Exposing The Publisher #5

What follows is #5 in the hard hitting series of Exposing The Publisher.  This week, guest writer Lenny B takes her shot at “The Publisher” as she tackles his latest pet peeve, county pools.  Keep in mind folks, this rant fueled article no doubt stems from his conviction of trespassing at a county pool that was upheld recently.  I now hand things over to Lenny.

By the way, I am calling this one;

Swimmin In The Deep(shit) End

All across West Virginia, Mountain State residents are enjoying their summers. Some are biking, others are hiking, more are fishing, and some are swimming in county pools.

Lenny’s Response: And some are sitting on their fat asses, with a handful of cheetos, masturbating into a sock and bitching about what everyone else is doing…

But not in Putnam County. Once a sparkling relief from the summer heat and humidity, the County Pool, in Eleanor, is now a crumbling eyesore, a symbol to the mismanagement that has badly hurt our county in recent years.

Lenny’s Response: You willing to pay for it, fatty? Because all these “improvements” you want cost money. It doesn’t just come from nowhere. Money has to be wasted on frivilous lawsuits from douchesacks like you.

Please take a close look at the photo above this editorial. Not only is the County Pool falling apart, it isn’t even covered and secured. A kid, or a vandal could scale the fence and plunge into a 10-foot concrete hole, injuring him or herself, then turn around and sue Putnam County for negligence-costing taxpayers.

Lenny’s Response: Or an obese blogger who lives in a shitty blue house might think he’ll go for a swim and enter through the side gate, then make case after case against the city along with libelous commentary about city officials.

Again, mismanagement

Lenny’s Response: Again, you’re a douche.

But this is nothing new. For several years the current Parks and Recreation Commission has been mismanaging our pools. Here are the lowlights: (From a lowlife!)

  • First they fired award-winning Parks and Recreation Director Cordie O. Hudkins-and used a Cabell County resident, Dennis Prisk, who should have been dismissed from the commission instead of being allowed to vote. Putnam County Commissioner Raymond “Joe” Haynes arrogantly tried to defend Prisk’s stay on the board despite a West Virginia law that clearly states Prisk should have been “disqualified.”

Lenny’s Response: It’s less likely that you’re pissed because Hudkins was fired – which was probably just house cleaning after a change in the local political climate. 7 of 11 commission members voted on his termination. He wasn’t popular. Sucks to be him. On to Prisk… WHY should he be disqualified? Because of where he lives? Details, asswipe. Remember your 5 W’s when writing – you’re trying to make your case here, and you just look like even more of a crybaby asshole.

  • Just a short time later, Waves of Fun was closed on Labor Day Weekend Sunday. Commission President William “Bill” Byus blamed lifeguards who he said had all returned to college and weren’t available for the weekend. Miraculously, they returned 24 hours later to work on Labor Day. Byus didn’t show up at the next commission meeting to explain that turn of events.

Lenny’s Response: There are certain numbers of people who have to be staffed to run a water park. For SAFETY reasons. You can’t just have one or two lifeguards for a place the size of Waves of Fun. It’s possible that a large number of lifeguards did return to college and were unable or unwilling to work that weekend. It happens in every business. You wouldn’t know, because you don’t have a business, but it does happen. It’s possible that there were enough lifeguards pulled from other pools to cover labor day. Again, it’s none of your business who called out and why. Seriously. NOT YOUR CONCERN.

  • A few years ago, Waves of Fun was temporarily closed by the Putnam County Health Department because of high bacteria levels. We are told it was the first time in Waves of Fun’s history that the pol had to be closed.

Lenny’s Response: And? This happens in larger water parks, public pools, etc. If you’d rather be violently ill, go ahead, dive right in. They were doing what was right for public safety. Again, go fuck yourself.

  • Then there was the time when County Pool’s manager falsely accused Putnam(BLOB).com’s Publisher, Mark Hallburn, of Assault and Trespassing when he paid full price top swim in the pool during posted business hours. He was acquitted after it was revealed that the pool was rented out for a private party later in the day and the manager wanted to use staff to clean the facility.

Lenny’s Response: And there was this time, not long ago, where you were RIGHTLY accused, and CONVICTED of trespassing in a Kanawha County pool. YOU, Mark Halburn, are convicted. Who gives a shit about you paid, city and county parks can be rented out for private functions, as well. A city is a business, a county is a business, a pool is a business within a business that makes money for the city or the county. If a business needs to be closed early to make accommodations for a private party, so be it. That’s THEIR concern. Let’s say I own a restaurant, and I have my hours posted as 10am to 9pm, and I decide that I am going to accept a higher paying private function, but I have to close at 5pm to prepare my space for it, I’m going to do it. Your $4 that you would pay for a sandwich is less of a concern. Yes, you paid, but if you’re still sitting there eating it at 5:30, I’m going to ask you to leave. If you refuse, you bet your ass I’m calling the cops. Of COURSE they use staff to clean the facility. Do you expect them to not clean it out after having a giant piece of shit like you floating in the water?

