Exposing The Publisher #4

For months, Mark Halburn has boasted that he doesn’t allow comments from readers on his site to prevent things like unsubstantiated attacks or false statements from appearing. He claims he doesn’t have the time to moderate these kinds of posts, so as long as that’s the case, readers will never truly have the chance to interact, respond or refute the publisher’s work.

Mark Halburn is self-serving, unscrupulous, unethical and an embarrassment to the thousands of hardworking men and women who call themselves journalists. The reason we do these posts is to pick through the lies, the half-truths and the garbage to show you exactly what Mark Halburn is all about — something you’d never get from reading only his news site.

So, we encourage you to please pass along these “Exposing the Publisher” posts to allow Putnam County residents to see that their self-proclaimed news leader is really the leader in telling outright lies.

Fact: Troy Sexton is an employee of Turnpike Chevrolet in Nitro.

Fact: Turnpike Chevrolet has been a banner advertiser of PutnamLive.com

Fact: Since that banner advertisement, no negative coverage of Troy Sexton has appeared on the site in original form. The only negative stories are simply links from other publications, and these links are buried to mislead the reader.

Fact: It has never been mentioned that Turnpike was/is an advertiser. This clear conflict of interest should have been stated up front in any positive article written about Troy Sexton. You’ll notice it’s not.

Fact: These are truths you’ll only read here.

Introduction by Flipper, the Editing Bottlenose

Article by Tyler Hollywood

SEXTON:  Report  Says  Children  Weren’t  Abused

“Troy Sexton has been saying all along that he never abused his children. It appears he is telling the truth. “

My Response: Are you high? There is nothing about Troy Sexton that I would want to get behind and support here. What is this “publisher” thinking by throwing his support behind a child beater with a crocked up disorder like Intermittent Explosive Disorder. That is a complete bullshit disorder, made up as an excuse for the criminally stupid.  He lost his temper and made a bad choice. You live with shit like that, not find a scapegoat. By the way, anyone I know that says they have this? Can leave the room now.

Shit stains.

“Sexton, who was convicted of multiple domestic battery charges after he pleaded no contest claims he is the victim of a “witch hunt” after he spoke out against an accuser at his sons’ football practice.”

My Response: Witch hunt my ass. He was witnessed picking one kid up by the ankle and carrying him like that and pushing the other one down to the ground. There was nothing to be accused of. He did it and was seen doing it! Witch hunt my ass.

Shit stain.

“I pleaded to keep my kids out of having to go to court,” says Sexton. “I was protecting them. I had no idea people would turn me into a ‘villain’ and that I would go to jail.”

My Response: Bullshit. You pled no contest because had you pled innocent, you’d end up in jail for much longer and you knew you were fucking guilty.

Shit stain.

“But Sexton did go to jail, for 30 days, then admitted he made harassing phone calls when he says his family was being harassed. (And served 20 days in jail, concurrently). He also is serving two years of supervised probation for his domestic battery convictions, something he is very critical and angry about.”

My Response: He should shut his whole and be happy he’s not in jail for two years. Sexton went to jail because he broke the law. He should be in jail longer for beating up his own kids. But no. We give these asswipes carte blanch with these stupid disorders and excuses. Doctors, lawyers, fake newshounds and child beaters should all be herded up and shot.

Shit stains.

“Through the process, Sexton has been made the target of many abusive comments on many Internet blogs-usually by anonymous bloggers.”

My Response: Fuckin right he has. He deserves it. He’s the one that wants to be a public figure. Posting incredibly boorish You Tube videos about his man crush on Joe Beimel and beating your kids IN PUBLIC!

I can’t say shit stain anymore. I’m being fined $25 bucks each time I say it.

“I made the phone calls,” confesses Sexton. “I fought back like any father would do.” He says there is a huge difference between chewing someone out on the telephone and being a child abuser.”

