Attention: We’ve Had A Program Change!

KTRX_AM1650Format Changes

After some lengtly discussions at the radio station, after we debuted on KTRX 99.9 and some damage to some transmitters in McKinney due to really bad electical storms, it was decided that TalkradioX would take control of the AM transmitter of 1650 AM!

The Mighty 1650 played great oldies music for the fans in North Dallas and it’s more fitting that the music shows should be on FM.  The Mighty is now known as The Mighty 100 and now…is in stereo!

Talkradiox easily made the switch to classic AM airwaves which has a broader coverage area in McKinney and the North Dallas area.  So for all you Texas Talk radio fans, join us at KTRX 1650 TalkRadioX!

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