Exposing The Publisher #2

In this second installment of Exposing The Publisher we take a different route to expose the unethical tactics of The Publisher.  The following “story”  made The Publishers “news site” shortly after his own January 27th conviction of trespassing.

“According to police, you are looking at the face of a thief.”

My Response: Does this really look like the face of a criminal?  In this shot, Ms. Boardman looks to be guilty of only one thing, bad fashion sense.  I mean, are you going to wear your jeans tucked into the boot or not, honey?  Other than that, she is pretty cute.

“Roxanne Boardman, 22, of Hurricane, was cited January 27th, at Walmart after a foot chase in the store.”

My Response Question: Cited for what, news hound.  For what!?

“Cpl. T. J. Dillon of the Hurricane Police Department and Senior Trooper J. Kessler broke away from another call in the parking lot to chase Boardman. After running into the grocery entrance, through the front of the store, they caught up with her near the pharmacy exit.”

My Response Question: Chased her for what, news boy, for what?!

“About a half-hour later, after a meeting with the store’s loss prevention officer, Boardman was cited and released. After PutnamLIVE.com snapper her pictures, she blew us a kiss.”

My Response Question: Oh for the love of God, cited for WHAT?!

“According to Dillon, Boardman’s total take was about $51.00.

No trial date has been set.”

My Response Question: Ok, if I read this the way it was written, Ms. Boardman was chased through the local Wal Mart, caught, had a closed door meeting and walked out with $51 bucks.  Seriously.  This “article” was as a shitty written “article” that was ever written by The Publisher.

Synopsis: This was not a news story.  Period.  It did not need to be written and have pictures to boot.  This is something that happens every 4 hours at any Wal Mart.  Even in the very “article” The Publisher wrote, he said  “Senior Trooper J. Kessler broke away from another call in the parking lot to chase Boardman”. No doubt he was writing up a ticket to appear to some other scumbag with 5 finger disorder.

There are several things wrong with this “article” that are obvious but here is the real reason this was written.   To take attention off The Publisher.  I mentioned that he had been convicted just the day before of trespassing at a public pool so this was his inane attempt to deflect any attention on him, away from him.  It’s pretty sad, but this points to evidence that he has a scanner at his house that allows him to troll the fire and police bands.  In my opinion, this makes him worse than a blood sucking lawyer.  At least a lawyer is after something fruitful.

One last note…this picture;

Mr. Publisher?  Instantly this made your “news story” null and void if you were a real news reporter.  All this was, was a finger pointing taunt to mask the fact that you got busted for being a selfish scumbag.  Having read many “articles” you have written, it’s obvious that your work is extremely sub par.  Hell, my rebuttals are better well written, have facts to back up points and lets face it, more entertaining than any drivel you have ever written.  The only news worthy stories you have ever claimed…are not even yours!

Rooooooxanne , you don’t have to put on the red light…

2 thoughts on “Exposing The Publisher #2

  1. Maybe Senior Trooper J. Kessler, was pulled away from another call… (a wallet being stolen from a Hurricane, resident.) Seems like something happened one time in past, if I remember correctly.

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