My Response: You made the phone calls because you don’t know when to shut your hole. By the way, yes, there is a huge difference in chewing someone out on the phone and being a child abuser. You did both! Beat your kids and then harassed the witnesses.

Shit stain. I don’t care anymore. Put it on my tab.

“So Sexton doesn’t claim to be an “angel.” And he has provided a copy of an official report, verified by PutnamLIVE.com, that says he didn’t abuse his children, so he isn’t a “devil” either.”

My Response: Umm…look at that report a little closer, Mr. Publisher. Oh, at least Sexton admits he’s not an angel, but you, Mr. Publisher, can do no wrong and your shit doesn’t stink. I beg to differ.

“That Children’s Protective Services report says that allegations involving two of his children were investigated and in each case, the child “WAS NOT ABUSED BY TROY SEXTON.” The report, posted above, used capital letters.”

My Response: Number one, you can’t even read that report on your fucking 1996 web site, Mr. Publisher. You purposely supplied a shitty copy. If you read that entire thing it shows some namby pamby didn’t want to pull the trigger on the word abuse because of some apathetic reason, or the fact he or she believes in this whole IED bullshit. If you read further, the risk of these incidences happening again with Troy are moderate. Not slim. Moderate. Now why state that if it wasn’t abuse of some kind. There is no gray area here and you fuckstains at CPS are ignoring that fact.

“CPS would not comment on the report, other than for verification, and was stunned that PutnamLIVE.com obtained a copy. “We don’t release those,” said a CPS employee who declined to be identified. “‘lease tell us you didn’t get that from us!’

We didn’t.”

My Response: Then where did you get it? No doubt they were very surprised to find out you had a copy. Did Troy give it to you? All in an effort to gain some sort of sympathy? Sympathy from a no talent hack that threw Sexton under a bus over at the TBA blogs? If not from Troy, how did you get the document, Mr. Publisher? Hmmm? It certainly wasn’t through any FOIA attempt. That’s not public. And I gotta say, for you to be publishing the document on your blog has got to be highly unethical. I hope you get busted.

“But while Sexton was cleared of abuse, the report does go on to say that the ‘Risk that abuse and/or neglect may occur in the future was also found to be MODERATE.’ “

My Response: Oh look. I think I just pointed out that very thing. How nice of you to notice that too. Troy? Bus. Bus? Troy.

Shit stain.

“It should also be stated that Sexton was not accused of abusing all of his children or his wife. He says there is a good reason for that.”

“I love my wife and children. I would never hurt them. I didn’t hurt them,” Sexton stresses. “This whole thing has been a nightmare. Someday I will tell the whole story. It’s scary what they put me through.”

My Response: We already know the story. What’s scary is Troy Sexton not sitting in some jail cell, awaiting to be popped in the bung hole by some cell block leader named Damian. Oh, and I have a feeling why he hasn’t been accused of abusing his other kid or his wife…

…he hasn’t been caught doing that yet.
::collective gasp::

Hey hey hey…just my opinion. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

“Even Putnam Circuit Judge O.C. “Hobby” Spaulding questioned the motives of law enforcement when Sexton’s wife’s home was searched even though police knew Troy Sexton was not staying there.”

My Response: S.O.P people. Standard Operating Procedure. Live with it, shit stains.

“I do get the feeling that it has turned a little, and the state is only doing this as punitive,” Spaulding said, in open court. Still, Spaulding sentenced Sexton to 30 days in jail, a major reduction from the six months previously imposed by Putnam County Magistrate Kimberly M. Blair-Caruthers.”

My Response: See? This is what kills me. This judge had no nutsack. Either that or Troy’s wife was under the judges desk messing up her lip stick. Fuck you, Spaulding. You are a politically correct pansy and shouldn’t be wearing a robe.

“Sexton says nothing can undo the jail time or the harassment that he has endured from his critics. All he wants to do is clear his name and enjoy the family that he was separated from. And, he may move out of Putnam County, because he doesn’t feel like he will ever be treated fairly. “The system hates me,” Sexton says.”

