Club Hollywood (02/06/10)

From somewhere deep in the underbelly of the USS Hollywood comes The Club. You stand in line, waiting with all the others, ticket in hand. Anticipation courses through your body. You are ready to dance. You are ready for that chance meeting. You are ready for the music. The fun. The adventure a night at the club might bring. The clock ticks. The fingers tighten, the heart races. Midnight strikes. Then the doors open. It’s time to rock.

Tonight on Club Hollywood. Music from The Chop Tops, Samantha Voyd, Metric, Lo Fidelity All Stars, Velvet Revolver, Tiger Army, Canto 6, Pucifer and a whole lot more. Plus, your calls and requests. Also, Tyler talks about the people that may well ruin your Super Bowl Party tomorrow! Midnight. The Club.

Call in and request; 1-661-349-8255

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