Halburn vs Hollywood (April 1st, 2010)

Don’t miss the action!

Don’t miss the excitement!

Live, from the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia!  Bell time 8:15PM (This is when I will post).  Trash Bloggers Alliance Wrestling presents the first battle between Tyler “F’n” Hollywood and Mark “Madman” Halburn!

A wrestling event for the ages!

Special guest referee…

SCOTT “Don’t Call Me Scotty” EDWARDS!


5 thoughts on “Halburn vs Hollywood (April 1st, 2010)

  1. Not this time. You usually have the summer feud and have the Loser Leave Town match as the blow off match to cap the feud!

  2. I heard Mark plans on grabbing the mic. at the begging of the match and say:….. “Let’s Get Ready to FFFFUUUUUMMMMMBBBBBBLLLE!!!!”

  3. [Our scene opens up to show a small, local gym run by a former Mr. America from Tampa, Florida. All American Fitness is now his business in a quaint little town in Vermont. RP stood off to the side, shaking his head at all the commotion. Camera’s, lights, TV monitors, interviewers, gaffs, go-fers…the women. RP didn’t mind that actually. He was amused by it all.]

    Voice: Annnnd go!

    [A camera light clicks on and the focus is on one, Tyler Hollywood. Wrestler, video slinger, thermal imaging consultant, blogger and the most dangerous man on Internet radio.]

    Tyler Hollywood: Mark Halburn.

    [Tyler roled his shoulders and sniffed back once, chin tilted up a bit.]

    Tyler Hollywood: Tomorrow is the Day of Fools. It’s the day where friends, family and co workers play tricks on each other and think up elaborate hoaxes to unleash upon an unsuspecting world.

    [He paused a bit, then let a wry smile creep across his face.]

    Tyler Hollywood: Tomorrow is also the date we are set to dance. The verbal sparring will be done and you and I will settle our differences in the ring.

    [He wagged a finger.]

    Tyler Hollywood: There will be no avoiding it. You are going to go down faster than cheap hooker on a busy Friday night when the first $20 bill is waved out the window of a soccer moms van.

    [He crossed his arms and let that smirk stay put on his face.]

    Tyler Hollywood: I mean look at you. You sweat bullets just getting from the car to the front door. Why the promoters think you can last more than 5 minutes in the ring, much less 5 minutes away from the nearest KFC is beyond me.

    [He shook his head.]

    Tyler Hollywood: But I am not paid to think about these things. I’m paid to go in, do my job, pick apart everything you bitch, whine and moan about…go to sleep…get up and do it all over again.

    [A quick left and right of the head got the desired crack of the neck and he sniffed back.]

    Tyler Hollywood: Tomorrow night. Charleston Civic Center. Mark Halburn. I’m gonna make YOU….famous.

    [The scene then faded out with Tyler winking at the camera, the smirk growing upon his visage.]

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