My Response: There’s a reason you are hated, you fuckstick. You beat your kids. You are borderline retarted too. And no, that’s not an excuse either in my book. You deserved more jail time, you deserve the harassment that you have been getting (because Lord knows you have done more than your fair share of harassing others) and you will never, ever clear your name. Not even with the help of some shit for brains blogger that thinks he is more than the waste of air he is.

86 thoughts on “Exposing The Publisher #4

  1. Is Tyler just an angry little man, or is he possibly dumber than Kim Blair? I honestly can’t tell, despite my superior IQ.

  2. Wow!!! This irate feller thinks pushing a kid down in football gear and picking up a kid by his ankle constitutes 2 years in jail.

    Hope this video of TroyTheGreat isn’t seen by the likes of such freaks.

  3. Holy shitballs!! It’s standard operating procedure to issue search and arrest warrants late at night at a home the person isn’t even at? Frightening ones wife and potentially ones children. Over a non-violent misdemeanor??

    Is this Tyler guy just making fun of the system or is he serious? Despite my superior IQ, I just can’t tell.

  4. “Doctors, lawyers, fake newshounds and child beaters should all be herded up and shot.”

    You angry, angry man. It’s not Hallburn’s fault he has a successful website with numerous advertisers and you don’t.

    Congrats to Mark on all his success.

  5. What these two shit for brains don’t realize is all these posts and comments are all made for one reason. Evidence.

  6. Troy? Or whomever you are? Can you do me a favor while you are at the library? Can you pick up a copy of “I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died” by Iris Galey and give it to your kids? They might want to confront that now instead of later.

  7. “What these two shit for brains don’t realize is all these posts and comments are all made for one reason. Evidence”


    That funnier than a person who thinks at least 2 years in jail is justified for pusjing down a kid in fottball gear and picking up another by the ankle.


    ::one can only imagine what percentage of Americans would be incarcerated with this guys looney worldview::

  8. What kind of evidence, other than to prove that both of them have vacuum in their heads. Hey dumbasses, I am referring to the head that sits on your shoulders, not the one that both of you play with since that is the only action you ever get.

  9. There should be only one sentence for male child abusers. Cut their nuts off with a very dull butter knife.

  10. Paul and his childish comments. Can I expect a your momma’s so fat joke shortly?

    Are you implying that a Father who mishandles a child, causing no injury whatsoever, no bump, bruise, etc… should have his testacles removed?

    If Paul is serious, I’ve stumbled into the land of dumb.

  11. I said child abusers you dumbass. You on the other hand should have recieved a minimum of 36 months for what you did.

  12. 3 years for pushing a kid down in football gear and picking up another by the ankle?

    Yep. This blog is definately in the land of cyber-stupid.

  13. The Statute: § 61-8D-3

    The Crime: Cause a child bodily injury or serious bodily injury or create a substantial risk of serious bodily injury or death.

    The Price: Bodily injury, one to five years; serious bodily injury, two to 10 years; and substantial risk of bodily injury or death, one to five years.

    Maybe you should stay in West Virginia, Troy. That is West Virginia’s child abuse law currently on the books. One of the weakest in a very weak American child abuse law system. It is scary to think that because of certain wording in a law, that a douchebag like Troy can get away with what many people view as child abuse, plain and simple. Also, Troy likes to boast he didn’t leave any marks. That doesn’t make a difference. Grabbing a kid like you did or pushing a kid like you did, in anger (which you did) is child abuse. No marks? What about the emotional ones, which none of these laws ever come close to addressing.

