Mark Halburn in Training?!

You be the judge.  Let me tell you about Duke.  Duke is an acquaintance of mine from the days when I was writing for E-Wrestling groups.  Sort of fantasy writing for wrestling fans.  Duke doesn’t like my radical views.  He mistakingly thinks I like President GWB.  He also likes to rant and rave like another crazy man we all know and love to hate.

On several occasions, Duke has felt the need to comment on some of my Facebook comments, where he and I are also acquainted.  Sometimes, our arguments are just a little too much for Facebook and I have deleted such arguments.  But I hate to be blamed for stepping all over the 1st amendment so this time I decided to move the conversation here.   This way comments can be open and those that wish to be a part, can be, without having their Facebook pages inundated with lunacy that I am sure will follow.

Here’s how it started;

My reply, which was a mistake.  I should have instantly come here and started this thread knowing Duke was going to go off.

Really Duke? You want to go here? It’s not a state dinner when you let some third world country’s leader to stand up and berate our own government about our internal affairs. What’s worse, is that this Muslim leader we now have in office is tearing apart our country from the inside, which I predicted would happen. This is no different than when Obama bowed before other leaders and apologized for the past…it’s just an embarrassment meant to belittle the United States.

It’s too bad he has you young, dick sucking liberals (hey, I started the dick suck joke here, I’m gonna finish with it) brainwashed into believe he is all about “change” for the better. The only thing he wants to change is how much freedom we have in our own fucking country.

So just can it, Duke. Get in line at the welfare office like all the other illegal immigrant sponges and just continue to suckle that teet. One day…it’s gonna run dry.

He responded;

“Young? Well, I’m not in my mid 50’s like you but…sheesh. Young? You make it sound like I’m of the fresh-out-of-high-school MTV generation. And I’m not actually liberal. Wow, you’re 0-2…

Tear apart out country from the inside, hmm? You say that like it was all that well put together to begin with. Your boy Bush did that we he decided that we don’t need any of our rights anymore(Patriot Act) and that it’s ok to act like the terrorists(Gitmo/Water boarding) because “it’s what they were doing to us”…which, by the way, how school yard can you BE? They torture us so we’re gonna do it to them!! Didn’t his daddy teach him anything? Wait, he was silver spooned his entire fucking life…so, probably not.

Have you LOOKED at our past? There is shit we need to apologize for. Slavery, the fact it took us almost 200 years give people back the rights that are given to them via The Constitution of The United States of America, internment camps, Vietnam, 9/11.

Yes, we had a hand in 9/11 because Clinton could’ve had Bin Laden’s head mounted above the fireplace, but he was too busy dicking interns. We get him then, the chances of 9/11 happening or even happening on the scale that it did decrease DRASTICALLY.

I’m going to guess you and everyone you know has never stepped a foot inside a welfare office or even gone near one. You’ll notices 3/4’s of the people that use it, and abuse it…ARE LEGAL. They were abusing it long before immigration became a problem, but, I’m sure you already knew that, because you know everything, right? Obama’s the devil incarnate, he’s a terrorist plant by Al-Queda, he’s going to “ruin” this “great” and “wonderful” country.


Personally, I’m praying for nuclear war, because at this point, pushing the little red button would be an upgrade!”

Well, at least Duke and I agree on one thing.  Let God push the reset button and lets start over.  those that will survive?  They won’t be the ones standing in line waiting for a handout, nor their sympathizers, like Duke.

It’ll be guys like Tyler Hollywood, future Overlord.

31 thoughts on “Mark Halburn in Training?!

  1. Me going off? This ain’t me going off. You ain’t never seen me go off…

    Now that you’ve gone and made me famous by immortalizing me on the internet, thanks by the way (do I eyeroll now or later?) you want to actually respond to anything I said or just continue to make yourself look like a tool…I mean…overlord.

  2. Subversion, hard? Nah. When your boy gets done with our country people will be clamoring for a tough as nails, lets get it done right sort of fella. A common man for the people. One that makes decisions on getting things done right and doesn’t give a shit what others think. That’ll be me.

