John Riggins STILL Isn’t Happy!

Sunday’s.  A day for football, recliners, remote controls and your favorite jersey’s.  Not to mention the pizza and beer.  Last year I jotted down a post called “John Riggins Is Not Happy.”  It was about my beloved Washington Redskins and how they were just going to be horrible last year.  In my wildest dreams I never thought it would get worse.  It did.

Let me start by saying that despite the fact I live in Patriots country, the North Eastern part of the States, I have always had only one football team as my favorite.  Moving to Manassas, VA when I was all of five, sort of dictated my choice of sports teams at the time, or so you would think.  I became a baseball and football fan down there in the early 70’s and I think I was 8 when I realized I bled red and gold.  Oddly enough, that next summer I became a Boston Redsox fan after watching them play the Orioles.  That’s another story.

Back to my Washington Redskins of this year.  It’s the last day of the regular season and they play the despised New York Giants.  I guess I should expound upon the word usage of “despised” here.  You see, as a Redskin fan, you have to look at the opponents in the NFC East in hierarchal order.  It’s the hated Cowboys, the despised Giants and the dreaded Eagles.  A little less hate as you move down the line.  So this week it’s the despised Giants.  I’m going with the Redskins to win!  But what’s new.  I hate to pick against them.

At any rate, now that the season has pretty much come to a close for the fella’s in red and gold, we should check in to see why John Riggins is STILL not happy.  First up; Albert Haynesworth.  I predicted a fiasco in September 2009 when they gave this waking Twinky 100 mil to play defense and it came true.  Now he is suspended for not having the heart to play and being an all around lazy fat sack like Mark Halburn.  Way to go Snyder.  Nice waste of 100 million bucks.  What could that have bought instead of a guy that can’t bend over to tie his own cleats?  Oh yeah…an ENTIRE GOD DAMN TEAM!  As it was and as we have seen, the defense actually held it’s own with or without Albert in there.

Up next, Donovan NcNabb.  Now do not get me wrong here, I am not laying hate on McNabb here.  I respected him in Philly and I was happy to see him come to the Redskins.  He may not have panned out like we all had hoped but he was better than Jason Campbell grabbing pigskin behind the center.  But again, Snyder has to be full blown crazy to sign him to a five year, 40 million deal when McNabb will be gone in less than one.  I mean, can’t you see that coming here, Redskin fans?  By the way, this could be worth it if we took away th money we gave Haynesworth and got some tools besides Chris Cooley and Santana Moss for McNabb to work with.

Finally, 2-5.  Two wins and five losses at home.  That has to change.  No wonder Dallas is referred to (and I have to say this through gnashed teeth because I hate this so much) as American’s Team.  WTF!?  We play in the nations capital and we are not America’s Team?!  Well, if we could win some God Damn games at HOME and bring back a trophy (or at least a division crown for Gods sake) than maybe, just maybe, we can earn that nickname.

Until then….John Riggins STILL isn’t happy.

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