  • We are still waiting for the “inside job” robbery to be solved at County Pool. Between $800 and $1,200 was stolen, according to a police report. Retired Eleanor Chief of Police John Fleck told PutnamLIVE.com that only an employee would know where the money was kept-in a safe that was unlocked. Why was the safe unlocked? Why was the money not deposited in a bank? Why weren’t there secured receipts accounting for just how much money was stolen? Because of mismanagement.

Lenny’s Response: No. It could be because people are dishonest. Especially people who are getting paid shit money to deal with assholes like you. It may not have been in a safe, but grand scheme of things, it’s not a lot of money. Generally county run operations make only a couple hundred dollars a day, if that. Because of their low revenue they may only be doing deposits once or twice a week. Will they do things differently now? Probably. Will they be locking their safe that keeps the change they need as a day to day operating fun? Yeah, most likely. Is it any of your business where they keep their money? Nope. Not at all. Try again, fatso.

  • Haynes, Byus, and Williamson turned away a $250,000 grant to build a kiddie pool at Waves of Fun. The lame excuse was that Parks and Recreation could not afford the matching grant money. However, PutnamLIVE.com has repeatedly pointed out that the Good family home and adjacent properties on the fringe of Valley Park could have been sold to match the grant. Additionally, no fundraising was tried before the cowardly commission threw in the towel and robbed Putnam County’s children of the kiddie pool. People that mistreat children should not be in public management positions.

Lenny’s Response: It’s unlikely that the fringe properties would be worth anywhere NEAR $250k. Just like your house isn’t worth the free trees you planted in the front yard, someone has to want to buy it. Without the grant money matched, they can’t accept it. You’re not writing a check for $250k. Hell, you’re not even paying taxes, you worthless fuck. But you want everything for everyone. While we’re talking about mistreating kids… your friend Troy is an asshole. The city not being able to afford a pool? Not mistreatment. No one was robbed, and certainly not you.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out that when pools are closed to the public aren’t bringing in admission fees which could be used for proper maintenance. But no one will ever accuse Andes, Byus, Haynes, Williamson and the Parks and Recreation Commissioners of being Rocket Scientists.

Lenny’s Response: Making a couple hundred dollars a day, having to pay for water, chemicals, security, life guards, management… it’s not going to be supported by a handful of people using a pool each day at $4 a pop. And no one would ever accuse you of being a rocket scientist… hell… no one would accuse you of being a decent human being.

In a state known for its obesity, Putnam County officials should be doing back flips off the 10-meter board to encourage exercising. Instead, they have done everything they can to destroy the pool system, including the destruction of the Eleanor pool.

Lenny’s Response: Eat less, move more. There are plenty of people in WV who are NOT obese. The problem is that people make choices of what to put into their bodies. With such an impoverished area, people fuel their bodies with cheap food, carbs, fats, sugars… instead of eating healthy food that fuels their bodies and is sustainable. Stop tossing back the double cheeseburgers and 55 ounce vats of Jolt Cola and go take a fucking walk. Eat less, eat healthier, move more, lose weight. Simple. Your weight problem is not because the pool is closed.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Current Parks and Recreation Director Scott W. Williamson wants to build an indoor aquatic center that can be used year-round. That’s a great idea that has been implemented for decades in towns across America. (Which shows how behind Putnam County “leadership” is.)

Lenny’s Response: Most of their time is spent dealing with your bullshit. It’s hard to drive a car when you constantly have to turn around and yell at the kids to stop kicking the seats.

However, before Putnam County taxpayers shell out the estimated more than $1 million to build an aquatic center, we need better managers. Smart people don’t hand keys to a Ferrari to someone that just totaled the Pinto. So Andes, Byus, Haynes, Williamson, and the rest of the Putnam County Parks and Recreation Commissioners need to resign. We need a new management team. A team that understands that county swimming pools are a resource of the people to be cared for, not abused.

Lenny’s Response: Kill yourself. Seriously. You need to resign from life. It’s just something else for you to bitch about while you sit in your broken down $19 WalMart office chair, one cheetos stained hand in your jockeys, and the other hand holding the magnifying glass. Smart people don’t keep doing the same thing and try to convince yourself the results will be different. In fact, that makes you crazy. And I know, you’re already certifiable. But there is no need for Andes and Co to resign. They were voted into office, and there are more people who think they are doing a fantastic job than there are of you, who thinks they are not doing such a good job. Again, you throw abuse out there, but there is no abuse. Not having funds to maintain a pool is not abusive. Get a dictionary.

141 thoughts on “Exposing The Publisher #5

  1. Lenny, you deserve a round of applause for this one. I wish that I had the same way with words that you do. Fantastic.

    Cheetos hand in jockey and mag glass in the other. HEHEHEHAWHAWHAW. Damn, my ribs hurt from laughing reading this. All for an unfamouse TURD! Someone, quick, jiggle the handle, maybe it will go down. Oh hell, that is troys job, if he could get dukes head out of his ass.