  14. Emotional scars??


    Lord forbid a parent spanks there child, not that I agree with that. Looney Tune Tyler apparently thinks the parent should go to jail. (Also, see above video….kid picked up by ankle and swirled around…oh my GOD the HORROR)

    And people like Tyler, who don’t have superior IQ’s like myself, fail to see the negative consequences of sending a parent to jail over a mishandling of a child. What benefit is it to the children to lose the income generated from the parent? What benefit is it to have to delve into the savings of the childrens future to keep the family afloat? Tyler all in all, is a dumb individual. Tyler should run for Putnam County Magistrate. And mostly, Tyler should STFU about situations he has no clue about. But then again, that what Trash bloggers do. Since their lives are so miserable, they think making fun of a successful man like
    Mark Hallburn, in some perverse way can bring joy to their pathetic existences.

    Basically…its just a case of the have nots being jealous of the haves.

  15. Maybe all parents who let their children play football should go to jail. All the pushing around, tackling, etc…. The potential for bodily harm …. ya know.

    Does Tyler have a vagina?

  16. Yes asshat, 3 years and you should get the privilege of being Queen Bitch to Bubba and Tyrone. They may teach you that abusing a kid is wrong! By the way, there is a difference in abuse and correction. A little correction never hurt anyone but their pride. Abuse is what you did, hanging by an ankle.

    You need a good backyard beating with a 2X4.

  17. I have to chuckle. Mark a sucess. Really.

    Maybe at being one of the biggest internet jokes around. Sorta like you, troyboy.

  18. Fucking A. I walk away from the internet and I come back to Troy “I beat my kids” Sexton having a one-man game of saltine on Tyler’s blog. This entire thread is being sent to CPS. Including your video. Good luck not getting anal raped.

  19. And the geek obsessed with Mark Hallburn comes thru with a 7th grade quip. Not a fat momma joke. But it will suffice.

  20. I see that Troy, the child abuser, apparently is not aware exactly what power CPS has. They have only been toying with your ass for now. A good verifiable call to CPS and the local gestapo will let you meet Bubba and Tyrone real fast.

    By the way, anybody can be more sucessful that your KDC Tub. All they have to do is wake up in the morning and go to work. That is something Tubby can;t says he does. There is a difference between us and Tubby. Tubby is a LEECH! A SUCKER of Mankind. Well, you should know that.

  21. cps might not be able to, but this guy. ray.herbert@courtswv.gov

    I’m sure he thought the video you made of him was hilarious.
    When are you going to make another?
    Is there no end to your stalking? Can’t you stop? Haven’t you realized you caused all the attention? Are you that stupid?
    Your just another x-con who hates the world. Doesn’t daddy give you enough allowance(you call a pay check)to shut you up? Don’t you even realize the video you just made could be considered Child endangerment. Stop abusing your kids by using them as pawns in your sick little game. Grow up for a change get your head out of your butt before it’s too late. Accept your punishment and MOVE ON.

  22. Yep. Sent it all to CPS. Child endangerment is a slippery slope. You don’t want people thinking you’re a child abuser? Stop abusing your children and then posting about it on the internet. Simple stuff. But apparently not that simple when you’ve got the brain roughly the size of a frozen pea.

  23. Sweet Jesus!! My paranoid twoofy twoof stalker is now scaring me. (Hope they have Internet access in the caves of Denver you freak.) Oh yeah…. FUCK CPS!!!

  24. One thing TroyTheGreat has learned over the past several months is that there are people out there that are pure evil. Just everyday folk…. pure evil.

    And I’d like to Thank Lennette for confirming what I’ve learned. Frankly, TroyTheGreat doesn’t care one way or the other if Lennette contacted CPS. But TroyTheGreat will take Lennette’s statement as truth.

    Now why would Lynnette do that? The answer is simple. Lennette is pure evil. Lennette, like Magistarte Blair and Jennifer Scragg don’t give a crap about TroyTheGreats children. Lennette, like those people would love to see TroyTheGreat seperated from his children which would be devastating to the children.

    Because Lennette is pure EVIL, she/it would call CPS out of pure spite, not concern.

    TroyTheGreat has learned that people like Lennette and TroyTheGreats in-laws are just miserable people who want others to be miserable. They are pure EVIL.