    By the way, it’ll have to be done with subversive tactics. How much longer before Islam Boy suspends voting and a grasp for super power? That will open the door.

  3. A common man? In politics? You’re fucking kidding me, right? You honest to god think there is a common man ANYWHERE among the group of politicians, current or aspiring, ANYWHERE in this god forsaken country? HO-LY SHIT!

    Obama LAWYER. Bush silverspoon, east coast money, prep-school fuck who tried to pass himself off as ‘good ol’ boy’ from Mexico North….by the way, COMPLETE subject change but…why the fuck did we ever grab that hung of dust?

    Anyways. Clinton…lawyer. Dubya was an alkie who made a career of the RESERVES, including multiple deferments that took him away from active duty via family connections. Daddy Bush went to YALE, became an Oil Tycoon and came from almost more money than GOD.

    There’s not a common man anywhere NEAR those “hallowed halls”.

    And the sheep of this country are too fucking ignorant to pick someone who might potentially BE a common man because they’d be just “out of the blue”, they’re “unproven politically”. Obama got lucky and had the help

    Grabs for super power? Kinda like Bush wanted to after 9/11? He went to WAR without declaring WAR. He skirted the entire constitution!! Do I even NEED to mention the Patriot Attack…I mean Act? HELLO. Wiretaps on anyone based on unproven suspicion, which could pop up if someone’s having a bad day or you just piss off the wrong asshole. Wait…so THAT’s where ‘Zona got the idea for their new law. Makes sense. The law makes it able for any officer to stop anyone with too dark of a tan and ask for a form of ID WITHOUT ANY PROVOCATION. You could be walkin’ down the street with your daughter and they could stop you and virtually detain you until they damn well pleased.

    You know, now that I think of it, that seems vaguely familiar. I think I saw old news reels of various authorities doing that once…can’t recall anything that was said, they were all speaking German.

    For the record, I didn’t vote for him, but, to quote a great man, “he’s my president and I hope he does a good job”. So, I guess, technically, he would be “my boy” now.

    Now run along, grandpa, and refill your Geritol and Viagra scripts…lord knows you need it at your age.

  4. ::chuckles::

    Wow. Old jokes. Gotta love em. Listen skippy, have you even read the Arizona bill they put into law? No? Then go do it so you can understand it. You are like all the other uneducated when it comes to this. You just jump on the bandwagon like all the other PC monkeys.

    By the way, the Patriot Act is the best thing to ever happen to this country. I don’t give a shit about Bush, but this was built to protect us from within, which is what we have needed for a long, long time. Had this been done a little more overtly, you would not have even known and your life would have gone on unchanged by the Act. But you only rant and rave, Duke, because someone else does.

    As far as the comparison to the German’s you are doing it again. Just repeating what other pundits and uneducated fucks are saying. Stop it Duke, you are just making yourself look like a Halburn.

  5. I have read it, and I admit, I didn’t understand most of it until I dragged out my thesaurus. I’m sorry, I’m not like you “common men”, I’z jus one of dem der hi skool edumacated fellas, I’z apoligize if youns feel I’z nots up to you standins and such.

    Much like the Patriot Act and the War in Iraq, I support the IDEA, I LOATHE the EXECUTION and completely ABHOR the persuasive and, at times, cloudy wording of the bill. And frankly, I’m completely and personally terrified as the doors this could open. First we stop anyone we might think is illegal, or stuck around just a little too long in the tanning bed. Next? We start monitoring blogs and checking in to anyone who has an ill thought towards the Country, the FBI or their next door neighbor who has better connections. This opens the door to 1984, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not Obama whose spearheading the charge. It’s the republicans and their de-facto party leaders Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, cause, lets face it, there ain’t NO ONE in that part who can take the reigns and bring it back to even a SHADOW of what if EVER was or EVER hoped to be. The Libs aren’t all that better off, but at least they have a small semblance of unity, compared to the other side. They all ‘seem’ to be on the same page. The Republicans can’t decide which half of the crazy coin they want to fall on.

