What Are You Listening To?

3341034613_9fed000209So, my buddy Steve from Ohio has turned me onto a new thing.  Well, not so new but new to me.  Blip.fm!

Usually late Saturdays nights, after my talk show on TalkRadiox, you can find me doing an extra hour called Club Hollywood.  It’s an hour of music that I play that I find really good or at least oddly entertaining (Reverend Horton Heat anyone?).

I love being a talk jock but sometimes just being a DJ is fun to do.  It’s less talk to deal with so there is little in prep work for the hour show.  I have a ton of MP3s stored up and quite frankly, that takes a crap load of storage space.

Enter Blip.fm.  Most of the non RIAA songs I love to play are here.  Some of the songs I have gotten permission to play are here.  Those that are not, I still have on MP3.  I’m hooked up!  So check out my new Blip.fm Station if you wish.  Or just look to the right over there…——->

That’s where you will find the Tyler Tweets, which Blip.fm is automatically tied to now!  Visit, enjoy, give props and become a fan today!

One thought on “What Are You Listening To?

  1. Interracil cowboy homo kind of love anyone? :) So says the video stoe owner. Son, if I still had access to a Mom and Pop shop instead of a 20 minutes drive to a blockbuster I wouldn’t join netflix. Where are your reccomendations?????

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