Exposing The Publisher #6

In this hard hitting series of Exposing The Publisher, number six focuses on a recent story that was the “top headline” story of the day that ran for two days during the week of the 4th. First, it should be noted that The Publisher over at Putnam(Omitted).com never dates his articles. This fact plays an important part in the following expose’.

Oh yeah, I call this one ” I kain’t stand da noise!”


“For months, Hurricane Mayor Scott D. Edwards has told neighbors of the Walmart that to get the city to order the retailer to build a sound wall that they must change their zoning to residential.”

Actually, to be honest, it doesn’t matter what the zoning is. Changing the zoning permits won’t force Walmart or any other business to build any sort of sound wall or plant trees. A study would have to be done to see if the noise emitted, the distance sound waves travel and the actual decibel levels, effect any sound waves have on neighboring dwellings, would warrant the need of sound protection. One man complaining constantly about ambient noise (lets face it, we all have seen the video, it’s just ambient noise) does not make a study on sound wave effects.

“The neighbors have accurately said that zoning has no impact on noise levels and that the fast-talking Edwards has been throwing up a false argument to protect his pet project.”

What? I don’t even understand this statement as far as an argument in The Publishers favor. I just got done saying zoning doesn’t make a difference. The way he stated this line makes one wonder if he is crazy because it comes across as him stating an obvious; that something on paper (zoning) doesn’t effect something of a physical nature (travel of sound waves). Really, is he crazy or did I just read that that wrong way?

“As he has used the lame argument to stall the sound wall, Edwards has had council members and other politicians buying his rhetoric, including C. Brian Ellis and West Virginia State Senator W. “Mike” Hall. All along, Edwards has refused to provide any scientific evidence or statements from sound engineers that zoning has any impact on sound waves.”

“Of course, anyone with common sense knows that the reason Edwards never produced any evidence or sound engineer opinions is that there isn’t any.”

Those last two paragraphs/lines are more rhetoric than Edwards has ever let slip from his lips. Seriously. In a vain attempt to make himself sound sane, The Publisher uses his opinionated desperation to once again, disparage the Mayor.

“Now, Putnam(Omitted).com has a recording of Edwards admitting that the zoning has no impact on sound waves.”

Of course he does because The Publisher calls Mayor Edwards at least 4-5 times a week to complain about this or that. I have no doubt that this is one statement that is actually true.

“There’s no difference,” says Edwards. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Of course he doesn’t want to talk about it with The Publisher…he’s sick of talking about it! Matter of fact, there is nothing to talk about! It’s just The Publisher ranting hysterically. Who wants to deal with that, other than the now famous Trash Bloggers Alliance.

“Now that Edwards has finally spoken the truth on the issue, it remains to be seen if Hurricane City Council members will stand up To Edwards and take care of the more than 20 residents that endure the excessive noise from Walmart traffic on a daily basis.”

Edwards has always told the truth. He even admitted that yes, the zoning was changed years ago to simply fit the needs of Hurricane as it grew and evolved. Not to mention the fact that this is a NORMAL course of city evolution. Edwards doesn’t need to be challenged by people that support him. He needs to have a security detail thought because The Publishers obsession with calling the Mayor as much as he does, borders on the creepy.

“Edwards has promised that if a commercial offer were to be made on the neighbor’s homes that the city would gladly re-change the zoning back to commercial again. But he has a credibility problem about his statements and promises.”

Wait a second. Didn’t The Publisher just state in his opening line something about changing it back to residential? Let us check, shall we? To save you the scroll back effort, I’ll re-quote; “…to get the city to order the retailer to build a sound wall that they must change their zoning to residential.” Seriously? This guy calls himself a Publisher, says he has an editing team and calls this a legitimate business and he lets this make final copy? By this point, any reader that is not in the know about this guy is going to look at this as complete tripe and hit the X button in the upper right corner. What really kills me is he flip flops back in the next points. God, this guy is worse than John Kerry in his flip floppy decisions.

“Neighbors of the Walmart don’t want to change the zoning for two reasons:

Realtors have advised them that keeping the commercial zoning will make it easier to sell their homes.

Neighbors of the Walmart don’t trust Edwards after he promised to enforce the City of Hurricane noise ordinance during the July 2nd, 2007 city council meeting, then failed to keep that promise, instead going to court to have the ordinance nullified.

The Walmart neighbors have lived in their neighborhood for decades, up to 40 years. They have endured excessive construction and traffic noise for up to four years. About 15 lawsuits have been filed over construction blasting and construction noise simply because Edwards and the City of Hurricane have failed to enforce its noise ordinance as well as common sense and decency for its longtime citizens.”

