Flipper: The Editing Bottlenose! #1

Meet Flipper The Editing Bottlenose!  Flipper is well known around many blogger sites and has decided to submit some recent work.

You see, Flipper loves to edit the work of journalists, writers, bloggers and blow hards alike.

This week’s submission comes to us from a well known blog that will remain unmentioned.  The reason, you ask?  Well, I am not at liberty to mention the “blog” this submission comes from.  Actually, I could, but I’d just get yelled at, threatened with a lawsuit and no doubt have this very blog complained about, which has evidently happened.  So there will never be a mention of “that other blog site” that sounds like PutnamLIES.  <—–Now that is a good site.

Onto the first edition of FTEB Presents.  Feel free to comment!  If you are a squinter, click the pic for a larger view.

3 thoughts on “Flipper: The Editing Bottlenose! #1

  1. Flipper deserves a whole bucket of herring for this. Kekekekeke indeed!

    Reading the unnamed site is like playing “mad libs” with a four year old… 75% of it is written by someone else, and 25% of it doesn’t make any sense at all.

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