Sasha Gray: The Girlfriend Experience

Being a fan of dirty talking porn stars (Belladonna, Ava Devine, Audry Hollander, Sasha Gray, Daisy Marie) I decided to check out The Girlfriend Experience with Sasha Gray. It was late on a Saturday night (actually, Sunday morning) but a bout of insomnia prompted the bleary eyed time of day viewing.

Sasha plays Chelsea in a The Girlfriend Experience. A drama set in the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, and centered on a high-end Manhattan call girl meeting the challenges of her boyfriend, her clients, and her work.

It’s an interesting piece of work for Gray who is one of the more popular porn stars out there that have done a decent job of crossing over to semi main stream film.

Gray is quite active in her career and has certainly carved a niche. A popular search on Internet clips, hundreds of movies, an AVN winner just about every year she has been in the business, Sasha represents herself through her own company, LA Factory Girls.

The movie centers around Chelsea/Christine, a high priced call girl that gives you more than just an hours worth of her time. She will give you the entire girlfriend experience. The film doesn’t move fast and it jumps around while telling the story in bits (reminded me how The Limey unfolded) but as it moves along you can see how her life unfolds on her way to making several big decisions. At the start she is very confident, has a boyfriend, job opportunities, is working on a web site and has an opportunity to go away for an extended week end with a client she is hitting it off with. A rule that she and her boyfriend agree’d she would not break. By the end, she’s been black listed by the Internet web site guy because she rebuffed his advances, she has broken with her boyfriend (who’s kind of a prick to begin with) after an argument and she decides to spend that week end with her client…and he basically no shows, leaving her to return to NY alone.

I liked the film. As slow as it seemed, it did keep my interest and despite the panning Sasha Gray gets for flat and emotionless acting (Rotten Tomato reviewers are somewhat pointed of nose and pretentious), I thought she nailed the character dead on. Chelsea is a flat and emotionless person in my opinion. She has to be considering her own rules of being a $2000 a night call girl that offers a better package. It doesn’t hurt that Sasha Gray has a hell of a body, a potty mouth in bed and oozes sex appeal naturally. Fan of her or not, Sasha Gray would be one hell of a Girlfriend Experience.

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