  2. Bravo Lenny!

    Putnam County already has an indoor aquatic center that can be used year-round. It’s called the YMCA. Except you have to belong to use it, shithead. That costs money.

    And that pool in Eleanor didn’t just fall apart in the last 4 or 5 years. It was obviously neglected while your buddy Cordie Hudkins was in charge for it to be in such bad shape now.

  3. Because all these “improvements” you want cost money. It doesn’t just come from nowhere.

    It’s a shame Putnam County wasted $3000 on TroytheGreat

  4. No, that’s you and your shtick,Troy. We’ve all heard your call ins to radio programs. It’s old news. 9/11 is over.

    By the way, i could have saved Putnam County some $3000. One needle, some air and a vein. That would have taken care of their pesky child abuser problem.

  5. Oh please enlighten me to Putnam County’s Child Abuser Problem. I don’t know of any kids that are victims of child abuse in Putnam County. I’m sure there are some though… in trailer parks and such.

  6. Oh please enlighten me to Putnam County’s Child Abuser Problem.

    I enlightened you to the problem you asked about. You are the one that booted the answer.

  7. There is ZERO proof that 9/11 WAS NOT an inside job. But this isn’t about 9/11. That’s old hat. You’re the one holding on to your delusions that the government couldn’t ever possibly lie to you or sacrifice it’s citizens for evil…

    And the little matter of $3000 spent by Putnam Co? Money well spent. For 20+ days, no one had to deal with your bullshit, and your kids could sleep at night without fear of being ASSAULTED and PUBLICLY HUMILIATED by their “father”.

  8. Troy is a bit upset. It seems that his little wife has to work at CAMC to make ends meet, also, no one else would hire his retarded ass, so he begged his daddy for a job, and daddy gave him one.

    Turnpike Chevrolet has a program much like Prestera, a company in Charleston, WV that gives jobs to retarded adults, among other services, like have them sweeping up puke in a school cafeteria. Turnpike Chevrolet let Troy Sexton, a retarded adult, have a job for tax breaks. That’s why you see Troy play with his little camera and make his little videos in his own office instead of doing actual work. The people at Turnpike know he’s a full-fledged retard, so they just let him play in his own poop, jerk off in their latest model cars, and ask the female employees if he can touch their leg.

    Troy’s main goal is to get the Special Olympics to host a baseball game for all his little retarded friends. There you’ll see Troy in his LA Dodger beard and uniform, swinging his wiffle bat and drooling all over home plate.

  9. You’re Momma’s so fat..blah blah blah.

    Does it somehow make you losers feel better about yourselves to say stuff about other people that is in no way, shape, or form true?

    Troy the Great is better than you. His kids are better than you. His life is much better than yours. He’s smarter than you. He has the means to do things you wish you could.

    And lies by anonymous Internet freaks will never change that.

  10. And the little matter of $3000 spent by Putnam Co? Money well spent. For 20+ days, no one had to deal with your bullshit,

    That was after the fact you paranoid, terrorist sympathizing, twit.

  11. “Lenny” How does it feel to be the lackeyof a wife beater and two dumbass commissioners? Why don’t you ask to be on the parks and rec commission? They broke the law to allow Prisk to be on the commission when he lived in Cabell County, they will do it for you. But you would have to pull your head out of their backsides long enough to vote!

  12. “Lenny”

    The editorial clearly states that Prisk should have been “disqualified” under state law.

    Here is Cordie Hudkins’ response to your ignorant rant:

    Trash Blogger Is Ignorant About Pool Issues
    1. The previous Park Commission was told by me that the pool at Eleanor had
    a life expectancy of 3 more years. This was said in 2007. I asked for money
    to hire an engineer to evaluate the pool and develop cost estimates for it’s
    replacement. This was shortly before our budget was slashed by the County
    Commission. When Joe Haynes, Dennis Prisk, et al replaced the Park
    Commissioners, I reiterated my request for money to hire an engineer to develop
    phase one plans so that we could seek an LWCF grant to replace the Eleanor
    Pool. My request was ignored.

    2. As a writer, Lenny is the quintessential example of floccinaucinihilipilification.

    Cordie O. Hudkins, Jr.
    Former Putnam County Parks and Recreation Director
    Scott Depot

  13. The thing is, I could care LESS if anyone verifies it. Go for it, Lee, give ’em a call. I have Cordie’s number, and I can share it with you… the thing is… I could really give a shit less, is the funny part.

    And here’s why. 1) it would mean that my blogging about Mark’s lies bothered him enough to cry baby over to a former (key word) public official. 2) Mark is butthurt enough to make up a letter about me. I must have really gotten his goat. Mission accomplished. 3) I’m more respected in Putnam Co than Mark is. And fuck… I don’t even live there.

  14. “Lenny”

    I found the word at Websters.com. And Cordie contacted me-and sent me the letter. And the fact that you don’t live here and are obsessed with me and Putnam County indicates that you need help. Lots of help.