Ok, lets tackle these one bullet point at a time.

Point #1: Of course realtors have suggested the zoning stay commercial (though as of this moment, based on this article, we are unsure what the zoning actually is) as it can bring a bigger payday. However, it won’t make things easier to sell. Based on a personal opinion here with the current direction of the economy (we are headed into the worst depression since the 20’s) there isn’t going to be a lot of commercial property changing hands in the near future in many places, much less Hurricane, WV.

Point #2: The only “neighbor” that doesn’t trust Mayor Edwards is The Publisher. But he’s not going to tell you that. He makes these blank statements so that if another Edwards hater happens to be linked to the article, he’ll get a misleading representation to add fuel to the fire. It’s a crock statement.

Point #3: More smoke. Those 15 lawsuits? All filed by The Publisher over the course of the last 3-4 years. Again, omitting the whole truth is unethical. And I will state again, there is a reasonable amount of evolution going on here. There are but a few neighbors still on Grace Drive and one of them is a huge salvage yard or whatever it is. Things have changed. Evolution has come to that part of Hurricane and The Publisher is doing nothing to better his position by complaining and demanding. He better be careful because ever since The New London, CT incident (the start of it) there is something called Eminent Domain. He’ll never get the $350,000 he is asking and Hurricane has plenty of time to wait him out before they hand him Eminent Domain papers and a check for what the property is actually worth.

“Edwards is a member of the Putnam County Development Authority Board of Directors which put together the Walmart project and served as a non-elected Hurricane City Council Member when the Walmart was planned. He was elected mayor in 2007 in a disputed election that included a decisive ballot box with unsealed envelopes.”

The Publishers version of the Florida “Chad” incident.

“Putnam(Omitted).com has reported that the City of Hurricane changed the zoning without the neighbor’s knowledge or permission, up to four decades after they bought their homes.”

Again, this is now harping, not reporting and again, it’s called city evolution.

“Meanwhile, Edwards refuses to put the Walmart sound wall and trees on the city council agenda, preventing a vote on the matter. When asked why, after the June meeting, he simply said, “because I don’t want to.” This means one man, the mayor, is preventing an entire neighborhood from having peace and quiet, something he enjoys every day-in his neighborhood across town from the Walmart.”

Ha! I love how he says “one man” in that statement. Why? Because it’s one man behind all this bullshit we are exposing now. The Publisher. He is “speaking” for all the residents. The only resident that complains is him. The only resident that hates Mayor Edwards is him. The Publisher. I’d also like to point out that The Publisher once again lied. He says Mayor Edwards enjoys his quiet in his neighborhood across town. I beg to differ. he can hear the caterwauling of The Publisher from his house every day.

“Putnam(Omitted).com used to publish a daily diary chronicling the daily excessive noise. However, we pulled it after Edwards’ supporters and Walmart supporters harassed this publisher and family members.”

Bullshit. It’s still up there. He just doesn’t make public the link for fear of one person. Your’s truly. Between myself and the commenter’s to this blog site making light of his lies and incessant bitching, he can’t stand it so he only allows it to be seen when he is all bent out of shape over something Walmart related. As it is, his latest effort is only updated through June 25th and that was released all at once. So it’s still pure BS and a crock.

“Councilman Ellis looked stunned when Putnam(Omitted).com informed him of Edwards’ admission, and councilwoman Lana Call says “The city can’t afford it,” while ducking the real issue of the city forcing disruptive businesses to endure the cost of sound walls.”

I happen to agree with Lana Call here. Of course the city can’t afford it. They have had to endure not only the down economy but the lawsuit wrath of The Publisher. That costs time, money and effort and each one (I know he has admitted to the 15 as stated in this piece earlier but there have been dozens more…all unsuccessful but disruptive none the least) adds to the time it will take to make a recovery.


Remember I said to pay attention to the fact that The Publisher never dates his stuff? Well, if you take out the last two lines of this story, you will find that this “article” was posted several months or even years ago. I know I read this entire piece about a year and a half ago when we first were turned on to the antics of The Publisher. Of course, he will call me a liar because there are no dates on said article. That doesn’t prove I am a liar, it proves he is unethical by deceiving the readers with old posts and added lines or changed facts when he has been called out.

As an added note here regarding this article, I have been invited by the Mayor or Hurricane himself to (at some point of my convenience) to give him a call. I am sure Mr. Edwards will be happy to put some truth behind the spin job that we have just exposed.