    I rant and rave because these are MY opinions and I feel the need to express them and make them heard, as any other American should, yourself included, whether I like’em or not. That’s the one good thing about this country that’s left. People are still allowed to express a discerning thought or opinion, although some are not always willing to listen or even give a second through. Instead those thoughts are disregarded as thoughts of raving lunatics or sympathizers or…some other derogatory, spiteful remark.

    It’s a lack of knowledge and a little bit of an ego problem this country has. You were probably brought up to believe the world was your oyster and you were probably never wrong to your parents, so, thus, in your adult hood, you still believe that you’re never wrong and that anyone that does disagree with the “Great and Wonderful” Tyler is a moron or is immature or *insert adjective here*.

    You think you’re perfect and everyone else doesn’t measure up, but you’re willing to let those that fall in line, slide by and mooch off your ‘greatness’. You are the very definition of a narcissist, I mean why else would you have a blog dedicated to your rantings, ravings and insulting of those you deem ‘lower’ than yourself, right?

    And if you haven’t noticed now, you surely will by talking to me more, I’m the farthest fucking thing from politically correct you will EVER find. Ask Holly.

  6. Wow. I have never seen an opinion about me that has ever, ever been that far off. I’m kind of glad Duke doesn’t know me.

  7. I’m sorry, am I supposed to reply? I’m waiting for you to say something of substance and value…

    …don’t think I’m going to be holding my breath.

  8. Which means you have nothing to say regarding any opinions I’ve presented meaning you either agree with me or you can’t find anything to refute anything I’ve said.

    Alright then. I always knew you sucked.

  9. Man, don’t you just love those extreme lefty limp-wristed libbies with their woe is me act. They are just like a bunch of lemmings following their almighty muslim messiah over the fucking cliff. If it would not damage Our Great Country so bad, I would say let them all go, but it would cause so much damage, we may never recover.

    That is also like this almighty muslim messiah allowing the drug dealer from mexico blast our congress and then all of those sheeples raising up and giving this twirp a standing ovation.

  10. Great? The last GREAT thing this country did was perfect the A-bomb…although I’m not entirely sure I’d like to acknowledge that, personally.

    By the way, love your spirit Pauly.

    “Don’t agree with me? Die you fucking liberals!!! RAWR!!! I’M COOL!!!”

    Tyler, I think the IQ of your readers rivals a hummingbird at this point. You may want to invest in new sheep.

  11. Hey Duke, first off, I am not a liberal, but it sure appears that you are one of those immigrant ass kissing ones. I do not see anything cool at all at letting them overrun our country with thier not wanting to be an US Citizen. But they sure want their “Entitled” handouts as the limpy left freely gives, all with the blessing of your almighty muslim messiah.

    As for an IQ, I suggest that you get yours tested. From what I have read so far, it appears that you have been brainwashed. I will let you in on a little secret, brainwashing by those fucked-up left limpy messiah worshiping liberals takes your IQ well below that of an idiot.

    And as for the comment about being politically correct, try me. I am the most polictically incorrect asshole that you will ever meet, but I am not racist, I play Dirty Harry, just fucking hate them all. You apparently have not had to put up with affirmative action, equality and quotas. Watch one of your best friend die due to a fucking quota and I bet your liberal limpy left ass will change in a moment!

  12. Die due to a quota? Don’t you just love the republican mythos? In truth he probably just wanted away form you, you just can’t face reality so, hey, blame the quotas and the rest of the non-whites taking up all the doctors time, right?

    And no, I won’t flip because I don’t look to blame someone for something. That’s the problem with this world, someone’s always looking to blame someone, even the wrong people, just to make themselves feel better. “Oh no, my friend died…I know, it was those damn quotas that held him back from getting the proper care and keeping him alive!!!!! Damn you black, mexican and poor white people for taking up all the spots!!!”

    That is fucking retarded and you know it, but god forbid you ever admit it, because at this point, the truth would make you out to be the biggest fucking tool in the world and lord knows your ego wouldn’t be able to take it.

