The Oscars: Opening Statement

The night of February 27th will be a big night for many movie aficionado’s with the airing of the 83rd Academy Awards.  Last year brought us a lot of buzz from the expanded Best Picture category to the battle between Avatar and The Hurt Locker.   It was an exciting night to follow.

This year there may not be as many films worthy of awards as there have been in the past (according to film critics) but that doesn’t diminish the excitement of the coming event or the night of the gala spectacle that is the Oscar’s.

This year at Passport Video we will be doing several things for your enjoyment and participation.  An Oscar’s section has already been set up, a contest is planned and web reviews will be written all month long.

Oscar Section: Caitlin has recently set up our Oscar’s section, located in the middle of the store on the now famous “I” section encaps (between Comedy & Action).  The movies there are in order by year, top five nominees for the last decade, 2000 to 2010.

Oscar Contest: Beginning Monday the 7th, Passport Video will make available; a form you can fill out (check box style) of the top ten categories of the Academy Awards selections.   The object will be to predict as many winners as you can.  The person with the most correct picks wins a special $50.00 Gift Certificate which you can use any way you want.  Purchase your favorite Oscar winner movie or use it as store credit!  A Bonus category will be chosen for a tie breaker.  Ask for more details and rules next time you visit the store.

Web Reviews: From now until February 27th, I will be posting the staffs thoughts on all the categories.  Who we think will win an award, who we would like to see win an award and what we think of the nominations in general.  Look for a new post every couple of days until the night of the event!

February will be a fun month as we also have President’s Day and Valentine’s Day with which we will have special events of sales for.  Look for more eight here on the web.

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