Indian Ocean: Tyler Hollywood, missing in on air action since last Saturday night when Club Hollywood suddenly went off the air, has been found! Captured by Somali Pirates, Hollywood was a prisoner being held for ransom, reported to be a kingly sum, but during the negotiations (led by Antubert and Radio Dan), Tyler was able to escape his captors! During the last speaker phone discussions, Tyler was heard making his daring escape. Below is a transcript.

Somali Pirate: You are out numbered, don’t even think about it.

Tyler Hollywood: Well, I see 4 of you.

Somali Pirate: And?

Tyler Hollywood: Why don’t you go get 5 more and then it’ll be a fair fight.

It was at this point that total chaos erupted. Shots were heard, yelling followed and a splash into the ocean. Moments later the line went dead. A Navy ship sent to the scene found the pirate boat burning and half sunk and the USS Hollywood’s 155’s still smoking.

“The C.I.C is a mess, it’ll take a few hours to clean this up, but The Club will be open Saturday night and The Bad Side…LIVE returns Monday!”

Whew. Crisis averted.

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