New Year. New Idea. New Page!

Yeah yeah.  I know.  I’ve been MIA with the blogging far too long.  Not gonna bore you with the details.  Holidays, business, new idea’s.  The usual trappings.

I have been working on one thing that has been an idea of mine since early November of last year.  I’ve not made it public until, well, now.

The regular readers will know the name of Mark Halburn.  He’s one of my favorite dead horses to beat.  With that in mind, I decided to help you all out.  A lot of us are frustrated that we are not allowed to comment on his blog site (which he considers a news site, which I consider just a shitty site) and I know there are some of us that check out his Enduring Hurricane Wal Mart blog daily.  Just to see what he is spilling from his orifices that day.

Well, I say no more!  I have created a new page here that will feature each of his blog posts on his Enduring Hurricane Wal Mart blog and my responses to them.  This is where you can speak up!  Ad your comments here.  Don’t give him the free reads just to sit there all frustrated that you can’t respond, do it here!  So go ahead, check out the The Mark Halburn Experience page and have at it!

The Mark Halburn Experience.  An introduction is here or you can cut to the chase and click on January 2010.  Enjoy.  Thank me later.


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