130 thoughts on “Exposing The Publisher #6

  1. I am honored to gaze upon investigative reporting greatness, both here and at Putnamlies… well done, gentlemen…

  2. Now, I do have to say, that was a great response to this load of Halburn bullshit. I cannot wait to see what his reply is going to be!

    ::Pat, Pat:: Pat on the back to Tyler

  3. Tyler:

    What in the world is “Eminent Domain?”

    And you can confirm that 14 other Walmart neighbors filed simply by contacting Putnam Circuit Court. I’ll even provide the phone number: 304-586-0203. They are represented by attorney Harvey Peyton. And we only lost on the part of the lawsuit against the city. Do your homework about the part against Cleveland Construction and Kanawha Stone.

  4. Eminent domain refers to the power possessed by the state over all property within the state, specifically its power to appropriate property for a public use. In some jurisdictions, the state delegates eminent domain power to certain public and private companies, typically utilities, such that they can bring eminent domain actions to run telephone, power, water, or gas lines. In most countries, including the United States under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, the owner of any appropriated land is entitled to reasonable compensation, usually defined as the fair market value of the property. Proceedings to take land under eminent domain are typically referred to as “condemnation” proceedings.

  5. Seriously? The world’s greatest journalistic mind doesn’t know what “eminent domain” means???


    I don’t even think this retard could even PASS Strayer University, unless they have a remedial program!

  6. :chuckles:: Awesome, Mike! See? It’s like we always say, this is just stuff that makes the world move. Not some sort of conspiracy. It’s things like this that you every day, informed person would know.

  7. No,
    i know what eminent domain is. Tyler reported another type of domain and corrected himself when his stupidity was caught. The pussy is a liar!

  8. Sir, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    ::crossed arms and a firm nod::

    (Actually, I never corrected my spell check misfire and it came out emanate domain or some shit like that. ::chuckles::)

  9. Again, Halburn, when faced with logic, has chosen to take the route of picking apart a grammatical error. Instead of dealing with what he knew full fucking well you were talking about, he’s going to be 5 about it. Whatever. It’s like talking to a rotting dead cow carcass. Actually, that would mean you were having an intelligent conversation.

  10. Have you ever noticed that when anyone tries to get a point across to this idiot, it is like talking to a forked tongue lawyer. The left side does not know or remember what the right side said, then stumbles, turns red faced, stumbles again, takes one step forward than has to take ten back just to catch up.

    Yeah, I deal with lawyers on a daily basis. They are like politicians, full of bullshit and hot air. The problem is that when the hot air is release, you smell the bullshit, but in Marks case, it is the remnants of KFC grease.

    Fourteen suits. We need a change of law. You file a suit and lose, you pay all of the cost for the other party. Simple. But it won’t work. Lawyers write the laws, so this type of of law would hurt their dollar. The ending result is that everyone has to put up with the Bullshit antics of the Not-So-Great Wannabe Publisher Mark.

  11. What’s up kiddie abuser? Cleaned off your face lately so your wife does not have to smell KFC by-products (farts)? I pitty your poor woman. Having her reputation stained by you. Still playing wannabe car salesman? Might have to pay you a visit, even though I do not like the product. Yeah, get the deal done and then walk out. That would be a riot!

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  13. Fatsack says in an article:
    ““Teach your children well…” the old Seals and Croft song says”

    The old Seals and Croft song doesn’t say anything like that.

    Anyone that claims to have worked in the radio business should know that.

  14. Mike:

    I fixed that at least an hour before I read your comment. My mistake. Did you read Jay Nunley’s cpmment about announcing the wrong song on wvbroadcasting.net? If so, I didn’t see you publicly rip him!

  15. That’s because Jay Nunley is something you never were, a success in radio…and still is.

    You were just a little fat board op who couldn’t time anything right, that’s why you failed, and your attitude got your fat ass shitcanned, over…and over again.

  16. Wow. Just can’t get the grammar down, eh, fatsacks?

    Your = possessive.
    You’re = contraction of “you are”.

    Let’s use them both in a sentence, shall we?

    Mark, You’re a failure at life because of your piss poor attitude.

    Proper grammar is fun!

  17. I’m a liar? How about you show us the proof?

    Let’s look at the facts.
    I posted the above comment pointing out your egregious error at 4:56 PM.
    YOU corrected your page at 7:02 PM.

    Blow me, you drooling mongoloid.

  18. “Mike”

    You weren’t the one that told me of the error. It was an employee of the child care owner. I fixed it. About an hour later, I saw your post here. You DID NOT inform me of the error. Also, I don’t CLAIM to have worked in radio, I HAVE worked in MAJOR MARKET radio but have NEVER worked in a format where I played the song in question. MUCH of my radio and TV work was in news.

