like in other parts of the country. Why don’t they treat Hurricane citizens with the same respect as other Americans?”

My Response: I’ll tell ya why! Can I please!? Huh huh? Can I!? Screw you, I’m doing it anyway. The reason they don’t treat YOU like an American, Mark? Because you don’t act like one. You act more like one of the 20 million illegal immigrants in this country right now. Entitled to everything for nothing. Lets look at how much you are more like an illegal immigrant than an American citizen.

You moved here from another country. (Lets face it, California is technically another country.)

You married a US citizen to get past immigration laws. (I’m not sure who made the bigger mistake here. You or Doeds.)

You are unhealthy. (Like most illegal immigrants, you are sickly and spread disease.)

You suck our systems dry. (From the free food at live remotes and events to your bogus FOIA requests.)

You want everything handed to you. (From food, to TVs to government help.) For nothing.

You prey on innocent victims. (Much like the illegal immigrant criminals that kill, maim and rob our citizens.)

You use bullying tactics. (Much like illegal immigrants to get what they want.)

You weaken our education system. (Substitute teacher babysitter.)

The list could go on but I think that is more than enough to prove that you should not be treated like an American citizen…anywhere.

And ya know? I’ve been thinking a lot more about this sound wall or trees issue. Now, they may have put sound walls and trees up in other places, but not like you say they do Mark. Not everywhere else, as you would like people to believe. Yet, you want them to put one there? I ask, why should they? I mean, they usually put up sounds walls to protect neighborhoods that are butted up to the Walmart properties. However, you don’t live in a neighborhood. I mean, just look at the place. It’s dirt road with places that look more like dumps or businesses than anything else. Who wants to waste money on that by putting up a sound wall?

I sure wouldn’t.


There ya have it.  The few days we have missed while Mark tried to hide his WalBlog and spread some lies about the TBA.  Bad firm, sir, bad form.

To keep the status quo here, I’ll be posting these days on the May 2010 page so that you may comment there as well as here.  Obviously, Mark has the link directly to May 2010 and he doesn’t read anything else, at least not until prompted.  So eventually, he’ll get the clue.

Scratch that.  He’s going to get an E-mail when all is said and done.  After all, he’s still my marionette.

Dance puppet.

Link To May 2010