  15. websters.com redirects to dictionary.com – which has some user submitted content.

    m-w.com – the official website for Mirriam Webster’s dictionary, does not recognize the word. The only other place to find this word is… surprise… user submitted content at wiktionary.

    I have all the help I need. I fully suggest you check yourself into a mental health hospital. You are obviously delusional.

    Also – I call bullshit on Cordie contacting you. But again, I could give a fuck about contacting him. The fact that you’re so mentally deficient that you can’t stay away from Tyler’s blog? You are obsessed with me.

    So… when are you doing a travel feature to my hometown?

  16. I love it how Halburn tries to tell someone they’re obsessed with him, he flatters himself way too much.

    Of course, no one is making any trips to Grace Dr. in Hurricane, WV to his home or workplace to “stalk” him…

  17. “Lenny” Cordie has a history of writing Letters to the Publisher at http://www.PutnamBLOB.com. It goes back long before you started your unwarranted and unsolicitated attacks on me. You can read them in the archives. He also has written letters to the CN editors.

    No other travel feature to DC is planned. Cincy is on the list as is Charlotte, Savannah, and some WV parks. No trip is planned for Williston, Vermont, either.

    As for trips to Grace Drive, GOW published the photos that she took in front of businesses next to Grace Drive when she and her Dumbshit Diva friend were apparently stalking me.

    Tyler is still invited to the live debate in our front yard-at no charge to him.

  18. The best part of that letter, really, is the publisher’s note.

    Quote: However, we only publish authentic letters with legitimate names.

    Little less than honest, Crisco. In fact, a year ago, you ran about six completely fake letters to the fatsack. Or did you forget about those?

  19. dictionary.com, which is where websters.com redirects to… supports USER SUBMITTED CONTENT. Fuck you very much. Fake word. Fake letter.

  20. Hey Mark? You better step up the pace here. The Jesse Jane post is kicking the snot out of you the last few days.

  21. I do see that tub-o-lot has now went defensive and has published another made up letter. One of these times he is going to do that to someone and it is really going to piss them off. Then tob-o-lot is going to find himself in court explaining his KFC ass out of that one.

  22. Wow. Really? I’m fake because I don’t post my legal name with comments on the internet? Well, that makes me and about 99.8% of the rest of the internet. It’s called a “username” and there’s no requirement that it matches my legal documents. Besides, I don’t need a douchebag like you stalking me, too. You stalk Jacque enough already.

  23. Lenny, turd-o-lots is just jealous. Just like abusie-boy and du-chay! Just give them hell Baby! Yep, I changed their names. These seem to fit better!

  24. So, does the publisher of PutnamBlob.com have copies of driver’s licenses and addresses, and phone numbers for verification, of Mr. Hudkins, Mr. Manchin, et. al., for the letters he received? I am guessing no… though we’ll never know since this question will be ignored (as are all others he is asked… fear of the truth does that I suppose…)

  25. “No other travel feature to DC is planned”

    But you DO plan to travel to DC don’t you, fucknozzle?
    What kind of “feature” is it this time?
    Media expose? Sports? Government intrigue?
    Stalking season doesn’t open there until fall.

  26. Was rather interesting he felt the need to specify that it wasn’t for a travel feature, which means he’s going over there for something.

  27. Mark- you had no issue posting my name and address as a “Letter to the Publisher” last year… remember, the one you plagerized off Andy’s forum? You are the joke and a fake/fraud, bubba…

  28. You had no problem posting a “Letter to the publisher” that I sent in, under a fake name.

    Your logic has more holes than a sieve.


    By this post I am giving you notice that this message board is being used for libelous, damaging and false statements that are written to injure individuals by disgracing them.

    Because you have been notified of these defamatory comments, you are no longer shielded by the court decision in C(H)UBBY, INC. V. COMPUSERVE, INC. You can have your attorneys brief you on your responsibilities under this court decision.

  30. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


    Damnit. I just shit my pants, laughing. Keep dreaming, fat boy. A notice from you doesn’t mean shit. A notice from any lawyer representing you, doesn’t mean shit. A note from Barak “The Long Legged Mack Daddy” Nobama doesn’t mean shit.


  31. Chubby vs Compuserve. Sounds like something tub-o-lot filed.

    Tyler, another name for BO, the “ultimate almighty muslim messiah.”

  32. What is he going to do? OFFICIAL NOTICE my ass. Truth hurts tub-o-lot!

    Can I expect a suit too? Damn, it will give me something to do, but first we will have to find a court that will let him grace its’ building.

  33. Yep, we’ve officially noticed you’re an asshole!

    There you go practicing law without the proper authority again. When did you pass the bar exam? What state? What were your scores?

    Oh, you didn’t? Fail.

    You fail at life. Kill yourself, asshole.

  34. Where to start…
    wait… there’s only one thing you need to know here…

    Given the established facts, the court determined that a trial was unnecessary and granted summary judgment in favor of CompuServe for all claims.

  35. ::ding:: Point for Lenny at the double post (those are encouraged here at It’s A State of Mind.

