I Have A Dictionary

I use it quite often. However today I was quite surprised at what I found when I looked up the word Plagiarism.  Low and behold what do I see?

Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

Within academia, plagiarism by students, professors, or researchers is considered academic dishonesty or academic fraud and offenders are subject to academic censure. In journalism, plagiarism is considered a breach of journalistic ethics, and reporters caught plagiarizing typically face disciplinary measures ranging from suspension to termination. Some individuals caught plagiarizing in academic or journalistic contexts claim that they plagiarized unintentionally, by failing to include quotations or give the appropriate citation.

I’d like to say you could have knocked me over with a Q-tip but I’m not surprised that The Publisher’s picture is in the dictionary, associated with this word.  Here is just one of many examples found and exposed by Mike Balburn* over at PutnamLIES.com.  Please also note the bold text that has been highlighted.

Feel free to comment!

*Special thanks for Mike Balburn for the use of the picture.

31 thoughts on “I Have A Dictionary

  1. Tyler Hollywood is now deleting comments which prove his stupidity. HAHAHAHAHA

    Lets try again.

    Dallas Braden perfect game

    Roy Halladay perfect game

    Troy is known as the Great One because he’s is….GREAT.

    Tyler Hollywood just got his ass handed to him.

  2. Oh hell, Tyler, you should have knowm that that pic would be there. Everyone on the net now knows he cannot write one simple sentence without “Cut and Paste.”

  3. Is this what the world has come to now? One group of people obsessing over another?

    “Oh my god, they lie!”
    “Oh my god, he stole those words!”

    Fucking serious? No wonder we’re going to hell in a hand basket..

  4. Now look up the term libel. You might find portraits of “Mike Ballburn” and “Tyler Hollywierd” making false accusations over the use of a press release!

  5. Duke, you never make any sense above and beyond what a 12 year old would do. You have no clue why we do this. We keep tabs to keep people like Mark & Troy from making things worse and pushing us closer to hell in a hand basket.

    Then there are3 creeps like you that are apathetic emo shitbags that don’t give a fuck about our country and ethics but yet complain like the emo’s that they are.

    So fuck off.

  6. Hey shit for brains.

    No, not you Mark. You don’t even know the meaning of libel. No, I am talking to assipe.

    No, not you Duke. The other scumbag.

    Yeah, you Troy. I didn’t delete anything you brainless twit. I wasn’t around all evening as I have had better things to do than moderate. If you would stick to the one IP you were approved with, you’d be fine. Otherwise, I always have to moderate new comments. So fuck you. Scroll back and you will your links to your You Tube shitfests. I don’t give a shit about them, but I give you permission to post them.

    Did I delete anything? Yeah…the other two posts that mirrored the one I approved. I don’t need your spam here.

  7. It’s not libel if it’s true, shithead.

    Why don’t you show us what it was that was false about what we wrote.
    You took a press release and signed your name to it. That’s plagiarism. And it would get you fired at a legitimate media outlet.
    But of course getting fired would be nothing new to you either.

  8. Mike:
    You are having an orgasm over a draft that was published by mistake. Note the missing name of Ms. Ha;ll in the text. The finished product has her name, the publisher’s note, some editing of the release, AND the new opening. You say the draft was a “word-for-word” duplicate of the release. YOU LIE!

    Besides, news releases are MEANT to be republished, no strings attached.

    And what is your excuse for altering AND re-publishing three COPYRIGHTED cartoons from Cagle Cartoons? YOU are the DOCUMENTED content theif!

  9. Tyler/Mike”

    Publishing my mug shot is a VIOLATION of copyright law. Yhe WVRJA only allows mug shot publications by NEWS media. Your sites are only blogs! Therefore you are violating copyright law!

  10. before- press release stolen from MU website, with “publishers” name written as author of “article”


    after- “mistakenly published”, reworded, “news releases are MEANT to be republished”, yadda yadda…

    Once again, unethical Mark gets caught and backtracks. He’d have been a model employee for Oceania’s Ministry of Truth, as he’s mastered doublethink…

  11. News releases are not meant to be published with a byline of someone who did not write it.
    No reputable media outlet would allow a news release to be printed word for word with a byline on it. Unless the release is completely re-written, it runs as-is, attributed to the releasing organization.
    The ONLY thing different in your story was where the original said “Two students” you changed it to “A Putnam County student”.
    There’s no new opening. It is exactly the same as the one you first published.

    And the only thing you changed in your “revised” story was to insert the student’s name and finally give grudging credit to the source where you stole the story from.
    And you only did that after we hammered you for it.
    You’re a fucking thief, a liar and an unethical piece of shit Halburn.

    But they do get to go to DC so maybe you could go with them and do a little stalking while you’re there.

    And pictures? You wouldn’t believe the pictures we have of you fatboy. We’re watching you. The TBA is everywhere.

  12. “Mike” Why did you steal AND alter the copyrighted cartoons from Caglecartoons.com? YOU ARE A CONTENT THIEF!

  13. Mark:

    Define “news” and “blog”. Give examples of both, and differentiate between the two. Thanks.

  14. Maybe it’s because some fat, greasy, whiny, son of a bitch keeps calling Cagle?

    You’re the last fucking person in the world who should ever ask anybody about stolen material, you fuck.

  15. If Mark Sorsaia were a better prosecutor, Troy, you’d be having sex in jail rather than with Halburn.

  16. Man, I have to go to Wal-Mart. The lady wants to go to the Hurricane store. Somebody shoot me. I don;t think I could handle seeing Tubby tonite, much less the possibility of seeing a leech like Troyboy hanging from his ta-wig and du-chay with his head up tubby’s ass!

  17. Opps, I forgot, the great white snark is supposedly in Virginia Beach. I had a great trip to the store.

    Hopefully some whaler will come by and snag his ass off the beach.

  18. As you can see here, folks…Mark’s stellar community college education is coming in to play here, because he doesn’t know the difference between parody and theft.

    For the life of me, I just wish he would offer his amateur hour blog as a paper edition, because sometimes I run out of toilet paper…

  19. Paul – my source at the Founders Inn in Virginia Beach says that Fatty and the Fatsquad were there LAST weekend. My friend in a spa there says that doing a hot rock massage on Doeds was probably the most disgusting thing they have ever had to touch, and they were totally afraid of catching the poor after that experience.

  20. Paul – my source at the Founders Inn in Virginia Beach says that Fatty and the Fatsquad were there LAST weekend. My friend in a spa there says that doing a hot rock massage on Doeds was probably the most disgusting thing they have ever had to touch, and they were totally afraid of catching the poor after that experience.

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