J+H=I: IX2=H?

Happy_Lie J+H=I: IX2=H?   What’s it mean?  Something different to everyone, no doubt.  I posed the question today because someone I was talking money with posed another question to me.   Will you be happy making less money as a business owner than you were when working for someone else?

My answer was nearly instantaneous.  Of course I would be.  Let me catch you new folks up to speed.  I am in the process (and possibly less than a week or so away) from buying a business.  I’ve been running it as if it were my own for the past year and a half already so I am pretty entrenched to the idea.  Now I am just getting closer to making everything official.  Sure, it’ll bring me more income overall but it will also bring the headaches of running your own business.  I have a long way to go what with learning all the nuisances of running a small business.

Twenty years ago I stepped into this business after burning out at another where I was making decent money.  After three years being on the road, dealing with corporate headaches and outdated corporate policies, I decided I just wanted to take a year to find my old self again.  I got into the video business again.  I worked for the current owner for 10 years before having to move on to get my daughter through college.  I was gone for 8 years working as a Certified Independent Thermographer (CIT) in the technical services field.  Travel once more wore me out physically and this time, mentally, as well.  I came back with a new idea and a new approach.  I’d not only get back into the video business, I’d buy my old boss out.

I’m almost there.  It’s been a logistics nightmare with the current recession, the lending institutions not want to lend to small business ventures and so on.  But I have persisted, even to the point that I have suffered financial hardship.  The payoff will be comfortable but I am never going to be a millionaire.  That’s never been my goal.  My goal has always been to call myself a business owner and be regularly challenged.

So, the question was posed.  Will you be happy making less money as a business owner than you were when working for someone else?  Again I say yes because I believe in the adage that money doesn’t buy happiness.  I know a lot of other people out there would disagree with me because when you have more money you can buy things that make you comfortable and happy.  But every “rich” man I have ever met has never been truly happy.  Real life proof that money doesn’t buy happiness.  So when someone tells you that a stack of money equals happiness…

…it’s a lie.

Equation (for those still trying to figure it out):  Job + Hours = Income: Income squared = happine

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