Halburns’ Work Hours?!

Found this when I checked out that abandoned building Mark Halburn supposedly has his “business” located at.

10-2.  Fridays.  I bet that is what is on all his resume’s. “Available 10-2 on Fridays.  Otherwise, I am running a successful business!”

What a maroon.

Wait.  Maybe 10-2 is the hours he has set aside to not be a douche bag?


Yeah, I know.  What was I thinking.

4 thoughts on “Halburns’ Work Hours?!

  1. Been real fun Troy. But a child abuser that is supposed to be in jail no longer qualifies as someone having rights. Time to cut ya loose.

  2. I was going to say that those are the hours of the Putnam County Commissioners. But they don’t even meet once a week anymore. Of course, they still take the same salary, the one with the raise that Andes and Haynes voted to accept.

  3. Tyler, now abuser might just like that. Just small cuts all over. He might just get goosebumps at being on the receiving end.

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