  19. Tyler can verify by using IP addresses that I didn’t log in here until after the 7:02 time when I fixed the error. And in doing so, will, once again, confirm that YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!

  20. Being a janitor at a low power storefront christian radio station doesn’t exactly count as major market experience. And being a copyboy isn’t really working in news.

    Anyone can get fired in a major market. Staying there is the trick.
    If you were any good at it you’d still be there.

  21. Halburn, Mark: KTSJ, 1984-86; KKLA, 1985-86; KYMS, 1986; KMNY, 1989.

    Hollywood, Tyler: TalkRadioX; 2006-Present


    “Hollywood, Tyler” Another fake name who loves to allow libelous posts on his blog when he isn’t rambling with one-sided attacks on an Internet “talk show” devoid of any substantive material. Worshipped by three “Internet friends” who may or may not be sober while participating on Tyler’s “Blog.” They need to put down their Oxy and Lortab and join the real world!

  23. Again, it’s okay for YOU to libel local politcians, businesses, and anyone else on your rag but when the Croc is on the other fat foot you throw a little bitch fit. The TRUTH hurts, doesn’t it? Besides, Sal Marino…who else has used fake names? I’ll give you a hint, his name is Mark Vance Halburn, an unemployed whale who can’t hold a job to unclog his arteries.

    You said yourself Tyler has talent and admitted you even listen to his show, now you’re bagging on the man…so which is it? Which Halburn personality said that? Tyler has more accomplishments than your sorry ass will never have and does more work in an hour than you have your entire worthless life. You’re just another fat, West Virginia welfare case who’s second wife supports you because you keep getting shitcanned from every job you ever had. You might as well sign up for SSI, you’re crazy enough to qualify for it.

  24. Annoying fat brat:

    Take a look at our tax returns and you will see that I bring in more money than my wife. I also bring in more advertising revenue than your blog, “Mike’s” blog, and Tyler’s blog COMBINED!

    And I spent two years at LM Communications, and wasn’t “shitcanned” as you libelously state. And while we are on the subject of LM, I make more money on my http://www.PutnamSHITBAG.com than I made there, too. I worked there for the fun of it, which, for the most part, it was, except for having to deal with a couple of dumb DJs and a foreigner (that many people couldn’t even understand) who would often read news from YESTERDAY’s morning paper that was written THE DAY BEFORE THAT!

  25. “Mike’s Trash Blog” Where with just a clock, you can read 2009’s Calendar of Events. Because all Mike can do is attack people.

  26. Let’s see those tax returns, crisco.
    Put your money where your mouth is.

    PutnamLIES.com accepts no advertising, so if you made a penny it would be more. Big fucking deal.
    We’re in this to expose you, dickweed, not make money.
    I could have a pageful of ads if I took peoples logos and put them on my page like you do.
    As it is, it’s more fun for us to make fun of and parody your so called advertisers.

    It really chaps your big ass that a “foreigner”, as you call him, can be successful in radio but you can’t, doesn’t it nonuts?

    There’s obviously a reason that you haven’t lasted any time anywhere you’ve worked. It’s YOU. You’re a no talent, obnoxious, crazy hack.
    25 jobs in 25 years is nothing to be proud of.

    The hair on my ballsack has more talent than you do.

  27. “Mike” your statement implies that you have balls. But you’re just a lying little girl with a link to 2009 Calendar of Events. You don’t parody anyone, you attack them. You ARE a parody of a human being, scumbag! Go play hopscotch on I-64 with your buddies Scott, Troy, Steve, and Joe. I will be happy to report when you are flattened by a Kenworth!

  28. He also tried to get Spike Nesmith fired (the aforementioned foreigner, who’s from Scotland), as well as Jerry Watters and other people.

    Halburn’s MO involves being insanely jealous of someone and trying to start shit to get them fired in hopes that the boss will see that Halburn is so good they’d have to give him their spot. Thankfully, Halburn has no talent and was always just a lowly board op in radio, nothing more, nothing less.

    Mark’s attitude is why he has been fired from so many jobs in WVA. We all know he doesn’t rake in the cash like he claims, otherwise why would he be asking for handouts online like the welfare case he is?

    Mark goes around in circles, we’ve discussed this before. Give up, lard bucket…we’ve got your number.

  29. Annoying Fat Kid:

    You’re so clueless!

    Waters WAS fired. When you’re a talk show host it is best not to criticize your sponsors… Jerry missed that memo.

    And, yes, I did a LOT more than “board op.” I had my own show. Did news for two stations. Did public affairs for FIVE stations… and that was just in West Virginia.

