One Dot FM…

High news from the world of the Bad Side…LIVE and it’s home, TalkRadioX.  On the heels of being named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Internet Radio  show hosts by Talkers Magazine, Tyler Hollywood has learned that TalkRadioX is now being listed over at 1.FM (One dot FM).

So what does that mean? 1.FM is a site that houses about 30 streams (or so) that play music and is one of the most popular destinations on the web for internet radio. They get highs of around 40,000 people spread out through those 30 streams. Now they have decided to venture into talk radio and thus we have been added to their lineup.

When AndoMedia does their web media metrics (think Neilsen ratings) 1.FM is one of 20 sites that makes the list (usually around 5th) and they average about 28,000 listeners.

Does this mean anyone will listen to TRX there? We have no idea. But it should be fun to find out. Does this mean 1.FM is paying TRX? Of course not! Does this mean anything different for you? Not really. Hopefully it does bring in more listeners. We’ll see…but being listed as the only talk radio station stream on 1.FM, there’s a good bet we will!

Visit 1.FM today and checks us out.  All listings are alphabetical.

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