Video Slinger


I’m a Video Slinger.
I’ve been in the movie rental trade for over 20 years now. I started full time as a manager at a little nook and cranny place called Video Plus in the late 80’s. Things were just getting hot in the video biz at that time. It was still fresh, new. Hell, we didn’t even have a computer system to record our rentals and returns. We did it on paper.

Yes, I said paper.

It wasn’t too long after I started that I wasn’t having anymore of the paper procedures. I researched and came up with a computer system idea to fit the needs of each location we had. Ghost software had a new, non buggy, rental program that would be caveman like in today’s world, so I got that as well and we were in the high tech business.

I moved on from that place in the early 90’s and started work for Transworld Music, opening up over 80 different Saturday Matinee locations. TWMC was a huge corporation that owned Record Town, Tapeworld, Coconuts and a few other places. Saturday Matinee was their leap into the video business. They recruited me right out of Video Plus.

Alas, the faceless corporation feel was not my bag of chips. I moved back into the private sector, becoming a manager of a video store that my buddy Mike had bought a few months before I left TWMC. Granted, I kicked around a few other jobs in between the two bit nothing that lasted all that long.

Eventually the part time work at Passport Video became full time management work, as I mentioned. It’s a blast being in this business. So many people you meet. All types of people. Good, bad, ugly, you name it, we get it in the vid biz. I managed Passport for 10 years before I came to realize that “unless you own it, you don’t make it” when it comes to retail. I moved on to do some thermography. (We’ll save that for another day.)

Another 8 years and I am now back with Passport. This time, I’m buying it. I have been trying to garner some funds, find backers, beg, borrow, just everything short of stealing to get some funds to buy this store. Recession has been a big factor but something fell in my lap on May 7th. I await a final determination on said funds. Word should arrive by Monday or Tuesday.
“So what do you as a video slinger, Mr. Hollywood?”

Simple really. People love movies. Always have, always will. Despite the new technologies and the laziness of today’s human, video rental stores are still a major part of inexpensive, viable entertainment options. I and my crew at Passport Video are here to give people what they want. Their movies. I am and have been running the whole show for the last year or so as I try to work up the funds and make a final purchase so I do everything from order the movies to hiring the hot chicks that work my counter, to the nitty gritty of vacuuming the store and cleaning the windows.

I know it may not be very glamorous, it may not make me a millionaire and it’s not the grandest of dreams, but you tell me what could be better than waking up each day, owner of your own business, facing new challenges each and every day all while having fun doing it.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Until next time. I’m out.

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