  25. What you mean, serial abuser, is “Kudos to Mark for quoting me in a story that has absolute fucking nothing to do with me.”


    “You may recall that Blair sentenced Troy Sexton to six months in jail for child abuse after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges in connection to an incident at his son’s football practice. Putnam Circuit Judge Orville C. “Hobby” Spaulding reduced Sexton’s sentence to 30 days. Sexton has since been critical of Blair and was stunned to learn that she dismissed the children’s exposure to meth charges.”

    So now you’re a fucking quotable legal expert? Jesus. I hope he at least gives you a reach-around for all of the anal you’re providing.

  26. It is just shit, pure and simpleshit. This criminal should have at least got 36 months with no good time benefits.

    He said it would tear up his family. Really? His kids might enjoy the time of no abuse from this apparently pea brained worthless scum.

    Toyboy, I can say this. It is a good thing you don’t live in Janawha County. Our prosecutor would have seen that you got the maximum, instead of a minor blowjob in Putnam. It is also a good thing that you don’t live in my town. The people here would not have given the prosecutor a chance to sentence you. You would have been strung upside down by your little nuts.

  27. Serial abuser?

    Kids enjoy time away from TroyTheGreat?

    You EVIL, disgusting people have no clue.

    PS: TroyTheGreat tested superior on his IQ test. The man is brillaint. Cha…ching!

  28. Tough on crime in Kanawha County?? LMFAO…

    A young man, maybe 20, killed another young man in a drug deal gone bad. He ran him over with his truck. On December 4th, he was not sentenced to jail but some sort of youth rehab program and could possibly be a free man in 6 months. (Family of the dead would make a huge scene in the courtroom.)

    Murder…drug deal….6 months….Kanawha County

    It’s confirmed. This blog is infested with crazies.

  29. hey troy, can you tell me why when you were in b pod at western regional jail the inmates, when they let you have your tray, wouldn’t let you sit at the table? they made you sit at the bottom of the stairs. and also why your cell mate made you sleep on the cock hair infested floor? is it because you were scared because said inmates were bigger than your usual 80 pound opponents. oh and i also tell me why after harassing your wife on the phone for the better part of the day you would pace around the pod with that lost puppy dog look on your face. you know what they say troy. vaginas are meat eater. they have to get feed somewhere while your away.

  30. TroytheGreat

    1) There are 16 seats. One waits till a vacancy before sitting at a table. The Great One had to wait maybe 3 days.

    2) When a person moves into an occupied cell, said person sleeps on the pubey haired floor. Just like in the Great Ones situation. When roommate left and new roommate arrived. New roomate slept on pubey haired floor.

    3) TroyTheGreat was much bigger than most.

    4) TroyTheGreat never harassed his wife. Yes he would pace at times.

    5) TroyTheGreat does not cheat on his wife. Nor does his wife cheat on him.

  31. my point is tough guy. why didn’t you try some of your child slinging techniques with those gentlemen. i am 5’10” 155 lbs. and if you had came to my pod when i was incarcerated there you would have never got a tray or a bed. because that is how child abusers should be treated. and there is not a thing you could have done about it because you are too soft. and yes your wife was getting plowed while you were in there and you sir know that i know it

  32. fatherboston is nothing but your typical trash blogger who talks all tough on the Internet and makes outrageous and bogus claims.

    Hate to break this to you, but TroyTheGreat is not a child abuser, and those in his pod knew that. Cha….Ching

  33. Ted Bundy was a pychopathic serial killer.

    “Mark Ballburn” obsesses over a some guy who provides a great website for Putnam Co Residents and spends God knows how many hours trying to impress maybe 10 people with his goofy parody blog.

    TroyTheGreat is just that…GREAT!!

  34. You’re a psychopathic child abuser.

    Yeah, you’re great all right. Living off your Daddy’s coattails. No other business would tolerate deadwood like you. You’re the retarded kid that they let come to work to make him feel important.

    You’ll never last the two years you’re on probation, convict. You’ll violate and be back in jail where you belong.