    ::ding:: Point for Lenny for pointing out the outcome of that case.

    ::ding:: Point for Lenny for having a nice rack.

    Lenny 3 Mark 0 and it’s only 10:24AM

  36. Have your attorneys brief you on why this is a moot case.
    Plus it only applied to ISPs anyway.


    By this post I am giving you notice that you are a willing participant in this and other message boards and have ample opportunities to defend yourself.

    In addition the truth is an absolute defense. You may not like what we’re saying, but it’s all true. Plus, your general reputation is so bad that you’re libel-proof. No court would have anything to do with you. Unless of course, you get arrested for something again.

  37. Let’s discuss the difference between truth, opinion and libel.

    Truth: Mark Halburn was arrested for and convicted of trespassing at a Kanawha county pool.

    Opinion: Mark Halburn is a whiny asshole.

    An example of a statement that could be considered libelous: Mark Halburn raped and murdered a five year old boy in 1990.


    Now that we all know the difference, it’s easy!

  38. Lenny, and how do we know that the last one is not true. Maybe not murdered, but ……………. hahahaha :crash: just fell out of the chair. I do be OK, hahahaha

  39. more points for Lenny

    :ding: First truth, everybody knows it happened.
    :ding: Second is also a truth. Damn asshole!
    :ding: Third, well, well know he is a pervert, don’t know about the comment. We will give this one to her just for bringing it up.

    So the score now stands at Lenny 6, Tub-O-Lot 0.

  40. Can we figure out something to get him arrested for? Just being a nuisance, pervert or just a headless dick does not count. We need something really good. Any dirt out there?

  41. Chubbag doesn’t have the balls, or the money…to file any sort of lawsuit. He’s a big fat cryass and his fat wife is a guttercunt.

    Your “lawsuits” are as fraudulent as your website. We all know you’re not going to do shit. You might call the cops in the state where Lenny lives because someone hurt your vagina.

  42. I’m still waiting for the cops to come knocking on my blog because of the last time ol’ fat-full got butthurt over a comment I made.

    The truth stings doesn’t it, Mark?

  43. What are some examples of libelous and non-libelous statements?
    The following are a couple of examples from cases; note the law may vary from state to state. Libelous (when false):

    * Charging someone with being a communist (in 1959)
    * Calling an attorney a “crook”
    * Describing a woman as a call girl
    * Accusing a public figure of unethical conduct
    * Accusing a father of violating the confidence of son


    * Calling a political foe a “thief” and “liar” in chance encounter (because hyperbole in context)
    * Calling a TV show participant a “local loser,” “chicken butt” and “big skank”
    * Calling someone a “bitch” or a “son of a bitch”
    * Changing product code name from “Carl Sagan” to “Butt Head Astronomer”

    Since libel is considered in context, do not take these examples to be a hard and fast rule about particular phrases. Generally, the non-libelous examples are hyperbole or opinion, while the libelous statements are stating a defamatory fact.

    Mark, please have your attorney bring you up to speed on what libelous statements are, and have him/her read your “editorials” and “stories” pertaining to Hurricane/Putnam County politicians. Or, if you’d like, post your attorney’s name, along with the case number of any lawsuits filed in Putnam County Circuit Court against this or any other blogs, so I can brief my attorney on appropriate responses and/or countersuits.

    Also, I’d prefer you not use my name on your blog again, unless it is to give proper accreditation for legitimate news stories (like the Sheetz and McDonald’s information). Please refrain from lifting comments I post on blogs and publishing them as ‘Letters to the Publisher”.

  44. “Harry” I looked up the word you used (referring to your letter) “plagerized” and it does not exist. Please speak Englisg. Your claim about a Scott Depot Sheetz is false. I have spoken to Sheetz management and the Putnam County planning department. ZSheetz has not made any commitments there. The Winfield McDonalds is not closing because of the bridge. It is being remodeled and will reopen.

  45. Mark – I looked up the word you used (referring to language) “Englisg” and it does not exist. Please speak English. Your claim about being a journalist is false. I have spoken to your wife and son. They both hate you and wish you would die in a fiery accident. “ZSheetz” is also not a word. Your website should be closed down because it’s a piece of shit. You are a thief and a liar and no one in this world likes you.

  46. I speak perfect English. I spell better than you, too. Need I point out (again) your spelling errors? Or, have your “editorial board” do a better job of proofreading your blog entries. You’ll also need to print a retraction of your blog entries about Sheetz as well. I never said McDonald’s was closing for good. Just that it is closing. Stop grasping at straws trying to argue with me. You’ll lose every time, like now. And please apologize to me, here, for falsely publishing a “Letter to the Publisher” from me you lifted from Andy’s forum.

  47. Bullshit. You were up at 3:34AM because something pulled your pud enough to get you all worked up and pissed off it made you roll out of bed and kick the sleep apnea machine because it was making too much noise.

    Half asleep, you fire off a rambling response, filled with your usual typos you litter your comments (as well as your blog postings) with and then try and back track and say it’s a “commentary” on someone else’s typos? Screw you fat boy.

