“Oooops…there goes my chicken!”

Rumor mill has it that Mark Halburn was pulling out of the Hurricane Rite Aid this afternoon and had himself  a little fender bender.  Perhaps he was just to excited to get to his gender bender that he didn’t see the truck in front of him?

Who knows.

The question remains, how long before he pops on his site and blames it on the guy HE hit?  And is it me, or does anyone else want to see Mark get the pants sued off him?

Update: Apologies to those that had a sick feeling in their throats and bellies  when I said “…pants sued off him.”  It was wrong to do that to your psyches.

8 thoughts on ““Oooops…there goes my chicken!”

  1. Tyler:

    You got it half-correct. I was near the Rite-Aid but was not pulling out of it. I rear-ended the guy after I avoided getting T-Boned by another car that drove away. Not his fault at all. Crap happens. Today was a bad day. Fortunately, no one was injured. His truck was barely scratched. You need to update your photo. His truck is a red S-10. My car is a blue Forenza. Maybe the word should be WAS a blue Forenza. Props to T.J. Dillon of Hurricane PD who waa the ultimate professional assisted by Officers C.K. Eggleton and Emily Young. Thanks for the great work, officers!!!

  2. Oh sure. He’ll play all nice with the officers here in this site but he keeps beating the crap out of them at his. I will say this though, he’ll no doubt write an “article” about it and be all nice to try and gain some brownie points and make us Trash Bloggers look stupid.

    Not happening. One good deed does not make a saint.

    And Mark? This was just a picture I tossed up there for shits and giggles. But if you want, you can send a picture of your accident and I’ll make the change…just be sure you add a scan of your drivers licence so I can verify that it’s you and that I have permission to post said picture.


  3. Jesus Christ you’re a bootlicking motherfucker. Stick with a story, Crisco. You either hate the cops or love them. You can’t have it both ways you miserable, carless fuck.

  4. He writes a fucking letter to himself sucking the teats of the local mounties. What kind of psychotic asshole does this? Ladies and Gentlemen of the TBA… Mark V. Halburn: Asshole Supreme!

  5. If Mark “avoided being t-boned” as he puts it, that means he pulled out in front of the other vehicle, then accelerated to get out of its way, striking the truck. The road in front of said Rite-Aid (a local drug store) is a 2 lane road with a middle turning lane, and it is heavily traveled (by WV standards). Either way, his fault, and no way he can spin this as anything else w/o lying

  6. I’m still laughing my yamaka off at this sex offender loving fat fuck. For years, he sat on his fat ass slamming the Hurricane Police Department up until the other day, now he’s singing their praises. It’s ONLY because he fat ended another vehicle and he KNOWS he can’t fat his way out of this one.

    One question, was he cited for this accident? He’s not talking about it. It’s funny he’s now rubbing his fat on the sleeve of the fine HPD. I’ll bet anything he was cited for it, that’s why he’s blubbering all over the police department now. I’m just guessing he was cited for failure to maintain or control his fatmobile.

    In a few days, he’ll be fatting on his Wal-Mart bitch blog about how they are violating his Freedom of Fat Act, calling them incompetent…the usual Halburn fat.

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