  35. I would just love to be in the area and catch this loser abusing his kids. From what I understand about WV’s Castle Law, I could protect them with any force necessary until the arrival of Law Enforcement.

    Would I? You damn straight! The only problem is that I would definately create a vacancy in his home. His wife would have to get her some strange because toyboy would definately be singing in a much higher voice. He would become a toolless boy. He would then become friendless as douche and tubby would not longer have anything to do with this toolless perverted child abuser.

  36. yeah your right troy, you probably were well respected in your pod. the fact of the matter is that they keep all of you child abusing, pedophile types together because they can not live any where else in the jail. as for being your typical trash blogger i am not troy. i can think and speak for myself and do not feel the need to regurgitate what has been said by other bloggers. i normally stay out of these little childish arguments. but you troy sexton need to be called out for your crimes against your children. not once have i heard you step up, like a man, and take responsibility for actions. admit that you were wrong and that you did make an ass of yourself in front of all your children’s friends. think how embarrassed they were on the field that day. and then having to go to school while their father continued to make an ass of himself instead of humbling yourself and admitting you were wrong. you need to realize your actions don’t only directly affect you. but also your wife and children. you should be ashamed of your self. a boy trapped in a transvestites body.

  37. And “Mike Ballburn” got every…single…thing…wrong.

    But lets face it. “He’s” a miserable Internet Geek that makes outlandish claims about other people to make “himself” feel better about “himself.”

    That’s what people like “Ballburn” do when they get torn apart in debate. Silly little name calling and the sort.

    And of course “Paul” chimes in with his Internet tough guy act.

    And it didnt take long for “fatherboston” to display more stupidity. The B pod consisted of child abusing, pedophile types??

    And the regualrs on this blog just get dumber and dumber and dumber.

  38. Toyboy, it is not an act. Bitchslap one of your kids in front of me, please, just once. That is all I ask. When you wake up in CAMC, you will have a whole different look at life. The one and only is that you will not be able to produce anymore like you and your voice will change to a high squeaky pitch. You can take this as a threat, but it is not. It is a warning. Don’t do it in front of me.

  39. Well.. TroyTheGreat has never bitchslapped his happy, healthy, and extremely bright children who love and adore their Father.

    So it looks as though Internet Tough guy, “Paul,” will not be sending TroyTheGreat to CAMC.

  40. Alright, lets ease up on the threats here. ::chuckles:: I understand everyones frustration. What Troy did to his kids, West Virginia’s version of Child Protection Services doesn’t consider child abuse. So be it.

    I’m just a little confused that he was convicted of domestic assault. Wouldn’t you think that domestic assault on your kids would be…child abuse? Jesus Christ. He picked one kid up by his ankle and threw him over a fence, the other he just knocked down, both in anger (which he admits) and both witnessed.

    Now, Troy may not think he abused his children in that incident and from the sounds of it, he doesn’t do this regularly. He doesn’t treat his kids like they are children. He doesn’t treat them with respect. But I will tell you what he does do. He uses them as props. Toys for his video’s that mock the CPS and taunt the likes of you and me. Just look at the one he posted. It’s obvious he’s a child like adult with a really narrow eyed look at the real world around him.

    Troy likes to talk about scoring high on an IQ test. What he fails to disclose is that he probably took one of these online IQ tests that doesn’t mean shit but that doesn’t matter to him. He’ll live off that and keep throwing that out there. You want to see his true IQ? Just watch any of the You Tube videos that this guy thinks he is famous for. To the “I wanna blow Joe” love fest’s to the one where he lets his kids place shit in the road for cars to run over to the piece of crap taunt he’s posted here. I think that will show his true IQ.

  41. It looks as though Tyler fell for the “lie” of picking up kid by snkle and throwing over a fence.

    By the way. TroyTheGreats IQ score was revealed in the $3000 psychiatric evaluation the taxpayers thru down the toilet. And as far as TroyTheGreat being unstable and dangerous. The testing showed that claim to be false, along with that idiotic autism claim.




