It’s Called Progress (Way)!

Ya know what? I hate how this guy hides details. “The no truck zone in front of our home…” That is such bullshit. I mean really. Give me a break. The home is several hundred feet away from Grace Drive, an unpaved, original road. That being said, the road that is supposedly (I have seen no proof of this at all) a “No Truck Road” is actually Progress Way, which was built by Walmart 12 feet BELOW that of Grace Drive. It’s also further away from “the home” than Grace Drive is. Look. I have proof dating back to original construction of Progress way.

Thanks To GOW for the crop and resend!

Speaking of Progress Way, I call that a little sweet irony. I’ve always told Mark that what is going on around him is progress. I find out today the “offending” road he constantly complains about is not Grace Drive, but Progress Way! HA! I laughed until I pee’d a little. Maybe I should have that checked. I kid. I kid.

So, on to answering his questions.

1) Why can’t these Walmart delivery morons honor the no-truck zone? A) No doubt because there is no such “rule” on that road. It’s Walmarts. They can do what they want with it.

2) And why doesn’t Hurricane Police cite these idiots!(?) (I had to add the question Mark to correct his punctuation). A) Because you have bashed, libeled, and pissed off the police department (as well as the city officials) to the point that they wouldn’t send you help if you dialed 911 come break in or fire.

I gotta tell ya, if I was the Mayor of this City, I’d wait until Mark and his Korean like family (how many people live there now?) are out of the house and I’d have a wrecking ball “accidently” level the home.

No, really. I would.

One thought on “It’s Called Progress (Way)!

  1. You know what’s even better?
    That eyesore of a heavy equipment yard next door to his second wife’s shack.
    That can’t be quiet when they fire up those bad boys.
    That was there when his bovine meal ticket bought the house.
    It’s literally in his side yard and he complains about a Walmart that’s a thousand yards away.

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