  13. Yes, dumbass, a quota is what got a good friend killed. A quota that said a certain percentage of workers had to be minorities. That minority supposedly could not speak English to warn someone of danger. But you know what, in a court room he could speak English better than most US Citizens. And you cannot learn English in 6 months.

    And no, he did not die because the doctors could not treat him, because of the over-run of damn blacks, mexicans and poor white trash in the Emergency Room. He had the best care money could buy. I was not passing the blame on the poor little mexican. The blame belongs to the government and this silly assed politically correct bullshit that we let you limpy libs pull on the rest of the country.

    Oh, we can no longer have a valvictorian or a salutorian in school now to point out a student for excelling, because little pimpass johnny or mattressback sallie might get their panties in a wad and feel left out and it just blows their self-esteem. Big fucking deal. Grow Up. Life is a bitch. They need to learn that lesson know. But thanks to the limp wristed lefty liberals, johnny and susie can count on a government handout for the rest of their lives because they have been ruled as deprived. What is wrong with johnny and susie is that they needed that ass busted a few times and told what to do instead of letting johnny ans susie telling their parents what to do.

    That is right.



    By the way, who in hell told you that I am a Republican? Your crystal ball? Is that the same one that your amighty muslim messiah looks in. Better get a new one. It is not working for you or for him.

    There is nothing retarded at all about someone wanting to take their country back and stopping all of this hand me down bullshit. As for being a tool, yes, you do appear to be one. A tool that is worn out from bending over and taking it up the ass from the left so much they are ready to discard you to the has been bin.

  14. Yes Duke. You are young. You may not be fresh out of high school, but anyone 8 years removed from it is young…and pretty much clueless and uncaring. You are part of the “me” generation. A part of the “I want to belong” generation. Followers, not leaders. Don’t believe me? Look at your own status on politics. “Apathetic”. That’s the problem.

    Let us say, for sake of no more arguments, you and I agree on the past Presidents. None of them have been very good, experienced or have cared enough about the country than their own power. But right now, no matter who introduced it, the Patriot Act is needed to help defend our country. There have always been times we have needed something like this, even if it meant a little less freedom in your mind, when in actuality, it doesn’t effect you at all. But really, the Patriot Act is an updating of a 30 year old bill called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This is nothing new.

    And there is nothing LEFT to apologize for. Granted, America in it’s infancy made some mistakes, but it was a different time and a different world. You and I? We did not exist in that world. Our thoughts and attitudes were unheard of back in those days. Why do you and I have to apologize for shit that has already been apologized for? If I break my moms favorite lamp, she is not going to make me apologize for the rest of my life. And please, Duke. Are you one of these 9/11 truthers? Because if you are, you are an idiot.

    “Yes, we had a hand in 9/11 because Clinton could’ve had Bin Laden’s head mounted above the fireplace, but he was too busy dicking interns. We get him then, the chances of 9/11 happening or even happening on the scale that it did decrease DRASTICALLY.”

    See what I mean? This 9/11 plan by bin Laden and his Al-Queda followers? In the works and paid for well before Clinton ever unzipped his fly. With you blaming someone else other than the God damn terrorists, you become a Truther.

    Now, as far as your comment about the welfare office. You believe what you want to believe, but there are more people out there that need services like this than are getting it. For every illegal Bosnian, Korean, Mexican, Canadian, German or whatever the hell they are, getting these services on the sly, is someone that deserves it NOT getting it. Are there legal citizens taking advantage too? You betcha. But that just adds to the problem.

    The only thing I really do agree with is your last statement.

    “Obama’s the devil incarnate, he’s a terrorist plant by Al-Queda, he’s going to “ruin” this “great” and “wonderful” country.”

    Yep. He sure is.

    By the way. I’m 44, not in my mid fifties. You missed that by a decade. I’m not a Bush supporter, so that is a swing and a miss, strike 2. I took my 0-2 pitch and drilled it to deep center. You took your 0-2 pitch and said we need to apologize for everything ever done in the name of our country. You just struck out…looking.

  15. I wonder if he took his prayer rug with him. That way he can face DC 8 times a dsy and knell and give praise to his almighty muslim messiah.

    Poor brainwashed lemming.