  42. yes b-pod is where the put all the pc inmates, pedophiles, snitches, people with crimes against children. i believe it is b-8.

  43. So, Troy… you plead no contest to a crime you didn’t commit? Why is that again? To keep your kids out of court? Why were you afraid of them testifying in court? According to Mark, CPS said there is no evidence of abuse. Wouldn’t this have been presented in court as well? Witnesses and police reports of the incident in August contradict what your story is… all of them are liars? Yet you (the one who served time for a criminal offense) are telling the truth (through a “news site” that has been proven to make up stories, steal cartoons, lift letters from other publications, extort local businesses for “advertising” fees, etc…) and we are to believe that?

    You are correct… there are evil people in the world, ad you are one of them…

  44. TroyTheGreat had been seperated from his wife and children for 4 months. TroyTheGreat got tired of the delays. TroyTheGreat plead no contest to put an end to his wife and childrens misery. TroyTheGreat said he would go to jail for a week. He didnt care anymore.

    TroyTheGreat had no idea how evil Kim Blair is.

    TroyTheGreat isnt evil. Harry Stamper like everyone else on this blog is ignorant of facts.

  45. Hey Tyler, it wasn’t a threat. Just a very friendly warning. :)

    I don’t take kindly to asshats beating kids or their signifigant other. I had to put up with that bullshit growing up and it is just not fucking funny. I have never struck any of my ladies, including that damned x-wife. But I did swat my daughter’s ass for backtalking me. All it took was once. Never had to do it again. All it took was a look. To this day she still laughs about it, even though she did not think it was funny when it happened. She sulked around for three days, before telling me she was sorry for the backtalk. This from a four year old.

    Yep, I don’t consider a swat as abuse, but what toboy boy did, even in public is. Actually that is assault. I am surprised that those parents there did not assault him before the arrival of the local gestapo.

  46. Really? “Lennette”? Really?

    Oh for fucks sake, don’t flatter yourself, child abusing piece of shit also known as Troy Sexton. I’m not stalking you. I could give two shits if you die. In fact, I’d prefer it. YOU… you are a sad little man. A sad, child abusing, worthless, little man.

  47. Oh, here’s a shocker, when confronted with fact, the pathetic little child abusing assbag doesn’t want to play any more.

  48. Lenny,

    I noticed that too. I guess he just decided to take his little toy and go home. Poor crybaby.

    I just wonder which home he went too, Tubby or Douches?

  49. Hmmm. 100,819 views in less than 48 hours.

    And one has to just love the comments section…

    and what a great father! just by looking at the interaction betweens kids and father, I can tell you that the family is a loving and happy family. kids love father, and father loves them lol. 

  50. The video is a fake. So is the comment. And of course you got 100K + hits. it’s the most trending topic on You Tube, you stupid fuck. I could post a 30 second comment about the game and post it to you tube and get as many. God you are an idiot.

  51. Yep. Tyler Hollywood is wrong. It’s a fact. The video was not faked. TroytheGreat also filmed the last 3 outs of the 2 perfect games this season. Those are on YouTube too.


    Tyler Hollywood just got PWNED!!!

  52. ::chuckles and just shakes his head:: Wow. That was childish. Quite frankly, I don’t believe anything you have ever said Troy. You are worse than Mark when it comes to ethics. Mark has a piece of paper that at least says he is crazy.

    You? You use your kids as props, douchebag. That makes you worse than Mark in my book.

  53. Shouldn’t you be juggling Hallburn’s balls in your mouth right about now in anticipation of your next fluffer story?

  54. Tyler:

    The court articles about Troy Sexton were linked to other sources because, as you well know, I was teaching during the day when Sexton was in court. It also avoided the conflict of interest that you would have accused me of had I authored any articles that you disapproved of. Your comments to the contrary are an embarassment to you and to legitimate bloggers.

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