This Blog Post Needs No Words.

“I knew about the connection between these three guys two and half years ago. Check out the date of the posted picture in the link below.  Now Hage is involved and that just proves how much of a fake pastor this guy is. Whether he was dragged into this or not, Hage is a willing participant. Let the games begin.” Tyler Hollywood.  Hurricane Topix Board before it was pulled.

Update: 2012

I give to you the The Jokers Four

The unhinged Troy Sexton: Plead out to domestic assault on a child.  His own kid.

The unethical: Mark Halburn.  Convicted of strong armed robbery and trespassing.  Also a known blow hard of epic proportions.  Known liar.  Bully.  Stalker.

The unknown: Lawrence Smith.  Toady to Mark Halburn’s vendetta’s.  Not very bright.  Not well liked.  Mark Halburn in training.  Likes to abuse FIOA rules.  Learned that from Halburn.

The unholy: Arthur Hage.  Insidious, power hungry “pastor” in West Virginia.  Deep down?  No doubt like all those other power hungry religious leaders that have a hankering for little boys and control over their spouses.

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