Exposing “The Publisher” #1

Welcome fair readers.  Following through on a comment I made a few days ago, I now post for your perusal my first effort in exposing “The Publisher” of that one site in West Virgina.

In this first effort I chose one of the recent “articles” on The Publishers opinion site (we all know it is not a news site) that concerned Turnpike Chevrolet.  Keep in mind I am not attacking this business at all, but the way it is presented by The Publisher.  I also chose it because Flipper; The Editing Bottlenose, pointed something out to me and offered up his part of the piece with a graphic.

Ass Kissing 101; ethics fail.

“With car dealerships closing from coast to coast, and a recession gripping the nation, the last thing you might expect is for a Chevrolet dealership in West Virginia to undergo a major remodel.”

My Response: On the contrary, my dear Watson.  This would be the first thing I’d expect out of any Chevy/Chrysler/GM company.  After all, the (now government owned) GM got 17.4 Billion in greenbacks over the last 2 years just for this kind of stuff.  There is no big story here.  There is no diamond in the rough here.  There is no success story here.  All we have is one of a few hundred lucky dealerships that took some of Uncle Sam’s money under the auspices of the car czar himself, Barry Soetoro.

Sidebar: George Bush said the bailout was because he and the American people did not want the indigenous auto companies to fail, and he also did no want to hand over the administration over to Barack Obama with the auto industry in shambles.
Ya know, speaking for the general populace, I have to ask.  Why did we bother saving these car indigenous companies?  It’s just business.  Businesses come and go. You run your business properly, you survive.  You change with the times, adjust your tactics, marketing and products with the times, you survive.  Treat your customers right so they come back, wanting those products, you survive.  You don’t survive on my God damn tax dollars going where I don’t want it to.

And yes, sometimes your product just becomes outdated, unused or just unpopular, leaving you no choice but to get out or move onto something new.  Take for example the guy that invented the ice box, or the guy that invented the typewriter ribbon.  Things change.  Business’s come and go.

End sidebar.

“Turnpike Chevrolet didn’t get the doomsday memo.”

My Response: They most certainly did!  Why else would they have even remodeled?!  If they were selling cars before hand there’d be no reason to remodel the entire building.  No, once again, Turnpike was (and this is my opinion) on a list of places to get the boo hoo bail out dough so that they could recapture interest.  Everyone loves new things.  New locations, new stores, new employees…it doesn’t matter.  As long as it’s new it creates interest.  Figures get bloated right away, all seems well.  Then what happens?  The newness wears off and it’s back to the doldrums.  No one cares any more.  This was a waste of money.  But you won’t hear that from The Publisher.  No no.  His bestie works there so it’s noting but sugar coating and icing.

“After months of work, and more than a million dollars, the Nitro dealership is showing off its new model. From the showroom to the service bays, from the offices to the customer lounge, to the beautiful cars and trucks, everything is shiny and brand new.”

My Response: You’re welcome Turnpike Chevrolet.  Glad to see my tax dollars going to work for your new bays, lobbies, service center and cars that won’t sell instead of feeding, clothing and schooling the kids of our nation that need it.  While I am at it, I must point out another thing to The Publisher.  New model?  New model of what?  Car, building, lingerie?  I’m not sure what this line was supposed to mean.  Oh wait.  Your inability to understand journalism must be the reason for my confusion.  Carry on.

Sidebar: A million bucks?  Drop in the hat amount considering the bail out figure of 17.4.…Billion.

End Sidebar.

“General Manager Roy Sexton says you can’t display state-of-the-art engineering and technology in an old showroom. So it was out with the old and in with the new.”

My Response: Knowing the relationship of The Publisher to the Comptroller of this dealership, that’s probably a correct, direct quote.  No fluff, no changing it to meet the needs of The Publisher, as he has been known and proven to do.   Though I do agree with the quote to an extent, I don’t feel it’s a question of  “you can’t” but more of  “we don’t want to.”  It’s not the building that sells cars.  It’s the reputation and the sales people.  Why didn’t The Publisher cover them?

“The new facilities don’t just include the showroom. Turnpike earns awards for its service after the sale, so the service area and body shop are brand new as well. In addition to high-tech repair equipment, Sexton says there is even a massive air conditioning system to keep service workers comfortable for peak performance.”

My Response: Two things here I have to mention to The Publisher.  One, do you have proof to back up this claim that they are award winning service after the buy?  Did you even ask to see proof?  I’m not doubting that they may have “award winning service” but instead of limiting your “article” to 251 words (no doubt he cheaped out because this was a FREE article), could you have asked and then include an extra line.  For example;

‘Turnpike earns awards for its service after the sale, (they have been #1 in Customer Satisfaction for 3 years running) so the service area and body shop are brand new as well.’

Hell, that’s not even properly constructed but you get the hint.   As it is, I find that statement (found on the Turnpike Chevrolet website) a blanket statement.  It’s a Goodwrench service department.  Are they riding the coattails here?  I’m just asking.  Oh yeah, do we really care about the air conditioning?  That seems like such a trivial thing to put out there.  Big flippin deal.  Making your customer and clients comfortable is a staple in any business.  There had better be heat and AC!

“Customer comfort is important to Turnpike. Even the customer lounge received a makeover with a flat-screen television about to be installed to provide entertainment while waiting for vehicles to be serviced.”

My response: See?  I told ya.

“Turnpike Chevrolet has also combined its new and used car lots into its facility on the north side of Interstate 64 off Route 25.”

My Response: Hey, how about that.  An informative sentence.  I knew it could be done!

“For showroom and service hours, or to drop on in for a test drive, or to speak with a sales or service professional, please telephone 304-759-8587 or click on www.TurnpikeChevrolet.com.”

My Response: Wow.  Two in a row?  And he saved it all for the end of his 251 words.  Must have been a stipulation for him to be allowed to post the 251 word “article.”

My Synopsis: The most glaring thing about this article is, of course, pointed out by Flipper, the editing bottle nose.  And I mean glaring.  The “article” header (which links to the “article” itself sits less than 2″ from the main banner “advertisement” on top of the page!  Journalism 101 would tell you this is uncool, Publisher.  Uncool.  This just smacks of ass kissing.  Flipper says you just failed ethics.

Finally, this isn’t an article.  I read this like a TV or radio announcer (sorry, it’s in my blood) and I gotta be honest.  I have to wonder if this was actually written by The Publisher, or is it text from a 30 second ad spot that was run by Turnpike on radio or TV in the past?  Huh?  Huh?  Hmmmm…

Thanks for the help, Flipper.

5 thoughts on “Exposing “The Publisher” #1

  1. He did make a request for business owners to write articles and send them to him for publication. It’s a PR puff piece.
    This is nothing more than an extended ad.

  2. Money says he accepted funds to publish this “feature” on Turnpike Shitvrolet.

  3. No idea who the new poster is, but it’s a funny story he linked to and I admire the SSP* work! Welcome!

    *= Shameless Self Promotion. (I’m a big believer!)

  4. He continues to be a pimp for this dealer, running a new story about Chevy outselling Toyota in WV.
    The best news money can buy.

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