8 thoughts on ““OH MY GOD! The new TBA Logo!”

  1. Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me Mark? That is all you could come up with? You could come up with that vile little comic about Massey and miners, but when it comes to the “Baloney Bloggers” (or are they the “Trash Bloggers”? Stick with one name, will ya?!) you steal what is already out there and add some tag line. Dude, that was…well…pathetic, just like you.

    Also, a note on your kid. If you really love your kid (which I doubt), you don’t care how many times you go to the pharmacy. You go and you do. When you get pissed at going to the “effing pharmacy” twice, what you are really saying is “I have better things to do than take care of my child” and when you say shit like that, you are the lowest of low (which you are already) and need to turn in your parental rights.

  2. He didn’t have a “new” logo. As usual, he was blowing smoke (among other things) and just whipped that up at the last minute.

    I just love how he loves to tell everyone how “busy” he is! “I have a job and a business! Look at me, look how productive I am to society!”

    I wonder why that little retard of his was “sick.” I bet it was from rectal bleeding. After all, Markie loves the little children!

  3. The fat quasi-welfare cheat needs chemically castrated and a knife stuck into his fat gut for his crimes.

    The day that lowlife scum is zipped up into a body bag, the better all of Putnam County, and the world, will be.

    He’ll fry up real good in Hell along with his stillborn waste of Mark spooge.

  4. That fat waste of space still has his tasteless Massey cartoon up.

    His whole website is a crime against humanity. Nothing but lies, libel, and slander.

    No wonder his second wife divorced him, among other reasons. Who else but some desperate fat oaf like Dolores Martin would want to be with such a terrorist?

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