“Yer gonna have to trust me.”

24_BauerSeriously. You just have to trust me. Jack Bauer, the CTU agent that kicks all sorts of terrorist ass in the show 24, says that all the time. At least once every few episodes. He is also now Overlord Approved. Actually, he has been since season one when he showed he was a man that could be given an impossible situation, make a decision, stick with that decision and live with it and 90% of the time be right about that decision. That was pure awesomeness.

But what sold me on making Jack Bauer my new hero was in season two, first hour. Here is a transcript from the recap of that first hour.

“Mason arranges for the FBI to have Goren sent to CTU for questioning, but he can’t get Jack to reveal his ultimate plan. Mason questions Jack’s state of mind. Goren is brought in, but refuses to give any information because he is already promised a deal by the FBI. In a deliberate motion, Jack pulls out a gun and shoots Goren in the chest. Mason freaks out, but Jack tells him this is what it will take to get results. He then asks Mason for a hacksaw.”

By the point, I already knew I was totally addicted to 24 and was getting dangerously close to man crushing on Jack Bauer. When I saw this scene I knew Jack Bauer was my new hero, inspiration and dare I say it, TV god.

Lets side bar for a moment here. For those that know me well, I don’t have much of a TV, I don’t have cable and I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV. I will say I have watched my fair share of Hulu for some hourly shows (I love NCIS and Agent Gibbs) but never had I watched 24. I even told my dad, who said I would love this series, that I just can’t get into a series that has 7 seasons under it’s belt. Well, could have fooled me. I’ve been watching 24 for a month now and I am starting season 5 tonight. Dad (as many other fans) have said season 5 is THE best. I can’t wait. End side bar.

Back to Jack. I’ve decided that Jack Bauer is more than my new TV hero. He is going to be an integral part of the Overlord Party when I take over leadership of America in 2012. No, I am not looking for votes, people. Overlords do not need votes. They need support when the time comes. I trust you will be there when the time comes? Good. Now, Jack will be in charge of all my covert operations. He will have the equivalent of the British 007 license to get things done, be it anti terrorism to illegal immigration.

I’ll let that last paragraph sink in a little.

Ok. All kidding aside, this character is just the type of character that I have wanted to see in a television show. Someone that isn’t afraid to get things done within the setting he or she is in. Television had gotten a little too PC for me to watch and enjoy, thus, the no cable or fancy TV. I wish we could see more of these types of decision maker characters (I also reference here Agent Gibbs again from NCIS) in the real world.

I hate namby pamby decision makers that need to “have meetings” to get things done. What ever happened to trial and error and finding out sooner or later if something is going to work or not. People today are just to afraid of failure. It’s like a bad nickname or criminal record attached to them if they fail and people just get all bent out of shape about that in today’s world.

I say, stop it. Stop the worry. Stop the fear of being perceived as a failure. Be someone that is willing to do what others won’t to get things done when they need to be. Eventually you will be that person that people look to and say “That guy there? Failure is not an option” even though that’s how you got their in the first place. See? So, be like my new hero, Jack Bauer and just get it done.

Trust me.

One thought on ““Yer gonna have to trust me.”

  1. Eh…they’re probably not afraid of being seen as whatever, they’re probably genuinely pansies, and even if the image issue weren’t there, they wouldn’t go Jack Bauer/Gibbs on anything.

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