Do You See In Color?


So….I was just watching the news about the BLM protest in Portland, Maine. Chants were heard. People were losing  their minds for no reason. The police showed up because the “peaceful protest” suddenly ended up closing down a major  street in the downtown district. Ignorant assholes were arrested. More chants of “arrest us too” and more arrests of  ignorant assholes were made. The police finally regained order and, as they should, allowed the protest to go on. In  the midst of all this there are 4 or 5 women with “Official ACLU Observer” vests on, holding cell phones. Once the  police are gone, the banner comes back out, the chants start all up again and the women in green ACLU vests…. remove said vests, join the ignorant asshole strut down the street and start chanting “Black Lives Matter” with raised fists in the air.

::heavy sigh::

Look, I understand the frustration. The need to protest. The right to protest.

::another heavy sigh::

But for once, just listen to me. Your dose of common sense. Though many of you have heard my shows on air before or have visited this blog a time or two, many of you have not. One thing I have always asked when there is a race related issue is a simple question. Do you see in color?  Why is it about race?  Folks? Racism isn’t about race. Racism is a buzz word and really isn’t a thing.

::holds up his hands::

Whoa there. Easy killers. Take a step back before you jump my shit and try to school me on the 411. Let me ask you. Why do you see in color? Do you know what race is? Apparently those that have organized many of these BLM protest have no concept of race. You see, my friends, there is only one race. The human race.

::shakes his head::

No, no this is not a new concept. I am not the first to point this out. It’s just common sense. What you really are protesting is the hatred of another because of their color. That is it. When you are born you are not born to hate a man because the color of his skin is different than yours. Hate is taught. Hate is learned and oh, by the way, by spewing this hate for cops and “racism” and blah blah blah…you are spreading hate.

What’s that you ask?


Oh yeah. Kids will always ask why someone looks different than they do. Why someone looks darker than someone else. Why someone has rounder eyes or squinty ones. They are kids. Kids ask questions. It’s no different to them than asking “why is the sky blue, dad?” It’s the answers they get that direct their learning. Ignorant and selfish answers teach hate. Hate leads to ignorance. A vicious cycle begins and then can’t be stopped. Ignorance then leads to hate.

Ignorance also leads to groups like the ACLU, The AFL/CIO, NOW or PPFA. Yes folks, Planned Parenthood is a special interest group. Benefit of the doubt given here, many special interest groups start out with good intentions, but again…ignorance. You’ll get it.

Ignorance has also led to the formation of BLM. You see, the Michael Brown shooting and the eventual fall out from the lies that were told led to this formation of a hateful group. Yes….I said hateful. Have you paid close attention to just about every one of these protests? They hate cops first and foremost. They hate someone telling them they are wrong. They hate those in authority and they especially hate people like me that call them out on their bullshit. Bullshit like “Hands Up. Don’t shoot.” That never happened, folks. Been proven in court proceedings. Yet, here are these hateful people putting hands up in the air and chanting like “Michael Brown” They don’t care about the truth.

Here is another truth. Much like the Occupy Wall Street movement, most that are involved in the protest have no idea why they are really there and have no idea whom funds them. OWS was funded mostly by Kalle Lasn. That allowed the group, whom on paper had no leader, to hire chaos manipulators to just cause trouble and violence. Same is true with BLM when George Soros dumped some 30 Million into the BLM coffers. Suddenly, you had fires raging in Ferguson and 34 people arrested of the 100 or so the night of the riots…were not even from Missouri, much less St. Louis or Ferguson.

Good people led by quasi leaders that want nothing more to promote hate, cause chaos and watch the world burn. Just so they can get some sort of power trip out of it all. That’s the truth.

Sadly, that’s not what Meredith or whatever her name was, wants to hear. She’s the white chick in Portland that took off her “ACLU Observer” ::coughbullshitcough:: vest to join the crowd, chant about hate, blame the cops for arresting black folks and thrust her sweaty meat grabber into the air.

Ignorant asshole.

Readers, listeners, fans, friends, family. I want you to join a race. No, not the human race that I spoke of earlier. You are already a part of that and I know you all have good hearts.  No, I want you to join my race. A race to take back our country from those that want to turn this great nation into something it is not. A race against the politically correctness that threatens the very core of our values of freedom. A race to stamp out the hate we have to see every day in the papers, on the net or in the news just because it “bleeds”. It’s time you listen to me and stop…seeing in color.

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