The Dig

TheDigPromo22I love good music.  Actually, I love a lot of music.  I’ll even listen to classical if the mood strikes me just right.  Hell, I’ll even sing  along to Honky-tonk Badonkadonk when it comes on the radio.

I’m not kidding.

About a year and a half ago I ran across a band out of NYC that I found struck several chords with my tastes.  Erick, David, Emile and Jaime together form a band called The Dig.

I believe it was Erick who approached me one day and added me on MySpace, asked if I would take a listen and play their music on air.  Since part of my show is playing music, I was more than happy to play The Dig on air.  More so once I heard the music.

Since then I have stayed in touch with the gang.  I try and see them as often as I can when they play at the Radio Bean in downtown Burlington, VT.  Just a great sound.  Last fall I went and saw them at Higher Ground, a bigger venue for them here in the Burlington area and they really put on a hell of a show.

Well, The Dig is coming back.  They will return to the Higher Ground and performing along with Albert Cross.  Show time, 9PM.  If you local readers/listeners (or hell, if you want to make the trip up from somewhere south) want to get tickets, let me know.  I’ll see what I can get and tell you what the price will be.  It’s usually only 10  bucks or so to get in and just to see The Dig is worth it.

Email me at or just leave a comment with a way for me to contact you!  As a bonus, I’ll sign autographs!

4 thoughts on “The Dig

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  2. Just announced. Added to the show with The Dig and Alberta Cross is Buzz Jar!

    10 bucks in advance
    12 bucks at the door

    3 for one price!

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