    Don’t you just have to feel sorry for the lot at times. There is nothing but vacuum between the ears. They know not what they do.

    Guess I am going to call Dow, DuPont or Bayer and see if the make some type of lemmingcide. Hopefully they do, but we need one that will make them just complete disenigrate. They are making enough of a mess as it is. Who wants to clean up their remains. I sure as hell don’t!

  16. Yea, it’s called WORK fuckers, try it once in a while. So, Pauly, basically, your friend died because? I’m still a little lost on how quota fits in. I’m going to presume you mean something in a construction field, judging by the way you worded it. Little story, my father was a bricklayer for 40+ years. On a job one day, while walking to the john, an L-Beam fell through the garbage chute and struck him on the head. Thankfully, he had a hard hat on and it only ended up fucking his shoulder up for the rest of his life. At this job site, there were no quotas, all were qualified. But, when they decided to place the garbage chute above the door, they forgot to tie in the corners properly and after days of use, a corner popped open. Answer? They were just fucking lazy. And they were WHITE. Point of this story? Quota didn’t kill your friend, there’s a decent chance same thing probably would’ve happened if a highly qualified white person was in place of whoever did it. It’s called SHIT HAPPENS. Wipe your ass, move on. My father passed away due to a cancerous tumor in his brain on December 20th of last year, my brother says his “chinko” doctor, his words, not mine, “missed it” earlier on when she first diagnosed him with colon cancer. I say who knows? What I do know is the colon cancer spread, unfortunately, to 3 other parts of his body as well. Reality tells me if she had caught it or not… he was fucked. My dad, god rest his soul, even told those exact words about a month before he passed.

    I actually agree with you, though, on the whole overuse of political correctness. It’s like in little league where EVERYONE gets a trophy… just fucking bullshit. You’re right too that kids need their ass beat more these days. My dad was buried in the belt that is STILL etched into my ass cheek to this very day.. I turned out pretty good, eh?

    Tyler, I do blame the terrorists, I’m saying we… maybe… possibly… could’ve… stopped it? Or we could’ve learned a little more about it before hand.. but, then again, apparently there were memos being passed around about it and we still did nothing. Granted, if we’d’ve let the Ruskies take over Afghanistan in the early 80’s, who knows, there might not have ever been and Al-Queda.

    We only did dumb shit in our INFANCY? We were almost 200 FUCKING YEARS OLD before we even THOUGHT of civil rights for EVERYBODY. And if I break ANYTHING of MY mothers, I will be apologizing for the rest of my life, and perhaps the next one. You’ve a very forgiving mother, you lucky bastard.

    27’s young… wow. Wish I felt like it… maybe you know something I don’t. Fountain of youth? If so, could you give a brotha a map? I’m not apart of the “me” generation.. because the “me” generation are the selfish fucks that are just now graduating HS and maybe a few from College. I DON’T want to belong, like you and Pauley… I just want to be me and not get shit on for it. Not simply be discarded because I’m “too young to understand” or some bullshit. I’m apathetic to politics because I know, in truth, they don’t work. Not our system anyways. Not dual parties where everyone has to fall into one side or the other with zero gray area. It’s fucking retarded.

    One side ran by a couple of kooks that want the country to fail and the other that simply doesn’t have much of a backbone, if they have one at all, which is rare.

    But hey, what do I know, right? I’m just one of those apathetic, selfish, longing to belong, generation me youngins, right?


  17. What, are you two busy suckling one another off to reply or do you just have nothing to say?

    I’m going to guess a little of both.

  18. Duke, Douche or whatever, that was not an insult. From what I have been reading it is a fact.

    But you had better be careful. From what I hear, when Tubby and Toyboy starts, you think that you feel an earthquake. And that is just the twig search. Sometimes when they cannot find them, it soulds like walrus’ fighting. Oh well, get your grease and slide right on in the middle and enjoy yourself.

  19. Wow, you must’ve taken a whole 10 seconds away from fucking your sister to come up with that. Better hurry back, she might replace you with the family dog… although, chances are, he’s already in her ass.

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