    Was also a TV News writer in Los Angeles and San Diego…

    And I make more money with my business than I did in West Virginia radio. Even more money than Spike… Who (as far as I can tell) is no longer in radio. I remember when Spike got on the air on V100 and criticized a song that the station was playing!
    Not bright!

  30. As for Spike, he once stated that he does not plan on becoming a U.S. Citizen. I have NO PROBLEM with immigrants that want to come here and become citizens. But for lazy people that take jobs from Americans and don’t want to become citizens, they can go back… Spike included! And, “Mike” you claim I plagiarize (not true-YOU steal material) How about Spike doing “rip and read” from YESTERDAY’S paper! And that’s when you can understand him! Made no sense for Rock 105 to air a professionally produced Bob & Tom show then have Spike do yesterday’s news….

  31. and now “Tough Guy” Mark appears… too bad this Mark wasn’t in the County Commission hallway when he assaulted Mayor Edwards, then ran like a coward when police were summoned…

  32. …and that’s the funny thing, eh? I guaran-damn-tee if anyone of us would happen to confront Mark or his little butt-buddy in person they’d run, or in Mark’s case…waddle…away like a little bitch. I know there’s lots of people who’d love nothing more than to knock Mark’s butter stained teeth down his gullet.

  33. Spike is still in radio, by the way. Clarksburg, WV. Does a four or five hour Saturday night 80s show in addition to daily PM drive, I believe.

  34. Looks like the pipe has been filled and someone should smoke it.

    Looks like the dick’s been inflated and someone should suck it.

    Looks like someone’s mouth is open and someone should put a sock in it.

    Looks like…ah hell, you all get the picture.

    we are looking at you Mark.

    ::flips him a pill::

    Here, take your meds.

  35. Interpret THIS: Exactly, Mr. Nesmith is STILL in radio and very successful.

    Mark Vance Halburn has been shitcanned from every radio job he’s ever had because of his attitude and work ethic, and justifies his actions by running a rag that everyone knows makes him NO money, and is all for show and gives him an excuse to libel and harass locals.

    Like I said before, the tables are turned and he’s wetting his Nutter Butter underroos over it in little bitch tantrums.

    Mark Halburn is an unemployed failure, nothing more…everything less.

  36. What sponsor did Jerry Waters criticize?
    Why Mark Halburn of course.

    Halburn purchased less than $200 in advertisements on Jerry’s show and then called in every day expecting to be placed live on the air under the guise of “reporting Putnam County news”, when in fact he was simply milking that $200 into $2000 worth of free advertising. Jerry finally put a stop to it, at which time Hallburn started posting all sorts of fabrications all over the internet.

    This had nothing to do with why Jerry left.

    I never had any trouble understanding Spike.
    This is just another example of your xenophobic racism rearing its ugly head. And so what if he doesn’t want to become a US citizen? He IS here legally and is a productive member of society, unlike you.

    let me repeat it again:
    If you were any good at radio or TV you’d still be doing it, not putting out a cluttered internet shopper.
    25 jobs in 25 years is nothing to be proud of.

    I know you dream longingly about my balls, douchenozzle, but your remark about little girls tells what you really like.
    I’m not the one whose son calls him nonuts.
    But YOU are the son that can call his Dad “Killer.”

  37. Microscopic Clarksburg is a good market for Spikey. And 80’s is good for him. It’s older than the news he used to read on Rock 105.

  38. What is this I read,

    Mark Halburn, The Britney Spears of Putamn County.

    Really, since when?

    Oh hell, she has nothing between hers ears too! Nothing but boobs and butt. Hey, that fits nonuts, except he has had just a little too much KFC injected.

  39. Why don’t I work in radio anymore? MONEY! This “cluttered internet shopper” (your words) makes TWICE the money! And I don’t have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to go to work. But since you can’t spell Internet properly, (note the capital I) we HIGHLY DOUBT you can count into the THOUSANDS of dollars a month!

  40. Twice the money my ass.
    Two times nothing is still nothing.

    Money has nothing to do with it.
    You don’t work in radio because you’re an talentless abrasive asshole and no one will hire you.

    How’s the killer doing? Still in the looney bin? Maybe you could room with him.

  41. “Mike”

    I am in a position where I don’t have to work in radio anymore. You are in a position where you DON’T work anymore. ALL YOU DO IS spend your time WISHING YOU WERE ME!