    By the way, thanks for the visit from Cinci. I’m sure your family appreciates it. How’s that “travel feature” comin?

  48. Local TBA spotters reported to me that Mark’s little shitsmear of a child was screaming and terrified of an indoor water park.

  49. The travel feature is doing well. We were at the Newport Levee last night and the Coco Key water resport yesterday morning. Zoo today, Reds game tonight, look for the whole article soon. And where did you steal that Virginia Beach aerial shot from?

  50. I took that during a helicopter tour back in 2004 when I visited Virginia Beach. Wanna buy it? I can blow it up into a nice 8X10 and frame it for ya.

  51. My misspelling of “plagiarized” was a commentary of the many spelling and grammatical errors in your blog. It also revealed, once again, your bigoted view of those who do not speak English.

  52. No thanks, Tyler, I take my own photos. And I don’t post six-year-old shots and forget to inform people that they are so old.

  53. Yeah, you “take” photos alright… you take photos that others own the copyright to and claim they are your own.

  54. Let me catch him taking pics of my kids and that will be the end of his photo taking career. You have to have hands to hold a camera.

    Hey, that might also stop him from fondling his twig in public too!

  55. Oh for shit’s sake, it’s called a user name. The rules of internet don’t require that I publish my legal name on anything. Fuck off, shitbritches.

  56. Lenny, he might have a hard, opps,
    soft time doing that!

    Well, he is a Fuck Off.
    That is what I call all
    leeches on society anyway!

  57. You know gang,
    I am really puzzled
    about something.

    We know that he says
    that he has a kid.

    Now, I have not seen
    his wife, but I am
    presuming she is as
    big as he is.

    There is no way,
    absolutely no way
    that he can see it.

    How did they make the
    little shit stain?

    Oh FUCK, that is not
    a visual that I want
    to see! GROSE

  58. Tyler:

    Why wasn’t your show on for several weeks? With the Internet accessible world-wide, there’s no excuse for leaving your audience for three weeks. Even I publish when I am on the road.

  59. Was that supposed to offend me? ::chuckles::

    It was called a vacation, dickhead. Since the CIC wasn’t going to have net, I planned an unannounced vacation from broadcasting since I have been on air, at least 3 times a week average, since 2002.

    Plus, I am not about to tear down the studio PC and cart it to some place that has a slower Internet feed, thank you very much. My listeners did just fine with replays and updates from other shows.

    And don’t even start with the lap top idea. Fucking things suck for sound quality, no matter how much you spend or how many sound cards you have. Only works if you got the EQ to go with it.

  60. ::shakes his head and chuckles::

    Nice try Mark. You are not baiting me. Not goin for it. Why don’t you go start up your Walblog again. You are like a month behind your bitching. Come on. Go ahead. Fire that puppy up and dance for me.

  61. The only thing tub-o-lot hits on is little girls and little boys. Fucking Pervert! Oh hell, I thought that was toy-boy’s job. Well, I guess you can “hit” both ways! LOL

  62. Tyler… I had it online for a few days… You snoozed… You lose! It’s been updated more than your phantom “show!”

  63. Tell the truth Mark. You had it up for a few minutes a few days ago and took it back down. You rambled on about the 25th because something pissed you off but then you realized “ah shit, these fuckers are going to get all over me again and I am a liar anyway.” and you took it back down.

    Speaking of which, on the 25th…weren’t you still in Cincinnati? According to my site meter you were…so how in the fuck did the noise at Walmart bother you in the Big C?

    By the way, how does it feel when I nail these situations to a T each and every time?

  64. Oh, the big pussy was afraid that we would make a comment that his KFC drugged vacuum head could not handle. Poor tubby!

  65. Welcome back Child Abuser. I see that you finally came up for some air! Better be careful though, Duck will take your twig away, that is if he can find it.

  66. I wouldn’t call it being obsessed with Halburn. Yes, we’re obsessed in ridding the world of some crazy sociopath, yes…we’re obsessed in calling him out on his lies, yes…we’re obsessed on exposing him for the fruitcake that he really is, and yes, we’re obsessed with him taking down his farce of a website and never again using the word “news” in a sentence…so if you call that being obsessed with Halburn, then yes, we are.

    However, we’re not obsessed with him as in actually going to his state or work place (well, his home, since he doesn’t actually WORK) and stalking him, or making a paper mache’ doll of his likeness and doing unnatural things to it.

    And I see you’re obsessed with posting on a board that has nothing to do with you, you racist, charity job having daddy’s boy! Still playing whack-a-mole with the kiddies?

  67. So……. you freaks agree you are obsessed with Mark Hallburn…. and sooo you bitch about him on the Internet. Great job loons.

  68. Shouldn’t you be abusing your kids right about now? Or continuing to lick Hallburn’s shit-stained taint?

  69. *yawn* Troy, you bore us. Don’t feed the troll, ya’ll. Perhaps he’ll go back to jail for beating his kids again when he realizes that no one gives a flying pigshit about him.

