Hollywood. Tyler Hollywood.

Say the name.

Now say it with a pause, add in some James Bond music, sprinkle it with a bit of arrogance and top it off with a heaping amount of confidence and you have…

… me.

So who am I? I’ve been trying to figure that out for 43 years. Good luck answering that one.

::cheeky grin::

Actually, I pretty much know who I am despite the fact I have done and do so much from day to day. I’m a video slinger, a certified independent thermographer and an Internet Talk Jockey. That’s just the surface. I could go on and say I am a fantasy sports player, a roller coaster rider, a baseball card collector, a story teller, a role player, a writer and a blog addict.

I’m also a dad, a big brother, a pretty cool frickin boss and a Master at a certain craft. So what’s it all mean for you, the readers? Well, over the course of my blogs postings you will eventually come to find out just who I am…and what the state of mind is of Hollywood. Tyler Hollywood.

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