  42. Someone call Whine-one-one… we need a whaaaaaaaa-mbulance. Mark Halburn capitalized “Internet” when the rest of us have more important shit to worry about. Like our jobs. And our lives. This is nothing more than a funsies sport for everyone involved, except for Fastsacks who is going to stroke out before long. Oh, the fun we will have reporting on the news of the aneurysm that caused his demise!

  43. Annoying Fat Kid: (A VERY appropriate user name!) There is no such web site as PutnamLIAR.com. Obviously you are confused with PutnamLIES.com, a site known for publishing libelous statements, fal-truths, ripping off logos, cartoons, amongst stolen copyrighted material.

    I only publish truthful news about Putnam County, West Virginia.

  44. Bullshit. You don’t publish shot, dirtbag. You steal copy and make it your own on a blog. Fuck stick.

  45. Mark. Don’t be a douche bag like your buddy Troy. You know The Fat Kid was referring to your web site. It was a loving reference to, ya know. A cute little nick name, like Trash Bloggers.


    So, instead of commenting on the actual link (which IS a real web site) and ignoring the comments, you decide to act high and mighty(stinky) and point out something that matters zero in the grand scheme of things.

    Way to focues on what’s important, you hawk you.

  46. Tyler: I only focus on Putnam County news, or statewide news that impacts Putnam County. The fat kid was obviously referring to “Mike’s” blog, which dispenses lies, half-truths, ripped off photos, etc. It has zero sponsors and less credibility.

  47. Mark- all you do is link to legitimate news sites that have Putnam Co. information in them. You don’t go to any meetings except Hurricane City Council (probably cause you’d get tossed), you only go to events where there is free food or t-shirts. Or you rail on and on about noise, using every “article” to inject personal opinion about politicians and/or Walmart. Really, if you’d just admit you run a personal blog that links to “news”, and stop calling it a “news” site, you’d gain a sliver of respect…

    Of course, another “Mark” personality would appear to crush that sliver, but hey, one of them would have something…

  48. Focus on this, shitsack.
    Since you refuse to acknowledge the link, we’ll print the actual article here:

    Feb. 11, 2008 3:00 a.m.
    Anaheim woman dies in La Habra car crash
    The Orange County Register

    LA HABRA – It does not appear that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the collision that killed a 56-year-old woman Sunday morning, police said today.

    Police responded to the intersection of Whittier Boulevard and Macy Street at about 10:30 a.m. Sunday after reports came in that a sports utility vehicle and van had collided.

    A gold Mazda SUV was making a left-hand turn onto Whittier Boulevard when a green van entered the intersection and hit the driver side of the Mazda, according to a La Habra Police Department press release.

    Five people were injured in the crash. Anaheim resident Tanya Hougan sustained critical injuries. She was transported to Whittier Community Hospital where she later died.

    The driver of the van was identified as La Puente resident James Halburn Jr.

    Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

  49. “Mike” Put your money where your pie hole is. The price is $350,000. We will leave WV. Until you cut the check SHUT UP and crawl back under your rock! It’s your move. Check for $350,000 or scumbacg “Mike” and his three bogus Internet (note the proper spelling!) ALL go away!

  50. Halburn said:

    Annoying Fat Kid: (A VERY appropriate user name!) There is no such web site as PutnamLIAR.com. Obviously you are confused with PutnamLIVE.com, a site known for publishing libelous statements, fal-truths, ripping off logos, cartoons, amongst stolen copyrighted material.”


  51. Going from a tragic accident where an elderly man with a medical condition “blacked out” to “murder” is a quantum leap on your part, Annoying Fat Brat! Your statement is also LIBELOUS! And Tyler allowed you to libel by posting your comment!

  52. James Halburn, Jr, father of Mark Vance Halburn, is a murderer.

    PutnamLIVE.com, a site known for publishing libelous statements, fal-truths, ripping off logos, cartoons, amongst stolen copyrighted material.


  53. Mark Halburn, who may have raped and murdered a five year old boy in 1990 again focuses on the capitalization of the word internet instead of focusing on the issues.

    Mark Halburn, who may have raped and murdered a five year old boy in 1990, is a moron.

    It’s not spelling, fucksacks, it’s capitalization. Learn the difference.

  54. To mark: /´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  55. A very good source from California likens the James Halburn, Jr. murder to that of John Wayne Gacy, because James Halburn, Jr’s son, Mark Vance Halburn, is a clown who likes to take pictures of children.

  56. Annoying Fat Brat…. I wouldn’t know. I am not the son of a murderer. Are you? There must be some reason to explain your obnoxious behavior! Say hi to your daddy, John for all of us! Or is Charleston’s Charlie your daddy? Or is he O.J.? Or does your mommy even know who your daddy is? Maybe that’s why you are so angry and out-of-control!

