I’m suing Mark Halburn!

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I have decided…

….I am suing Mark Halburn!

::collective gasp::

Here’s the deal.  Mark Halburn has used plenty of the other  “trash bloggers” as keywords in his postings over at his site.  After some careful research I have learned that Tyler Hollywood has NOT been used as a keyword.

This is an OUTRAGE!

Since I have found this out, I have developed what my doctor has called Keyword Exclusion Disorder.  I mope around all day wondering why I don’t have my own keyword on Mark Halburns site.  It has interfered with my work (I’m lazier that usual), I eat a lot at KFC lately (I’m gettin HUGE) and I’ve been on Craigslist since 9AM this morning looking for free stuff.   I’ve lost some hair, grown a crappy looking and badly trimmed mustache and I have started to sweat like the pig shoveler in the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

I can’t live like this.  I blame Mark Halburn.  I blame Putnam(BLOG) and I want satisfaction.  I’m suing for $11 dollars in compensatory damages and 10 Million in punitive damages.  I will also be making sure all my court costs are covered by Halburn and his “business”.

Keyword Exclusion Disorder.  It’s not pretty.

4 thoughts on “I’m suing Mark Halburn!

  1. I can’t sue at all based on keywords but I like the words “class action.” Only for the infliction of pain and suffering based on his existance.

  2. Yeah Jacque, but “girls” is one of his keywords so you’re kinda still all represented.
    And it’s PutnamLIES not “putnam lies”, fucknugget. If you’re going to use it, use it right.

    All of us trash bloggers should be getting royalty checks from him, since we’re the ones driving traffic to his site.

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