John Riggins Is Not Happy!

JRMadSeriously?  Detroit 19 Washington 14?  Is this at all possible?  Good frickin Christ here.

Put simply, the Redskins offence is as anemic as an albino who’s into “cutting.” I’ve also seen more confidence out of the Numa Numa kid (that’s takes balls, baby) than I do out of Jim Zorn.

If  Zorn was a pen chewer, he’d keep Bic in business with a nervous habit.  This guy can’t pull the trigger on risky plays or when he is backed up against his own goal line.

That’s saying nothing about the recent signings, draft picks and trades the front office have pulled out of their asses.  Albert Haynesworth is not worth $100 Million bucks in any God damn sport.  NO ONE is to be quite honest.

Jason Campbell has no arm and can’t lead a college team, much less the Redskins.  Santana Moss is the go to guy in the receiving corp?  Santana Moss?!  I’m not digging on him but how far down the fantasy list is this guy.  I’d go with Chris Cooley at TE as the go to guy but Campbell can’t seem to see when Cooley is open!  That or he cares not to throw to him as often as he should be.  And with the front line all torn apart and looking nothing like they used to, Clinton Portis is gonna just absolutely drown in the backfield.

The only shiny object on this team is the fact that it’s defense can keep them in games… so far that is.  I’ve a feeling injuries and apathy will, in time, effect the big red D and it’ll be all over by Halloween.

Just please, God, let them win more than 1 game.  I hate Dallas and to match how stinky they were when they were 1-15 one year would just be the deal breaker.  I’d have to start rooting for the Jets.  The Jets!

Do you hear me!?

::heavy sigh::

Yep.  Today the Redskin made John Riggins cry.

3 thoughts on “John Riggins Is Not Happy!

  1. Thanks fur the suggestions babe. My ex is a film studies professor and he suggested In Bruges also, so I moved it to the top of my queue. Sin Hombre didn’t shot up thouhgh as a movie at all so I guess they don’t have it.

  2. My Bengals beat the Steelers!! WHO DEY?!?!

    But yeah…that was pretty pathetic. I remember when Snyder went out and got Bruce Smith AND Deion Sanders, who were both way past their prime…and it was an epic fail.

    Hang in there, dude. :D

  3. I agree. I think parenting classes and IQ/common sense should be monitored before people can breed. My parents pulled the soap thing on me too. They even whupped my ass than sat me on a hard chair for a few hours to think about why I got my ass beaten. I turned out fine. Problem is people don’ think. Punish your child, please do, but there is such a thing as abuse!

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