  57. Speaking of angry and out of control, did your daddy throw a little bitch fit behind the wheel, like you do? One things for sure, we all can tell you took your driving lessons from the murdering SOB…you both wrecked in the same year! Does his wife support him, too? The apple doesn’t fall too far from the scumbag.

    Mark Vance Halburn’s father, James Halburn, Jr…killed a woman.

  58. Pass the popcorn, Tyler. I think we’re about to witness Mark Halburn (who may have raped and murdered a five year old boy in 1990) have a stroke.

  59. I wonder what that poor woman’s last thoughts were as James Halburn, Jr’s vehicle slammed into hers, killing her? I wonder if James Halburn, Jr. was thinking about rushing home to that bucket of KFC and wasn’t paying any attention to what he was doing while behind the wheel, sorta like what his son, Mark Vance Halburn, was probably doing when he pulled out in front of a car just a few months ago.

  60. Annoying Fat Brat: I didn’t take driving lessons from my dad. And my wreck was this year, not in 2008. And I didn’t pull in front of a car. Look up the time of the 2008 accident and the direction that he was going. Not rushing home. Simply a tragic accident. Only a scumbag would even bring up the subject here. THAT MEANS YOU!

  61. This year, last year, who cares? It’s simple semantics. Both of you are bad drivers who had wrecks, you nearly killed someone and your dear ol’ dad killed someone.

    Perhaps it wasn’t the KFC your dad was rushing home to eat. Perhaps he had an underage Mexican male prostitute in the floorboard giving him a Dirty Sanchez when the boy bit a bit too hard on your daddy’s flaccid cock, causing him to lose control and kill some poor woman. That’s probably why you hate Mexicans so much.

    The weird thing is, Charles Manson spent some time in WVA, Mark Vance Halburn lives in West Virginia. Charles Manson then went to California where Mark is originally from. James Halburn, Jr, Mark’s father, killed someone in California. Charles Manson killed lots of people in California.

    The Halburn and Manson family are murderers.

    Six Degrees of Mark Halburn?

  62. “The three held the uncooperative Hinman hostage for two days, during which Manson showed up with a sword to slash his ear. After that, Beausoleil stabbed Hinman to death, ostensibly on Manson’s instruction.”

    According to the law, that’s murder.

  63. You are libeling Charles Manson. He’s gonna be added to the class action suit against all Internet (notice the spelling… the SPELLING!!) blogs that say nay to Mark Hal(l?)burn (who can’t decide how to spell HIS name). Of course, this lawsuit won’t be filed since any real lawyer will require a retainer fee, which Mark won’t pay. I am seeing Mayor Edwards next week, I’ll mention the Eminent Domain idea and see if he’d be for that. All that property above the MIL’s house would make an excellent airport :)

  64. Again, semantics. On July 1st, 1969, Manson himself shot Bernard Crowe with the intent to kill, thereby kicking off his Helter Skelter vision.

    Crowe (a black man) did not die but Manson thought he had killed him when he mistook a report that a Black Panther member’s body had been found, dumped. Crowe was not a member of the Black Panthers.

    So Manson shot a man with intent to kill, believed he had done so and was prepared to live with that. You tell me that’s not a killer.

  65. Tyler:

    Manson has never been convicted of killing someone himself. That’a a fact. You bring race into the issue. Apparently you are a racist. When someone is killed, it’s a death no matter what the race is.

    Back on topic: Annoying Fat Brat

  66. There is no doubt that my father’s van hit the woman’s minivan. My father is diabetic and “blacked out.” It was a TRAGIC accident and all family members on both sides state that. (I HAVE met with the woman’s family and extended my condolences, etc. That was a TOUGH meeting that I flew clear to Orange County for. However, my part was FAR less hard than the victim’s family members who lost a mother, etc. I clearly recognize that.)

    While you jerks are quick to criticize my elderly father who feels terrible about the accident and are linking ME to the accident, though I CLEARLY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT… you fail to recognize ONE CLEAR ISSUE about the California Vehicle Code. The driver of the minivan had the opportunity and duty to prevent the accident… Here’s the code for your review:

    Left-Turn or U-Turn
    21801. (a) The driver of a vehicle intending to turn to the left or to complete a U-turn upon a highway, or to turn left into public or private property, or an alley, shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles approaching from the opposite direction which are close enough to constitute a hazard at any time during the turning movement, and shall continue to yield the right-of-way to the approaching vehicles until the left turn or U-turn can be made with reasonable safety.

