Mission Accomplished.

Mission Accomplished.

Perseverance. If I had to sum up this long journey of starting my own business with one word, that one word would be perseverance. It’s taken months of business planning, industry research, countless meetings with lenders and several failed attempts at funding to get to this point. That “point” came on Tuesday June 2nd, 2009.

In a last option scenario of gaining funds for purchasing the business I hoped to run, the deal finally came together with a few well placed idea’s. It took three different parties to agree on fund dispersement and much to the chagrin of lending institution’s in town, there are NO banks involved. They bailed on me when they wanted a bail out so in turn, I bailed on them.

On July 1st everything will be official. A life long goal (I can’t say dream here) will be achieved when I turn the key and officially call Passport Video…

…my own.

I’m pretty damn happy right about now.

Mission Accomplished.


5 thoughts on “Perseverance.

  1. Even though I already told you on the radio and on Skype, I’ll say it here, too (more as a way of saying “Hey, look at me, I have a WordPress blog now, too!” than anything else, but hey, the sentiment still counts).


    Now, when you start making a profit, you have to send me money. :P

  2. Congrats on this! I know you worked had and never gave up, no matter how many set backs you had. It’s nice to see that in today’s world of whiners and complainers and people who think they are owed something for nothing, there are still people who believe in perseverance and just not giving up on their goal. Nice job!

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