  70. Tyler… I had it online for a few days… You snoozed… You lose! It’s been updated more than your phantom “show!”

    Mark said this on June 27, 2010 at 11:05 pm | Reply

    Google last cached your site on June 22. Your little blog wasn’t online at that point. So, it’s been up within the last week. The only loser here… is you.

    Frankly, I don’t give a fuck about you or your whining, or your little shitsmear. He’s 2. 2 year olds get up before 7am because they go to bed at 7pm (at least ones that aren’t neglected). I wouldn’t be surprised if your little shitsmear was up gorging himself on dry spaghetti because he knows once it hits the table he’s not getting any because his piggo of a father is going to scarf it all down.

  71. “Frankly, I don’t give a fuck about you or your whining, or your little shitsmear….”

    Really? Really????

    Why don’t you do something productive with your time? Like start a campaign to free the innocent Khalid Sheikh Mohommed you 9/11 Inside Jobby Job belieiving, terrorist apologizing piece of shit.

  72. I see a comment there, but ” ط فاز اطفالي وانا غريب. شفقة لي بسبب طرقي الأحمق. أود أن نتظاهر لدي المال ، ولكن كل شيء في والدي. اسمي قندلفت تروي وأنا إرهابي.” is all it says, and I don’t read Arabic. Must be some terrorist empathizer from WV.

    Just ignore it, Harry, and it’ll go away. It’s like a dog that if you feed, it keeps coming back.

  73. Kahalid is counting on America Haters like you to get him set free.

    Now get to work Lenny Bernstein. Wake up the sheeple you freakin’ nut. Start rallies. Protests. Put an end to this injustice of KSM!!

  74. Instead of us taxpayers paying to keep that muslim ass Kahalid in jail, he should have been taken to the center of the NY Towers, and fed a diet of soft lead bb’s and exlax and let him slowly blow himself apart as he shit himself to death. Don’t forget one thing. Make sure that plug is very superglued in his ass.

    You know, that should also be the sentence for someone who abuses kids!

  75. Paul:

    Why are you fixated on those that abuse baby goats? I guess I love EWE is your favorite phrase! Paul’s place, where men are men and sheep are VERY SCARED!

  76. So Lura Jo Fisher should be put to death?

    Yep. That’s in her childs best interest. Thank God you people are just Internet dorks with no authority over anything.

  77. Clever, eh Tubbo? How’s that working out for you? Not very well, right? But then again, you are a supporter of child abuse and child abusers. You are in bed with TroyTheChildAbuser, both figuratively and literally. Way to recycle a joke that the world has been saying for decades. I mean, shit, I said that long before I even know what it meant.

    Proof again that Mark Halburn is a content thief. He can’t even be original with an insult.

    Mark Halburn (who may have raped and murdered a five year old boy in 1990) is the shitsmear on the underwear of America. I guess that makes TroyTheChildAbuser the corn in the toiler.

  78. Well Abuser, you might just be unaware of what kind of Authority I have in my area. Come on over in my section of the County and try some of your child abusing bullshit.

    By the way, who the hell is Laura Jo Fisher? If she is an abuser, then she has no rights in my eyes. Punishment should be swifty dealt.

    As for Tub-O-Lot’s comment, so you admitted that you and abuse-boy are now into goats. Are you going to involve du-chey in that circle too?

  79. Paul:

    Who is Laura Jo Fisher? There was a Lura Jo Fisher who was busted for allegedly abusing her own child. But Laura Jo? Don’t know her! But I hope that Laura Jo Fisher, whoever she is, sues you and “Tyler” for libeling her good name!

    And speaking of people that libel, where is the Lawrence County Libeler? Have not heard from him in quite some time! I hope he is in jail, or, better, DEAD! Either would be an improvement for our world!

  80. Paul, could you please be more specific? I would love to attempt my “child abusing bullshit” in your section of the County. Maybe you can confront me at the Putnam County Fair next week Internet tough guy.

  81. Yeah, where is that Lawrence County Libeler? That mother fucker owes me money! If the AIDS doesn’t get him, I will!

    Better be careful, Troy is a known badass…I know of a few kids he’s kicked the shit out of.

  82. Abuser-boy, Putnam County is out of my jurisdiction, but come on over into Kanawha County with your abuse and you won’t have the judge reduce your sentence on appeal. They, more than likely, will add time to it due to your arrogance.

    And just how can someone sue for libel when a question is asked? So what if I mispelled her name. I just caught the mistake myself. I do think that you had better take that kindergarden law degree you have and use it to wipe your ass. It sure has not helped you in a courtroom.

    As for being afraid of this child abusing supposed badass, naw, not quite, not even on a bad day.

  83. Well now, I know who Lura Jo Fisher is. Yep, she is in the same category as abuser-boy. After reading the report, yep, she needs the same treatment as described. A bitch like that does not deserve to have any children around her and her child should be definately taken away from her and placed in a better home. That child sure does not have a caring homelife where she is at!