    Note the last part of the sentence: “and shall continue to yield the right-of-way to the approaching vehicles until the left turn or U-turn can be made with reasonable safety.”

    I know the intersection well. From the time I took swimming lessons at the corner pool (at the age of five or six) to when we lived a mile or so away in the early 1980’s, to when I moved to San Diego County, in 1989, (the first time) I have driven through that intersection often. If you are paying attention, even on a rainy day or at night (it is well-lit) you can see oncoming traffic and not turn in front of it.

    I am willing to guess that NONE of you have been to that intersection and know ANYTHING about it!

    Bottom line: It was a tragic accident. PERIOD! Show some class and drop the issue. Let the poor woman rest in peace and be thankful that YOU don’t have to live with the guilt of ACCIDENTALLY contributing to an accident where someone died!

  67. Listen up you fat fucker. I did not bring race into anything and I am far from being a racist like you are.

    Helter Skelter was all about a race war that Manson wanted to start, you bastard.

    After the Crowe shooting, Manson turned his Spahn Ranch into a defensive camp, with night patrols of armed guards, “If we’d needed any more proof that Helter Skelter was coming down very soon, this was it,” Tex Watson would later write, “Blackie was trying to get at the chosen ones.”

    So fuck you asshole.

  68. Halburn: Your father “blacked out”? That’s unsafe driving, and he should have had his license revoked FAR before the MANSLAUGHTER that was YOUR FATHER’S fault. Don’t you fucking DARE blame that poor woman or her family, you sick fucking child raper.

  69. “Lenny Penis Envy Bernstein:

    Idon’t blame the woman who died. She was a passenger in a minivan that turned in front of oncoming traffic. She was the innocenjt victim.

    Tyler: I will be asleep tonight at midnight. You can add the subject of racism to the Walmart noise issues for a LIVE debate in my front yard. IF you ever find the balls to show up.

  70. Bullshit Mark. Walmart is going to keep you up anyway. Don’t be pansy. Call me. And Antubert just told me the live remote will never happen because are a sack of lazy shit and can’t afford our promotion price.

    So fuck you.

  71. Sorry, child raping cocksucker (herein known as Mark Halburn). I can’t envy something that you don’t have. You’ve proved just how much of a gaping fucking vagina you are.
    And you DID blame the victims. Just because someone didn’t die (the driver) doesn’t mean that they weren’t traumatized by YOUR FATHER KILLING A PASSENGER IN THEIR CAR.

    Stick that up your asshole, child raper.

  72. So, what Mark is trying to say is that his father killed a woman?

    We knew that!

    Mark, you better release a statement on your website about this issue, you wouldn’t want anything to soil your good name and reputation as a respected reporter in Putnam County would you?

  73. Tyler:

    I don’t pay promotion rates for debates. You want to talk to me, do the live debate that you asked for. Put up or take down this blog and cancel your show. It’s an opportunity to prove you have integrity.

    Lenny scumstain: People that properly care about their passengers don’t make unsafe turns. You should go ride with them. They have room for you now!

  74. Mark,
    You don’t pay for anything. You are a gaping wound on the skin of America. I gave you once honest promo package quote to help promote you “news site” and to give your side of the story.

    This was never about a debate between you and me. I just said I would host it on air. You took it to your front yard and you still shied away from debating at least three people now.

    So again, fuck you.

  75. Mark? I saw your post in the spam, which is where all of them go and have been going since May. You can stop now. I am no longer interested in what you have to say. Been fun. Now go fuck off.

  76. Mark “Child Rapist” Halburn:

    Your father was unfit to drive. He KILLED A WOMAN. And you blame the victim? Fuck you you fucking child raper. You’re the fucking scourge of the earth.

  77. He’s from LA… probably ought to type it in Spanish, but his racist views of non-English speakers would show, again…

  78. Annoying, when I worked with you at WQBE you were a bitter, fat, annoying, ignorant slob. Obviously nothing has changed. Halburn provides a service to Putnam County. He buys ads and creates jobs. Get a fucking life.

  79. Johnny- name one ad Halburn has bought, or one job he has created outside his family. Just one. Name and location please, for verification purposes.

    I am guessing “Johnny” found a new ISP to post from…

  80. Ought to be relatively easy – how many people named “Johnny” worked with you at WQBE? My guess is the real one has no idea his name is being used for this.

  81. Wow imagine that someone who’s never posted here before taking up for mark when marky himself is blocked…hmm hello Putnam Johnny how ya been fatass

  82. Halburn can’t HOLD a job, much less create them.
    And the only ad he’s bought has been that powerpoint presentation he ran for a week on a low power TV station that no one watches.

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