Hitting The Refresh Button

You can judge the value of a thing in lots of ways. The value of money can be determined by what it will get you – a meal, a car, clothing. The value of a house can be determined by its size and location. What’s interesting to note is that each of those things can be gained, lost, and then gained again. They are commodities. They are valuable, but they are not precious. Time is not only valuable, but it is precious as well. Its value, therefore, is more than any other thing that can be gained again, for time, once it is gone, is gone forever.

Ask yourself this;

What is the value of time? It can’t be quantified. It is beyond comparison, and beyond any price we can pay. When circumstances line up, everything has a price tag – except time. So don’t waste it. It will leave you as assuredly as the sun will rise tomorrow, so spend it wisely. It’s the most valuable commodity a person can ever own, yet it’s free. But you have to use it, because there is no interest-bearing account where you can save it and get more of it. Time is priceless.

This, my friends, is why I want to share more of my time with you.  Distractions, mismanagement, motivation…all things that ate into the time I had set aside for this blog, are being changed.  I can’t wait for time to change, I have to change to get that time back.  Distractions, razed.  Mismanagement corrected.  Motivation refreshed.

I am going to have a lot to say here and on air over at TalkRadioX and it’s going to range from random thoughts to full blown rants on whatever pisses me off.  There will even be guest posts done by The Angry Teddy Bear, Jimmy The Mime and whatever other disturbed personalities leak from my brain cells.

So…welcome to Hollywood in 2011…a State Of Mind.

2 thoughts on “Hitting The Refresh Button

  1. Thanks Paul! Glad to see you still pop by for a visit. I have some surprises for ole Pudgy Fingers this year too, so nothing will be missed!

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