The Bad Side Returns

Bringing back the Bad and bringing the heat…

…LIVE.  Monday, June 21st, 2010

Tonight at a special time.  10PM EST!  Tyler returns with his story of his Internet fiasco that kept him off air for nearly three weeks.  Plus, he has a few harsh words for Joran van der Sloot.  Tune in.  Find out.

Bad Side…LIVE can be heard on TalkRadioX, 1.FM, KTRX 1650 AM, The Mighty.  99.9 KQRO in North Dallas and on Detour Talk, covering the Knoxville, Johnson City and Kinsport area’s of Tennessee and Bristol, VA!

16 thoughts on “The Bad Side Returns

  1. Hey Paul. You can visit and click the Listen Live button. We have both high and low bands (for different internet speeds) and your default player will automatically open.

    If that doesn’t work, head over to and look for us on the listing. We c an also be searched on Windows Media Player, iTunes and some other places.

  2. Paul:

    You can’t hear Tyler on the air in Charleston. He’s on a low power AM in Texas. I think you can hear that one five feet from the tower. My mini-fridge light bulb probably has more power.

    BTW, you can hear Tyler when he bothers doing a show. He’s been doing re-runs lately. And if you want to watch re-runs, the I Love Lucy re-runs are more exciting than Tyler’s re-runs! Even when you’ve seen them 50 times!

  3. :;chuckles:: Don’t listen to the douchebag , Paul. Mark is stuck in the 90’s. Yes, some of our terrestrial stations are low power but we do have fans that actually tune in on the actual radio.

    The real impact we have is our broadcast site on the Net. That’s more powerful than any station mark has ever been on. Mark’s just jealous because he’s never been effective on air and can never even hope to me as good as me, and that just depresses him.

    Fan note: We’ve had several listeners chime in that they have those new WiFi Internet Radios. You can find some great deals but one that comes highly recommended is the Aluratek Internet Radio. You could search Amazon and get a better deal than the actual site. If you want the feel of listening to a radio, this is the way to go!

  4. Tyler:

    When you get on the air in LOS ANGELES and broadcast a news story such as the SPACE SHUTTLE CHALLENGER EXPLOSION on a LOS ANGELES radio station in MORNING DRIVE… get back to me. Yes, that is EXACTLY what I did. (January 28th, 1986) A REAL NEWS STORY in a REAL MARKET on a REAL POWERFUL FM RADIO STATION! And, you can’t “broadcast” on the Internet. You need a BROADCAST LICENSE and TRANSMITTER tower to BROADCAST!

  5. ::chuckles::

    No ya don’t. You are ignorant and unwilling to see the future. It started with wedcasting, Mark. A webcast is a media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Essentially, webcasting is broadcasting over the Internet.

    It is the wave of the future and it will leave your ass behind because you don’t think it’s viable.

    Oh, congrats on covering the Challenger explosion. You and the 20 million other broadcasters did a fine job that day.

  6. And what do you do now, exactly? Oh, yes. You’re a mostly unemployed, lazy fuck who runs a website he calls “news.” Your life path is awesome.

  7. Tyler:

    Thanks for the congrats. Except that you WERE NOT one of the broadcasters that covered Challenger, and YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ON THE AIR IN LOS ANGELES!

    Yes, I think Internet streaming is a great idea. But it is NOT broadcasting!

  8. ::chuckles and shakes his head:: You really are a moron. #1, I never said I was ever in LA covering the Challenger explosion. I wasn’t even in radio at that point, doofy. I was 21 and puttin it to three chicks a day at that point. I probably didn;t even hear about it until I rolled off one and clicked the remote’s green button.

    I never said anything about broadcasting in LA for any radio station. but, you are wrong about me not being on air in LA. I have 4 listeners that I know of that tune in from there. So bite me.

    And yes it is.

  9. And just what happened to that radio gig there Mark? I mean, with the credentials you post all over the net, you should be hosting your own show on 580 WCHS or something… call up and demand Hoppy move over for you, since you broadcast NEWS in LOS ANGELES!

  10. Tyler:

    Wow… You have FOUR listeners in Los Angeles, a market with 18-plus MILLION people… And your “show” airs during PRIME TIME on the west coast. Break out the electron microscope to search for Tyler’s audience.

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