    Satisfied, abuser-boy?

  84. Crisco said:
    ” I don’t post six-year-old shots and forget to inform people that they are so old.”

    Except for this one:

    that he ran in February.
    The picture? Taken at Sleepy Hollow during a speaking engagement for candidates running for election back in 2006.
    Did he inform anyone about the fact?
    What do you think?
    Fucking hypocrite.

  85. Mark, I would call you a ‘tard,’ but that really puts down those people.

    Yep, posting out dated pics looks like another ‘toasty nuts’ production. If you keep that up, abuser-boy and du-chey win’t have any playtoys.

  86. Ya know what kills me about Mark harping, nearly clinging with sweaty desparation about a six year old picture? It’s the fact I pulled a date out of my ass on that Virgina Beach picture.

    Mark? I have no idea how old the picture is…it was a stock photo sent to me by the Virginia Beach Small Business Association you doofus. Christ you are an idiot.

  87. I know it’s a four years old picture, asshole.
    You just made my point.
    Four years or six years.
    You’ve still deceived your readers.

    You’re a master a splitting hairs.
    I guess it all depends on what the meaning of is is, doesn’t it fatboy?

  88. Tyler: So it wasn’t even your photo. You ARE an idiot!

    “Mike” I never deceived anyone. I never dated the photo. It was mine to post, and I did. Tyler led us to believe that the VB photo WAS his and now admits it was sent to him AND that he doesn’t know when it was taken. And he misspelled the name of the state, Virginia.

  89. If old toasty nuts keeps splitting hairs like that, he may be able to make himself a bush. Something that he more than likely has not had for a long while! LOL

  90. Hey Mark? Nowhere in that post did I lead “us” to believe that picture was mine. I only led you to believe that because you are a fucking douchebag and I like making you batshit crazy.

    And I have never spelled Virginia wrong, peddie.

  91. You posted the photo in an article about Mike Hall as if the photo was taken at the meeting where Hall made the comments.
    That’s deceptive and no legitimate journalist would post a four year old photo without making note of the fact.
    But we’d expect no less from an unethical, lying piece of shit like you.

  92. 99% of the photos fatsacks uses aren’t his, either. 99% of them are stolen from Flickr and the likes. Like that pic of the Blue Angels, that State Park (name eludes me right now, but we called you out on it, fatty) and those icicles (the ones from Arkansas). And I’m sure many many more.

  93. 350k Mark ignores every other post to say Tyler did misspell Virginia, and tries to use that as his proof of something blah blah blah….

  94. I deleted Mark’s post by accident, but he pointed out the post in which I supposedly spelled Virginia wrong. Scroll back to July 7th at 10 PM and tell me I spelled that wrong.

  95. Oh, you did. Once, and then the second time it’s spelled correctly. Difference being: you’re a busy professional with little time on your hands to sit and type out responses, so you just type it on the fly, post n’ go.
    Fatsacks there has all the time in the world because he doesn’t even have a summer job, let alone a legitimate business to run. So his typos are unforgivable.

    I can’t wait for the day when he strokes out and CAMC’s entire staff is “on break” because no one wants to deal with his bullshit.

  96. “Lenny” the difference is that Tyler and I both have jobs and businesses and YOU have nothing to do but type trash!

  97. What?! Are you high? There is a huge difference between you and I, fatsacks. I own a business. Consult at another. Produce, engineer and broadcast my own radio show and run a blog site.

    You run a blog site.

    Difference between you and Lenny? Lenny has a job and gets a paycheck, is a an amateur photographer and has her own radio show project with a few others.

    You run a blog site.

  98. Oh yeah, hey Mark?

    I saw your letter to Brian Donat. You gonna alienate the folks at CAMC as well? Pretty soon you won’t be able to shop for goods, change your oil, have electricity, get police protection or medical care because no one is going to give a shit about you.

    I hear AEP is petitioning to have your residence removed from the “must provide” list so that you will be forced to pay for another counties service to be run to your little blue hovel.

    Good luck with that. Oh, and yeah, they’ll have to remove those trees you planted to put in a new service. Wow…guess you should have thought of some stuff in advance.

  99. Hey Mark? Go suck on some more chicken. You are the only shitbag that uses capital letters.

    If this is indeed Dan?

    Hey shitbag, I found this image here. Assumed it was public domain. Once I see it gone from there, maybe….juuuuusssst maybe I’ll take it off here.

  100. Well, after some help checking out all the particular’s, seems Dan here is on the up and up. All legit like. Mr. Reynolds is all hot and bothered that I didn’t buy his cartoon.

    For that, I’m sorry. I understand it’s his and all, but really, in this economy is anyone going to buy a cartoon off the net right now? No, they are going to troll the public images and copy and credit. I will say this, his comment did reveal to me that my hover tag has not been working so the Credit Line I have been adding hasn’t shown either. I’ll correct that until I have to remove it. (See posts above)

    Dan? Next time bro, just email me. By dipping to the douche bags level you really opened a door here…and closed another.

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